The Final Curtain, it’s a Divine Comedy …

SistAs and Brothers …

My sisters, my brothers, Fathers Mothers and partners, my reflection, my female, my male, my inner best friend, my child, my children,

the raw female lives within us all,

We need to look at the bigger picture and act accordingly, the time has come to shake you awake, with all my Love alive,


You just don’t want to open the door and look inside, 

You don’t want to know, do you?

It’s not that you can’t, it’s because you don’t even imagine there is a door.

Let me tell you, that curiosity never killed no cat,

We are kept blinkerd, shut up, focused on traps, lies and constant bull shit,

We only live, a short time, most don’t even pass a feeble 70 today,

We are recycled, in wheels, so we never see how they turn, nor know how we each spin. Its done deliberately, generation after generation of dumbing numbing down, making us dependent and drowned in diverse distractions.

Exceedingly maliciously, turned to stone.

You never wanted to sit and work the universe out did you?  too lazy, too fearful and too deep in the lie. We have been separated to an extreme, split into pie, Pete’s Tstar, pizza pieces. countries, continents, colonies, commonwealths , cultures, languages, agriculture, and a whole web of deceitful fabrication.

Sista’s and brothers, we are doing it, Yes we are going past our own heart aches, pains, fears, addictions. We faced our dark knights of the soul, we took responsibility, we went through those thorns, and boy did we get ripped apart. We walked, through the pain with our crown of thorns pierced deeply into our skull, we bled, then we are the roses.

Death does not exist, when you can spin your own straw to Gold, don’t let Old Rump El Stilt Skin tEL you the Tale differently..

The pain and shock is about to go, Glow Ball, Individual tremor is one thing, MASS hysteria is another, shockwaves, all at once, is a whole new ball game.

Beyond the Crossing: Remote Viewing the Planet X Binary and Trinary system

There is a rolling stone and it isn’t going to stop, callously, collecting needles and pins, sucked into its magnetic pull. For the female energy, is the black hole vortex, it has been, hijacked, through out the descending ages, getting blacker and blacker in her suppression. Turned and tuned into a PlutO/PlatO time Bomb of artificial life, disguised as progress and outer space and transhumanism and the NEW. It’s all HIS sad story. Persephone is our hidden realm.

The pain we experience, that we live individually either in this life, or past lives, is all preparation for jogging our souls into I am ready, slap it to me, mode. The blow will be humongous to all, for those that are fully awake within their vessel, it will be surfable.

However, it will be heart rendering, to those, who have not, even began to unspin, from the web, we have been weaved in. You will get your light torn out, turned off, in utter alarm of the size of the wave about to hit.

Too much raw shock, or so solid gone, you still think, you want that golden Willy Wonka ticket?

You gotta stop Pussy Footing around darlings, please, ladies, getting RAW/ROAR is when the Lion meets the I AMb.



The whole point of shock is to be able to stay calm, as we are forced ever more distastefully into the merging of the underworld into the overworld.

Designed to thump us down, grounded, back into ourselves, with a torturous thud, and a grateful homecoming, into our own vessels. Fully controlling the scenario.

Because we can, we have the ability, when faced with the darkest most bare-naked truth to still stand tall, to accept it and continue to be balanced and sane, despite the cruelty of the freezing cold truth. No story nor scripture is written, unless, its to help us ride, the storm, we get to choose how we ride it.

But only if we get the bigger picture…. stop wobbling in the paddling pool, come into the waves… and play, we can bob along or be drowned.

Only if we are ready emotionally, to take on the responsibility, of the pure female force, will we, out grow peter pan, willy wonking, shitty chitty, bang bang, bumber rides.

I am afraid that due to years of fake artificial medicine, fake artificial religions and education, the generational drip, of constant, ever present, mind control,  the ever growing poisoning of our environment in every possible way, we now walk hypnotised, ever more deeply into, the trap, the lost gateway, before the circle is closed.

Did you really think you would be told? honestly, that all society is made up of Noddy land?  that our world leaders are part of one big scam, a gang of pathetic slaves, cyborg clones, led by a small web of black magicians? Yes, my friends, Men and Women among us, have sold us, to gain material safety and a perverse ownership of us, as prey.

These lost souls, may never be able to leave the realm of matter, like we still can, we get to choose to leave here, we have free will to move out of this Prison/Prism, because we GOT IT..

Please humanity …. Normalising what has always existed…. 

We have to choose to want to return to the source consciousness of the creator, our bigger reflection. But those shadow souls that wander this realm waiting to infest another dumbed down vessel, have to wait till the end of a cycle to pounce big time, to guarantee they can have a ride on our self made amusement Park, to surf upon our magic and power and inner strength. To use us and abuse us, to experience the hell they lust for, through us.

For these lost entities need our light bodies so they get to suck of our horror, they want to live an experience, they need to live it through us. Our denial has a shape and form, it is the living force of ignored ego patterns. Dark empty energies, get off, on making us live our worst nightmares.

The last step is to end death, we won’t be allowed to die unless we are killed, or trapped in virtual reality prisons. Our denied female is a raging bull, she has taken on a life of her own, some call her Sofia, or Mary or Lucy FER…. Winter is Ruthless beyond any reconciliation, only Spring can bring resurrection, turned to ice cream/I Scream, or did you calmly choose to unplug? It’s time to make a choice …

All powerful women and the feminist movement are either self confessed Pan men or closet men … This open transgender tells us where we head…

No Humanity … This is the Trap …. JUMP …. Back into you … 

The lost souls, need to harvest our souls so to have a horse to ride, the rodeo on.  So they never have to be judged or faced with the loss of a vehicle, during the descent, once our consciousness and all our gold is drained from us, we hand over our last inner spark, over to our own shadows. It is easy peasy once our denial is locked safely in Pandora’s Box and they have enough power to remote control us into creating the nightmare for them, we are nearly there, the split will come.

I am the alarm clock, that says SISTAS with in, we are free to say,  I want to remote control my own human flesh and blood,  to be one with Mother earth and to live from her freely, to grow in complete harmony, to return to source living, to live in healthy balanced communities and live the law of one, with out perversion of our sacred flame.

We have climbed the ascent from female, before she let the patriarchal descent kick into flow, to the last corner, into Winter now.  It is necessary to live the descent, by living the consequences of our naivety, we can re-establish our choices, even if the collective sway, is predominated, to go down the falling domino path.

Thank you  Jean Marie

The “less-ons” of Babel as it has made less of us…

We are dumbed down to the level of words…the written words are our eyeglasses (spectacles) and the spoken word our hearing aids..

We needed neither the written or the spoken word as we were our true selves -that is why the ancients used symbols…we just had to see the “picture”…that is why a “picture” is worth a “thousand” words…and that’s why words are “spelling” and we have to “spell” “it” out-in order to understand “it”…

My friends you may have said similar to what I have written above but, these thoughts woke me from an physical sleep…though mentally/spiritually I have woken…I continue to wake more and more fully with all your help-which I am so grateful for…

lambing…is really I am being…when we are “being” we need No words and have gone past words…that’s why silence/ is so important and noise is so debilitating that it used to separate us from ourselves… Silence and quiet allow us to “selve” and as one of my friends so aptly put it we engage in “selvation”.

Facing the music, gives us the personal choice to detach. We are given ample opportunities to remember that we are already home, when we no longer identify, with the lie,  we create the story, we paint the canvas, when we know that we are sovereign and responsible for where we head, we hold the answers, all of us within. 

WE have been turned into weak pawns,, the end age is about the disintegration, dissection and dissimilation of souls, those that fall for the lie and those that said NO, you are not taking my soul, I will not be harvested.


The empty vessels that have made contracts to our own shadows, let their humanity be squeezed out permanently, completely overtaken by the shadow force.  In true 1O1 binary code, they have chosen matter to the spirit realm, because they were afraid. They have sold their souls to earn power and riches, so to be the ones that round us up, as herd, into the paddock- As we are always round up for Xmas, for the X over Mass, at these rotting times.

We have come back, to release ourselves, from the circle. But the test is a big one, never have we been so close to being completely merged to the technocratic technology beast before.

There will be a split soon, the souls that have chosen the El O brick road to doom, and those of us that sit on the fence waving to you as you, row row, your boats, merrily down a new age stream of fake ‘I am positive’ mantras, bouncing on, happy chappy ripples, of gurgling deception.

The scary part, is that, through the black mirror, all is inverted, so it will appear that we are being led away, for the kiss of Judas, comes from those we love most. Yes, those of you left waving on the fence, will be the ones that have lost your soul/Ame, i AM lAMb.

Many people are too taken over , all ready,  by the fake heart, pulse, too hopelessly convinced that all will be ok,  dependent like lost sheep, to do anything else but be blindly led, you have given up. When all you had to do was to see, to feel, to go all the way through the Pain, to be sane.

Peter pan living, is no fun, when the Shit hits the fan.

The Pot of Gold is within, I have had the experience of the explosion of light that has illuminated me after many years of searching, i became free, in a flash of bright white blinding light, within, there is no bigger success, than igniting your own flame alive, within this simulation, merging your own inner female and male twin flame of YOU as whole, the 32nd vertebrae is the state of GRACE, the 33rd vertebrae is either Crucifixion or you made it through, most wont make it, 33rd Cross X mass over is NOW …. just a personal choice….

Just a personal choice, you gotta swallow the pill, for it to take the effect needed, if you swallow the cold bare truth you are SAFE, because its only our slumber that gives our power away, you can not go astray.

You see that power, is the Ying of the female, we all have her within us. She represents the Winter and the Autumn, the earth and the Water, she is made in the Ice, of her reflection, she calls the time of ORange Autumn, into White Winter that leads us into the BLACK.


Transhumanism is a school of thought that seeks to guide us towards a posthuman condition. Essentially, this is about creating artificially intelligent hybrids or cyborgs to replace the organic spiritual consciousness of humans. Some examples are redesigning the human organism using advanced nanotechnology or radical technological enhancements. Some of the proposed biological enhancements are using some combination of technologies such as genetic engineering, psychopharmacology, life extension therapies, neural interfaces, brain mapping, wearable or implanted computers, and entrainment of cognitive techniques.

Most of these options are designed to disconnect the human soul from the human body, and prepare the body to be used as a shell for a new host. Effectively, this is integrating technological and pharmaceutical hybridization to damage human DNA, as preparation for body snatching.

The fundamental basis of the Transhumanism concept is the A.I. downloaded into the scientific human mind from the Negative Aliens and Satanic Forces, in their quest to survive and achieve immortality by hijacking human consciousness and ultimately possessing the human host body. They do not have flesh and bone bodies and covet ours. Most academics are filled with a variety of mind control and alien implants to be a cog in the wheel to steadily enforce alien control systems. Most early transhumanism concepts were developed by geneticists interested in eugenics and sustaining life forms in synthetic environments. A common feature of promoting transhumanism is the future vision of creating a new intelligent species, into which humanity will evolve and eventually, either supplement it or supersede it. This distraction on the surface is a scheme, while the underlying motivation is intending species extinction of what we know as humans today. read more here … 


When she has awoken, within, the male and the female, she will shake you to your barren bones. She will cry like a wolf. You can not suppress the female within, for then you give her dark raw power away, to be used, against us.

She KNOWS because she is connected. She leads us through the storm, in that place of calm, we know it’s only a passage, if we take our own hands. She heralds the true gateway. Winter is time of death, before another cycle begins, rebirth in the masculine Yang, Spring Fire and Electric Air Summer. She is the Magnetic pull into darkness, the ache, the one who sounds the alarm, the one who guides her man and children through the cave.

I am being asked by the souls of the New Sun Children being born to assist them and I will try my best.
What I clearly was told is that these children will flunk out the educational systems completely.
They will not be able to learn how to read, or write, and refuse to communicate or have difficulty using their vocal chords to speak. They communicate telepathically.
Do not vaccine them.
Do not use drugs of any kind, and do not allow ANYONE to LABEL them with any medical diagnosis. The medical profession is not as yet geared to handle these children, nor the education systems!
We will have to come up in the next few years with ways to store information ENERGETICALLY, so that these children can be taught in this way,
I have been shown time and again how the Ancient Sun Discs worked by energetically beaming information DIRECTLY into the mind, so that no information could be misinterpreted or not understood. Once the download had happened, the information could be directly applied.
So, we need to relearn how to store information into energy fields and how to teach the New Children by using this technology.
This is a new Super Race being born – and we cannot afford to lag behind and then try to ramp old systems down their throats, which no serve the greater humanity!
Old ways of parenting, teaching etc. have to fall by the wayside and therefore a whole new paradigm shift in our very handling of the newborn children will have to come to the fore.
These children appeared to me and collectively asked for help.
And I will help them as much as I can.
This confirms a vision I was given in 2009, when I stood on a podium, in huge auditorium address thousands of children and Young Adults. They collective up their hands, and pleaded me to assist them – for they ARE THE NEW GOLDEN AGE, THE NEW PROTOTYPE of Human Beings, who ARE THE FUTURE. THE FUTURE ALREADY IS NOW!!!!!

(Judith Kusel)””

Denying her is igniting her as opposition. when she is an integral part of us all. She will work for us or against us, how well do you know your inner flame, that needs no external light?

She is the one to hold the Compass, for she held compassion when faced with the rawest unkindest truth, of her scorn, faced and seen, in the mirror.

Hell hath no fury like that of a scorned woman… the four seasons are the four elements, are the four compartments of our brain. If we let the last corner, Winter cover us with her white cloak, we won’t ever have enough light to find our way home again. The total covering is soon to Hatch. Into Scarab Dung beetles, or Beautiful Butterflies.

Very Brave, 8 min story from a highly religious brave lady, her you tube channel is Jeremiah weeps, she is one of the best transinvestigators out there, many are fake but this lady is far from fake .. her research, like many of us, led her to the final curtain, many religious people had the faith and inner strength to get this far, at the end we real i’s just how big the illusion is, she has, like us all, at this precarious level, been forced to join the same dots, as we climbed ever higher, before we centered ourselves within. we are many today that meet on the same alpine ridge, we made it, in the end all the myths and all the tales and all religion, is simply the story of the wheel the astrotheology mythology, Jesus is the Sun/son and the 12 houses are the 12 disciples, it takes 3,6,9 to make the spin, back to spirit and then we leave out the 12th door to the inner 13th realm. The Christos oil, will activate us, once the pinéal electric honey and the Pituitary magnetic milk is harmonised, and the BI Duality Bull is integrated as one.. male and female Jesus/son/sol O Mary/Moon/mon joined as the whole wheel, the whole temple our vessel, to experience the matter realm, we turn straw to Gold, we create the milk and the honey, all by ourselves, worshiping anything outside of us leads to feeding the battery that we are all plugged into until we calmly unplug, only knowledge can do that, and only taking our unique labyrinth of snakes and ladders can eventually bring us through the birthing canal 

I truly feel, that everything happening on the outside is just an illusion, We are very close to the purification, The cell will split, Those that choose Outer Space and those that found Inner space, Real living is about taking note of your Outer Space so you can innerstand the Inner space. The other is a mirror reflection of all the lost parts of YOU, the people you meet, the children you have, the friends and bosses you get are all reflections of you. We have lived within this divine comedy so many times, we find each other again now, we have all come for the final scene, It’s a game, who will remember who won’t? The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, can we recognise the wheel and how it spins us from spirit to matter and back again, or stuck and turned to stone? the life you live is predetermined by the vibrational frequency you used, to come into this realm, you enter the video game, on the same scruples you left it in. When you decorate a home you recognise yourself, because you made a picture of the world that lies within you Never has it been more important to find your Inner Space, Outer space does not exist. Nor do all the stories we are fed daily by mass media mind control distraction.. The idea is to make a note of the bigger picture, to observe the game and then detach from it, but one has to face the extreme polaities being played out, the light and the dark must be faced. It’s a dream, those who can not situate them selves in the abstract, those who deny the abyss, the depth of the invisible, will never search nor find. Reading the signs and recognising why you do what you do? why you choose the life you do? when will humanity real eyes that we are at the END?? make the most of this incredible time to become your true self. The warriors and truth seekers of this puzzle. because the only way out of this fine mess, is to stop following the LIE and to search within, with all your might and gratitude, to be here now, before the cleanse . ReSET 

The TWIN TOwers were representation of MALE and FEMALE to be merged, EL EVEN is the mid point it is the PURPEL/UltraViolet/White Flame of LIFE, because red electric masculine and Blue Magnetic feminine make PurpEL 9.11 is when the 9 of SATURN EL takes Over the 11 Twin .. To become a ONE hole trade center, this is the end it always is of a cycle, all those souls that don’t see what’s happening will take this path, of SOL O MON … The polarities are within us all, only we can merge our inner female and male, its an inside job

WAKE the Fnuck UP

By examining pottery from prehistory to modern times, scientists have discovered just how dramatically the field has changed in the last few centuries.

They’ve found that Earth’s magnetic field is in a permanent state of flux.

Magnetic north drifts and every few hundred thousand years the polarity flips so a compass would point south instead of north.

Decoding is what happens when you are fully in the seat with the clearest view, ALL NEWS stories have a deeper meaning if you care to go to that level of insight… in France there was a FAKE news story that began in 2012 and ended January 2018, the story was the fight between Notre Dames des Landes a village in France that wanted to build an aéroport, the end decision came recently that the opposers ZAD the tribe of people that camped at the site for all these years … they won, obviously as ZAD is DAN through the looking glass, the name of the 12th tribe of Judah that rules during the rotting period of WintHER….Notre Dames des landes is in reference to Les Landes even if the village is not actually in this department, to represent the procession of the equinox’s when Virgo/Pisces becomes Leo/Aquarius… the LANDES is the 40th department it sits between the 32nd 322 SKULL n Bones CRANEberried between the 64/46th department Biarritz which is where Our lady/Notre Dame, Mary stands on the Rock, the 32nd department or vertebrae is where the labyrinth of Pan sits in the rue de Saturn/Satan and Bordeaux the 33rd department, vertebrae, the place of crucifixion where the hanged man boots hangs, 32nd vertebrae is the place of GRACE and 33rd is Death for those who dont attain GRACE… i have made a post about it i will add below… the whole point of using the Landes department 40 is in reference to the 40 days of SILENCE that JESUS JEsuis I AM the lAMb spent alone in the desert, we are living this time NOW time to unplug humanity 

The tipping point of when the selection of souls is made,  is nigh, that awkward moment, when you real I’s, you missed the last boat, that your denial has earned you a one-way ticket to live the very hell you have buried below,  it only had to be known. Or to live the end of the story,  currently being played out, right now under our noses.

A forensic discovered in 2016 that many celebrities are crypto-transgenders thanks to advanced surgery and hormonal treatments since childhood. This is child abuse and lying to the public. This has nothing to do with being against any gender identification in adulthood. I never used hate speech or mocking or slander, I just used the forensic principles of skeletal identification and other features to expose many celebrities hiding and lying about their gender to the public.

No one is more unsuccessful than a soul that has to go through the illusion, of living hell, within a human vessel… don’t forget, that anything and everything you can imagine, IS POSSIBLE, so if you can imagine it and you still refuse to internalise it, that which you can imagine,  you deny the very essence, of how spirit became matter through vision.

This reality is made by our collective eye. To hide this still, is to continue to manifest within the eye I of the lie, you actually guarantee yourself a leading role in the fires of the pit to come, because you chose to not be the director of your own script.

You convinced yourself you are above any humble re connection to the spiritual beings we already our, simply having an experience of the duality, binary, black and white that we find ourselves in. Pure intention, once the agenda is faced, is your sWORD, to be used to cut the thorns, of your path down.

Ping Pong is for Puppets, On/Off is for robots, ignite your inner phoenix before we are a lit.

Bernhard Guenther is joining us to speak about transformation through internal and external truth!

It is not a “fairy tale” nor “superstition”. Our entire (modern) civilization is heavily influenced by this “force” – an “alien” construct, so to speak- which we have been led to accept as arising from “human nature”… a condition wherein pathology has become normalized.” Read Bernhard’s beautiful words here ….

Freedom comes only from knowledge, your inner knowing will set you FREE, I promise. Find your authentic, lost voice, your child before the innocence was stolen, holds the key.

Facing the lie and accepting the fine mess we are in, will release the bond, as we disengage we reconnect, to us. We choose out of here and can then move as the Kings and Queens of the chess board, we can move onto where ever we desire.

We are the Genie of our Genes we are the gene of IsIs, if we can only rekindle her passion and power within us. We enter Genesis, Genocide right now. Warriors are needed now.

The suppressed female energy .. becomes Lucifer when we don’t own nor merge the darkside of the feminine 

This is why I ask you, now, to reignite the warrior woman, we all hold within, as we are all an expression of male and female, and we can merge our masculine pineal electric gland, with the Feminine pituitary magnetic gland and find inner alchemy.

Our Psyche, our inner pot of gold, is being slowly spun out of us, the staff of Mercury or Pan, or Hermes, or Thoth, has downloaded our consciousness, because we gave our consent.

His caduceus has wound our Double hel iX DNA onto his wand, the white horseman opens the gates into hell. It all happens from here, gang, heaven and hell are times within the now and we are forever choosing where we are in the script UR.  Once male and female merge, we have officially given our divine right away and its downhill all the way.

Don’t break your crown, don’t come tumbling after, hold your heads high and hold that pale, of water, as male and female.

Anyone who tries to wake up after the division bell has struck, will be zapped, because our brain waves are detectable and any critical thinkers, outside the box will be seen. We have to become the observer so we can no longer be observed. There is a place between each breath that we can aspire to …. There is no stress…

we have been filled with metal particles that means we can be microwaved and remote controlled once the world wide 5g grid is in place.

Stepford wives is more real than you ever imagined in loony tunes. Eve is the dawn before 9:11 Gene of Isis Death …… she is the imposter womb of man the rib of the lie

WE are surrounded, the walls are closing in at a furious tsunami pace. Because the women slept, sleeping beauty happened. We are not going to be many, that make it out the fishing net, you have to choose now, to support and love thy neighbour, however scary things get. To be a voice, to protect the children, to speak up and to think of how you want to live this through. Do you carry on feeding the collapsing lie, or do you step out now and live the best we can, before the final curtain?

The seventh seal of Saturn, is when our 7 chakras are successfully taken over, we are now in a trance and we will wake up in Narnia or back home through the closet, to us. Our free will is what is being stolen right now, through taking over the female energy realm and using it as black magic against us, because women are walking zombies, still pretending, farting around, trying to beehive like the stars and idols and role models they have imagined themselves to be like.

All the Fallen stars are pied pipers, leading us and molding us, as patty/putty into Lucy clay ton,  fur/fer….

Its all about the ROLL the rolling stones… only you, can twirl your own inner light, to weave your own choices, earth is simply a play, where to play a Role/Roll.

Harald Kautz-Vella on all the things that went wrong and need to be re-discovered and addressed.

You have got to start doing research whilst you still can, we need to be creating communities and getting ready for the rug to be pulled from under our feet, how can we best survive with no money, no food, no crutch, the worst scenarios must be faced today.

So we can get organised and live the best we can. We need to be ultra-kind to each other, The enemy will become thy neighbour, so be ready, be real and stop complying to the plan.

The Sound of Silence .. Silence of the lambs I AM Je Suis .. JESUS ..  X over MASS is Nigh

Simon and Garfunkel is Sodom and Gomorrah, it is the sexual realm of lust and lower remote controlled ego thinking ….. for robots, the idea is to pass through the sexual realm, not remain stuck in it.

Black and White merged into the singular Back to Black .. We Enter HER Winter …..

Simon and GarfunkEL are reference to Sodom and Gomorrah, I actually got this in a dream a few night ago,.. A bridge over troubled water is order out of chaos, the ARK of The Covenant, the 1O1 sol/Omon BrainROW … The sound of silence is the 33rd vertebrae , we are at Skull n Bones 322/32/2 = 64/46 when I AM 64 thelAMb Je suis JESUS CRANEberried where we are now ..

Hello darkness, my old friend 
I’ve come to talk with you again 
Because a vision softly creeping 
Left its seeds while I was sleeping 
And the vision that was planted in my brain 
Still remains 
Within the sound of silence 

In restless dreams I walked alone 
Narrow streets of cobblestone 
‘Neath the halo of a street lamp 
I turned my collar to the cold and damp 
When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light 
That split the night 
And touched the sound of silence 

And in the naked light I saw 
Ten thousand people maybe more 
People talking without speaking 
People hearing without listening 
People writing songs that voices never shared 
No one dared 
Disturb the sound of silence 

“Fools,” said I, “you do not know 
Silence like a cancer grows 
Hear my words that I might teach you 
Take my arms that I might reach you” 
But my words like silent raindrops fell 
And echoed in the wells of silence 

And the people bowed and prayed 
To the neon god they made 
And the sign flashed out its warning 
In the words that it was forming 
And the sign said “The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls 
And tenement halls 
And whispered in the sound of silence”

I exposed her last song Deadly Valentine, on the VirgO to Lion X over mass … as the death of the virgin Mary/ VirgO and Jesus/ Pisces enter the gates of the lion/Leo/Aquarius Jerusalem tribe of Dan and now the song of death ring a ring a roses closed in the circEL of Death ….. Will an event happen at Valentine February Month of Aquarius age of Saturn not UR Anus …. Androgynous, note the appearance on the lap of the red haired child, the age of venus the pentagram is her..

As in above video ring a ring a roses the Rub a Tub Dub …

Yup.. You see The inner Strength of a woman the RAW REAL anger and passion is the energy used to create DEMONS because the female is under a TRANCE a SPELL un unconscious woman is very DANGEROUS Hell hath no fury than that of a scorned woman … WAKE UP WOMEN only you can save the men and the children.. men have been waking up without you cause you are too far GONE

When the female reconnects with her ferocious caring spirit, and starts to teach the strong males the difference between moral and immoral behavior, this nightmare will come to an end and the Cult of Saturn will be no more. Until then the strongest force in the entire Universe sits on the sidelines, watching evil destroy the children and mother earth, while being afraid to speak up or take action because the cult has gutted her like a fish, making the most ferocious of warriors in the entire Universe nothing more than a dog with her head down, hoping someone else will solve the problems, not remembering she is the one who carries the strength of the cosmos inside of her. You are free to awaken at anytime. Once all of humanity reconnects with its’ reality…….medicine, science and government will be wiped from the face of the earth overnight. It is from these 3 bastions of power that this cult spreads its’ immoral infection over this planet and over the souls of all humans. Get off your knees and direct your lion roar toward those who are poisoning, mutilating and destroying the children.

Read Full article here ….

Mind Control Directed Entirely at The Female


You may reach me here for Alchemy Accordance …

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Mary Magdalene, The Holy Verge in, Whore of Babylon, Sophia, Lucy Fer .. Eve or Lilith

Eve The Holy Whore of Gene IsIs 9/11, The Virgo/Virgin Leo/Lion Cross Over into Winter …. Saturn enters Capricorn.. this 2017 winter Solstice… it really is Pans gate way into Narnia.. from the Bow of Sagittarius.. Mercury/Pan David BOWie an Ark from 20 yrs till now, Diana the Moon Goddess . Moon in Sagittarius.. her Arrow has made an ARK .. 9/11 till now 16yrs = 7th seal of Saturn, we enter a stern new age cAge of Satanism… Winter, fake death ritual Diana is David, from Aids to LGBTP pusher.. as David BOWie too… both fake death rituals, both on Black Moon star Monster New Moon, of Lilith.. into The star of David 1O1 labyrinth merging of male and female, fake alchemy … Under the rainBOW BrainRow into 9/11 OZ


ApollO…Diana .. see here… 

In Genesis 9:11  International Version

I establish my covenant with you: Never again will all life be destroyed by the waters of a flood; never again will there be a flood to destroy the earth.”

Tiphereth relates to the Human Soul and the Heart in the physical body. The blood stream places the Astral Light (Apollo) “yon” Tiphereth-the Heart, there in Yesod-Sexual Organs.

Thus, Apollyon is the descent of Tiphereth (the Malachim, the human soul, the psyche) that receives the Astral Solar Light of Apollo (Christ) through the heart; yet, in opposition, we find Abaddon, who squanders the fiery elementals “locusts” through the sexual organs by means of Fornication and Adultery (Lilith and Nahemah – Evil Beauty), the negative aspects of Venus-Aphrodite (sexual force).

“There we see Abbadon, the angel of the Abyss, who suffers in the chains and bonds with which he martyrized others.” – Samael Aun Weor, Occult Medicine and Practical Magic

As described in Revelation, Apollyon (Apollo, Tiphereth) opens the gates of the abyss (Klipoth) and unleashes upon the earth his swarms of fiery elementasl “locusts,” who then proceed to torture those of mankind who do not bear the seal of God (Chastity) upon their forehead. After that, (by means of the Great Arcanum) he (Tiphereth, the Human Soul – Willpower – Thelema) is supposed (with the help of Apollo – Christ) to seize Satan [the ego] himself, bind him and toss him into the bottomless pit (Klipoth-Sheol) for a thousand years.


Yes we enter, the fourth corner of the circle/EL time, the Holy Blood line take over, from the Shadows into the Light of Narnia, merged as One, out the Closet.. Diana led us into the lift of the Ritz and led us out the Back door, of the Hotel California,  and under the Tunnel, up ahead in the distance, into Hal 9000, Aslan Assland, The Bi/Bull Baal, Is about the time of 9/11 Cross over, the story of Eve is Lucifer, She rises now as Mary Magdalene, the one hole sex Baphomet, Sofia Gay A Gender Gaia of the new age cage, all painted brightly in RainBow colours… Lilith is the original wife of Adam, she is our darkside of our inner realm subconscious Moon, she must be found, this is the fake take over .. BrainRowed in OZ ZiOn, by the Wizard of OZ Gini ISIS Houdini Genesis 9:11 ……. The story begins now in Odyssey 2001 Hal 9:11

Is that John or Mary Magdalene in the Last Supper?

Eve, is the dawn before winter, the VirgO Pisces, Verge in Mary, cross over, into Hal, winter, Leo/ Aquarius.. equinox procession. She is a Stepford wife Baphomet,  made out of the rib of man, a tranny, Lilith is the pure moonlight from within us that gives us enlightenment, when integrated and healed, she has to shine her inner torch to activate our subconscious realm, ignite her before she self destructs and swallows you turning you into stone.

BoyToy Madonna, or Isis, Or Mary, or Lot’s Wife .. Astarte or  Ophelia or Alice or Miranda or Isis or Ishtar or the whore of Babylon or The statue of liberty, or Princess DIE all are posing as our subconscious realm …. the dark side of our consciousness the inner moonlight. No woman has ever been a woman in Nobby Land of Sodomy … 

Well do we have a journey to uncover today, I have chosen to write this article, on the eve of the 11/11/2017 gateway, it is the festival of winter, it is the last days of feast, of sacrifice and abundance before winter falls.
Saint Martin’s day, also known as the Feast of Saint Martin, Martinstag or Martinmas, as well as Old Halloween and Old Hallowmas Eve

Here we have Saint Martinstag, also d’Artagnan who is found in the 32nd department of 32 Gers, in France, Lupiac, the home of D’artagnan and in Auch the capital of Gers, the four corners the four musketeers, the last corner is D’artagnan, he is found also, standing between the Lions gates, in Auch, as the flag of Auch depicts. Auch is also home of the Lions gates, the merging of left and right, male and female. Sol O Mon. the 322 Skull and bones X cross over into Winter, the Skull is two parts so 32 + 32 = 64 = 10 = X Gers is last stop before the Rock of Biarritz The Virgin Virgo Cross over… Also we see why in the news we have had the story about Alain Drach, Son of a Rothschild, I spent 24 years in the forest of Compiegne,  my married life was in that area, i know well, this hunt, what is documented in the news is simply a ritual, to officially enter the last corner Winter, Alain and his Mother Monique Rothschild were killing Stags in peoples gardens when i lived there, this story comes out now for a reason now, much bigger than the Green eco agenda 21 reasons, Alain Drach is being used as a Rothschild patsy, for the Tribe of red and white charLIE LOT’s wife tranny wi enter her winter, of the tribe of Judah Dan, take over the Red Dragon reign. The hunter caught killing the stag, from the Roths Child family, for he is a representative, weather he knows it or not, of the Red Lion/DragOn …. tribe of Dan, Judah…. read here St MartinSTAG … Diana the Moon Goddess Fake death Ritual, on the crossroads of Pont de Alma, an ancient pagan ritual site.. this is why the Torch of the lady of our Lady laddy Olympics shines over the tunnel now into the underworld we have been led… Diana the Moon Goddess of the HUNT……

So the Four Corners, Four seasons, Four Horsemen are also Matthew, Mark, Luke and John or the Four Musketeers, D’Artagnan, is the last,  white horseman, that calls in Winter the last quarter of a cycle. Just as i dreamt of meeting Diana in a cafe at Pont d’Alma, a couple of weeks before she died.  She sat alone, worried and sad, I went to talk to her and said, don’t worry, my Husband is ScorpiO too, i was a young woman then and had no idea what my dream meant on a deeper level, nor did i make the connection then, that i was in Paris, in cafe d’Alma next to the tunnel…..where she was sacrificed. Then in the summer of 2001, just before 9/11 when my 7yr long hard divorce began, i met a man i called D’artagnan, he saved me, i didn’t know then, i’d live one day in the Land of D’artagnan 32 … Seal of Saturn ….  or in the village of the Labyrinth of Pan, seventh seal of Saturn. Jupiter is in ScorpiO now, as Capricorn moves out of sagittarius and into Saturn on the winter solstice of 2017 with Pluto .. As Persephone entered the underworld of PlutO so do we. . and WHY the Virgin Mary or Statue of liberty or any of these icons of Lucifer stand on the Rock, as Lot’s wife does, a Pillar of Salt or, Miranda in the Tempest, as all the Verge/Virgin VirgO, Ice Queen, icons do

Paul Alan Simpson

“A bit of Roman knowledge for you: Father = Pater = Petros = Peter = Ptah. Petros is also Rock

The Christian Jew-Peter (Jupiter – Rome) is Zeus (Greek), Iesus, Jesus or Je suis (French) meaning ‘I Am’.

So now you know why Jupiter and Saint Peter both ruled in Rome. Converting Roman religion to Christianity in a stroke with the joining of Mithraic and Sol Invictus beliefs, even those of Azura Mazda.

As we know, the four great Evangelists were Matthew, Mark, Luke and John; not Peter and Paul to whom modern Christianity owe so much.”

Princess Diana, is now, imho, married to FTM ELton John, as David Furnish .. or EL John the Baptiste, after his star of David gay pride push of Die’s reign, she was sacrificed in a ritual, fake death, on the 31st August VIRGO VERGE in CROSS X Over she was sacrificed just before 9/11, infact 20 yrs ago exactly to today, the 7th seal of Saturn Satan… her death is representative of the death of the female subconscious realm, lilith. Wi Fi Fee Fo Fumb enter her, now into Winter, 1997/2017 and Her BOW from the Huntress Moon Goddess Lilith, has Struck and so David BOWie  died too, like a bridge over troubled water, the ArK of Noah Hide is drawn, the Ark of the covenant the underworld merged with the over world. Africa, Middle East, Russia and Europe, RainBowed Brainrowed, to open the androgynous era, closed in, the i phone X 8 Hal Orusborus, as the labyrinth closes us into the Circle… closed circuit BEE HIVE, beehave, brave new world… David Diana is Pan.. both sacrificed on the Black Moon, new moon BLACK STAR To Open the LGBTP gates intO OZ ZiON… They were both sacrificed, for the darkside of the moon ritual, LILITH … The Torch of our lady is the statue of liberty, or the Olympic Nazi fascist NWO Torch,  lit above Pont d’Alma …. we enter wi end her … Winter.

David Furnish Elton John kiss and make up …..  Queen of Heaven was a title given to a number of ancient sky goddesses worshiped, throughout the ancient Mediterranean and Near East during ancient times. Goddesses known to have been referred to by the title include InannaAnatIsisAstarteHera, and possibly Asherah (by the prophet Jeremiah). 

ELton John is the Mother, David/Diana the Father of Harry, Harry I AM je suis JESUS

In Roman mythology, Diana was the goddess of nature, childbirth, hunting and the protector of the weak. She is the equivalent of the Greek goddess Artemis and she represents the Sacred Feminine, the female aspect of deity. Princess Diana bore the same attributes by being a protector of the environment, taking care of the weak in her missions in third world countries and by giving birth to the future heirs of England’s throne. Oak tree groves were especially sacred to the Goddess Diana. In Roman times, Diana’s groves and sanctuaries were always in the wild, outside of the boundaries of the city. Such hidden temples were found all across Europe. To further the resemblance with the Goddess bearing her name, Lady Diana was buried in a grove in her home town (more on this later). The Goddess Diana is often depicted with deers and doves.


The female principle is often represented by the moon, where the Moon goddess is opposite to the Sun god . The feminine energy is also commonly associated with the planet Venus, represented in symbolism by a five petal flower – the rose. The goddess figure appears unmistakably in all religions, even in Christianity as the Virgin Mary. These symbols representing the female deity exist since prehistoric times and were preserved and diffused through pagan mysteries and through mystic Judeo-Christian teachings. Today’s students of the occult easily recognize and interpret those symbols. We will later explain how they have been used to associate Lady Di with the concept of the sacred feminine.

Pont d’Alma Tunnel, the Sacrificial Site

ISIS Mary Sophia EvE Astarte Venus PAN Lucy FER ..More on the Babylonian whores of commerce.. mercury … Pan Men pushing women to be the whores


Ice Queen who turns us to STONE and pats us into clay dolls of alcoholism … more end of age coding the wedding.. look at the first scene Jesus Je Suis I AM Aries the
fool the son/sun the travelling fool that does the twelve tribes this age is DANS age .. in the den of Daniel .. the lamb is the V of Venus Lucifer are Brains rainbowed brainrowed.. solOmon 1O1.. we the people are the lambs to be slayed by the tribe of DAN.. code is everywhere.. i added loads of brides in my article .. this is more Hav his HAM Havisham Virgin VirgO programming as we leave the virgo/Pisces age into the LIONS Gate Leo/Aquarius age Winter… WoW.. how obvious its full of symbols .. ABFAB is abracadabra black magic mindcontrol

We have just walked through the procession of the equinox, the eclipse in August in Leo led us through the Lions gate, or the seal of Lyon France, Auch, Gers. The opposing equinox directs the as above so below, Leo leads Aquarius as Virgo dis Pisces.

For France is the journey, taken out of Africa, from as far back as the Dogon tribes of Mali, to conquer Europe, in the last 2000 age of Pisces/Virgo Jesus/Mary that we now leave. This is why the Virgin Mary stands on the Rock of the Atlantic Ocean in Biarritz, and The statue of Liberty on the Atlantic of New York… Mary Magdalene, Venus, The whore of Babylon, Ishtar, Isis, Lilith, Lots wife, these are all the archetypes of the under Ark, the Bow of Virgo to Aries, and the new equinox from Leo / Aquarius, The Lions gate is the Notch through, that turns the wheel into Aquarius. It is the path of the ages from now to Aries and a new cycle. It is the Underworld guarded by Pluto, It is Winter, the last corner of a cycle. WE have just hit the equinox of Leo/Aquarius and just left Pisces/Virgo.

The Virgin or Verge in, has lead us, into the pits below, nature dies and we, as a representation in spiritual form, of the energy of the season lived, will subconsciously follow or consciously detach, follow the rhythms of the wheels, time notches’, the four corners and the four seasons of the 360 degree wheel. We mirror and act out the end times, as leaves rot into the earth, so do we. We do so in different ways, either we are awakened and we find our authentic female, winter HER within, we own her and become that dark regenerative power house force, or we are over taken by her and pulled mercifully back into the cold ice Queen, recycling machine without having become alchemists. she is our dark female, the dark side of the Moon is Lilith. She was the first wife of Adam, before Eve was disguised so the patriarchal rule could begin the descent, Eve was made from the image of man and a rib was taken from man, as Vadim did, in God created Woman, with Brigitte Bardot, he lost his rib to become a prepubescent, sex changed child, whore star, to lead women into the energy of the whore Eve. to create the Trans gendered Stepford wife, sex slave Holy Whore of Babylon.

Below we have Ishtar, Isis, Eve and Lilith, Bardot, Benadicte, Lourdes .. They are the Virgins, playing Whores, the real female energy was replaced by the Man … Transgender a Gender.

Vera Is back for the end of the ERA Lynn Nyle Nile out of Africa as Ophelia Lucy FER

Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn?
Remember how she said that 
We would meet again
Some sunny day?
Vera! Vera!
What has become of you?
Does anybody else in here
Feel the way I do?

Funny that at this time we have been told that the Statue of liberty is a man, as we discover, that the Mona Lisa is an Androgynous Baphomet. There are certain astrologers, that are saying Jesus was born in the sign of VirgO now? some people think that Mary Magdalene was in fact Jesus. The whole point is that Our lady is a Laddy … Lilith is Lucifer when not owned and seen, and tricked, into submission, we are being merged, now into the third Reich ….. Hal/Hell hath no fury like that of a womans scorn….

images (22)

“The British graffiti artist Banksy chose to depict the Statue of Liberty as a boy, standing on a box, picking his nose. Not exactly the majestic symbol of freedom and shining beacon of hope it was intended to be. The fact that he’s a child, blatantly picking his nose, seems to suggest immaturity. He’s standing on a box, falsifying his height, which could be linked to the same idea of being dubbed, or promised something unachievable (the american dream, in it’s many forms) with the idea of America. The child also has a kind of arrogant look on his face. Like he’s capable of throwing a tantrum at any second. He is not only displaying childish behavior and trying to elevate himself to something he’s not, but he’s arrogant about it. The Statue of Liberty is iconic of America and this portrayal links it to a more modern outlook on how we (perhaps cynically) view America today.”


The wicked Witch of the east, as in OZ,  is also the energy of our shadow side Lilith the darkside of the moon phase cycle. The last corner, of the white horseman. Our hidden corner within us, she is opposite the rising sun always, the ascendant opposes our descendant on the west side of the wheel. As Spring Dusk opposes Dawn Winter. Virgo is the notch that marks at the end of that Cross opposition on the wheel, it is the descent into the lower Ark of the Covenant, the promised time that The Architect of the wheel, said he would create earth in his image, the time that the fake light bearer returns to rule over winter and profit of all those souls that don’t escape the 3d wheel. She is the black Star, The darkside of the moon, the Moon star Monster. Ice Queen Madonna Pan man and daughter RoccO, son Lourdes below… 

Saturn officially rules over Aquarius, although modern day has put Ur Anus/Uranus as the ruler of Aquarius the Male water bearer. The darkside of the moon always opposes the Sun, that’s why she appears Dark but she is the holder of the torch, the flame, The moonlight came before the sunlight, the sun is a black hole lit by other bodies, of the Olympics, the statue of Liberty. The Morning Star Venus, Lucy Fer. Just as this procession of the equinox, Pisces Jesus Son is the Sun that turns Virgo his opposite into a Virgin or the Verge in, as Penis is verge, in French, so France is the door out of this closet, 2000 age of religion illusion, deceit black magic and division. We will see the end of religion and the merging of the two principals of male and female, electric and magnetic. We are being merged into one, as a true alchemist does, when they are ready to leave the wheel, to become the master of their journey through the doors of spirit to matter and back again. Although this merging is premature, it is a lie, it is Luciferian, it is to create a one hive mind and a trans human a gender, of complete servitude and loss of sovereignty, all disguised as peace and One world Love.

Lucy Fer in the Sky with Diamonds the rising of the Phoenix .. Lilith Annana Montanna Antennae Astarte … Whore of Babylon

32 + 32 = 64 = 10 = i phone 8 … Aries is the Head .. Mars and Pluto rule Aries and Scorpio, the head and the sexual organs. it is the Brain and the sexual V for victory or V for vegan the V of 5 Chaos Vicious Vice … The V for Venus is the sexual ovaries of the womb of man.. turned into the Goat Head of PAN .Satan.. Keeping the Lamb innocent by stealing their innocence … The Lamb is Spring Birth of a new Cycle, it is the I Think therefore I AM (Descartes was Aries) the first step to consciousness, the first Bud to blossom the first chakra to open… through the dark earth… of knowing how to regenerate, how to come back from hell and back, when alive, with compassion and more vision, To be a leader and to have a heart of courage, our leaders FETUS FEED of off US they eat our children, they fool them and steal their innocence … We are kept as lambs, because if ever the true Mars energy was ignited in the head and felt deeply in the depth of ScorpiO Sex/Occult Hidden Secret sacred realm, was dealt with seen and accepted, their would be NO perversion:: SCorpio Is our base sexual note and Aries is the Child within, we are all lambs, but we must ignite the other Planet ruled by MARS .. Mars rules Aries and ScorpiO before PlutO popped up… PlutO is the darkest secret and furthest note to this charade.. they are the 7 notes/planets/chakras from Do Ray Mi Fa SO Laa TI … The seven Chakras the seven planets the seven Lords of the Music we are … we are toned into matter and we can re tune back into ether, spirit, we are always spirit beneath the dream … becoming in tune to your Wand of magic, once you forgive and face your inner PlutO. You are ONE, Whole.

So obviously the department 32 .. 4 corners of the brain scaraab or beetles 4 x 8 is 32 had to celebtrate the last corner of the brain row land of D’Artagnan, JACK n the beanstalk of the SPINE or PENIS .. in the BOX the white horseman, that opens winter, the X over mass into 33 like the Falcon X … Elon Musk .. EL Bull shit … 32 is 322 Skull n Bones makes 64 the sol O mon when our inner phoenix becomes the flame of life… this is more 32 Rubbing are noses in it daily with the divine comedy of DISTRACTION … into the last corner of narnia.. the 32nd vertabrae the 32 paths of wisdonm is the Tree of life, the as above so below joined by the OM .. labyrinth, the 1O1 state of Grace when we are free of the Ring, or merged to the BeeHive behave 5g 5th wave 5th element highjaked.. CRANEberried at 46/64 … Auch is the capital of 32, where the LIONS gates SIT … into ZION in OZ the land of the Lamb and the Lion , where the Labyrinth of Saturn sits …7th seal of Saturn 7th chakra 7 colours BRAINROW the Prism the prison, More Porn media Ritualistic events eyes wide SHUT .. 32 is le Gers where this HollyWood show is being set, wouldn’t be surprised if we get ZAD/DAN from Notre Dames des Landes joining in… the 14 th febuary, is deadly valentine and 40 Les landes … Silence of the LAMBS …always in refrence to hidden meanings …. 32 is 23 through the looking glass .. TWINS .. BInary code the Earth has a TWIN … EL Even is PurpEL between red electric male SOL and blue magnetic female MON they are pairs 32 + 32 = 64 Skull n Bones is 322 … CRANEberried died at 46 …. CrAne is Skull … each cell normally contains 23 pairs of chromosomes, for a total of 46. Twenty-two of these pairs, called autosomes, look the same in both males and females. The 23rd pair, the sex chromosomes, differ between males and females. OVER AND OUT merged into the sol O mon SINGULARITY or not? POLE SHIFT soul HARVEST 33rd vertabrae of Crucifixion ATTENTION ! En raison d’une manifestation sur la voie publique lundi 12 février 2018 dès 7 heures, des perturbations importantes du trafic routier sont attendues dans et autour d’Auch. Plus d’infos sur …….

Jesus, Je Suis .. Descartes I THINK, Therefore I AM , Aries The Lamb or the Ram, Out of Africa, The Lion King Brothers … Harry Born 15 September 1984, he is 33 years old, age of Christ, age of Cross over CrucifiXion.. a VirgO, born on the equinox of the cross over, and Meghan Markle MgM is 36 age of princess Diana at her death ….


FTM Princes and Kings and DragON TRanny ice Queens and Princessess

No Wiggle in the Walk No Giggle in the Talk … The Mark of EL ……

As Saturn enters Capricorn, Winter, a feminine Cold Dry energy, that of  death transformation and rebirth, we are being led into a false image of the Eve energy, a fake Golden age, the man made rocky horror picture show version, the under world in OZ of sodomy insects and incest. 

Many will believe it is a time of equality, LGBTP love n light, when the Unicorn is the one corn of the Lion. The phoenix of Egypt, the tower of Babel, Jerusalem, the house of David, Rothschild, the red door pass over procession into a new age. This time has been awaited with eagerness for a 10-thousand-year preparation, this is the last 2000 yrs before we enter the age of Capricorn … I don’t think humans will be here by then, we will have become beasts as depicted in Hell which is simply the last axe of the Cross below.  Winter has been meticulously prepared since the fall of the Matriarchal ascent, the descent is always Patriarchal. into Zion Lion Dion.

Child Brides represent the Virgo Mary Virgin child .. this is why its so big in our current reality … we enter now from Virgo Pisces into Leo Lion Zion Aquarius procession of the equinoxs .. into WINTER its all esoteric symbolic programming i was a child bride just 17 .. to a much older man … we are led into the land of the sodomites .. 9/11 Gene of ISIS as we leave the age of the virgin Virgo Mary Pisces/ Jesus Jesuis I AM in the procession of the equinox into Leo Lion Zion gates of Aquarius/Leo  

The Bride again… Ultraviolence is Ultra Violet.. the white flame.. thats sits between red and blue.. The PurpEL the 1O1 Sol O mon is RA EL the merging of male and female electric magnetic.. the 5th element the Ether, The Fifth Republic.. Wave, or Elemement .. Lots whife , EVE before the DAWN … turned to salt on the rock at 64.. where the Virgin Mary Magdalene is… We leave the age of Virgo/Pisces Mary and jesus 9.11 Gene of Isis .. the death of Miss HAV his HAM … Jesus Je suis I AM the lAMb ..

Sir Julius Roberts bringing in Winter … Eifel Tower is the lamp Post of Narnia 

23795625_10209709937257746_7414574306235192336_n (1)

Is Melania Trump’s White House Christmas aesthetic angelic or horrific? Depends whom you ask.




the true Venus energy is the petal of her 8 year cycle in which she makes a 5 flower shaped pentagram in the sky.. Aslan is the fake Summer Lion.. the fake inverted Baphomet Venus of the Morning Star LucyFer in the sky with Diamonds the Torch of the Olympics the Statue of Liberty… the Babylonian Whore Isis .

I think it is very odd how as I am consciously aware of how my life intertwines now with the bigger picture, I can read the signs of how I have been triggered by the subconscious choices I have made in choosing where to live and to be strategically placed, in this very symbolic time we all live. we are in the Harvest period, the fall. All of us can play a role, we are all living out how we chose to live this incarnation here.

That awkward moment when you discover the brides headpiece Left in our home by last owners 1886.. that is on the line of the church of Aignan 32 labyrinth of Saturn is… sun sets in line… all i’ve been explaining about the Virgo/PISCES virgin bride harvest Cross over into Aquarius/Leo winter… another sign right under my nose.. left by last owners .. house had been empty 50yrs waiting for me.. all my astrology chart is the Pisces Virgo Cross… we see the statue of Liberty in Auch capital of 32 Gers and the lion and lamb flag of Auch, and the virgin suicide, Pan man Sofia, Gaia, Lucifer, film with Kirstin both Pan boys. Sofia Coppela and kirstin Dunst both, Virgin suicides, film 1999, or 666

For since 2012, when I arrived in this part of France which is known as the 32nd department. France numbers all its departments, this is done to mark the precise areas of the Holy Grail journey through this last age. Or over our meridian energy points, we are sucked by the vampires until we auto produce ourselves. I have been led to live and follow paths of this journey leading me today to the very village that holds the 7th seal of Saturn. I arrived back here in March, after two years in Spain and immediately felt very at home, our house had been waiting for me and my partner for over a century, when it was last bought in 1886. I began my real-life purpose as a full-time astrologer, and began to see just how this cross over period was being played out in my own life and I was to have the seat with the clearest view as the events have unfolded this fall since the August 2017 eclipses of the lion’s gate.

20729245_10154568590471036_1445101647551394576_n (1).jpg

In 2012 I was pulled to the pays Basque, after my awakening in Paris in 2010, where I had been living, my own life, in the depths of the underworld, living to the full my Babylonian whore side…. Before I had my phoenix 32 vertebrae Kundalini awakening, and I knew I had to go to the South West of France, which is where Jesus and Mary Magdalene, ended their journey through France. Biarritz is the department 64, Skull and Bones 322 = 32 x 2 = 64, 64 = 10, 10 = X .  I spend 6 months there, living and looking for a home, I did find one in the hills in Sare by The caves of Sare behind St Jean de Luz, where the witch hunts had been, but was chased out, as if the people knew, off having the property there.  The pays Basque ties into all the Celtic Pagan Gnostic stories, it is said to be the home of the Annunaki,  the first Jews and home of the RH negative, read here …

In one popular legend, the first Basque was Aïtor, one of a few remarkable men who survived the Flood without Noah’s ark, by leaping from stone to stone. However, Aïtor, still recognized by some as the father of all Basques, was invented in 1848 by the French Basque writer Augustin Chaho. After Chaho’s article on Aïtor was translated into Spanish in 1878, the legend grew and became a mainstay of Basque culture. Some who said Aïtor was mere fiction went on to hypothesize that the real father of all Basques was Tubal.

Since then, links have been conjectured with languages of the Caucasus, Africa, Siberia, and Japan. One nineteenth-century researcher concluded that Basques were a Celtic tribe, another that they were Etruscans. And inevitably it has been discovered that the Basques, like so many other peoples, were actually the lost thirteenth tribe of Israel. Just as inescapably, others have concluded that the Basques are, in reality, the survivors of Atlantis.

A case for the Basques really being Jews was carefully made by a French clergyman, the abbot J. Espagnolle, in a 1900 book titled L’Origine des Basques (The Origin of the Basques). For this theory to work, the reader first had to realize that the people of ancient Sparta were Jewish. To support this claim, Espagnolle quotes a historian of ancient Greece who wrote, “Love of money is a Spartan characteristic.” If this was not proof enough, he also argues that Sparta, like Judea, had a lack of artisans. The wearing of hats and respect for elders were among further evidence offered. From there, it was simply a matter of asserting, as ancient Greek historians had, he said, that the Spartans colonized northern Spain. And of course these Spartan colonists who later became Basques were Jewish. 

Flag of Biarritz, Hal 2001, The Virgin Mary Rock Biarritz 32 X 32 = 64 = 10 = X and the flag of Satan … Red and Black …. 

So I had a very big experience in this land, I myself am an RH negative and had felt completely pulled to be there, mainly in the area between the French village of Sare and just a few miles away in Spain the village of Zugarramurdi both where major witch hunts were made. I was then led to the pays of the Gers in 32, only an hour and a half away, where I discover this year that the seal of Saturn of the seal of lyon is in the very village I live today, in my last home also in the 32nd department, I’ve already written how I was placed over the 0 degree ley line of the Meridian for the London Olympics in Greenwich, I was put there, running a guest house for pilgrims that activate the holy grail ley lines, I was used subconsciously then,  to absorb and dissolve the Satanic rituals being held during the Whore of Babylon IsIs Olympic games, all rituals to lead us into this new age cAGE. Now, today, after having found myself over the past two years being taken to all the stops of jesus and mary through the South West of France I find myself in the village, of the Unicorn for the equinox cross over, of Pisces/Virgo into Aquarius/Virgo, this is the 9/11 cross over because 9 is also 7 … as Saturn is the no 9 .. The seventh seal of Saturn is the last 32 vertebrae, before shut down 33 of our life force into the last corner. Or we self-heal and break out of the trance.  My home sits above the valley looking over the Church, that sits in Rue de Saturne, where the Church has engraved in limestone, the labyrinth of pan, Saturn Satan, I watched the sun go down on this epic cross over.

Our Lady of the Olympics

Kinda explains the film Grease and Greece and Why the king needs to BUTT her his bread….

 Thx Deanne Ennaed “The O CULT.
A SUN or ANUS god must be AnOINTED in the RECTORY in Greece.
GREECE is where they are ‘graced’ with the honour of becoming my LORD or my LARD, the FATher or FATTER, the ‘pop’ (father) or pope. Christ or KRISTOS also means grease.
BUTT-er is also used and the word BURRO means butter, donkey or ASS.
Grease is the word… it’s got GROOVE it’s got meaning.
Bottoms up!


The goddess that has long been known as the Queen of Heaven is bringing the people of the world together to worship as one through Marian apparitions like those at Fátima, Portugal in 1917. There is a parallel work being done through the Olympics, where her dominating presence is unsuspected by most but yet is quite real. The Romish Church and the Olympism of Greece are partnered in promotion of the same gods and agendas. This activity is preparing the world to receive the lawless one, the Antichrist, with open arms.

The Jesuit trained Baron Pierre de Coubertin founded the modern Olympic Games. He studied humanism in Paris at the Jesuit Collège, St. Ignace, or Saint Ignatius College. The Jesuits are big on education, and that was certainly Coubertin’s occupation. Jesuits have also been big on subversion. Coubertin was a good student. The Olympic Games have had a very significant role in unifying the diverse peoples around the globe in a special way that is not merely secular, humanist or material. When he died, his funeral took place in Lausanne, Switzerland, at the Church of Notre Dame du Valentin. Notre Dame, means, Our Lady! The “Blessed Virgin Mary” of the Jesuits was honored at his funeral as in his life. Today we have the first Jesuit Pope in history, and it seems one of the primary goals of the Jesuits has been met as the Antichrist is shortly to be revealed.

September is the 9th Month of VirgO but there are only seven Lords to the true astrology wheel. there are only seven chakras, on our energetic field, tones or days. There are only seven original ruling planets, not 9 so 9/11 is 7/11 … Sept is seven in French, between 9/11 in 2001 and 9/11 of 2017 there are 16 years, that makes 1+ 6 = 7 … we have officially entered 7th seal, last chakra, of the left and right brain, 32 x 32 Sol O Mon, winter.


This article will now carry on to guide you through the last two months since my last article, Winter is HER … I have documented each stage of what has been happening in the outside world, which is all a reflection of what is happening within us, in the inside. It is a direct reflection of this very real descent into Sodom. I find it amazing to watch characters in my little village actually living out archetypal reflections of this energy. If you begin to really live as within so without you will be able to find your inner Lilith, your shadow energy that is the depth of shame and fear. As eve was driven out of the garden and Lots wife was turned to a Pillar of salt, as the Virgin/Verge in Mary sits on the rocks of Biarritz out to sea, so is there the rock of the virgin Mary in las Vegas, and in Jerusalem. For the Cross over into the Pie rats realm. Of the sea Chaos, from land to sea.

Does a drop know it is in the Ocean? … We are being PLAYED by the Haarp of death… if we are  notes? who is our composer? who holds the COMPASS


you or the architect …. The Labyrinth is our Brain …. 7 seals of the sword of the stone, the snake up our caduceus spine/penis, within to be opened. have you dared to dig yet? One of the earliest and most ancient seal of the labyrinth of SATURN/ SATAN is in my village …. Normal i live in the department called 32, skull and bones, 322 is 32 x 32 64 or 10 … the Scottish rights of the phoenix of our BRAIN … last cervical of GRACE before 33, where the boot of the hanged man in Bordeaux 33 is HUNG … Why does lands’ end have a labyrinth? because we are at the END of a cycle .. have you decoded the GAME yet? one more colon vertebrae and we are sealed into STONE ….. End of cycle RESET….. the Ark of the Covenant the BRAIN BRIDGE/ROW/BOW is SEALED .. the Seventh seal is for the Winter the AGE ruled by Saturn .. but they have told you its UR ANUS ….. NO this is the time that the Haarp the Lyer .. The flute of PAN leads the humans to brain lock down … there is a labyrinth that we must all get through that is the cave of plato/PlutO …. Life is eternal when you face the music of the material realm ….

Thxs Deanne Ennaed Does this card really say Las Vegas JACK ASS?

ACE means ASS and it’s the TRUMP card!

I see a DRAG QUEEN wearing feather BOAS (snakes). As we know bowers, archers and BOWING means arching and bending over to take it up a ‘hit’ up the jacksy for the Union of JACKS. Now, ‘POKER’ is always played around the back or at the rear.

2 and 1 is number 3 for the (_|_) bum. It’s also the sign of JUPITER or UP PITER. The letter J is always silent in code. A PIT is a HOLEY HOLE and Jupiter means SAT-ANUS and the devil. 

At 21 you get the KEY to the door … the back door to key to room IoI aka the pillars of JACOB and BOAZ. 

A DOOR is a porte and a port is a QUAY, or KEY, to the body’s ELECTRICAL junction CIRCUIT BO-X and the elite A’DORE it. It’s their circuiTREE SIR KIT to the SPINE’S PINES and the Tree of Life.

Why though? Is it because this door gives them direct access to the VAGUS nerve which just so happens to be called the ROAMING, or ROME IN nerve. This is the PARA-SYMPATHETIC and SYMPATHETIC nerve. 

This nerve can shatter the brain’s base/b-ass CORTEX or CAUGHT X. As we were told, all roads lead to Rome or SIN city and the non-sympathetic psychopathic ASS ASS IN.

Doesn’t this put a HOLE knew meaning to the ‘BANDS’ who say they “met the devil at the cross ROADS” which is a ford, a vorteX or a JUNCTION (box)”?


I made the connection between the spear of the SHAKER’s Spear The TEMPEST and the lost boys on the island of the cannibals…Miranda and her Old pedophile father Saturn.. I knew the rolling stone would hit … the 3rd of September T of tempest the temptations is the backbone of our inner force … the Staff of Caduceus and the double helix snake ..makes the 7 the T the staff with the wings of the beast.. the wizard of OZ blew the Trumpet of the 7th seal ..with the man made wand, sword..the kiss of judas… Hurricane Irma Just Hit Category 3, 3rd of September ….

Time to join dots …. The Shakes Spear Israel – Saudi Arabia Alliance 

16 years between 2001 and 2017 … 16 = 7 … The 7th Seal the Seventh Trump ET Blows .. The 16 Clockwork Orange years .. of Trauma Fragmentation and MIND CONTROL so PAN Mercury Orange Air Waves, the Pied Piper of Communication bring us into the Bee Hive SEAL of 5g Total control of our Mind Body and Spirit .. The HOLE/CIRCLE Trinity of the Imposters EYE the RING is closed for the Lord … the Fake Architect of the compass … Orange 7 Hexagon Saturnian seal . … Spring Equinox is opposite Virgo Autumn equinox …  Sol O Mon 7th seal pass over … Mar 20, 2017- At the age of 101 years old, former Chase Manhattan Chief Executive and billionaire David Rockefeller died as a result of congestive heart failure


16 years in sleeping beauty to prick all the hobbits with vaccines and TRAUMA BASED MK mind control FALSE ATTACKS before the whole kingdom is sent to SLEEP 2001 ¬ 2017 is 16 years 1+6= 7th SEAL total block down FAST ASLEEP …The King orders that every spindle and spinning wheel in the kingdom to be destroyed, to try to save his daughter from the terrible curse. ….

Fifteen or sixteen years pass and one day, when the king and queen are away, the Princess wanders through the palace rooms and comes upon an old woman, spinning with her spindle. The princess, who has never seen anyone spin before, asks the old woman if she can try the spinning wheel. The curse is fulfilled as the princess pricks her finger on the spindle and instantly falls into a deep sleep.

Alchemy, on your own or selling your soul? remote controlled by serpents or humble detachment from the divine comedy? Lilith is the Black subconscious feminine realm, she is found through seeing through the level of deceit and lies we live, she is the dark side of the moon, the power house to enlightenment, she is the generator of our inner light, alchemy comes from knowing thy self. meditation, without depth is new age love and light, the fake lala light of LUCIFER of the Son/LOL Lucifer Our Lord 1O1 SolOmon …. You have to take the plunge into the dark abyss of the truth and see through the tricks …


The old woman cries for help and attempts are made to revive the princess. The king attributes this to fate and has the Princess carried to the finest room in the palace and placed upon a bed of gold and silver embroidered fabric. The king and queen kiss their daughter goodbye and depart, proclaiming the entrance to be forbidden. The good fairy who altered the evil prophecy is summoned. Having great powers of foresight, the fairy sees that the Princess will awaken to distress when she finds herself alone, so the fairy puts everyone in the castle to sleep. The fairy also summons a forest of trees, brambles and thorns that spring up around the castle, shielding it from the outside world and preventing anyone from disturbing the Princess.

The Orange haired ones became the FOOLS, the court jester acTORs.. The Pied Pipers, The messengers of mercury, because they represented in essence, the Pan, the tricksters.. RH negative blood line… the fallen or the saving grace… the one who is NOT afraid, the JOKER the travelling SUN, Jesus ASLAN … Asun Anus … The Anunnaki.. the one who is never caught but disguises as the Red haired Saviour.. to Lead the hobbits astray… Mercury Hermes Thoth BES … Peter PAN .. The little prince … Bowiee … all PAN JOKERS …. The women are all MEN …. its all upside down … and inside out CLOCK WORK ORANGE mind control pied pipers .. 

I don’t think its a coincidence, that my whole life has led me here for NOW the X Factor? the seal of Saturn is on my village Church…in the 32 second region, of the PHOENIX of the scottish rights… one step more before 33 and the hanged boot of Bordeaux….the age of Saturn is the most awaited time within a cycle… we are at the last step, nor That the road is called Rue de Saturne …. That we are at the seventh seal when humans are locked into the black BOX … That we chose to risk our lives again, by exposing and helping humanity to see though the codes?

i Phone PhoeniX Cross over into Lion of Zion OZ … Hal 9000 7th Seal of Saturn

The i Phone X (pronounced iPhone 10) is the company’s first smartphone to feature a full-screen display, as it sets its sights on the likes of the Galaxy Note 8. X = 10 .. it costs £999 that means 666 same thing upside down mark of the BEAST … 8 is the ouroboros  we are kept stuck in… the recycling system because you worship idols outside of yourself…. X is the Mark of the Uni CORN The One eyed Demon the Observer because you can’t observe through the veil to find your mirror reflection in the looking glass so you remain in black n white OFF/ON remote control mode… 10 = X .. it is the beast of Sodomy…. In Latin, “ex” means “out of,” as in Greek the preposition “ek” is “motion proceeding out from.” Look at all the x symbolism around you, i phone X coming out TODAY it is the end of gender the end of the cycle the end of the journey the tail end of the snake eats its self out of denial and ignorance the Omega, it means total control, take over of our psyche.. over the Brain Row Bow .

Meanings of the Letter X, Esoteric and Otherwise

No its not a coincidence that the LION and Lucyfer with his sword is here in the 32 department…. …the Phoenix the Lions Gate .. The Lion sleeps NO MORE Biblical references and Judaeo-Christian tradition.. Noah HIDE Law Roar Raw War …

The Twin Towers 9/11 or 7/11 .. same thing … just 9 is SATAN/SATURN and 7 is the ARK of the covenant our BRAINS Rain/BrainBowed into OZ fake activation of merging us into a ONE SEX TRADE FORCE … 7 is seven sept in french.. September is the 9 of 9/11 it is also before the split of the Ark the Suns/Sons Ark over the horizon the seven notes .. Do re mi fa so la ti…. we can do this on our own if we GET IT… activated by our Spinal fluid activating the double helix DNA and the Rise of the Phoenix is our enlightenment of our brains between our temples…

Time Travel and Sodomite Programming in Film and TV – Part 7 – The Arkish Butt Eye that can Fight

the 7 of Microsoft is the T of tempest that spear of Shakespeare or the SWORD in the STONE of Arthur… That is our Spine up to our brains.. SPLIT DIVIDED to separate our four cornered two temples BRAIN … the two sides of the brain represent our Twin Temples … Sol O mon Sun O moon Male/female …good/bad winter/summer black/white Cain and Abel …The right and left of our brain , the male and female… when we GET that this is a dream it means we have escaped the enclosed BOX that the Kabbalah Black magicians that rule this reality have kept us stuck in with their fake religions and His Stories and CULTure made by sick men…. They don’t want us to reach the Moment when we Kiss ourselves awake, through experiences, through maternal compassion and through having faced the cold bare truth of the female creative energy that is raw and brings DEATH , winter and regeneration, they don’t tell us the truth so we run around paying taxes and being complete psychopathic traumatised, reduced numbed down morons.. that believe we are on a SantA ball shooting through space and we Live to DIE? No Lineal is FAKE this is a passage learning how to remote control our material realm we can become the magicians of our own alchemy process…

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Mithras.

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 12.05.00 AM.png

I’ve been ranting on about Mithras since I opened this blog and lo and behold, Bloomberg finally premiere their new SPACE headquarters with the enclosed Mithraeum, smack dab in the middle of the Never-Ending Ritual. And a day after the Grand Lodge of England posted video of the Tercentennial at the Royal Albert Hall on Halloween. I’m sorry; is this actually the real world or am I in some kind of Audrey Horne coma and am lucid-dreaming old Secret Sun posts all night and day?

Mithra God Temple, Saudi-Israeli Alliance, Space Rods, Brain Microchips

16 years since 9/11 7UP 1+6 = 7 /th Seal 7 Noahide laws.… the reversed rainbow represents our PRIDE our total eclipse of our HEARTS.. our egO inversed madness, and the take over of the 7th seal our BRAINS so we walk cold naked and alone into WINTER… The ritual worked… we are successfully through the lions gate.. unplugging is an inside job as 9/11 was…. King Sal O Man 1O1 7th seal of Saturn closed …..

The Saudi Purge is a Global Crisis

The seventh seal of satan saturn is just before the RING when we are trapped in the closed circle because we are led into the underworld when its just winter…..our brains are closed into the circuit we can die when we don’t know we are eternal this is what some call hell.. its just cycles

maxresdefault (1).jpg

The Artificial Womb of the new age cAGE of the water bearer Aquarius

This is a very sensitive subject for me.. because a member of my family has lived this ..but what do honest humans do when they KNOW? it does not bring me any joy to expose this truth.. In three to five years the artificial womb will be officially brought in.. the A Gender continues to A sexualise us into a one world trade center of the ONE Baphomet Androgynous SEX slaves … a fetus means Feed Us … SENOMYX – MAKING US CANNIBAL’S ONE BITE AT A TIME we are fed human fetus’s in our foods and vaccines … see below for all links … the fetus continues to be left to die in hospitals, leaving mothers helpless to save their babies … this is done as always to create the problem that will get the reaction needed to get the solution wanted … the solution is the artificial womb..

they have always been able to save these premature babies, no celebrity Pan Man or Diana Kate or Queen ever gave birth?? read here this is, how A gendas work … 23 year old mother loses her baby because 23 week old babies can be saved… but NOT 21 week old babies??? by LAW?… this is an occult message because 23 = 2 + 3 = 5 .. 5 means Chaos … and 23 backwards is where we are now 32 degrees of the Rise of the Phoenix and one step before 33 .. total control of humanity … dedicated real Mothers are fighting world wide to save premature babies … not aware that they are being USED to bring in the artificial womb because their babies were left to die, obviously it is outside the comprehension of good honest humans to imagine that their babies were left to die to feed the A gender …. of transhumanism and to kill the role of the MOTHER ….we walk now into a Brave new cAGE ….. .

The artificial womb is now here …..…/artificial-womb-save-prematu…

Mothers child left to die, but this is occult internal messages…/Premature-baby-left-die-doctor…

Illuminati Turning us into Cannibals/Zombies-Aborted Fetal Cells in Food & Vaccines

Disturbing Satanic “Art Project” Artificial Womb

and here too PURPEL because i like it??? Brave new world in action…


A Brave new world of HELL is here .. why the lamb of god?
the lamb is the human brain ..

This film has been taken OFF you tube the best i could find …

Age of the Phoenix 32/23 Skull and Bones 322 is 32 x 2 … 23 weeks? Rise of the Phoenix sol O mon

See all chirons last videos to discover what the Fetus is to those that rule us … see all three parts of this series

Brothels with Sheep and torturing Sheep Bestiality and Zoophilia is here …

Cannibalism is here …

Human leather . UK

The ELite don’t know how many people will survive the chaos to come.. But they do know that we have been led to be cannibals, we are fed humans in all our processed food..drugs and vaccines. … Led to traffic humans for money or food.. Fetus organs.. and of course as the split happens the wild ones outside of the circle will be fed off .. we will be watched upon as SPORT .. savages and those still trying to hold on to the lie.. as the DEN is constructed, only the super rich will be able to be safe, from the hunger games…. to come.. JOIN DOTS get organised and UNPLUG .. Winter is here …. we are at the end of a cycle, we are fighting to save the self destruction of humanity ..

The Children did tell us, but no one listend to them 


This is the 7th Seal WintER WifiHER … WI ENTER HER…artificial womb i pod Mums Government take over… Stepford wives is the Aquarius age.. Saudie Arabia is made by US the US/British/Zionist the Empire ….. Decapitation NOah Hide law next …..

      Your U.S. government can now legally kill Christians for the “crime” of worshipping Jesus Christ!  A diabolic deception has been perpetrated on the American people by their OWN leaders, Senators and Congressmen, who have sold their soul to the devil.  On March 5, 1991, in the House of Representatives, and March 7, 1991, in the U.S. Senate, without any knowledge of, or input by, the people of the United States, U.S. Senators and Congressmen passed a law that is so outrageous – and frankly unconstitutional – that it forces the American people to be bound by a set of monstrous rules, called the Noahide Laws, rules that make the belief in Jesus Christ a crime punishable by decapitation by guillotine!  On March 20, 1991, President George H.W. Bush, a supposed Christian, signed the bill into law.

Thx Danielle Sudweeks “!!!THIS IS SOOOO IMPORTANT!!!!
We cannot call each other ‘she’ anymore, but a piece of plastic shit is called a she. See what they are doing? See how subtle and subliminal it all is? The fact that the robot is female looking too. The future ‘she’ that will be raising the children of the Sodo couples will in fact be a ‘shebot’. Notice the 7 on the sign in front of it too? And just so you are not deceived, this is remote controlled. It is not intelligent. It is simply another puppet on their stage. No different from any other actor, singer, reporter, politician etc. It’s just that this one is easier to control…

SOPHIA and A.I. UNLEASHED on BITCOIN. The web has been Spun … too late ….

Healing your shadow side, being self aware or ego engrossed, turn to Stone or self create

Seventh Trumpet


The sound of the seventh trumpet signals the “Third woe”. This is the final trumpet sound and the final woe. Loud voices in heaven proclaim Christ as ruler forever and ever under the “Kingdom of our Lord Jesus under GOD”. Thanks is given to God, the Almighty and praise for the wrath that came, the dead who were judged, and the bond-servants rewarded. The temple of God in heaven then opened and the Ark of the covenant appeared in His temple. Then lightning and peals of thunder occurred followed by an earthquake and a great hailstorm.[16]

Because people have followed blindly the last 500 year descent preparation for this last age is now complete, from now on life is about being spiritually awake..not worshiping any thing outside of yourself.. .. if you don’t claim your own sovereignty you have made a pact to be insect food, you just can not continue to bob along down the stream, we enter total fascism, world wide, disguised as rainbow OZ Lion Pride.. they have used the sun sign of Gemini for this film.. as the Twins form two horns/Towers to become the ONE UNICORN ..fake enlightenment trapped in the virtual reality BOX.. the gemini sign is to represent PAN the GOAT God of the Sewer the Air Waves of media Bull Shit… .. the pied piper mercury ORANGE leads us into 5g …with the staff of caduceus the double DNA helix TAKE OVER of our psyche… 9/11 till 2017 is 16 yrs 1+6= 7 seal of Saturn 7 Noahide laws to come…The Staff Wand of the magician Hermes Mercury PAN our seven chakras possessed.. Alice Cern the Moon Godess the white Virgin Mary VirgO and the 13 months of true natural balance, ended, the Blood Moon inverted perverted for Lucifer LUCY in the sky with diamonds Venus baphomet Ishtar Morning Star, the hag-like Cailleach figure of Irish and Scottish mythology is killed thrue wisdom of the creator womb of man GONE…. “The Divine Hag of the Pagan Celts”,VirgO Virgin winter is here she is the gateway the crossing into the underworld… Winter .. death…and Venus is the fake torch.” 7/11 7 Sept Ember 11th House new age cAGE of Aquarius END of Religions….Man made Apocalypse .. X i phone … Seal completed UNITED for the UNicorn Union Jack.. WE are at the 32 degree when our brains are merged and taken over for the last age… trapped in the circle of our labyrinth, BrainRowed under the Rainbow, 777 activation … OZ in ZiOn LiOn … we lose identity, male and female, one world trade center, new age, religions will fall, the heart taken over, the kiss of Judas will be a shock for all… , the seal of Sol O Mon 101 or LOL Lucifer Our Lord … merged for the seventh seal of Saturnalia rule  ..

The storms the floods and fires… as the SCript UR is uncovered…

Las Vegas, King Arthur, When i am 64, Biarritz 64, shooter Stephen paddock 64, 32nd Floor, Fired 9/11 minutes ….. 

Shot for 9/11 mins… from the 32nd floor at 64 yrs old Steven Paddock?? 32 paths of wisdom or 23 pairs TWINS of chromosomes.. 322 SKULL n bones .. sol O mon Je suis Jesus … the one who herds the SHEEP I AM the lAMb or we become rAMs … or CRane berried into ZOMBIEES at 32 + 32 =64 .. 46/64 … 33 is X over mass last corner DEATH seventh seal of Saturn PAN labyrinth closed In humans, each cell normally contains 23 pairs of chromosomes, for a total of 46. Twenty-two of these pairs, called autosomes, look the same in both males and females. The 23rd pair, the sex chromosomes, differ between males and females. Females have two copies of the X chromosome, while males have one X and one Y chromosome.

Another symbol of the New Age its FAKE Rainbow OZ….. Aquarius – we enter winter … it is the story of King Arthur returning which refers to the Second coming of the Christ. This is connected to the Grand Cross in the Sky when we have the Total Solar Eclipse on Aug. 11, 1999 which occurs at 11:11 a.m. in Cornwall, England.: King Arthur and the Holy Grail… Thats why the shooter was 64 years old … Beatles when i am 64 or Biarritz is 64 where mary and jesus the holy grail escaped Egypt to France… thats your inner brains male and female you must ignite and unplug now.. or be merged to the virtual reality of LIES forever… 32 the Phoenix the X point of enlightenment… the shooter shot from the 32 floor 32+ 32 = 64… WE have been BrainRowed into HELL … Jesus or Venus or Lucy in the sky with diamonds age of fake light of the torch of the Sate of Liberty farce…. the Den of the Lion Lucifer.. i just threw a whole load of pics they are all mixed up …. i am bored of showing whats happening…..<3

hqdefault (1)

In the Bible, Lot’s wife is a figure first mentioned in Genesis 19. The Book of Genesis describes how she became a pillar of salt after she looked back at Sodom. She is called “Ado” or “Edith” in some Jewish traditions, but is not named in the Bible. She is also referred to in the deuterocanonical books at Wisdom 10:7 and the New Testament at Luke 17:32. Islamic accounts also talk about the wife of Prophet Lut (Lot) when mentioning ‘People of Lut’.


A pillar of salt named “Lot’s wife” is located near the Dead Sea at Mount Sodom in Israel. The Mishnah states that a blessing should be said at the place where the pillar of salt is.[1]:467 Other pillars are said to be at the crossing of the Red Sea as well as at the Wall of Jericho.[1]:467[4]

The Jewish historian Josephus claimed to have seen the pillar of salt which was Lot’s wife.[5] Its existence is also attested to by the early church fathers Clement of Rome and Irenaeus.[6]

The story appears to be based in part on a folk legend explaining a geographic feature.[3]

A pillar of salt named “Lot’s wife” is located near the Dead Sea at Mount Sodom in Israel. The Mishnah states that a blessing should be said at the place where the pillar of salt is.[1]:467 Other pillars are said to be at the crossing of the Red Sea as well as at the Wall of Jericho.[1]:467[4]

The Jewish historian Josephus claimed to have seen the pillar of salt which was Lot’s wife.[5] Its existence is also attested to by the early church fathers Clement of Rome and Irenaeus.[6]

WAKE UP HUMANITY … The pillar of Salt The rock of MARY in 64 Biarritz 32 +32 seal of sol O mon 7th seal the Tempest the sWORD in the stone Arthur the lil Prince Richard the Lion Heart shakes SPEAR the Penis in the Spine mindcontrol…. .. VIRGO Virgin Cross over… Jesus and Mary Jose and maria male and female merged 32nd degree sol O Mon 


I wrote this yesterday morning BEFORE knowing details about the shooting … so the shooter is 64 yrs old.. he shot from the 32nd floor and 33 is the no we are shown as clues through out event…. are you adding dots yet? “32 degree is le Gers the rising flame of consciousness when the underworld meets the over world cross point … the skull is in 2 parts skull and bones 322 is 32 x 2 ) 64, the Phoenix or the Lamb of God, our brains taken over if still asleep. … that’s why the labyrinth of Saturn is in the 32nd department. ..representing the brain and our last chance to GET IT… or trapped in the circle… because its always been known that Saturn/Satan rules Aquarius and Capricorn.. Biarritz is 64 because Jesus and Mary Magdalene, just symbols of finding inner enlightenment… the Holy Grail came to France, theu conquered Europe. this is why the departments numbers speak symbolically of the human body … and the blood lines that carry the sacred secret of enlightenment to hide it from humanity … The french Basque is 64 where Mary looks out to sea in Biarritz ..


Mary is ISIS the babylonian whore VirgO September 9/11 is the CROSS over date to winter .. september is 7 or 9/11 … 16yrs since = 1+6= 7 .. 7th seal of Saturn 7th TRUMPet blown … as Miranda in the Tempest .. the T is the Cross the sWORD the Snake that takes over our 7 seals chakras .in the stone the sword or the penis blocks our spine.. why my Bonniee lies over the ocean or over the seven notes or seven colours close the 7th seal of Saturn…. we are musical instruments … NO your bonniee is within you, your twin flame is YOU… 64 is 32 + 32 where male and female right left brain become one ..33 is Bordeaux the last hanged man the crucifixion or the X point 32 is Grace where humans can break out of the cycle of death… not as is happening now with trans humanism.. brain bowed….. the next 4 000 years is in darkness, it is when the underworld rise up… it is HELL if you wish, but innocence accepts anything it is born into .. when innocence is kissed by Judas it either breakdown and accepts or rises into 33rd degree heaven back to spirit.. or collapses or we remain sovereign.. knowing before the shock will help us all not be too devastated.. winter is NATURAL taking advantage of that is cruel and sick ❤ 

NOTRE DAMES des LANDES is in the 40 department of France 40 days of TEMPtations/TEMPEST/Storms Jesus spent in the dessert …


Les Landes sits between the 32nd department and the 64th where the rock of the Virgin Mary stands… 322 Skull and Bones CRANEberried singer dies at 46 age of CRANEberry death is 64 through the inverted looking galss… into SOL O MON 32 +32 is 64… Mont de Marsan is MM code.. as MgM or Mary Magdalene or Marilyn Manroe.. when male and female the TWINS Gemini or PAN like Marilyn and Trump and the twin towers… 11 EL even red/blue male/female Binary code becomes ONE singularity .. PurpEL our inner flame taken over…Mind controlled.. The story is about the ZAD or tribe of DAN Z and N is the same flipped on its side .. those against the aéroport and those for, in Astrology we know that aéroplanes are ruled by urANUS Aquarius ..the saga began in 2012/12 and the final decision of this ongoing divine comedy will be made on the 13th February, like the story of the 13 children held captive by their parents, official photo we have the bride and the groom BLACK and WHITE surrounded by purpEL dresses.. 12 children and the 13th escaped to warn police..they rang 9/11 of course… its ALL coding… Mont de Marson is where the Shepard’s herd and slaughter the SHEEP.., like in Las Vegas shooting the shooter was called Paddock because he is the Shepard like Jesus, In Las Vegas is the Notre Dame/OUr Lady and the Rock of the virgin Mary as in 64 Biarritz there is also the rock of the virgin Mary as in Jerusalem there is also Lots wife salt rock .. Steven paddock shot for 9/11 minutes from the 32nd Floor and he was 64 years old… like the Beatles when i am 64 is code for the Egyptian Scarab DUNG beetle which is symbolic of our brain merged into QUADreality …


The Dogon Tribe like the Old shepards of Mont de Marsan used to stand on stilts for the death ceremony as the Shepards did when herding the sheep… please join the dots your self.. the news paper story here is all number coding you will see 40 again, and 650 = 11 EL even and 1 650 is binary code = 111 12th 13th and 25 = 7 for seven seals of Saturn or EL … and 8 for the i phone procesion of the equinox cross over Mass out of the age of Pisces/Virgo into the Lions den of Tribe of DAN or DOGON out of Africa … Leo/Aquarius …

Please read links below and unplug from the ritualistic mind control techniques used on us daily through main stream media

Notre dame/Our lady of landes saga…/notre-dame-des-landes-que-faire-de-la…

Dogon tribe is the tribe of DAN or ZAD…/the-bantu-branch-of-africans-ar…/

Dogon tribe

Shepherds on Stilts

Read my article here ……/mary-magdalene-…/


Mom of 13 allegedly held captive in Perris home was ‘perplexed’ by arrival of deputies The article is full of number coding, Its all done on purpose.. colour PurpEL when red n blue sol O mon is merged … The wedding.. the black and white.. the virgin Mary Jesus .. end of the age of Virgo Pisces.. through the Lions gates into Aquarius .. another Satanic family set up, .. 2 to 29 … 2 = twins 29 is EL EVEN the Mid EL …of Saturn, Takes Saturn 29 years n half to do a cycle, in 2 years we are in the age of Aquarius.. i think these stories which must be much more common than we real i’s are spread world wide, all over french news too, to traumatise and trigger, its all Jesus 13 the Sun/Son and 12 disciples, 9/11 and 7 seven th seal of Saturn and 8 trapped in the i Phone X mass over cycle Mass ritual to lead us into the pit trap.. stay vigilent.. dont give your energy to these fake designer stories … unbearable how they suck our human batteries with shock fear n horror…/…/


The book presents the hypothesis that the Dogon people of Mali, in west Africa, preserve a tradition of contact with intelligent extraterrestrial beings from the Sirius star system.[1]


These beings, who are hypothesized to have taught the arts of civilization to humans, are claimed in the book to have originated the systems of the Pharaohs of Egypt, the mythology of Greek civilization, and the Epic of Gilgamesh, among other things. Temple’s theory was heavily based on his interpretation of the work of ethnographers Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen. A substantial bulk of The Sirius Mystery consists of comparative linguistic and mythological scholarship, pointing out resemblances among Dogon, Egyptian and Sumerian beliefs and symbols. Greek and Arab myths and words are considered to a lesser extent.

Mali, Dogon Country, Tereli. Masked stilt dancers wearing coconut shells as breasts perform at the Dogon village of Tereli. Tereli is situated among rocks at the base of the spectacular 120-mile-long Bandiagara escarpment. The mask dance is staged at funeral ceremonies to appease the dead and speed them on their way to the ancestral world.It was because of the birth of the single-sexed male Jackal, who was born without a soul, that all humans eventually had to be turned into single-sexed beings. This was to prevent a being like the Jackal from ever being born on Earth again. “The Nummo foresaw that the original rule of twin births was bound to disappear, and that errors might result comparable to those of the jackal, whose birth was single. For it was because of his solitary state that the first son of God acted as he did.”[20] The removal of the second sex and soul from humans is what the ritual of circumcision represents in the Dogon religion. “The dual soul is a danger; a man should be male, and a woman female. Circumcision and excision are once again the remedy.”[22]

The Dogon religion was centered on this loss of twinness or androgyny. Griaule describes it in this passage:

“Most of the conversations with Ogotemmêli had indeed turned largely on twins and on the need for duality and the doubling of individual lives. The Eight original Ancestors were really eight pairs… But after this generation, human beings were usually born single. Dogon religion and Dogon philosophy both expressed a haunting sense of the original loss of twin-ness. The heavenly Powers themselves were dual, and in their Earthly manifestations they constantly intervened in pairs…”[23]

Flag of  capital of 32 x 2 Skull and Bones


Is the British Royal Family Descended from the ROTHSCHILDS??

“Is the British Royal Family Descended from the ROTHSCHILDS?? As I delved into my family lineage, I did known that my great grandfather was the illegitimate son of a Duke, but I never looked into what that really meant. The young Duke, at the time, who was the father of my great grandfather actually later became Edward VII. But new revelations that came forth from records that were sealed up until 2012, now show that Baron Lionel Nathan de Rothschild actually sired (is the father of) Edward VII. Which actually makes me a direct descendant of Baron Lionel Nathan de Rothschild . That also makes sense in other ways because for some reason I always “clicked” well with aggressive Jewish businessmen and was always extremely motivated to work hard for them in my field of accounting and business planning. 

The Tribe of Dan, Rothchilds..  the REd Dragon rule the last corner … 

Prince William of Wales is presently beloved and revered throughout the world.  He and/or Wales is a fine candidate to be “the little horn” described in Revelation and Daniel.  Here is the evidence…

In Daniel 8:23, the little horn is referred to as a ruler (ܡܠܟ = king/sovereign). See also, Daniel 9:27 and Daniel 11:28-45 suggesting the ‘false messiah’ will be a ruler.  In Revelation 13, the text uses the word “diadem” (jewel) to imply he is also royalty.

William’s ‘royal’ crest contains all the animals from Daniel’s vision of the four-fold creature: lion, bear, leopard, and dragon. Daniel 7:3-7, Rev. 13:2 (“And the living being I saw being the image of a leopard and his feet as of a bear and his mouth as of lions and the Dragon gives him his power and his throne and great kingdom.”

Arthur like Christ is just Sun Anus worship …. the red dragon is the burning ass

illustrated-irish-book-pbcInk-king-arthur (1)

Everything we have lived for the last 500 yrs has been preparing us for the X over moment when the ARK of the SNAKE the curve of life the Ying and the Yang passess as all cycles do at the X point into the end ages when the underworld is the new ARK of the wave … of up and down as above so below…. or WINTER … Winter is a natural process, it is designed to give you a chance to WTFU wake the fnuck up ….. 9/11 or 7/11 Sept is 7 or the 9th month… it is the official preparation to enter the new world cAGE 16yrs since 9/11 is 1+6=7 /Noahide laws seventh seal of SATURN = Winter last age… because this is the time that Saturn takes over as the LORD of Aquarius, the outer cycle is anticlockwise so Aquarius is followed by Capricorn also ruled by Another symbol of the New Age its FAKE Rainbow OZ….. Aquarius – we enter winter … it is the story of King Arthur returning which refers to the Second coming of the Christ. This is connected to the Grand Cross in the Sky when we have the Total Solar Eclipse on Aug. 11, 1999 which occurs at 11:11 a.m. in Cornwall, England.: King Arthur and the Holy Grail… Thats why the shooter was 64 years old … Beatles when i am 64 or Biarritz is 64 where mary and jesus the holy grail escaped Egypt to France… thats your inner brains male and female you must ignite and unplug now.. or be merged to the virtual reality of LIES forever… 32 the Phoenix the X point of enlightenment… the shooter shot from the 32 floor 32+ 32 = 64… WE have been BrainRowed into HELL … Jesus or Venus or Lucy in the sky with diamonds age of fake light of the torch of the Sate of Liberty farce…. the Den of the Lion Lucifer.. 


Judah is a lion’s welp; from the prey, my son, you have gone up. 

He stooped down, he couched as a lion, and as a lioness; who dares rouse him up? 

The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor the ruler’s staff from between his feet, 

until he comes to whom it belongs; 

and to him shall be the obedience of the peoples.”


There is nothing NEW under a sun..BUTT the a nus … No, thy enNemAyME.. we need dark to ask for our light. Just Pan surfing oFF the scorn of denied wi enter HER wintHER…. the under world and the over world is now successfully merged .. mission impossible accomplished…. the darkside of the moon is a subconscious awakening … most don’t jump past the cow leap…. and all have landed mooned, caught by the gatekeepers, there are so many, at every level, they are ALL gatekeepers feeding our new egO … in the end its .. a personal inside job, just seeing, sets us free.. the wheel will keep turning, with or without us … you can always jump … no one will see, you are invisible, when you know, you will walk tall, with wings.. your own, it happens within .. your inner visibility is yours alone ..

The Royal Red Dragon Bloodlines, turn sound down and read ….

ISIS the babylonian whore VirgO September 9/11 is the CROSS over date to winter .. september is 7 or 9/11 … 16yrs since = 1+6= 7 .. 7th seal of Saturn 7th TRUMPet blown … as Miranda in the Tempest .. the T is the Cross the sWORD the Snake that takes over our 7 seals chakras .in the stone the sword or the penis blocks our spine.. why my Bonniee lies over the ocean or over the seven notes or seven colours close the 7th seal of Saturn…. we are musical instruments … NO your bonniee is within you, your twin flame is YOU… 64 is 32 + 32 where male and female right left brain become one ..33 is Bordeaux the last hanged man the crucifixion or the X point 32 is Grace where humans can break out of the cycle of death… not as is happening now with trans humanism.. brain bowed….. the next 4 000 years is in darkness, it is when the underworld rise up… it is HELL if you wish, but innocence accepts anything it is born into .. when innocence is kissed by Judas it either breakdown and accepts or rises into 33rd degree heaven back to spirit.. or collapses or we remain sovereign.. knowing before the shock will help us all not be too devastated.. winter is NATURAL taking advantage of that is cruel and sick <3″

Biarritz Flag and 2001 9/11 Cross X over HAL 9 is the 7th Seal

Biarritz 64 when i’m 64 the BEATLES is when the FOUR parts of the I AM .. V BRAIN The Labyrinth is our brain… Aries/LAMB/BRAIN is merged the 32/32 is 64 V is the Goats head or the sexual organs of PAN SATAN … The seal of SATAN/SaTURN 7th seal Labyrinth is in the 32nd department .. The shooter of Las Vegas was 64 he shot from the 32nd floor for 9/11 minutes… 9/11 or 7/11 till Now is 16 years = 1+6= 7th Seal of SATURN the circle closed.. The virgO Virgin CROSS X over into WINTER … SODOM … Down under OZ .. Zion .. The rock of the Virgin is in Biarritz 64 .. and in Las Vegas .. its the temple of salt of Lot as she turns into Salt as she sees SODOM …The Pillar is in jerusalem… Is RA el is the 32/32 brainrow…. we enter OZ ZiOn LiOn Venus… 64 flag of Biarritz is the RED/BLACK of SATAN … We are now merged …. UNPLUG HUMANITY ….i phone 8 X is today .. 08/10 … 2017 = 10 we are in HAL 9000 is SATAN ….


Red and Black Flag of Satan, HAL 9000 i Phone X the Flag of Biarritz 64 when i’m 64 the BEATLES, the Scarab Beatle is the four parts of the brain… is when the FOUR parts of the I AM .. V BRAIN The Labyrinth is our brain… Aries/LAMB/BRAIN is merged the 32/32 is 64 V is the Goats head or the sexual organs of PAN SATAN … The seal of SATAN/SaTURN 7th seal Labyrinth is in the 32nd department .. The shooter of Las Vegas was 64 he shot from the 32nd floor for 9/11 minutes… 9/11 or 7/11 till Now is 16 years = 1+6= 7th Seal of SATURN the circle closed.. The virgO Virgin CROSS X over into WINTER … SODOM … Down under OZ .. Zion .. The rock of the Virgin is in Biarritz 64 .. and in Las Vegas .. its the temple of salt of Lot as she turns into Salt as she sees SODOM …The Pillar is in jerusalem… Is RA el is the 32/32 brainrow…. we enter OZ ZiOn LiOn Venus… 64 flag of Biarritz is the RED/BLACK of SATAN … We are now merged …. UNPLUG HUMANITY ….i phone 8 X is today .. 08/10 … 2017 = 10 we are in HAL 9000 is SATAN ….The Music industry controls the minds… Charlotte Gainsbourg sex changed BOY like his Mum Jane B … Mind Controlled Artist her husband is obviously her handler , all stepford sex changed mind controlled PAN boys need to be handled … This videO was released for the VIrgO equinox of MARY it is In the Bible, Lot’s wife is a figure first mentioned in Genesis 19. The Book of Genesis describes how she became a pillar of salt after she looked back at Sodom.

Tribe of Dan, Pie Rats, Satanic Sodomites ALL Pan Men, Gainsbourg the handler …


CharLOT’ste Gainsbourg – Deadly Valentine .. Lot’s Wife .. Valentine is February, Aquarius 11th House ….. of DAN …. through the Lions gates .. into the Land of the Lord Lucifer …..

The Pillar is found also in Biarritz the Rock of the virgin Mary looking out to sea like Miranda in the Tempest.. same plot same story…. 64 is 32 + 32 … 32 is where the seal labyrinth of PAN SATURN is… Male and female merged into ONE … 64 A pillar of salt named “Lot’s wife” is located near the Dead Sea at Mount Sodom in Israel. The Mishnah states that a blessing should be said at the place where the pillar of salt is, This is about LOTS whife or MARY its about the VirgO Virgin Mary … X cross over into Winter.. 16 years of ORange clockwork Mindcontrol 9/11 or 7/11 till now is 1+6 = 7th seal of saturn… 9 is september SEPT is 7….. it represents the opening of the Harvest … and into the Orange to Black EMBER months of Sept/OCt/Nov/DecEMBER … Months before Winter… this VideO represents the generations of mindcontrolled humans now being led through the Gates into Jerusalem.. Charlotte the Jewish Girl, One with the Lion of ZiOn and take over of AFRICA .. out of Africa .. From Babylon till now… we enter the last Age under the reigns of ZiOn the Lion.. into WINTER …


The White dress of the Ice Queen .. Miss HavHISham … Or Madonna Like a Virgin … Diamonds are forever when its Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds the fake VENUS Morning Star of PAN .. Saturn SATAN …..A Rock in 64 Biarritz and in LAS VEGAS Another .Lady of the Rock (also known as: Our Lady of the Rock, Virgin of the Rock, or Virgin Mary of the Rock) is a religious community that gathers on the 13th of every month in the high desert of Mojave, California, United States The site is 120 miles from Los Angeles and 230 miles from Las Vegas. Many tourists have trouble finding it as the route does not have many signs, landmarks or obvious signs of activities aside from the presence of campers. …. Virgin Mary In Islamic tradition, Lot (Lut, Arabic: لوط‎‎) lived in Ur and was a nephew of Ibrahim (Abraham). He migrated with Abraham to Canaan and was commissioned as a prophet to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.[9] He was commanded by Allah to go to the land of Sodom and Gomorrah to preach monotheism and to stop them from their lustful and violent acts. Lot’s messages were ignored by the inhabitants, prompting Sodom and Gomorrah’s destruction. Though Lot left the city, his wife looked behind and was destroyed..

The peter Pan Sodomy Lost Boys, Mind Controled, Made From British Empire IsIs 

Oohh … i am sO slow… got it… 32 + 32 the Phoenix arK of the covenant rainbow… ElO brick Road … V of I am and Venus .. and PlutO .. Is RA El Sol O Mon Mac Scottish Ronald Rights Joker Bat Man Donald TRUMPed is Beatles BrainRow into Oz the Egyptian Wall Nut dung beatle Brain scarab …when i’m 64, As Macaron 64 yr old wife is Virgin Brigitte CROSS over into Wi enter HER Winter…as the Rock of Biarritz 64 is, or the pillar of Lots wife Jerusalem is… or the VirgO virgin Rock of Las Vegas 13th Month is??? 64 old Pan Man BOY of the circle …. The HOLEY trinity of the Lord of the rings .. is 6 + 4 = 10 is X i phone HALL 9 Odyssey 2001/2017= 16 yrs of Clockwork Orange 5g Mind Control 1 + 6 = 7th seal of Saturn 32nd department … SEventh TRUMP et 7th Seal .. The labyrinth closed 33 vertebrae is CC … Bum code .


Fiery Serpent On The Pole

The circle is exactly what is happening NOW today we passed the 7th seal of Saturn the labyrinth of Saturn which lies in the 32nd department of France .. it is exactly the same logo as this film it represents our brain being merged to the machine a constant life supply of human energy now on TAP … soon artificial wombs… Emma is a BOY a Peter Pan Tempest fake feminist Tranny BOY ….

Circle-POSTER-SRB-1350x1940px-web - Copy - Copy

The silence.. the beauty the Majestic Pride of the Lion before it eats it’s prey… the pure perfection of today is in the image of the holy Lamb I AM the equinox of The Aries Ram / Torus BULL … Into October Venus Libra Judgement day … 8th Month after 7th month SEPTember Virgo Virgin is slayed.. into Winter, the ark of below takes over from the Ark of above… Sept it is 7 and OCT is Eight in Latin we are in the 8 of the X cross over into /th seal of Saturn SATAN .. Hal i phone X this is why we have been given this silence before the Storm … the 32 department before merging and 32/32 becomes 64 … the ring the circle the closing ..

Auch 32 Flag


Prince Charles and Prince William enjoy Scottish evening in Edinburgh 32nd degree Scotish rights … Ronald MAC Donaled into the 7th seal preparation in 2016


On Jul 27, 2016 so 9 for Saturn 2016 7 for 7th seal

Why did they come to the 32nd department? Rituals for 32 nd scottish Right Seal of Lyon/Lion/Zion

THE Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have flown to south-west France with their children on a friend’s private jet for a family holiday.

After packing up the British-registered cars the party headed off in the direction of north Bearn and Gers.

The couple regularly borrow the Duke of Westminster ‘s eight-seater jet for private trips and holidays.

The Duke, Gerald Grosvenor, 64??? Oh he is 32 + 32 = 64? Biarritz is he?

is one of Britain’s richest men. He is said to be worth £9.35 billion and his property portfolio includes 100 acres of Mayfair and 200 acres of Belgravia in central London.


Dagon the fish god of Rome was also Nimrod, another name for Baal, the Sun god of the Phoenicians, a.k.a. Bel, that worshipped by the Freemasons.

1984 year of Harry’s birthday and the return of the Dogon MerMen Daryl Hannah Film Splash, came out 1984 …. she was butchered Facially, he is a  little sex changed prepubescent boy … sounds like Hannah Furness… Arts Correspondent at The Telegraph. , David Furnish and ELton John .. parents to Prince Harry, out of Africa .. Inanna is the ancient Sumerian goddess of love, sensuality, fertility, procreation, and also of war. She later became identified by the Akkadians and Assyrians as the goddess Ishtar, and further with the Hittite Sauska, the Phoenician Astarte and the Greek Aphrodite, among many others…..

Innana AI artificial Intelligence has spun her WEB …….. 1984 till now 33yrs 

Another aspect of Baal is Moloch, the Great Owl, worshipped by the satanists in the US government and global secret societies with ritual human sacrifices and blood drinking.

That awkward moment when you real I’s that God is indeed a DOG remember the Dogon people?

we got what out of AFRICA really means now … the DOG has REsin …The wizard of OZ in ON/Z DOGon is GOD .. SETH … The Lion King …..


Red Ice Interview here ….

The Dogon Tribe

The Visca Pisces FISH of the Star of David Diana Duel Innana Dogon Tribe 

Regarding the procession of the Equinoxes … Miss HavHISham Like a Virgin, The VIRGO/PIsces Cross over into Aquarius/LEO or ELO … and why Charlotte Gainsbourg is dressed as the Virgo Virgin Bride in her new track DEADLY VALENTINE released for the Virgo EQUINOX … Because Valentine is FEBURARY and Age of Aquarius is WINTER where we go to end the cycle, DEATH… before Capricorn … So Pisces VirgO is Death of the Religious age too .. and the Fake Lord UR ANUS takes over, but is officially Saturn.. for the New Age and LEO the Lion is opposite Aquarius … as Virgo was opposite Pisces .. Death of RELIGION and New AGe Cage of the Sodomites… The wife of LOT that turns into a pillar of Salt when she turns to Sodom in Jerusalem is the Death of the Christians the LAMBS I AM V new VEGAN religion ……. why religion like Virgins so much ….

Tribe of HAM Dan Seed of the Serpant … Buck in the HAM ….  Miss Hav HIS HAM




Pisces has been called the “dying god,” where its sign opposite in the night sky is Virgo, or, the Virgin Mary.[61] When Jesus was asked by his disciples where the next Passover would be, he replied to them:

Behold, when ye are entered into the city, there shall a man meet you bearing a pitcher of water … follow him into the house where he entereth in.

— Jesus, Luke 22:10 Water Bucket Challange ….
This coincides with the changing of the ages, into the Age of Aquarius,[62] as the personification of the constellation of Aquarius is a man carrying pitchers of water. Though so many issues are contentious or disputed, there are two aspects of the astrological ages that have virtually unanimous consensus—firstly, the claimed link of the astrological ages to the axial precession of the Earth and commonly referred to as precession of the equinoxes;[12] secondly, that, due to the nature of the precession of the equinoxes, the progression of the ages proceeds in reverse direction through the zodiacal signs.

An established school of thought that an age is also influenced by the sign opposite to the one of the astrological age. Referring back to the precession of the Equinoxes, as the Sun crosses one constellation in the Northern Hemisphere’s spring Equinox (March 21), it will cross the opposite sign in the spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere (September 21). For instance, the Age of Pisces is complemented by its opposite astrological sign of Virgo (the Virgin); so a few refer to the Piscean age as the ‘Age of Pisces-Virgo’.[23] Adopting this approach, the Age of Aquarius would become the Age of Aquarius-Leo. Ray Grasse also claims that each sign of the zodiac is involving with the opposite sign

Prince William & The Unicorn Part 2 The Tribe of Dan

WHAT!!!!!!! So i just worked out .. ENneAMYme KNow thy Name know thy enemy..So i looked up AMY and guess what she is everywhere .. Poor old PAN MAN AMY WINEHOUSE/WINE IS VIRGO VIRGIN BRIDE HARVEST SEASON ….NOW … The new single DEADLY VALENTINE is February.. Charlotte Gainsbourg plays the VirgO bride single out on 21 Sept7EMBER 9/11.. 9 is Virgo and 11 is Aquarius …. Yes Miss HavHISham is here The lost bride death of religion the Virgo/Pisces CROSS X over into Aquarius/LeO .. Another BRIDE tells the tale who is AMY? or Ame as soul in french or Ane as DonKEY? know thy NAME … we enter the age of LUCY in the sky with diamonds LucyFER wintHER 5g Police state take over…The Dr Who Vaccinating and killing humanity Jack in the Police Blue Box or Sirius the DOg/GOD star is the Labyrinth of PAN when the brain is rowed into ONE trade work force……

The division Bell… pink floyd speaks of this… unconscious humans attack sovereign humans.. people that still dont see past Noddy Land are remote controllable… the only enNeAmyME…. Amy? There is.. is humans that remain stuck with blinkers on… 

The Division bell, Pink Floyd when Humans go against each other, instead of finding spiritual alchemy within … below HAL 2001 9/11 till now 16 yrs = 7 th seal of Saturn


the CC is 33 … Crucifixion or merging into robots, C to G is perfect 5G … MGM Mickey Moused or Ronald MAC 32nd Donald in OZ sol O mon 1O1 Hal 9000 2001 … 7 notes 7 tones 7 Noahide Laws .. 7th Seals of Saturn.. Pan Labyrinth .. 32 G 32 64 .. BrainRowed 7 chakras remote controlled the spear in the stone .. 7 .. 33 Crucifixion i phone X stuck in the 8 ArK of the Covenant seven laws notes …. A gender 2021 …… The fake dove of peace , the fake statue of liberty, the fake Torch of the Golden Age … this is when we self destruct.

The CC 33 sodomy peter Pan club… all men … Clare Chazal, Cindy Crawford the CC club of the visca pisces killers… we enter the ice squeen Scream Narnia disguised as Aslan…. assland

i’d rather sail my own vessel across the oceans than ROW down a bumpy remote controlled, stream, in a plastic dingy 😎


when you GET IT its just an A GENDER that has been in progress for at least 5 ages of 2 000 years so about 10, 000 yrs of preparation for where we are NOW ..cycles always have ascents and descents.. we have been fooled into thinking we were progressing when its the complete opposite, so we are fooled and made dependent, we won’t be ready, to survive as we would if we had known that we were being led into a TRAP.. the planet is being destroyed into the image the satanists have of winter, dystopia.. destruction mad max the road… hell … the elite know we enter the END winter… they can never leave the realm of matter and materialism… they are envious of us who still have connection to the inner flame Light and can return to spirit, they remote control humans under a spell … those that continue to feed this program will get more of it.. you have to choose now where you want to go after here.. do you want to live like this? is this all ok by you? we just passed the official entry gateway.. the CROSSOVER the masses have been successfully officially brain-rowed into OZ, the 32nd degree of the phoenix or GRACE our 32 vertebrae before we reach enlightenment or alchemy of the 33rd degrees of the crucifix .. the i phone Hal X is the procession of the equinox we just passed the 9/7/11 Virgo /Pisces into Leo /Aquarius we are IN IT the age of the UNiCorn when we are merged into ONE the underworld and overworld …. Now we enter a world where there is only elite.. satanists and prey … the masses are workers and prey, or the outsiders that become savages or resistance..But there is no where to hide, 5g is the world wide net of HAL 9000 … our children will NO Longer be ours… the Artificial womb and the Government take over is HERE it is the END of any free will… Noahide Law is next after the chaos … learning how to survive, learning how to protect your selves and your children.. you either continue to align yourself to the beast and leave your children in their hands or you prepare yourselves and your loved ones emotionally and psychologically to the world we will leave behind…. we are in the age of the labyrinth of PAN the 7th seal of Saturn Aquarius WINTER the fourth horseman … the fourth corner… the fourth season 



I spoke to our contact last night regarding the situation that happened in Santa Rosa and how the “comet” was viewed and even recorded by many people over the area just 2 hours prior to the catastrophic attack that isolated the entire valley and then decimated thousands of homes and businesses with the precision of optical surgery to carve out the human element while leaving trees immediately next to the blaze untouched. It was verified that the attack was deliberate and they knew all about it before it even happened. There were actually team members on the ground helping the population in that area deal with the fallout (of course they appear just as everyday people, so no one would have any idea they were in the presence of interdimensional beings).

And why didn’t they tell me so I could warn people in advance? Because at that time, the plan must have been still in limbo, right up until the moment they pushed the button. And while it would have been wonderful to have had advanced warning to prepare, at the same time the collective consciousness of the peoples would have actually helped bring the event to fruition had they been alerted because what you believe, will come to pass as your reality. This alert is a little different, because apparently the ice age program can’t be avoided as the fire may have been. Indeed, I have been warned of the unavoidable “nuclear winter” now for well over a year, and have not broached the subject because it is subjects such as this when I am attacked the most and I try to avoid such persecutions when possible. But the time has come to say something, because its here, so throw your rocks and arrows at me but I still feel compelled to mention it because council was gravely concerned when we spoke.

The EMP (electromagnetic pulse) bomb that came in the form of a “comet” issue was not elaborated on during our conversation, as the attack is still current. However, it was stressed that winter is going to be an extreme environment for mankind around the globe starting this year, with temperatures going down much further than people are used to. Which will catch many of them off guard, due to the extended period of time they will need to heat and how much firewood etc. they will need to burn in order to weather the attack. Many people face the very real possibility of running out of fuel, food and water or all three.

Also, crops will not be able to go in at their normal planting times, which will cause a shortage of food for those who make it through. Weather, as I mentioned, will be the tool of choice to begin the vast job of depopulation in order to bring the numbers down under Agenda 21 to a manageable level for the FEMA sweep-up where the incinerators will then be deployed for the final count. What is now happening in the wake of the first wave of tornadoes is not being reported on by the mainstream media, where people are dying in mass numbers due to a myriad of problems caused by the water and wind that devastated regions around the world recently and that are still happening. People are out of power, embargoes have been enacted to these areas (due to reasons blamed on logistics, etc), causing widespread starvation, overwhelmed medical facilities that are operating without power, etc. It is much worse than the public is aware of. Simple things such as black mold instantly popping up due to the overwhelming waters dumped in some places can wipe out entire populations when their hospitals are destroyed and the power grid is down for the foreseeable future.


Of course, this is why the Vegas shooting red flag was put in place, to distract everyone from the real terror happening across the globe. You can call the police stations in Vegas, you can call all the hospitals surrounding Mandalay Bay and ask them if any shooting victims were recorded from this event, and they will both tell you that there were no gunshot wounds because it was a crisis simulation, not a terrorist event. Look up the numbers for yourself and place the call if you don’t believe me. Expect constant red flags interlaced in this massive weather attack to continue to distract everyone who still has an internet connection.

Some few weeks ago now I sent out the alert to watch for extreme weather and you can see what has transpired. Now I am sending out the alert to prepare for the worst-case winter scenario in all ways at your disposal. Water pipes that do not normally freeze, will. So have a backup plan and wrap them now in electrical tape and insulate while you can still find those resources. Have gallons of water stashed away and order extra fuels of more than one kind. For much of the world, winter is already here, but there is still time before the “bitter” really sets in. If you are prepared, you can handle this without fear, and keeping your positive frequencies high works with the aether to assuage what would certainly be much more severe otherwise.

The reports explaining this extreme cold snap and prolonged winter will come to you in the form of “global warming causing extreme temperature drops” in winter. I urge you to use your common sense while parsing through this nonsense. Warmer temperatures are warmer temperatures, not colder, no matter what spin they put on it. But that’s not what’s happening, as we are going back into another ice age which they are deliberately initiating. When the neutrinos and ions that power this plane are being blocked by trillions of tons of chemtrails continuously for years and years, it will have a direct energy affect on the planet and all the “batteries” of crystal providing the climate balance. It takes energy to moderate summer temperatures and it takes energy to moderate winter, as the energy is directly affected. So in summer they can cry global warming all they want, but when your winter clamps down like nothing you have seen before, you will know exactly what’s going on. Chemtrails, HAARP, along with tens of thousands of WSAC plants equipped with tens of thousands of mini-HAARPS called NEXRADs that push wind and weather anywhere they want to attack next (see my previous article on WEATHER AND THE END GAME).


Again, keep your eyes to the skies because this is far from over. Be strong.


Regarding Ophelia Ofelia Sofia Gaia Lucifer Alice in Wonderland CERN Mary Magdalene  … LILITH ….. Lord of the Rings Flies … 

Oh PS They are saying the red sky comes from AIR or ARIEL or Jerusalem and its coming from Out of Africa… Yeah DOG/GOD/OZ/ON the Dogon Tribe .. the Lions Gate of the Equinox procession of Aquarius Leo into the new age cAGE of the seventh seal of Saturn Guess what the Red sky is all connected to Ophelia Ohhhhh you mean Shakes SPEARS Ophelia or the MOONS Anus of UR ANUS? Ophelia is a moon of Uranus … or is it Ofelia of Pans Labyrinth? because its the same story and the same plot its all about our brains being taken over for the seventh SEAL OF SATURN … the official entry into WINTER … it is the labyrinth of Pan ohh and guess what the film Pans Labyrinth won the Ariel Award for Best Picture and the Saturn Awards for Best International Film … you can’t make this shit up WAKE UP humanity

Lot’s Wife looks back at Sodom and turns to a white Virgo Verge In pillar of salt, when Lucy fer embodies the Dark denied force of our unconscious realm and the Moonlight overtakes us ……


Ophelia the Storm or Ophelia of Shakes Spear ….  … and Ophelia Ofelia Sofia Gaia Lucifer Alice in Wonderland CERN Mary Magdelene … LILITH ….. Lord of the Rings Flies … 

my first major attack as a 7 yr old child was being shown London sky as RED … by the shadow hat man .. known as shadow people, I was awoken to his knock on my window, and shown the vision, my darkside Lilith revealed it’s self to destroy me. It was designed to scare the shit out of me, to stop me completing my mission here. The sky was red and witches flew on broomsticks, laughing, i only had the one experience full on like that, as a child, had more since….  but it FNUCKED my whole life up.. i lived in terror until i found horses .. this is the whole reason i came to earth for this event that joins all the dots i’ve been discussing since summer and the cross over we make …  Shadow people, need vessels to overtake to let the rotting season become Lord of the Flies RING NWO. …–dark-beings.html

Regarding the RED Dragon SKY of London Out of Africa … 

Ohhh my ..…/strange-red-sun-phenomenon-se…/

forecaster Grahame Madge said the former hurricane is pulling air and dust up from southern Europe and Africa.

“It’s all connected with Ophelia, on the eastern side of the low pressure system air is coming up in the southern direction,” he said.



It’s suddenly gone very dark and gloomy in Westminster. 😳

— Michael Fabricant (@Mike_Fabricant) October 16, 2017

“Air is being pulled from southern Europe and Africa and that air contains a lot of dust.

“So it’s most likely the appearance of sunset at midday is caused by the particles scattering the light and giving the appearance of a red sun.

“It’s certainly spectacular at the moment and quite a talking point, we’ve had a lot of calls about it.”


the time on the clock is at 33 degrees …. 3 15 pm is 33 … It is pointing East for the last corner, for the descent opposite the ascent, The wicked witch from the East has blown through, out of Africa, yes, the Pie Rat Chart of the wheel is separated into 4 corners to overlay the four seasons or the four beetle scarabs of our brains … the sWORD is in the stone … each a quarter.. so 3 15 is 33 welcome to the age Jesus was crucified, welcome to the end of an age … welcome to the procession of the equinoxes every 2 000 years … we have 33 vertebrae.. and this is when we are fully taken over… if still fast asleep in Noddy Land …. because we have now left the age of Pisces and entered the age of Aquarius … ruled by Saturn … or UrAnus … the seventh seal was successfully passed and all the humans just took photos and think everything is hoppoty poppoty ….we are in WINTER get prepared NO the government and the whole Satanic Gang have been waiting to lead the Lambs into the Winter Den for a whole cycle …. start to get prepared get out of cities get back to the countryside whilst you still can ….

The Last Horseman that brings in winter is always the white Horse

At least tell your children, explain what Hal O Ween really is… the passage into Winter/Death … More Sodomite Programming for the last corner ….

dressing up as demons and celebrating it means you align to the celebration of the occult and their Satan worship , they do real rituals whilst we feed them in blind participation, they sacrifice and eat humans and children … like Christmas on the cusp of the winter solstice in Capricorn its all about Goat worship, The inversion of the female and using and exploiting her power of healing and regeneration they take the energy of death and cultivate it to empower themselves with blood rituals … don’t be part of the scam …. celebrate the beauty of winter and all the food harvested for the cold months ahead…. don’t give them your accordance to kill innocence anymore …. break the spells …


Haarp is the instrument that plays our 7 chords .. the seventh seal of saturn is simply close down.. Winter the last age… we are the sound of Music.. FACE IT .. accord yourself in to YOU .. KNOW they self … Know thy NAME thy N A ME .. we are what is used against us .. ignorance means we are remote controlled to self destruct.. being authentic is an inside JOB … Play your own Harp/heart or be played by the pied piper Pan Haarp 


The only danger we have is from each other … people who see things differently … we all have different seats, with different views of the show .. the seat with the clearest view comes at a HIGH PRICE of personal healing .. you CAN NOT SEE if you are still aligned to a bruised soul …. you CAN NOT SEE unless you have traversed the thorns of your own path … Being given the glasses that see through the VEIL/EVIL has NO PRICE .. you have to EARN IT … the thorns are passed at different levels and moments of maturity .. if you don’t SEE your children take on the responsibility to SEE.. and so the cycles turn.. we enter a period, NOW, the last corner.. where light is dimmed and many will NOT SEE .. Winter is the energy of renewal death and rebirth … this brings the risk of evolving in a way your soul does NOT agree to, on a deeper level, we are constantly distracted to be led into different views … we the people will be used to betray each other … as is happening now on many levels, mistrust, doubt, and FEAR block those that are not ready to SEE from anothers perspective … tread slowly … observe your emotions and when you are triggered by emotional response into traps …. emotion blinds, one has to be detached to shift and sort through information … The NAZI OZ in ZiOn movement is brightly colored in a UNicorn rainbow of Hope … that man is good … however we are under mind control.. breaking that spell takes courage, determination, perseverance, dedication and faith in your inner voice .. keep turning stones, stay cool and get through the thorns of your own labyrinth .. any hate or anger of another, Or outside worship and adoration above self, means you are being remote controlled, trapped and fooled through emotional responses 

Gun Control is the last step … Walk into the cage why don’t you .. It’s OVER we have been put in a paddock .. OZ in ZiON


Pan Mercury Caduceus, the wand of Inversion and perversion when remote controlled 

I don’t think there are words to describe the pain when you see through the mind control and you watch children play out the rituals, harming the very function of their electromagnetic physical make up…. children follow our rules and evil traps with so much love and innocence and faith …. I have observed how children deal with the MADNESS of Traffic Lights … Red Orange Green … all preschool children are obsessed with lights and learn to stop and start at such young ages … Like the Pride Gay Rainbow too.. or 7UP .. it is INVERTED chakra colours so to Invert and pervert our energy field and biological spiritual messages … Red is the Bottom Sexual chakra colour for SURVIVAL that means survival is the message being pushed into our children and all humanity every time you stop at a red light, you are accepting to feel the lowest vibration you have SEXUAL Root Chakra is put into the brain SURVIVAL/SEX … also opens gateways for low spirits to infiltrate confused humans… so to remote control you … see pictures below to see what the colours represent …. We are flowing eternal spontaneous synchronized creatures, the chakras are our notes , is how we tune ourselves in to our unique tones, the stop and starting is pushing the notes to become static stones.. closed prison cells, this programming has put us under deep mind control … making us stop and start is lethal to our natural flow …it genetically modifies us as our inner messages are inverted .. it’s programming… like the Big Bang bull shit programming … Traffic Lights never existed before the last century .. There is NO beginning Nor end …. just passages and making humans stop and start all day is truly weird and MAD imagine if all the animals starting stopping and starting to lights? as if the school bell was not harmful enough imagine children listening and performing to bells programmed their whole lives…and ridiculous 9 to 5 slave rhythms, where i live there are NO traffic lights when i go near them i feel the utter madness and death trap they are, they literally SUCK off our energy … a Spear through the human spirit ….…/the-hidden-genius-and-influence-of…/

Ohh wow… the Peter Pan sodomy club ..Thoth Bes the staff of hermes.willy wonka wand of MgM, mickey mouse… the caduceus Snake has hypnotised us into one hole trade center…. made venus and mars into the third Reich.. i phone sex .. AIR Mercury.. Green the magic phosphorus potion, from the The pied Piper the wizard of ZiOn OZ.. the emerald city.. mr tumnus leads us through the wardrobe.. out the closet into Assland Narnia Winter… You have gotta be kidding me.


LGBTP and Muslims against the west before we are all ONE OMmming Gang in Noahide law for all … but yes obviously they are transgenders and yes he says it as it is.. with a whole lot of pushing buttons ON/OFF so stay cool .. don’t get pulled into the division and watch the show …….I mean BECK HAM BUCK HAM … Miss VirgO Virgin Mary Miss HavHIS/HAM … Lord of the flies …. Piggy time its all coding …

David BeckHAM and Victoria BeckHAM HavHISham Transvestigation

The Dark Side of The Sound of Music – Pinecone-Pineal Illumination Julius Andrews another VirgO Verge in Pan Man … twirling us into the Nazi New age cAge ….. Whirld Order … 

Michelle Obama’s Doctor Goes On Record: ‘I Know What I Saw

Yup… The sick thing is that as truth rises.., so do tricks … This kind of article will become more popular now… because they are ALL transgenders… ALL of our heroes and idols are Baphomets … but our generation will be gone in 20 years and the children of today will be part of the new third Reich race now they let it out, keeps people confused and disturbed and unable to see and search…we are already in the one hole trade center of, a sexual, sexless minions … The Zzzz race of the Alpha Omega end of cycle… establishments know that no one cares a hoot, why when you tell people they don’t even react they dont care, they have been programmed to not care… that we have been put out of balance and fooled by tricksters.. every celebrity and politician is a fake ni man ni woman and the whole occult is all about being androgynous Baphomets and this is what transhumanism is .. the singularity is about normalising the image of the beast … Princess Diana is still alive … she was another brilliant sex changed prepubescent joker trickster pan Man that is now pushing LGBTP as she did the gay pride as Diana …. No Royal wives or politicians are female unless they are FTM’s … None of them …


I just came across this… those paying attention will see it is the same colours as the new pedoLove symbol just out to give pedosexuals collective acceptance… bringing Pedophilia into the love n light trap … and also the video yesterday Danielle Sudweeks and i shared of the new SHE robot .. called Sophia.. the rising feminine without facing the darkside is Luciferianism disguised as LOv n Light Look at links below see that the SAME colours are used this is the ultra Violet Pink Purple blue white fake light … Mind control .. merging of male and female into one hole trade center … this is NOT healthy at all ….

22815160_10215000547391927_7760849551553530015_n (1)

And this is a New age cAGE TRAP Fake Lov n Light Bull Shit Look at the colour coding …. Sofia Gaia Lucifer Mary Magdalene, of course …. same as Heart progress pedosexuality push in … for LGBT..P

download (11)

 Thx Deanne Ennaed “PIE = Paedophile Information Exchange and the anus is called the PIE and the TURD EYE. The moon refers to “MOONING” and sodomy. Oh no! There’s a man on the moon and the moon’s made of cheese!
Wake the f*ck up!
#pizzagate #paedophilia

Jesus is Pisces, Mary Magdalene is Virgo, Electric and Magnetic Pulse… VrigO the Virgin is the Life force moonlight pulse that shone on the age of Pisces… Now Lion LEO will shine on the age of Aquarius … transgenderism making the One Hole Race is about absolving our power to find inner alchemy . 

The ascent of a cycle is matriarchal the descent is patriarchal .. the fall began with AgriCULTure and language to destroy the creative feminine right brain .. we have to experience both .. the last corner is Winter, people will rot until they redeem themselves, its about personal alchemy we can’t leave the simulation of matter without becoming masters of our own harps…… winter is about how people will or won’t see how its done, the seasons are mimicked by our spirit.. Winter is the last horseman of the 7th seal of satURN our chakra music vessel system closed in the seal .. the Sword in the stone.. of decay and death and winter has no scorn like that of her suppressed in her power to regenerate and rebirth… the Peter pan sodomy club is James and the Giant peach insect incest time .. only we can see it, only we can regognise the evil in the world as our denied FURY of the enraged female energy… to break out of the spell you must get MAD ..First to begin to heal.. children born today have it so much harder.. they need to be spiritual warriors in tinker Tomorrows land down under in OZ ZiOn

Look again what is really being shown here .. this is all about the sodomy underworld we walk into … The PurpEL Doors of red and blue merged, male and female, it shows how we will become Putty clay dolls .. it shows .. shit asses and cannibalism … Art is the main subliminal programmer .. I have not been able to watch this.. but after seeing one too many people blindly share this and think its cool .. i had no choice … this is in the SICK image of the PINK PORK factories we will be bred and trapped in, Winter is HAL for asleep humans wakey wakey … when will you get it .. how we are programmed through images

The Sacred Secret Of The Christ Within presented by Santos Bonacci. Sodomy activates the Pineal Gland, not the Pituitary, nor inner alchemy, true inner light creation, comes from merging and owning our inner Lilith, before Eve became Sofia or Lucyfer, the fake light of venus and the sexual underworld, before becoming it.

ATOMology: fu-th-A-R-C and the ‘Ram’ Runes (holoGram) santos bonacci

… Here we have the procession of the equinox’s , 2000 yrs of Pisces/ Virgo Jesus /Mary Lot /Iscah Genesis 19:23 The sun was risen upon the earth when Lot entered into Zoar.

24 Then the LORD rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the LORD out of heaven;

25 And he overthrew those cities, and all the plain, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and that which grew upon the ground.

26 But his wife looked back from behind him, and she became a pillar of salt.

The pillar of salt is the same Virgin VirgO Rock in Biarritz 64 Jerusalem or las vegas …. Its not for nothing CharLOTte Lot Gainsbourg Lots wife the pillar of salt .. the Transgendered ice Queen here … brought out her new album and song Deadly Valentine on the 21st September Sept/7 7th SEAL of Saturn The UNICORN Transgender A Gender merging of black and white male and female see video here… into the gates of Jerusalem in ZiOn in OZ,, 7 Noahide laws … Rise of the divine FAKE Tranny as LOrd There will be no more Virgin Blood Moons no more male or female this is fake 32 /32 = 64 1O1 GRACE .. before 33 crucifixion… Mary Magdalene is Venus Lucifer.. inverted Satanist feminist female energy the statue of Liberty ISIS the Babylonian Whore the Ice Queen of the last corner Winter … Aslan/Ice Queen Lion/Lamb … Jesus becomes Mary .. Leo/Aquarius Water Bearer ..Artificial womb . 

The Riddle of Mary Magdalene!

She is a top black magician a Pan Man and responsible for initiating all the children of the PlutO in ScorpIO generation into satanism … Books full of spells and tricks … You have NO idea how they lead the asleep astray …. its ALL spells … Mind Control

JK ROWling is a MAN … and a Black Magician stealing from the true Hermetic Alchemist female witch ..  when the patriarchal so below gang took over the descent they had to INTELLECTUALISE what the matriarchal as above gang new intuitively … the down under in OZ magicians had to take over the female ability to create and they only have THOTH thought .. its all Hokus Pokus we are all connected to our inner well of knowing ALL of us.. the true realms of the cycles without all the much to do about nothing, .. follow your HEART the EARTH core beat … get out of the thorns of distractions and programming..  Lilith 

JK RoWling is a Wizard …

the SisterHood of Pan Men WITCHES that rule HellyWood …

PlutO in Scorpio Generation…/astrology-evolutionary-intentio…/

Our lady of the Olympic flame of Fatima


Now this from The Venus of Laussel in limestone in BORDEAUX 33rd department of France Holy Grail journey of the RH Negative secrets… 33 Age of Crucifixion Castration … CC 33 degrees … found almost a whole cycle ago 25 000 = 7 ??? one last age left … Comes after the 7th seal of Saturn 32/32 VirgO X over into 64 The CORN or the FLUTE of the Pied Piper Pan Goat Beast is the UNICORN A Gender when man becomes woman Water bearer Aquarius .. 13 is the moon cycles of the MOON GODDESS when the moon energy is merged and takes over from the Sun for Winter … The rise of the divine feminine is Saturnalia rule … of the ice Queen Baphomet “the “great year” or “the procession of the equinoxes”. In short, this great cycle lasts approximately 26000 years. The sun, as viewed from earth appears to be drifting backwards through the zodiac ecliptic at a rate of one degree every 72 years. This relative movement signifies the passing of the “ages”. Every age lasts approximately 2150 years, because each sing in the eliptic has a 30 degree arc (thus 72 x 30 = 2160). That’s why the ages appear to move backwards through the ecliptic and the age of Pisces.

is followed by the age of Aquarius. The time needed for the sun’s relative movement through the ages to complete a full circle is 26000 years.”

Venus of Laussel or Lausanne or Lucifer in limestone

The Jesuit trained Baron Pierre de Coubertin founded the modern Olympic Games. He studied humanism in Paris at the Jesuit Collège, St. Ignace, or Saint Ignatius College. The Jesuits are big on education, and that was certainly Coubertin’s occupation. Jesuits have also been big on subversion. Coubertin was a good student. The Olympic Games have had a very significant role in unifying the diverse peoples around the globe in a special way that is not merely secular, humanist or material. When he died, his funeral took place in Lausanne, Switzerland, at the Church of Notre Dame du Valentin. Notre Dame, means, Our Lady! The “Blessed Virgin Mary” of the Jesuits was honored at his funeral as in his life. Today we have the first Jesuit Pope in history, and it seems one of the primary goals of the Jesuits has been met as the Antichrist is shortly to be revealed.

This is simply about stating the return of the UNicorn The tribe of Judah .. DAN Blue and White .. all news stories are simply about RITUALS that the blind think are real events…. NO gang its about the last corner the white horseman .. WINTER age of rotting and death those that escape the trap those that don’t its an inside job… full of numerology as always such a JOKE

Look what i found in 33 Bordeaux where the hanged Mans Boot is for our last vertebrae


… crucifixion Judas Kiss, or personal self made alchemy? Jupiter in ScorpiO this year? like the VENUS or Sophia or Mary Magdalene or Lots Wife who turned to a salt rock or the Virgin Mary at Biarritz on the Rock 64/10 … “the procession of the equinoxes” the HAL 9000 Odyssey of the End Corner

Vivre La Republique de NWO/NOM Sol O Mon is NOW ….


Liberty Fraternity and Equality sound like LGPTP to me, sounds like La Republique, to me, Noahide Law will bring decapitation to those who go outside of a brave new fascist Whirld/World … The rise of Our Lady/Lord Lucifer …. “The U.S. Congress officially recognized the Noahide Laws in legislation that was passed by both houses. Congress and the President of the U. S., George Bush, indicated in Public Law 102-14, 102nd Congress….this Public Law designated March 26, 1991 as Education Day.”
This legislation makes provision for Christians and all other non-Jews in North America to be executed by beheading if they refuse to renounce their personal beliefs and come under a Jewish belief system. For Christians, this means DENYING JESUS CHRIST…or death under the Noahide Laws. Here is what Jewish law says about this:

Sofia Gaia Mary Magdalene , Venus Morning Star Tsar .. Lucy Fer … ALL Baphomet Satanists like her father, ohh how everyone falls for the ego stroking.. Indy style?? This is a Pan man and all her actresses are too ..leading all the boys into the Lions Den.

Pan Mr Tumnus, the Pied Piper GOAT Capricorn Saturn … hypnotised us into Narnia The Virgin Suicides is a score by French electronic music duo Air for the film of the same name by Sofia Coppola. The album was Finished in 1999. 

Miss Hav HIS hams take to the London Underground

THIS WAS A HAL O WEEN RITUAL Wendy is Peter Pans Boy Toy.. They have taken down any good videos explaining this on you tube, all gone… This was anther mind control Fnuck up, for The Q’Weens of the Hive Tribe of DAN….. The Emerald City Sodomy Gateway .. Green Giant Petes Tsar PizzA DRAGon Baphomet Fall of America.. Fall of the female .. Fall into WINTER all a show.. predictive programming on HAL O WEEN Spot On of course its FAKE .. Its a warning WAKE UP humanity ….. The whore of Babylon is ISIS is the stature of Liberty … Lucy FER another fake light LGBTP stunt for Wi Enter Her Winter ….

We are in the year of the Cock.. not surprising.. we enter Petes Tsar land or Pizza Land … when Cocks rule the roost dressed as DRAGons .. in Aslan Ass Land Winter Narnia .. Venus Fake “Rise and Shine!” BLAZE like a Lion .. Lucy FER Morning Star Tsar AsTOR MoonStar Monster Crap .. divine feminine rising … yes the COcks are crowing like mad in the farm opposite, have been all autumn, i wonder why ? They are messengers from Air realm, as mercury the pan man if you can translate their Caduceus take over language, the fake merging of dawn and dusk … is confusing them .. they Roost Shit ahead .. imho 

The Light is the Dark, all Light worship is simply the polar opposite of the same force … Religion n New Age CULTure.. Science and Noddy land is focusing our energy on the opposite of the dark, as if it didn’t exist? but the trick is that, THAT is how you FEED the Dark, they are different ends of the same thread, you cant deny shit as not your own, there is not a happy all light place without being responsible for the role we play in keeping the dark fed, the more we focus on light with out seeing the polar opposite of that, is how we see saw on extremes. we want to be outside of the drama, because we saw both ends of the stick.. identifying how we, still feed it, everyday, and then choosing not to, the chess board is of ONE game, you are NOT part of this overlay in your essence, you are either a trapped soul that has lost connection to your real self, or you are undoing your soul from the WWW web.. Winter is our last chance to escape the circle … we are currently being merged, the two extremes of Light n Dark into the UNiCorn .. we are the third party… observe the divine comedy from your own space, as soon as we detach from the imposed scene, we will be guided, but you gotta unplug from duality, or we become Binary Fodder, we keep the Left and Right illusion alive through compliance, its ALL Fake.


We are in the last corner, when healing is harder, because the underworld and over world is merged as one, finding the seat with the clearest view starts with finding our own clearest view… after going through our own unique labyrinth, is how its humbly done. Raising children is a perfect time to begin to self observe, outside the black and white ping pong game of chess, we can be the third party… we can observe from a neutral place. We accept EVERYTHING as children because we are pure and innocent, children don’t judge because they are flowers growing and they can not grow if stumped by pain, so children go on automatic pilot, we bury trauma deep inside, the pain gets harbored and becomes our unconscious realm of emotional reactions, protection from hurt, deep layers of survival armor, finding the keys to open our gates to unconditional AMOUR comes from compassion, once through the thorns of our subconscious realms, then we gain a compass home to self and if worthy we are given the best seat of the show. 

Eve of Hal O Ween … Lilith and Eve Miss Hav HIS Ham and Eve of Winter, VirgO into Narnia, Asslan/D …. and Winter Queen of Bohemia Elizabeth Stuart (19 August 1596 – 13 February 1662) was Electress of the Palatinate and briefly Queen of Bohemia as the wife of Frederick V of the Palatinate. Due to her husband’s reign in Bohemia lasting for just one winter, Elizabeth is often referred to as The Winter Queen.,_Queen_of_Bohemia

When we join the dots to where we lost our innocence… so we can do for our parents and families and then we can move on to identifying the collective trauma and mind control. Some people are so buried in shit they never heal, they identify with the psychopathic overlay that hides the simplicity of our natural tones, they can’t change, or auto tune into their authentic vibration, they have chosen to be remote controlled and led …rather than developing their own antennae and intuition, identifying the shadows and owning them, releases the attachment we have to it, we go from automatic pilot to being the captains of our own destiny and choices… we touch and help others when we self heal, we were all abused, we all found each other , we have all chosen to be of service in these times of descent into Winter, in our own creative ways ..

The Myth of Lilith … Eve the Stepford Wife .. Bestiality … Androgynous

Body snatchers … These people are connected as we will all be .. by the mark of the beast the chip, trauma mind control and trigger words and feelings can send these people back into memory and fear… unless you claim your mind … fainting is a huge thing to happen, we faint when we are still in some form of denial over worked disconnected exhausted or we are fighting external energies or balancing them … last time i fainted was durning the 2012 olympics in my old home for the opening ceremony, i lived on the Greenwich ley line and was being used to neutralise all the satanic celebrations and the mass killing of babies .. my energy was trying to keep the Meridian ley line clear… so i recognise this force, but these people are under the force it is POSSESSION these are mind controlled remote controlled puppets in over drive… so sad ….all humanity will get to this stage if people don’t unplug in time ….


Face Book can create some rather silly reactions in people, it is only virtual reality after all… when i first starting using FB it was 3yrs before my full on awakening in 2010 … in the beginning i knew how to behave to be liked, to be a respectable human family member and although i have never been Cool, as i have always over posted and been OTT, i know, i did once remain within the codes of what is or not said and done, within the boundaries of keeping friends and family. I have felt over the years myself be ostracised, from all my past friends, judged and seen through wonky hidden eyes, feared, mistrusted, ignored, completely as if dead, bitter hidden hate, pity and disrespect, directed from a far. In the early days when i began to wake up, people that had enjoyed me immensely as long as i was the fool, the fun, generous give everything away, best friend, i was the well loved Vicky… But as i became deeply immersed in finding out how the world works and following my gut instinct, since i have began to question everything and dig with all my heart to find my pot of Gold within, the separation and contempt from others creeps in.

i had threats made to me from friends and family or even worse just complete cut off, because i seemed unstable on FB.. no longer invited, no longer looked at as if you are sane, no longer accepted as you have gone outside the circle of what is politically and socially accepted, the weird scared looks of people that only see you on face book, is really quite funny when you read minds and can intuitively feel others, every thought. Yes setting yourself on a mission will always bring open attacks of contempt judgement and hate, because one does not express themselves with passion nor conviction, on subjects outside off the circle, if one wants to be in the circle. Recently, my pains have really all gone because i accept and fulfil my mission, i am no longer wavered by the looks and i am so happy to be of service to those who can identify and know what this journey is all about. i no longer feel any personal attack on me, as i did when i was still learning how to cope with the responsibility, of trying to have a voice, especially when you have always been put down, bullied and suffered from extreme lack of confidence and over abuse from life long narcissistic perverts. In the end you get in touch with yourself, and real eyes all the obstacles is always pushing us to self discover ourselves, about going within and finding out why you trigger some people and not others, you will attract people who project your shadow side that is still hidden from you, people are mirrors to each other.

All Government Entertainment Sport and CULTure is Transgendered

Finding the reflections, you give off through observing why someone upsets you or is upset by you, is finding that hidden part of yourself that you cannot and don’t want to face. finding that jigsaw piece of you and then dealing with it, makes everything ok. However, people who don’t want to work on themselves will always be personally offended, jealous, angry or perturbed deeply, by the odd one out. The one who goes outside the circle must be brought back and put into place, because their inner strength makes the others fake strength too apparent.

The fool, the Pure, the simple one, is bad enough but with a mission, makes you more of a target, the one who is full of love and generosity and of strong independent opinion, and a collective responsibility, will always bug others, especially if they suddenly start to think too … , it brings out the worst in fake friends, complete cut off or extreme outbursts of anger and hate …You can smell it in ill people, just from the eyes and that look.. brace yourselves, going against the flow, make afraid people very dangerous and bitter. They will be the first to denounce you and betray you, they will speak badly and enjoy your distance, the once who look for control in social groups will make sure the clever fools are not allowed back in.


Thank you for reading, all you have to do is see it, really it’s just a game when we snap out of the programming, take your time, in your own authentic way.

LOve Victoria … 


 “Pain is a pesky part of being human, I’ve learned it feels like a stab wound to the heart, something I wish we could all do without, in our lives here. Pain is a sudden hurt that can’t be escaped. But then I have also learned that because of pain, I can feel the beauty, tenderness, and freedom of healing. Pain feels like a fast stab wound to the heart. But then healing feels like the wind against your face when you are spreading your wings and flying through the air! We may not have wings growing out of our backs, but healing is the closest thing that will give us that wind against our faces.”
― C. JoyBell C.


Self protection from our shadows …. Spell Busting

Self protection from our shadows …. Spell Busting .. just came out maybe didn’t go as sharp as i could 

As we begin to follow our inner voice, the child before it was bashed and programmed out of any self defense, nor critical thinking, before all the juice was squeezed out of us, from birth trauma, through school bell trauma, to the whole hierarchical scam. We always had intuition, under the layers, humans at their highest level of maintaining spirit within a human vessel, Knew.

We knew how the universe worked, why we were here, how we got to have an experience of manifesting in a material illusion of being separated, from each other.. we knew it was a school to self observe, co create as one and maintain balance so we didn’t fall, ever lower into the trap of EGO. keeping that fine line of co creation and harmony. We didn’t even have to think otherwise, because during the true golden ages, we did live in paradise,

The animals didn’t hunt even, they were like us living the experience, we were all telepathic, we didn’t die or eat even. As the notches turn, we lose light connection and we experience every level of our organs being tuned in, at different frequencies. As the wheels turn, we shift and adapt, as the light dims, ego falls in love with it’s reflection, it begins to show its ugly shadow head.

Its all about intention, when you KNOW you have no desire to have what the other has, nor to feel inadequate or jealous or WANT of anything because we feel wholly safe in our selves and in our knowing, our faith and our acceptance, that all is perfect.

We are now at that cross over point where there is a split, when consciousness splits like a cell, those that remain going down the spiral, and those that go, hey ho, i can make the wheels turn, myself, I can now choose to stop following and just be, me.


AS this happens, the Witches appear, those that will attack if you become too strong, too sure, of your own path outside the imposed social boxes we are offered.

That’s when you learn your skills, as an intuitive, psychic, clairvoyant of supreme power, your antennae rise up. You get activated and the path begins, out of the labyrinth and back into you. You are able to tap in to others true intentions, what they are really thinking and feeling. This means that you dont JUDGE, ever, but those who still judge, will think you are judging, through the looking glass, when your true voice comes out true, from within,

Mirror mirror on the wall.

It means that you begin to see, it never stops, that is the art of the wheel, and being a weaver, we are spun or we self spin. As long as we are in a material realm the ring, the pulse, the beat gives us form, the luminary bodies have different tones and we are all a wild mixture of exceedingly different notes, we are SO different much more unique than the stereo types we have been force fed…

The Monkey experiment proved that humans fall for fear of lack, then a new realm is born … exchange, deals, give n take, rules and laws, white and black, commerce and selection. Every season of the circEL must be known,

The witches are out now, casting spells, you have only your intention and your inner light to protect you.

As you shed your outer skin, as a snake, you will become more and more deeply in tune to your voice within, it does not come from any source but you. You will meet many gatekeepers, it is snakes and ladders, out there, but be true to your path and never stop turning, let your self Bob along with focus drive and pure intent.

Follow, only your heart and your gut, the mind is the last message, that informs the material body, what to do? when you feel a bad vibe, check, if it is not your own reflection first, for the shadow work is constantly about who’s projecting what here? This constant game of mirrors is how we do it, what ever we live on the outside comes from within us, we are only living a reflection of us, where we are, on each stepping stone of the way.

One can not describe the process of becoming a spell buster, for every un pure thought, is a potential spell, the more free we become, the more contempt we face. we face the thorns of those limited people that can not see how the game is played. They will hit any monkey that reaches for the banana, because they got showered down so hard, they want to protect you?? That is when their unconscious shadow side becomes the spell.

Being able to observe this and to feel how dark, the intention may or may not be, is how we become masters, being always highly sensitive means to live in silence and to be merged in ones own world. You can observe it internalise it, digest it then expell it, or squash it by exposing it, for you to feel.

The best form of defense is attack, passivity is weak, sometimes removing yourself so the mirror reflects its own self back, but no spell can penetrate a truly alive soul. We gotta be like the Panther, always on alert, we are here to be in jungles, the web is within, the rest is exterior and fake, you will know what to do when you are attacked, follow your inner guide, your compass, always.


The power is like a spring coil, your spring must always be not too tight nor too weak, always ready to POUNCE or be still, but ever glowing in its light and compassion. Knowledge comes from empathy.

I have my own unique way of coping and keeping safe, but its always changing its always adapting to the situation and as i grow and blossom from within, synchronicity is a state of being, when you get the signs, and you gain the knowledge, when your tummy burns with desire to KNOW and to be the best of yourself when you know, then we become untouchable,

keep the humour of the ridiculous, The more we have genuine gratitude to be here, now, KNOWING the scale of the scenario as we unpeel it. The less likely we are to board the train to hell, nor be psychically or physically attacked …

The happier we are.

You have only to ask and you will know, this is all the power you need to be safe, for death does not exist, so what were we afraid of? WHAT? its a dream to be cherished. No one can touch us when we wise up and act in perfect balance of the polarities being played. WE are not here, we are dreaming all this up as we go along. 

Alchemy Accordance

Dear readers of my Blog,

This is to introduce you to my new Astrology site ..

Alchemy Accordance

I not only decode life, but i read the music of souls,

I am ready to be of service in the best way I know how,

Helping you to find you, now I’ve happily found myself as I truly am.

Underneath the layers of programming we are all subject to, many of us grow up not being authentically ourselves, because we were so convinced that it was us, that was somehow, out of place, when nothing is further from the truth, we live in an artificial layover, principally fabricated by our ignorance and being born into a divine comedy, that every one takes for real.

When it is the very lie, itself, that blinds us from our inner realm, from knowing our shadows, integrating them and cherishing our true tune, once we’ve bared the cold hard truth, we are OK, safe within and perfectly equipt  with the right tools to be whole and complete.

Please have a read through my services, I am now working as a full time astrologer….

How I Can help You

Tuning in to you is a full time, inside job, after years of denying my hidden talent, I now whole heartedly accept my special gift and I am so happy to be part of your journey, through your own, inner labyrinth, to help you recognise your patterns and trigger points, to translate the story of your current incarnation. I am an intuitive natural astrologer, I have always felt the energies of within, as those we experience on the outer too. I had to live a rich life to do what I can do today, I am a young soul here, I have come just for this time, I had to see what all the fuss was about, from a human perspective, in my early years, to live it completely, now I am ready to show you how to find your keys, to fly above the show, as your own self observer.

if one has not left the circle we can’t help each other out of it. The 360-degree wheel is simply our instrument, twirling within the whirling guitar of our collective dream, the dance of the frequencies, from spirit to matter and back again, is happening simultaneously in the now. Threads of notes and strings are played, by our expanding or contracting awareness. The core is our heart earth centre, if we lose our inner beat, our pristine primordial song we lose connection to the whole and can’t remember why we are here.  If we look outside of ourselves we will never be aligned to our missions nor purposes here, nor to our authentic vibration. 

As children, we accept everything, because we are pure and innocent, we go along with what are peers do, that’s how we are led, generation by generation into a cold descent, disguised as the new Age. When in fact we are at the end of a cycle, there was an ascent and this is the descent. Children don’t judge because they are flowers growing and they cannot grow if stumped by trauma, so children go on automatic pilot, we bury pain and shock, deep inside, the ache gets harboured and becomes our unconscious realm of emotional reactions, protection from hurt, deep layers of survival armor, finding the keys to open our gates, to unconditional AMOUR comes from compassion, once through the thorns of our subconscious realms, then we gain a compass home to self and if worthy we are given the best seat of the show. When we join the dots to where we lost our innocence… and then we can move on to identifying the collective trauma and mind control. 

Some people are so buried in damage, they never heal, they identify with the psychopathic overlay that hides the simplicity of our natural tones, they can’t change, or auto tune into their authentic vibration, they have chosen to be remote controlled and led …rather than developing their own antennae and intuition, identifying the shadows and owning them, this releases the attachment we have to it, we can go from automatic pilot to being the captains of our own destiny and choices… we touch and help others when we learn how to regenerate. We were all abused, we have found each other , I have chosen to be of service in these times, as we all can be in our own unique creative ways .. I have come to guide you by helping you first tune into you, this is the first most fundamental step of alchemy, the way out of here and back to the spirit realms, really inner standing of how and why, you tuned yourself in for this experience, this time round. the angels are simply the angles of the compass, The Archons are simply the Arks. The compass is given to those that hold true compassion, we all have an inner compass to lead us home. my gift, is to read the music of your soul.

Alchemy Accordance

Winter is HER … Shitty Willy, Bang Bang

Winter is HER

This article is about the the hard core truth, that we enter her wi enter HER, Winter .. I can feel the change, i know most can’t, because no one told you, but i never relied on anyone else’s truth, it’s happening naturally and it is being forced down our throats, with full scale, silent wars. I feel everything, the subtle, delicate, shifts, from her, our core Mother creator and the attacks she is under, to create a fake global warming and premature catastrophic dystopia.  Etemology of Winter is…. Old English winter (plural wintru), “the fourth and coldest season of the year, winter,” from Proto-Germanic *wintruz “winter” (source also of Old Frisian, Dutch winter, Old Saxon, Old High German wintar, German winter, Danish and Swedish vinter, Gothic wintrus, Old Norse vetr “winter”), probably literally “the wet season,” from PIE *wend-, nasalized form of root *wed- (1) “water; wet”). On another old guess, cognate with Gaulish vindo-, Old Irish find “white.”


Is a mini ICE AGE on the way? Scientists warn the sun will ‘go to sleep’ in 2030 and could cause temperatures to plummet

Obviously this article is crap.. but they always tell some truth in media that’s how parables work.. pair of bulls…

‘Bomb cyclone’ to blast East Coast before polar vortex uncorks tremendous cold late this week

Unforgiving cold has punished the eastern third of the United States for the past 10 days. But the most severe winter weather yet will assault the area late this week.

First, a monster storm will hammer coastal locations from Georgia to Maine with ice and snow. By Thursday, the exploding storm will, in many ways, resemble a winter hurricane, battering easternmost New England with potentially damaging winds in addition to blinding snow.

Forecasters are expecting the storm to become a so-called “bomb cyclone” because its pressure is predicted to fall so fast, an indicator of explosive strengthening. The storm could rank as the most intense over the waters east of New England in decades at this time of year. While blizzard conditions could paste some coastal areas, the most extreme conditions will remain well out over the ocean. Read more below …. 

There is hardly any geoengineering in Morocco, So that’s why natural weATher is seen there, geoengineering is to create a FAKE heat blanket that covers us and microwaves us, so we still fall into the Green Eco/EgO global warming CRAP Man TRAP 

Following the Maunder Minimum cooling pattern of the Northern Hemisphere 400 years ago, we see the same areas of NW Africa that cooled in the 1600’s , cooling and receiving more snow again. The Middle East too. Morocco seeing what is called first of its kind near coastal snowfall, Canary Islands brings out a snow plow for roads, Israel and Lebanon blanketed, Saudi Arabia where snow drifts across the roads stops traffic and camels are covered in snow. The signs are here, I hope you are looking.

Too cut a long story short, the shadow Lord of the Sun Rahu has opened the gate… The Aug/Ust Solar and Lunar eclipses, brought us through the lion of Zions Gate … we have entered winter… Narnia …We lose a week to winter every year.. so i reckon the Daily Mail are right on the dates for the true signs to begin to show.. the signs of the NWO and that of agenda 2030 we will be trapped… .the changing climate..thx to the architects HAARP .. and Tesla technology.. the sun is only hot cause its now simulated and the ozone layer is gone, purposely to bring in the floods…

SETH the GOD of Chaos and Death Laughs at humanity as humanity laughs at TRUTH.. Game of thrones is the sexual fantasy of what we are living… you need to see through the veil, now. Humans are ENERGY .. where focus goes energy flows … we are used and abused to create, problem reaction solutions …

we are tossed and thrown about until we SEE through the CRAP… all major media events, major Storms, entertainment, terror attacks, sports events are always RITUALS for those that are still asleep in the web.. your focus FEEDS the lie when you are led… we need humans to become authentically awake.. all religions and politics education is to keep humans DUMB only you can break the SPELL of EL its an inside job, seeing means healing because to COPE with emotional shock you have to HEAL your subconscious wounds first ….. 

it is the time, that religions world wide will be smashed, here in the west the christian, Tom sawyer, Brad and Janet the Adams and Eves, merged on the eve, community will be broken down to make way for the Adams family. Brad and Jolieee, Peter Pan paedophile , chocolate factory, Rocky Horror, Pie RATs, Tomorrows Sodomy Land.. as an example to all the world…all celebrities are sex changed children.. a time of Insects, Incest and child abuse..MK ultra Mind controlled sex slaves.. their way will be the NORM… youth that are only self and sex obsessed ..remote controlled robot children… Bee hived to beehave ..its already working most people are under mind control today…


King of the Swingers, Looking for mans RED FIRE … Peter Pan Tempest island …

Winter Life, Under the Rule of Your Anus/ Ur Anus, Age of AquariUS… Fake Sun, A lion King Aslan, Ason Anus called, Willy… U Rain on Us .. Reign on Us… Uranus …


GeoStorm? Geoengineered nightmares more like … Humans are instruments.. vessels of spirit that can have an experience in form and shape as matter…as we become aware of the illusion we live we also real eyes we can TUNE … ACCORD ourselves in and out of matter to spirit.. as a dream… so we are PROGRAMMABLE.. yes truth is always told.. cinema and entertainment and media are about programming us.. they NORMALISE what will come and how the future is seen by the OBSERVER… THE ARCHITECT.. as long as we think we are lil Bills n Bens that pop in .. just for one ride then DIE… we can be remote controlled because we are not aware of our POWER… check out what Geoengineering can do.. yes the technology is already in place… anything ANYTHING can be manipulated.. as the temperatures rise through artificial cloud seeding and Tesla technology the atmosphere is filled with EMF waves and we can be microwaved… the Earth is entering the end of a cycle and Winter is part of the process. we will be brought into winter completely destroyed, flooded, Burnt, Microwaves, hurricanes and Tsunamis out of our cities and homes so we will be so unprepared for winter as true WARRIORS should be… we will be mass depopulated .. and the Kings and Queens of Narnia can’t wait to watch us turn into savages and eat each other… Babylon will reign openly again.. out from the shadows… for the end ages like the ICE QUEEN of Game of Thrones… in OZ .. what a divine comedy it all is.. and people really go sit through THIS, our children do? yes the most influenced and the most powerful manifesters are programmed for what to expect… thx Bobbi Jensen for showing me this..

Unbearable microwaving from 5g will become the norm in short spells that cook us alive It’s like poking your head out after an intense war… from Monday 21 August .. we were MICROWAVED for One whole week… the heavy fake clouds have parted.. and the morning air is fresh… yesterday it was 36 degrees at hottest in shade… i drove to get beautiful Simone Fougère who has come to stay for a few days… i was really nervous because i get claustrophobic stuck in the car knowing how hot it is outside..i think what if my windows get stuck and i am stuck in this heat inside . drivers without air conditioning driving crazy because the heat was so unbearable under 5g testing people can go mad. so i was worried about the roads… i blasted the car with air conditioning … but still it took all my mind over matter to not freak out.. at one point i needed to look for my phone to look for directions.. that had fallen under driving seat but the idea of stepping out of the car was tooooooo scary… the heat was SO intense.. as i drove not a single human was in the streets all shutters shut… too hot… yesterday at the market in the morning i told everyone we were being microwaved under geoengineered clouds but even with the fake cloud seeding above people are unable to think like that …. The truth is that we will be depopulated through the fake climate change… GLOBAL WARMING is a scam .. National Geo warns “By 2100, Deadly Heat May Threaten Majority of Humankind
Up to 75 percent of people could face deadly heatwaves by 2100 unless carbon emissions plummet, a new study warns.”… I reckon in 5 to 50 years we will enter WINTER beginning of an Ice age… The heat is created either because there are no clouds and there is NO ozone layer so it is burning hot… or because of fake clouds trapping the heat and then when cell towers and 5g turned up we will be microwaved … it only takes a couple of days to mass depopulate in extreme heat… i share a few articles that tell us how we will be killed…. Global Warming is simply an excuse to kill us Tax us and imprison us in the new age cAGE …

Winter is coming ……/Global-warning-We-actually-hea…

Ice age on its way…/Is-mini-ICE-AGE-way-Scientists…

First we will be depopulated through fake global warming…/heatwaves-climate-cha…/

Killing us through heat only need a couple of weeks per year to wipe us out……

We live in an Ice Age, the Pleistocene Epoch, global warming is a deception, the normal glaciation climate is near, global cooling is the real climate change. Transcript at:

Ice Age

Natural cycles galatic cycles Winter is HERE

Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars Document

Any friends who still don’t know what silent weapons and silent wars are… Listen to this, when you have time or please unfriend me I can no longer associate myself with empty dead humans are dangerous to people who have spent hours and years finding out what is really happening, we try to inform you daily… if you don’t know what Tesla technology is, what cell towers really do? and vaccines? what Haarp? Smart meters and the pharmaceutical and food industry is? and what WINTER means??
the same baddies have ALWAYS run this planet they are just closer to their sexual fantasy of watching humans rot than ever… what is your job? who do you work for?
we are ALL responsible .. we are at WAR, you need to wise up and unplug, start doing what you came to earth to do in your highest image of self… otherwise we leave our children in the hands of the BEAST we can no longer align ourselves with the LIE we live, unless you are in a situation where you can spread truth and save souls… change your life and WAKE UP we are living the biggest genocide EVER known … All of us are victims ….. we need each other to be strong and REAL….


An image of the Babylonian lifestyle to come…

“PARADISE”, a contemporary interpretation of The Garden of Earthly Delights painted by the early Netherlandish master Hieronymus Bosch.

article-2562121-1B9B71A300000578-122_634x327 (1)

“PARADISE”, Penis& worship … a contemporary interpretation of The Garden of Earthly Delights painted by the early Netherlandish master Hieronymus Bosch.

as 5g spreads and smart meters and phones…they can attack anyone that goes against the imposed BEAT ..a Brave new world called HELL. Bye Bye Blue skies.. soon we will all be ruled by James and the Giant PEACH .. the world wide web has drawn us in and bacteria and the fungi achira spiders and insects rule the rotting age… like Alien they start in our guts…. those within the AI system.. people will escape in virtual reality and Gladiator type festivals..New age meditation retreats.. promising eternal bliss to become merged to the machine for inner JOY and PEACE… The only way to become sovereign is to….. Tap into your real abilities, that we all have, when we go within ourselves……

French translation he meant to say Sensitivity, its not the same meaning in French, sensible and sensitive … you need EM M Pathy to know the communion of the waves of the trinity to FEEL LIGHT …. No knowledge comes from outside of you, but from your inner eternal bulb. That is our Ether plasma realm ….of TRUE LIGHT


New age is a trap, everything is a trap until you SEE the TRAP…. Otherwise we get caught in the web of 5g …. Know thy enemy … NAME and we are safe… 


We will be mutilated, disabled, handicapped, autistic, mentally ill, mind controlled, dumbed down to such extremes, making ruthless money out of our ignorant, descent into winter , socially engineering it to be fantastic … to be dying …. when we should all be learning how to be winter spiritual warriors.

The Age of the Sodomites, Vulnerable unprepared humans make great fodder for Fee Fi Fo Thumb, I smell the blood of an Englishman… Through the Rainbow, BrainBowed, into the Fake light, of Anus Aslan, A SON?

lucy 5

The 2017 August, Lion Solar and Lunar Eclipse, into Zion Gateway

Pay attention… Please… This eclipse if you have not unplugged and found inner authenticity, hence alchemy, is a time trigger, keeping us stuck, in the web…. we are purposely being exposed to air waves …ORANGE Beehive Hexagon SATURN MOON Connection…5g….PAN Mercury Hermes THOTH… that can infiltrate our minds and remote control us… into a lower frequency which will enable spiritual possession…we will be officially in OZ Narnia.. BrainBowed.. Rahu is the Shadow Lord that hides behind the Moon, how do we interpret the female true energy of the Warrior Winter Period?.. Real women protect innocence…The wheels of the cosmos are eternal we add to the akashic records everytime we re manifest into this realm of EARTH..there are many realms of spirit to matter in and out … contraction expansion.. the acceleration makes electromagnetic waves.. giving an illusion of TIME… CHRONOS SATURN SATAN posing as LUCYFER the fake LIGHT of VENUS … The Seal of Lucifer ….. Rahu ….

Air’s critically acclaimed debut album, Moon Safari, including the track “Sexy Boy”, was an international success in 1998… Orange communication first created in .. 1994.. Its all in the airwaves …

The 9/11 Cross X over Mass into winter … All Terror Attacks are blackmagic, rituals for the Seven Noahide Laws coming


... Clun is the crossing the meeting of two rivers like the twin towers.. the rivers meet between WALES and ENGLAND … male and female becomes one UNI CORN, ROD the PontyClun…. Bonniee Tyler sang at the opnening of the last solar Rahu Man eating eclipse to bring in the chaos of SETH the God of the setting Sun and Death .. Wi are in T HER .. Prince Charles Prince of Wales is the crossing .. CERN … Shiva Winter Narnia… Bonnieee Prince CharLIE the prince of Darkness.. Willy I Am to come the Lion King.. Of Noahide law…. A POnty is (in glass-making) an iron rod used to hold or shape soft glass. like an Anus aSUn worship of the RING… a Clun takes its name from the river upon which it stands. Deriving from an earlier Colunwy, it shares its very early British root with the two rivers Colne, in Lancashire and Essex, each of which has a town of the same name on its banks.[3][4]

Clun grew up around the site of the later Saxon church towards the end of the 7th century AD. However, in the surrounding area there was a scattered population at least as early as the Neolithic period, about 5000 years ago. Clun was on the historic drove road where flocks and herds were driven from Wales to the markets in the Midlands and London. At the time of the Norman Conquest Clun formed part of the extensive lands of Eadric the Wild, who led a revolt against King William I, whereon his lands were confiscated and given to Roger de Montgomery who was created Earl of Shrewsbury. Roger in turn granted 27 manors, of which Clun was the largest, to Robert (or “Picot”) de Say. These lands constituted a single Marcher Lordship which became known as the Barony of Clun.[citation needed]

willy 5

My Bonnie lies over the Ocean, The Ark of the seven colours, chakras, notes, Doe  to Doe, how BREAD is made, the human flesh … The Ark from spirit to matter, how we are possessed, the BOW from the BRAIN ROW rainbow of OZ … merged to the artificial Light,  Miranda, in the Tempest she looks out to sea, for her Bonniee, Prince Charliee, Just as Bonnie Tyler sang for the August total eclipse for the heart, to the Bonnie Prince of Wales .. The Ark is finalised and the SON of Bonniee may become the LION into Zion .. it was a ritual, for the betrayal to come.