Observations on 33 degrees …

To keep humanity under mass mind control, there is a rather warped sense Pyramid structure of hierarchy, that pulls the strings from behind the curtain. secret cults of secret societies that run every inch of our world .. this is why becoming a mason is such a glow ball easy affair, for weak people that are fooled by the fake light, they need to be taught and guided, rather than working it out alone,  through being an honest curious, empathetic caring human …

look at this image, 60 degrees is reduced to 6 and 90 degrees  to 9 .. 30 degrees is the tip of the triangle,  the corner stone, missing from the pyramids … that makes 3 .. the three degrees 3 6 9, 6 + 9 + 3 = 19 = 9 …


anyone who has attended the right most expensive education, or rises through the echelons of social recognition in any field .. will be approached at sometime in their life to join these Satanic cults, although the new lower members won’t be able to perceive this … 33 degrees is the highest , you become a master and there are only 75 members that attain this degree … the 33 is a mirror reflection, through the looking glass, that when turned on themselves make the figure of 8, the true movement of our sun is an analemma loop .. Note that the crossing over path is at 3 degrees on each side, a mirror reflection two three back to back is the TRAP, the place between each breath where we are stuck in the harvesting wheel until we auto pilot, reach illumination of our human vessels …

the sun crosses the middle of the eight figure  at the spring autumn equinox … as it goes from the tropic of Capricorn to Cancer around earth …. we have 33 vertebrae and our inner Christos oil must go back up the chimney to become an enlightened human.. when the right and left cerebrum is activated past duality … this is what they don’t want average humans to ever reach … illumination on their own… this is why humans are taught in riddles and fairy tales so they never manage to join the dots …. If you point 3 degrees of Taurus on the wheel of 360 degrees starting with zero degrees in Aries, 3 degrees Taurus equals 33 degrees

This article will surely be modified as i get closer to the core.. but this is just my actual feelings on this subject, having gone back to my beloved knowledge of the wheel astrology, there are 30 degrees to every zodiac house, But Three decanates, within each .. this also points to the trinity 3 added to 30 each time.. it is the control structure of keeping knowledge hidden from mere mortals ….



The 30 degrees alloted for each zodiac house can be divided into three groups of ten degrees each as 0 to 9 deg, 10 to 19 deg and 20 to 29 deg. These divisions are termed as Decanates.

The first ten degrees are called as the First Decanate, the second ten as the second Decanate and the third ten degrees are the Third Decanate.

The first decanate of any sign corresponds to to the sign being studied so that the first deanate of Aries will relate to Aries.

The second Decanate of any sign takes on the characteristics of the next sign in the same element and hence the second decanate for Aries is Leo. The third decanate of any sign is the last sequential sign within the same element and so for Aries it would be Sagittarius.

Each decanate in a sign gets the traits or qualities of the sign ruling it. The first decanate is tHE strongest and it corresponds to the double strength of the sign. A person born during the second and third decanate will be less typical of the sign udner consideration. http://astrology.findyourfate.com/astrology-decanates.htm

This is a brilliant run down of what Free Masonary is and what the 3rd degree is .. can you self illuminate and ride the snake or not?

The trinity of becoming an alchemist on your own is ignition of the three lights, mind body and spirit, but this knowledge is twisted and perverted, guarded only for our elite in the know .. however they connect to the imposter spirit, they don’t activate their true spirit because they are part of the lie and treason to humanity as a whole …



« The Three Great Lights of Masonry are the Holy Bible, Square and Compass. The Volume of the Sacred Law (no matter what religion) is an indispensable part of a Lodge. The Grand Lodges of the United States use the Holy Bible as the V.S.L. on their Altars. In our jurisdiction, a candidate may request to have his own sacred book present on the Altar with the Bible during his degree ceremonies. In Lodges in other countries, other sacred texts are placed on the Altar in place of the Holy Bible, but no Lodge in California may stand officially open, unless the Holy Bible is opened upon its Altar with the Square and Compass displayed thereon. The open Bible signifies that we should regulate our conduct according to its teachings because it is the rule and guide of our faith and is a symbol of man’s acknowledgment of his relation to Deity. The Square is a symbol of morality, truthfulness and honesty. To « act on the square » is to act honestly. The Compass signifies the propitious use of action and is a symbol of restraint, skill and knowledge. We might also properly regard the Compass as excluding beyond its circle that which is harmful or unworthy. The Square and Compass are recognized by the general public as the symbol of Freemasonry.

The symbolism of the square and compass is seen in many ancient carvings and artwork. A stonecutter’s square has been seen to represent the earth, while the compass has related to the arc of heaven. Thus their union has represented the union of heaven and earth. The Volume of Sacred Law can also represent God’s communication to man through scripture and inspired writings. The triple symbol can also be seen as representing God’s expression through the creation of heaven and earth.

The Three Great Lights are also consistent with the three tier system of Blue Lodge Masonry. One way of interpreting the triple symbolism is seeing human nature as divided into three parts – body, mind, and soul with a Degree for each part. In the same way, the Three Great Lights are the guiding principals of the three natures: the Square to the body, the Compass to the mind, and the Volume of Sacred Law for the soul.  http://www.jjcrowder743.com/threedegrees.html « 




Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy has three books. The Inferno is the most widely read, as it horrified readers. Composed in the early 1300s, it provided a very disturbing vision intended to lead people to seek salvation through the Church. Its best-known line is, “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here!” But there was hope. The narrative describes a soul guided by a woman through Hell. With such assistance, the soul emerges in Purgatory and finally Paradise. The second two books of the trilogy, The Purgatorio and Paradiso, both contain 33 cantos. The Inferno, however, did not deserve this sacred number.

In the works attributed to Shakespeare there are many phrases and passages referencing the number 33. Julius Caesar is stabbed 33 times. The body of work shows a mastery of numerology. The number 33 reflects the interface of the familiar world with the higher spiritual realm. In Hamlet, the Ghost is represented in the first scene with an entrance described in a sentence with 33 characters. And Horatio addresses the ghost in 33 characters as he leaves. “Stay: Speake, speake, I charge thee, speake.” In Julius Caesar, the ghost of Caesar visits Brutus in a passage that starts with a 33-character sentence, “That shapes this monstrous apparition.” Brutus recovers from the shock and addresses the ghost in a 33-word sentence. (See David Ovason’s Shakespeare’s Secret Book for numerous examples.)

Edmund Spenser wrote another of the world’s most famous epic poems, The Faerie Queen. It is loaded with allegory and contained characters from Arthur, to Gloriana (Queen Elizabeth) and the Red Crosse Knight (after whom Walter Raleigh modeled his own life). It was never completed. Book 3 Canto 3 (3 + 3 = 33) opens with a 33-letter sentence: “Most sacred fyre, that burnest mightily.” Spenser linked the number with the concept of a human spirit and at the same time a mirror image in the celestial realm. This concept of “as above, so below” is shared in Freemasonry, particularly speculative Freemasonry that emerged in the seventeenth century.

The number 33 is the highest rank in Scottish Rite, but why? They are not saying. However, the importance of this number is reflected among both Masons and Rosicrucians and factors into religion as well.

Sir Francis Bacon features prominently in a secret society that he started while at Cambridge, as well as playing a role in creating speculative masonry from its base in craft masonry. He is believed to have written the early Rosicrucian books, as well. Oddly enough the numerical value of his name, using the Elizabethan alphabet, is 33 (B = 2, A = 1, C = 3, O = 14, N = 13).

Bacon and his brother Anthony ran the Scriveners Company where manuscripts were copied translated and sometimes encoded or decoded. Historian W.G. Thorpe called it “the place where the priceless manuscripts of the plays would be kept under the control of Lord Bacon.” Most of the manuscripts have vanished.

While many consider both Freemasonry and the Rosicrucian tradition to be at odds with Christianity, this is not true. While these societies may be at odds with the Church, those who study and become initiated into Rosicrucianism believe in the relationship of God (often depicted as the Sun) and Man, and Man’s Spirit with Christ. Such direct contact with the Spirit was against the religion of the Church. From AD 300 on, the Church battled numerous groups that promoted such direct communication. The Bogomils, Waldensians, and the Cathars were all victims of genocide that spread for more than a thousand years.


No number holds more esoteric significance than “33.” The number three is significant in all major religions. There is a Trinity for Christians, and a Triple Goddess for the ancients. The number 33 was important to secret societies and is often concealed within significant literary works.

The Masonic 33 degree code
And The Secret of Magic

The astrological circle of the zodiac equals 360 degrees, 12 zodiacial houses of 30 degrees each.  In Hndu astrology, which is called Verdic astrology, it states that the moon was exalted at 3 degrees of Taurus and debilitated in 3 degrees of Scorpio.  In Verdic astrology the lunar zodiac is based on the moons movements against the brightest stars, which are divided into 27 groups called Nakshatras of 13 degrees each and 20 minutes each.  3 degrees of Taurus corresponds with the Nakshatra called Krittika, which western astronomers know as the Pleiadies cluster.  If you point 3 degrees of Taurus on the wheel of 360 degrees starting with zero degrees in Aries, 3 degrees Taurus equals 33 degrees.
Now the Pleiadies cluster has a huge association with the biblical philosophies of good and evil, as the Pleiadies cluster has an area called the daughters of Atlas also known as the 7 sisters, which is represented in the bible as both the 7 virtues and 7 deadly sins, giving each individual the choice to choose their path.
The cluster is an open cluster of stars located in the Taurus constellation.
A star called Alcyone is the brightest star in the Pleiadian cluster and just happens to be located at exactly 33 degrees or 3 degress of Taurus.
33 degrees in Freemasonry is a master number and the highest degree a Mason can achieve representing a master.
The word master in etymology is broken into two Latin words; ma and ster, which ironically means “mother star”.
Alcyone is the location of heaven in a philosophical sence; the Seven Sisters are a small cluster of stars that float just about the bulls shoulder in the constellation Taurus.  Ancients on a clear night would gaze up into the heavens and out of the hundreds of stars in the constellation; seven could be seen with the naked eye.  During November the stars rise as the sun sets and reach their highest point in the sky by midnight, and begins to set at sunrise.  These things fascinated ancient astronomers and records were kept.  These records became one of the most important secrets of Freemasonry to this day.

In ancient secret society philosophy, the Earth was the zodiac, and the stars were the lords of time.  Ancient calandars were once dependant on the cycles of the planet Venus; it was measured by the death and rebirth of Venus.  Every eight years, after the sun sets in April, Venus can be seen very close to the Pleiadies star cluster.  Ever eight years Venus returns to her original place in the sky (when we view it from Earth).  However, as Venus returns every eight years, the planet seems to get closer and closer to the Pleiadies cluster.  In 1972 Venus reached a position of one-degree from the star Alcyone.  In 1980, it was closer, in 1988 even closer, in 1996 even closer, in 2004 it continued, and in 2012 it will be in the closest position it can get, by 2020 the planet Venus will have already began her journey past the cluster.  The evidence had been left to us in the form of Greek Mythology.  Alcyone married Eosphours, who represented the morning star.

The secret of evolution begins with the Illuminati’s or if you prefer the Luminari’s understanding of their own recordings.  Magic begins with the 72 names of God.


The 72 names of god are actually 72 three-letter words that collectively make up the 216 letter name of God.  The 72 three-letter words are each an aspect of God.  The name is derived from the Biblical book Exodus.  The names are to be arranged in an ancient style of writing called boustrophendon and placed in columns of three.  Despite the religious domnated belief that these are the names of angels, a small few hardcore conspiracy investigators believe these are the letters to elements of an ancient periodic table.   Please try to think in the mind of one of your own descendents, long after languages have changed and if knowledge had been lost, our descendents might understand the word oxygen to be a life giving spirit.  Amoungst the occult, even including the mysteries of King Solomon and the Kabbalah, as well as within the religious documents, it is said that by understanding how to use these individual names, one could manipulate the powers of the almighty, having the power to create or instantly destroy the elements in the physical reality.  The 72 names are associated with 72-angels or intelligences, however each group has a counterpart, or an opposite, or an associate.  In some ways it is similar to what we know, scientist have discovered matter, and we now suspect and have strong understanding that anti-matter must also exist.  Through comparision some theories are assuming that these names represent either elements on our own periodic table or the many sub-atomic particles that make up an individual element.  Either way, if this theory is correct, secret knowledge has yet to re-discover every single aspect of the 216 letter name.  72 and 72, are equal to 144, leaving 26 elements still unknown.  The most recent addition to the periodic table occurred in 1998, it was number 118 (and 116), called Ununoctium.  When the secret elite learned how to split an atom, the next stage was to figure out how to cause fusion between two atoms.  In 1998 mathematical calculations suggested it was possible to create a new element from fusing lead with krypton, however in the following year it was claimed the original formula was fabricated, and no one since has ever again able to reproduce the same procedure.

The Tetramorph; The Sumerian Origins of a Christian Symbol


When you learn astrology you learn that the ascending sign is dependent on the hour you are born, the time you are born begins the wheel, it becomes the start of your wheel and entry to life, the cross you bear is the four signs on your cross within the circle, or the signs on the house cusps that make your own wheel .. playing a role upon the wheel or evolving out of the wheel, if you can get past the mind control … The cardinal cross, makes a cross within the 360 ouroboros cycle of life,



but the Tetramorph it is not placed on the cardinal signs of Aries – Libra Horizontal line and Capricorn – Cancer Verticle line,  but on the fixed signs of Scorpio Leo Aquarius and Taurus … The Lord of the rings is the fake Christ that keeps us in this Ring . Scorpio – Taurus vertical line and Leo – Aquarius horizontal line …. But? thats not how its done other figures replace the astrological ones, imposter beasts ,


tetramorph is a symbolic arrangement of four differing elements, or the combination of four disparate elements in one unit. The term is derived from the Greek tetra, meaning four, and morph, shape.

Archaeological evidence exists showing that early man divided the four quarters of the horizon, or space, later a place of sacrifice, such as a temple, and attributed characteristics and spiritual qualities to each quarter. Alternatively the composite elements were carved into mythic creatures such as the ancient EgyptianGreek and Babylonian sphinxes of antiquity depicting bull-like bodies with birds-wings, lion’s paws and human faces. Such composite creatures are found in many mythologies.

In Christian art, the tetramorph is the union of the symbols of the Four Evangelists, derived from the four living creatures in the Book of Ezekiel, into a single figure or, more commonly, a group of four figures. Each of the four Evangelists is associated with one of the living creatures, usually shown with wings. The most common association, but not the original or only, is: Matthew the man, Mark the lion, Luke the ox, and John the eagle. In Christian art and iconographyEvangelist portraits are often accompanied by tetramorphs, or the symbols alone used to represent them. Evangelist portraits that depict them in their human forms are often accompanied by their symbolic creatures, and Christ in Majesty is often shown surrounded by the four symbols.

The word comes from the Greek for « four forms » or « shapes ». In English usage each symbol may be described as a tetramorph in the singular, and a group as « the tetramorphs », but usually only in contexts where all four are included. The tetramorphs were especially common in Early Medieval art, above all in illuminated Gospel books, but remain common in religious art to the present day.

« The Sumerians were the first to fix our zodiac in the heavens, and they assigned to Leo the house that the sun must traverse during the summer solstice. The bull, representing the principle of the sacrifice that gives life, is associated with spring, and so Taurus rules the house which the sun traverses in the vernal equinox, when the world returns to life. « 


« In the symbolic language of Sumer, the lion is the great solar animal. Just as the light of the sun never varies, the lion exemplifies the clear light of awareness of eternity. The bull represents the lunar principle, which, waxing and waning in a constant cycle, exemplifies consciousness in the field of time. While the lion-consciousness is eternal and unchanging, the bull-consciousness, like the light of the moon, follows an eternal cycle of death and resurrection.

The bull god is closely associated with death and resurrection throughout its long career. In one of our earliest extant religious poems, the Sumerian lament “The Wild Bull Who Has Lain Down and Died,” we find the goddess Inanna, equivalent to the Babylonian goddess Ishtar, both of whom are paired with a lion, lamenting the death of her husband Dumuzi, represented in this poem as a bull:

A similar vision, no doubt inspired by Ezekiel, was described by John of Patmos in Revelation: could the Chrystal be the looking glass reflection of the 33 creating an eight time loop , trap …. « 

And before the throne there was a sea of glass like unto crystal: and in the midst of the throne, and round about the throne, were four beasts full of eyes before and behind. And the first beast was like a lion, and the second beast like a calf, and the third beast had a face as a man, and the fourth beast was like a flying eagle. And the four beasts had each of them six wings about him; and they were full of eyes within: and they rest not day and night, saying, Holy, holy, holy, LORD God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come. (Rev 4:6-8)

Like Ezekiel’s rings, the eternal quality of a God “which was, is, and is to come,” suggests the never-ending cycle of the heavens.

593-571 B.C. In Ezekiel Chapter 28, the prophet wrote while in exile in Babylon, not far south of the 33rd Parallel. Ezekiel wrote about the ruler of Tyre. Tyre is less than 20 miles north of the 33rd Parallel. The prophecy of Ezekiel called the king of Tyre wealthy and skilled in trading but proud and destined to destruction:

{6} « ‘Therefore this is what the Sovereign LORD says: « ‘Because you think you are wise, as wise as a god, {7} I am going to bring foreigners against you, the most ruthless of nations; they will draw their swords against your beauty and wisdom and pierce your shining splendor. {8} They will bring you down to the pit, and you will die a violent death in the heart of the seas. {9} Will you then say, « I am a god, » in the presence of those who kill you? You will be but a man, not a god, in the hands of those who slay you. {10} You will die the death of the uncircumcised at the hands of foreigners. I have spoken, declares the Sovereign LORD.' » 

Ezekiel continues by comparing the king of Tyre to the fallen angel, Satan:

« You were anointed as a guardian cherub, for so I ordained you. You were on the holy mount of God; you walked among the fiery stones. {15} You were blameless in your ways from the day you were created till wickedness was found in you. {16} Through your widespread trade you were filled with violence, and you sinned. So I drove you in disgrace from the mount of God, and I expelled you, O guardian cherub, from among the fiery stones. {17} Your heart became proud on account of your beauty, and you corrupted your wisdom because of your splendor. So I threw you to the earth; I made a spectacle of you before kings. {18} By your many sins and dishonest trade you have desecrated your sanctuaries. So I made a fire come out from you, and it consumed you, and I reduced you to ashes on the ground in the sight of all who were watching. {19} All the nations who knew you are appalled at you; you have come to a horrible end and will be no more. »  


The 33rd Degree Law of the Masonic Phoenicians


The number 33 is said to be the Master Number (Master Teacher). The Amon (AMEN) is the numerical equivalent of 33rd_parallel1+13+5+14=33. Amen is the God of Truth, and 33 represents Christ consciousness. In the Book of Enoch, Mount Hermon is the place where the Grigori; « Watchers, Sons of God or the Nephilim, » a class of fallen angels descended to Earth, and is at 33 degrees latitude and longitude.

There are many conspiracies surrounding the 33rd parallel of latitude that is 33 degreesnorth of the Earth’s equatorial plane, and the 33 degrees in Freemasonry. Whether or not there are any concrete facts tying them together in Truth, in my opinion has yet to be determined without a shadow of a reasonable doubt. But there are definitely some strange coincidences and a pattern of both Phoenician (Sidonian/Hebrew/Canaanite) and Masonic endeavors that seem to tie the two together in a world wide web that needs to be explored using reason rather than conspiratorial nonsense.

Some people seem to think it has to deal with some evil Masonic plot and or that it some type of grid energy portal to the Gods, but I have found that this is just a theory propagated by profane people who are not in the know, but think they are by spreading disinformation.

In studying the 33rd parallel of latitude that is 33 degrees north of the Earth’s equatorial plane, I have found a common thread or method of building that seems to prove that the Phoenicians who we know as some of the world’s first sea faring conquerors and merchant marines had purposely built many of their settlements around the world along the 33rd parallel. These first Phoenician settlements can be found all across the globe in places like where I was live in San Diego, California in North America and along the 33rd degree you will also find major Phoenician founded countries such as Lebanon, Jordan, Portugal, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Israel etc. you will find them all situated along the 33rd parallel.

The Masons also have 33 degrees and trace their craft back to the Phoenician King Hiram Abiff. This doesn’t mean by default that since we see the number 33 that there is some secret conspiracy in regards to the 33rd parallel and 33 degrees in Freemasonry, but it does bring up some interesting connections when you start studying both the Phoenicians and the Masons. As it has been said, nothing is a coincidence, and when dealing with the Phoenicians and Masons, this rings true more than ever.

The Science of the 33rd Degree

The main Truth I have found in the number 33 deals with time, travel, the sun and the methods the Phoenicians employed to circumvent and settle around the globe. In order to accomplish such a feat in a time where there were no satellites, computers or modern compasses, they would need a congruent system put in place that the Phoenician kings, mariners, warriors, masons and slaves had to follow so they were all on the same global page even when they were separated by different oceans, countries and time.

I would like to propose that the Phoenicians accomplished this by following the laws of the 33rd Degree circle of latitude on the Earth which they had invented, and this evidence can be found in many ancient and modern Phoenician settlements. Not all the Phoenician settlements can be found on the 33rd degree, but enough to prove that my theory may in fact be correct.

The laws of the 33rd Degree circle of latitude are based on an imaginary east-west circle connecting all locations (ignoring elevation) with a given latitude. A location’s position along a circle of latitude is given by its longitude. The time for rising and setting of the sun is given only for two parallels of north latitude—the 33rd and 39th. Not even the intervening degrees, 34 to 38, are given. Thus if you live on the 34th parallel of latitude, the sun will rise one minute later and set one minute earlier than on the 33rd parallel and so on.

At the 33rd latitude the sun is visible for 14 hours, 20 minutes during the summer solsticeand 9 hours, 58 minutes during the winter solstice. This time is set by natural laws that the Phoenicians had followed from time, travel and settling the globe. These laws also allowed them to locate, manage and travel easily between their kingdoms which were and are spread all across the globe to this very day. read more here …


The corner stone is held by the masons ….

Only we, alone can activate  .. The ChristOs Oil

“The Sacred Secret is “Christ in union with you; the hope of His glory.”


Santos Bonacci

translated this as: ”In union with you” as  “The Christ within you or as the Christ that dwelleth in you.”  Santos added, “It’s very important to know this.  The Sacred Secret that was hidden from the nations in the past has been revealed to you.  Paul was a Hebrew and he was also a Jew.  It’s very important to know who Paul is.  It’s not a literal person.  It’s a gnostic school of thinking, it’s esoteric wisdom.  Whoever it was, it may have been a bunch of guys, it may have been a school, it may have been Apollo, because that’s what it means.  There are four castes according to the Freemasons.  We live under a free masonic system whether you like it or not.  According to this system, there are four spiritual castes of humanity.  There are Hebrews at the top, and there is a caste above that – it’s called the Kelios, the perfected ones, and there are very, very few of those.  And then the Jews, and then the Israelites and guess who’s way, way down at the bottom?  The Christians.  They’re the foot soldiers.  “Off you go to war.  We will make the uniforms as we’ve done before.”  It’s not a race, it’s a caste. Paul was a Hebrew and a Jew but he was not aware of the Telios rank above him but he was definitely one of these free masons who knew the Secret Science.  And the Sacred secret is the Christ within, not the Christ without because there never was one.”

“There was never a 3rd party savior.  That was an invention of Rome.  That’s a 3rd party debt collector (through tithing the church). The justice system, when they herd you into court for their inquisition, they love the bible.  It will enslave you or it will free you and they use it for enslavement.  They use it for their god, Saturn, and that’s why they want you to swear on the bible because they’re going to get you with it. They know the esoteric, historical Christ, the 3rd party debt collector, is the one who they swear on to collect all of their taxes and their “donations”.”

“The moon is the church and she turns humans, literally, into animals because she is the guardian of the first ring, the first heaven and when our soul seeks to ascend (it’s not the rapture that the Christians are talking about, ascension is within.  When the soul seeks to ascend, the moon is the first guardian and then there’s second heaven and Mercury guards that heaven..,. and then Venus, the Sun, Mars and then Jupiter, the “good Jupiter” and then Saturn. They are the rings that which our soul departs from on back to Uranus, the Father of Saturn.  Back to the heavens whence we came.  But the moon, she’s down at the bottoms and she’s bouncing souls back to the Earth as animals, literally.  Some of them incarnate as human beings but inside they are still, what the hermeticists call “unconscious human beasts” and these are the ones running around… the politicians, lawyers, judges and all of these scum of the earth.  They operate a system that is putrid, evil, vile and foul and it’s about to be pulled down by consciousness. They’re criminals and in the churches, they’re doing the same thing. The church is turning those church-going buffoons that go to church for Jesus, the historical 3rd part debt collector and the savior that will never save because they don’t know the Sacred Secret that Paul was talking about which is the Christ within.”

“Under the inner cerebrum is the colostrum, otherwise known as the Holy colostrum because it secrets a fluid.  Secretion and secret are the same word. The fluid goes through the pineal gland and the pituitary gland  and differentiated into an electrical force.  There are three nerves which go down the spinal column and they are the spinal cord, the pingala and the ida.  The pingala comes from the pineal gland  and it is electric and male and it goes down the spinal cord.”


“On the other side is the pituitary gland, it is feminine and it is “Mary”… “Joseph and Mary, the honey and the milk because they secrete honey and milk, respectively.  She sends down a magnetic energy.  The fluid goes all the way down to the sacral chakra, the second bottom chakra, below the solar plexus.  Sacral is the word secret and the secret is upstairs in heaven, in the cerebrum, the holy colostrum, or in other words, the Santa Colos-trum and you’ve got to go all the way down the chimney to bring the present down to the sacred place where the sacred plexus is connected to the five sacral bones of the 33 vertebrae.”

“There are 5 sections of the vertebrae.  The second most bottom section is 5 fused vertebrae called the “sacrum vertebrae”, so this is the “Sacred Secret”.  Every 29 and a half days, the moon will be in the sign that your sun was in when you were born. When the moon is there, in that fluid there is a seed born and it’s born in the solar plexus   So every month, when the moon is in your sun sign, that “germ” is placed in Bethlehem.  Bethlehem is the solar plexus.  It’s the Virgo in the 3rd chakra, the solar plexus, the belly region.  That’s Bethlehem, the house of bread.  Virgo is the one who has the sheath of grain in her hands. “Beth” means “house” and “lehem” means “bread”.  She is the virgin mother of the child, that seed that is born in the solar plexus every month.  If we eat the fruit, drink alcohol or have sex during that time of the month, the seed is wasted, gone forever.  The male with the orgasm has just wasted the seed and he has spoiled that Christos secretion that came from Santa Claus, the colostrum, differentiated by the two parents of the child, Joseph and Mary who are awaiting the return of the Christ.  If you don’t waste that Christ seed, you are able to then transmute that seed as it proceeds ever upward and returns whence it came.”

“What happens eventually is this fluid comes to a place called the pons and the medulla oblongata, which is one of the four brains of the human being.  We have the cerebrum, cerebellum, medulla oblongata and the solar plexus.  When it arrives there, it crosses the pneumogastric nerve: pneumo meaning air, or the lungs and gastric is the stomach.  So this is the nerve that supplies the  stomach and the lungs.  If you look at it, it looks like a tree. And both of those nerves come from the pineal gland and the pituitary gland in one of the four chambers called the four ventricles in the brain.  In between those two glands is the optic thalamus.”

When the oil rises… the mercury in the thermometer…  and it passes the pneumogastric nerve, it gets “crucified”.  Joseph and Mary are happy that their son is crucified because unless he is crucified, he cannot save the world.  You cannot be saved unless that oil touches the optic thalamus, which is shaped like an egg.  The Greeks called it, “the light of the world”.  That’s why Jesus said, “I’m the light of the world.  No one goes through the father except through me” because the Father is the Cerebrum and we are longing to return to that part, to ascend.  Because Aries dwells there, Aries is the right brain; Taurus is the left brain, the cerebellum.  The medulla oblongata is the 3rd brain and the bottom brain, the solar plexus, is where most of humanity is still dwelling because they can’t get past Bethlehem.  They can’t save that seed because they have been living riotously like the Prodigal Son and squandering that seed like Onan, the son of Judah… the son of Israel did with his seed and he was killed for it.”

“For we are the Holy land.”

« Primitive Christians, the Essenes, fully realized and taught the great truth that Christ was a substance, an oil or ointment contained especially in the Spinal Cord, consequently in all parts of the body, as every nerve in the body is directly or indirectly connected with the wonderful « River that flows out of Eden (the upper brain) to water the garden. » The early Christians knew that the Scriptures, whether written in ancient Hebrew or the Greek, were allegories, parables or fables based on the human body « fearfully and wonderfully made. » These adepts knew that the secretion (gray matter—creative) that issues, (secretes) from the cerebrum, was the source and cause of the physical expression called man; and they knew that the « River of Jordan » was symbolized in the spinal cord and that the « Dead Sea » was used to symbolize the Sacred Plexus at the base of the spinal column where the Jordan (spinal cord) ends, typifying the entrance of Jordan into the Dead Sea. The thick, oily and salty substance composing the Sacral Plexus, « Cauda Equina, » (tail of the horse) may be likened unto crude Petroleum, (Petra, mineral, or salt, and oleum—Latin for oil) and the thinner substance, oil or ointment in spinal cord, may be compared with coal oil; and when this oil is carried up and crosses the Ida and Pingala (two fluid nerves that end in a cross in medulla oblongata where it contacts the cerebellum ( Golgotha —the place of the skull) —this fluid is refined, as coal oil is refined,— to produce gasoline a higher rate of motion that causes the ascension of the airship. When the oil (ointment) is crucified—(to crucify means to increase in power a thousand fold not to kill) it remains two days and a half, (the moon’s period in a sign) in the tomb (cerebellum) and on the third day ascends to the Pineal Gland that connects the cerebellum with the Optic Thalmus, the Central Eye in the Throne of God that is the chamber overtopped by the hollow Life » breathed into man—therefore the « Holy (whole) Ghost » or breath. The Pineal Gland is the « Pinnacle of the Temple. » The modus operandi by which the oil of the spinal cord reaches the Pineal Gland. »


The round table of Arthur is about reaching the key, pulling out the sword, activating your own inner sun …..

In order to reduce the conflict, at the urging of King Uther before his death, Merlin put a sword in a stone and wrote, Whoso pulleth out this sword of this stone is the rightwise born king of all England. Everyone tried to pull the sword from the stone; however, none of them succeeded except for Arthur, who withdrew the sword for someone else to use in a tournament. After he pulled the sword from the stone, Arthur became the rightful king.



So we know that 8 is the Orosborus trap, yet we get the number 9 in English and simple gematria, 9 being the number of Saturn, Satan.. SantA? or we can reverse it for self illumination … by acknowledging the true gatekeeper Saturn, as just the path to our full development that saturn, non inversed is…. IHS is Lord of the rings , seen above, the black sun, trapped in the Vesica Piscis. The Lens we are seen through until we can self ignite our Christ consciousness ….

The reference to the wound in the side of Christ conceals a deep hermetic mystery, one that is recapitulated in the Grail legend in the form of Lancelot falling upon his sword, resulting in a wound to his side that does not heal, and both are ultimately a reference back to the second chapter of Genesis wherein a wound in the side of Adam results upon removal of a rib by Yahweh in the allegory of the separation of the sexes, which leads, in due course, to the fall of man into mortality.

The frequent depiction of Christ seated within the Vesica conceals an astronomical correlation related to the great cosmic cycles, or ages of the world, the framework of temporal periodicity within which the great drama of the Fall of Man takes place. The symbolism of the Vesica as womb is epitomized by its role in geometry, as the fundamental figure from which all geometric form is generated. Early 20th century Masonic historian Sydney T. Klein wrote about this role of the Vesica and its connection with Freemasonry and the divine creative process.

I feel we are trapped in the fake cross of this, see here … http://sacredgeometryinternational.com/the-meaning-of-sacred-geometry-part-3-the-womb-of-sacred-geometry

This page discusses the prophet Ezekiel’s UFO-like vision (the Merkabah), time travel theory and related technology, and time travel in the Torah Code.  Nick Cook’s book, THE HUNT FOR ZERO POINT serves as a starting point in the discussion in the left column below.  Ezekiel’s first Heavenly Throne/Chariot (Merkabah) vision is in the right column. We will also explore possible national symbolism contained in Ezekiel’s vision.  The Merkabah is considered to be perhaps the most esoteric part of the Jewish Bible.  Nowhere is there such a heavy infusion of mechanics associated with the Almighty (Israeli tanks are named after it).  Many television shows (like the old Project U.F.O – Blue Book series) have asserted that it represents an alien spaceship, who whether to serve God, or for altruistic  (or even their own purposes), interfered in our religious and/or social development.  Cook’s book (and some information that I cannot publish) indicates that from at least the 1940s in Germany, and on, there have been efforts made to alter space-time.  Such efforts could lead to a time machine, as Cook asserts at page 229.  And it is with regard to this attempt, and the overlap of national symbols with animal faces seen with the Merkabah, that a rough attempt is made below to link nations exploring such technology with Ezekiel’s vision.  After exploring these links, I will offer more classical religious explanations of Ezekiel’s text.   http://www.arkcode.com/photo2_17.html

updated_onion_drive_and_ezekiel (1)

Ihs in Jewish Gematria Equals: 107 ( i






= 8??? could this be the O of sol O Mon? the ring of control …
Ihs in English Gematria Equals: 216 ( i






= 9
Ihs in Simple Gematria Equals: 36 ( i






= 9

“The vesica piscis signifies the mediation of two distinct entities; the complementariness of polar opposites, as when two extremes complete and depend upon one another to exist. One circle may signify the breath of spirit, which is eternal; the other may signify the body physical, which is forever changing and adapting. The vesica piscis itself symbolizes that which mediates spirit; or the psyche or soul.”

So this is how our Psyche is taken over, this is why becoming an alchemist is so important, seeing through the looking glass and seeing yourself and your role within creation, to become a creaTOR …

Sol O Mons Temple is the Overlay, keeping us connected to the Motherboard fake comPUTher program known as the Matrix machine, stopping us being connected to our inner temple …  we must activate and own our own Psyche, without becoming mind controlled …..

good video below explaining IHS ….. although the author of this video is surely a gatekeeper too, you can shift and sort, for yourself ….. he does not mention this ….

Thx Danielle Sudweeks… Lord of the rings indeed…. Anus/A Sun/Saturn (Ring) Worship….🌞
Lord of the Rings, Kissing the Popes Ring, Osculum infame, « thinking the sun shines out of your arse », As Above so Below… Etc… ». we enter the age of Aquarius… ruled by Saturn.. and his Father.. UrAnus Uranus your anus…. yes this is how sick the real story of power is….  » you dont know …It is not karmic. Was not decided before your incarnation. It has been done to you. Sodomy of newborns is rife. It can be done with a finger by a nurse or a doctor or priest, anyone who has a baby alone for a few minutes. It physically activates homosexuality through the kundalini. It resets the brain through the activation and trauma of the nerves. It must be done before 8yrs of age or the kundalini gate closes. That is why the catch phrase for NAMBLA is « get em by 8 before it’s too late ». You will have no way of knowing this was done to you and assume you were « born this way ». You were not. ritualistically sodomized at birth. Plus the onslaught of hormones and pesticides in food, body products and vaccines. Then mental indoctrination through the media and « culture » culturing your mind. You are not gay but once that kundalini has been tampered with there is no going back. You have been reset. And these vile scum that inflict this on children must be wiped from the Earth. It is nothing against you or gay people as such. It is about knowing how they spread this. It is ancient alchemy of physical triggers in the body. Just be sure to not pass this vileness on by participating in any form of pedophile sex. As the majority of pedophiles are in fact gay. It goes hand in hand. Hate me if you like but that is the truth. »    






Letting Go to the inner Flow.. of Alchemy

Alchemy ….. an inexplicable or mysterious transmuting


The Stay Calm and Carry on attitude, as our world becomes more and more delved in the dark tentacles of the Power structure, that has only Contempt, for the Mind controlled citizens ….is disturbing to watch, although i am well tucked in the heart of my tree, far away from the cold  black jack in a box…i am observing like an Owl … the KNOWLEDGE is hidden, it always has been, behind fairy tales ….


All the truth is told in riddles and scriptures… humans are kept in the Dark , Occult Knowledge is twisted and used as a weapon to have power over the human psyche … No David Icke won’t talk to you about alchemy … he is part of the magicians as all the gatekeepers on the conspiracy path are… Honestly … the whole contact in the desert, Aliens … and help coming is just distractions to stop true mystic alchemy being known… we are not going into a NEW EARTH that’s new age bull shit .. only we attain our new earth, personally, the ability to create when we have become an alchemist.. At the end of an age there is always a very high percentage of those that are jokers and deceivers, they are Satans lil helpers… all part of the BlacK magicians, that manipulate the innocence and ignorance of humanity …

If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe

– Nikola Tesla

No wonder they have all the children spinning 3 6 9 … more mass rituals to enter the new age cAGE 5th ether element 5g Air Aquarius .

humans have been so programmed they don’t even feel anymore.. the process of alchemy involves facing the truth that Life is a stage and that its set up to keep humans as pawns to be played … until we GET IT …then we transcend the lie and we can move in every direction on the chess board ..we can move in and out, the ether realm is found within …The whole Noddy land stage is heading for complete take over, as the wheels above roll towards Winter Narnia.. a time we can be, duped fooled and harvested with ease… There is a Black hole Vortex where you spin and toss and take this whole show for real, or you take the painful journey to self realisation, and you drop all control and fear of death.. Lineal concepts is how you are observed and trapped in the loop, Peer back through the Looking glass.. face your enemy and know thy name… until you get Big enough to question the LIE ..

you will carry on towards self destruction, spinning on a snow glow BaAl heavier and lower towards Led Saturn Reign ….letting off steam, and saying it as it is .. is HUMAN if you don’t see whats happening… Elections are Electrons.. simulators to make your Duracell battery react .to spark and ignite so you charge the machine… because Elections/Electrons excite, divide, fragment and dissect the Atomic Atoms we are … spinning torus fields is all there IS … we are being spun tighter in the web … as we creep further towards the new cAGE order singularity.. the fake singularity, when only you can attain wholeness, oneness, when you find yourself .. …

We are losing connection to being a human… No organisation establishment religion political party, Culture or secret society can help you turn wheat to Gold.. the WEAK souls turn to Cults and use Rumpelstiltskin to give them the power, they sacrifice their soul for fame glory and Gold, instead of inner light and a compass home ….only you can activate your inner nectar to higher consciousness.. Spiritual in the true sense.. without going to India, or joining a cult, is individual, it involves going through loss of everything you have been programmed to know.. returning to nothingness and leaving all limitation behind…you gottA get through the labyrinth alone, it’s thrilling, throw yourself into the pit and dig ..


as soon as you do, keys are given, when you let curiosity with good pure intention guide you, you are safe.. death of the programmed you, is a slow painful process of letting go of the egO… see how the masses are really herded ..How Psychopathic every inch of the smiley gang really are… and then unplug from that energy .. you are a creTOR now …. not a player nor a pawn …

Mercury is about communication, connection … activating the realm of Gold within … the Orange second to bottom chakra is the orbiting luminary sphere frequency after the Moons red blood orbit. The Telephone Operator Orange is about the communicator God Hermes Mercury AIR .the 5th element Ether .Mercury..holds the cast that put humanity under a deep spell.Caduceus -The Staff of Hermes is the Holly Wood Wand that struck you, They want humans stuck in the frequency of sex and desire, a primordial ring that focuses on fake media intellectualism Science, politics, entertainment, food, drink, drugs and religion and His Stories fables.. The Orbits of the planets luminaries, make prisms of colours, the realms that revolve around us on our stationary earth and within us as above so below and so within …

if you don’t tune in your own frequencies, unplug from the fake light, you participate in keeping yourself in the jack in the Box .. every time you phone orange french number is 09 69 36 39 00 say no more Why did Tesla say that 3,6,9 was the key to the universe? …you participate in a mass black magicK Harry Potter ritual to keep humans in a trance .and attached to that low Orange to BLACK vibe..

Old Video of santOs before he got that the earth is not a SantA ball .. but that doesn’t change the essence of this …

it’s the Saturn Moon mercury Fake Sol O Mon OverLay .. Peter Pan is the gemini Mercury Pan Baphomet Orange haired Pied Piper that can intwine you in the The DNA double helix trap .only you can get out of the lower Orange frequency to attain the full enlightenment .But Hermes Pan will whisper lies .. …and deceive ..until your hear your own voice within ..getting rid of your chakras can’t help you, you gotta tune in your own notes, you gotta break the spell of EL yourself …you detach by fully identifying the web we are spun in .. and breaking through it yourself

Charlotte’s web is a Pig Trap unless we can weave our own density ..into destiny and manifest our own patterns.. earth is a school .. where duality is the first grade.. many of us on earth have evolved out of kindergarten..we are all vibing at unique signatures, we live among each other causing friction as souls sounds ascend and descend like musical tones, stones, notes .. it’s a passionate labyrinth, the web of deceit .. the wheel .. we are just raising or lowering our vibes.. depending on how innocent, arrogant, mind controlled degenerate or gullible we may be, only Ego keeps the gates closed.. only you and I have the keys


All Myths Religions Fables and Nursery Rhymes come from astrOtheology … we are in the wheel .ouroboros.. you only escape it, when you deprogram from the deceit and raise your inner ChristOs Oil, your nectar to enlightenment .. we are fed stories for children, to keep us trapped in the wheel …. Explanation below.. sometimes i forget many don’t know this…. they think we live on a santA SatAn Jesus Glow BaAl …..Gravity is simply Dielectric Magnetism hence Mary Magdalene ..we are stationary among spinning orbits that tune us in, accord our organs … until we can tune ourselves in and adjust our own organs of sound… matter ..

Magnetism & Inertia: Explaining the Field Geometry that defines the entire Universe

The way out.. is Transcending The Ouroboros

This is simply to explain.. that the wheels keep turning, as we see in sacred geometry, numerology and astrology, patterns of spiraling tones, its mathematical, spiritual, earthly, hearty and elementary, eternal vibes, from nothing to experience, from matter to spirit and back again, helping each other, expand and contract, creating motion .. meeting transforming and parting as we flow, in and out of rings, pools of water and sound.. as we interact, we spin like mini torus vortex’s, each of us, within the bulb of our own and then larger guitar bulbs, of life’s strings … choosing what sounds to hear and feel, stepping stones to touch and taste and see, the five senses is our compass, do we align ourselves to our inner compass/ion or not.., to the further tones of music, do we cross our own bridges or do we let trap arches be set up for us.. taking us into a new cage? how do we find the inner path of inner visibility?


We are all sparkles of the prime creaTOR .. but there is the trap of not finding the core prime Pristine primordial part of us that is all that there is, becoming fragmented, separated, falling into secular religion cults.. all belief programs, and the truth movement.. its all cycles.. names are given to the gatekeepers, the luminary bodies that reflect us into form…only we can illuminate ourselves from not shying away from what must be seen, to observe ourselves , or we are shone upon by false lights … Stars and Gods are given Patriarchal and matriarchal roles, that we idolise, false Gods, instead of recognizing those parts of ourselves, the strengths and weaknesses in our selves .. the archetypes are the melodies and drum beats, that make us matter, stone through harmonics ..we are all at different levels of tones … we are tuning in through the wheels that sometimes overlap, dimensions are these vibrations, there is no time its a dream and we are just adding snow to the database wheel as it gathers momentum to the pendulum, as we take control of our vessels, .. we learn how to regulate and breathe consciously… escaping the illusion of birth and death …

We can expand or contract tuning in to chords of harmony or disharmony, as we all shine at different frequencies of colour depth and form..we bounce and spark on and of off each other, positive and negative charges as we go from conscious to unconscious ..and back again.. breathing in and out, of the game, the self simulated virtual reality show.. until we don’t have to be fooled or guided by the planetary bodies, numbers, sacred circles or the machine any more..
we can free fall and remote control ourselves… the robotic wheels of life are currently heading, counterclockwise is 24 000 year cycles, 2 thousand per piza part, the 12 houses .. the seasons.. towards the darkest of winter time, on the galactic scale ..so less souls can escape into the zero point , whirled and tossed through the coldness and ruthless winter ages… nor be connected to the heat, the flame of the opposite side of the wheels golden age, it’s harder to perceive organic truth ..as the veils come down, we continue to edge

and slip slowly, but surely towards , winter, the Narnia, Fascist Glow Ball Baal take over…

we are coming out of the window period offered at the end of each age when there is a pin hole chance to escape the robotic churning of the milk to make curds.. always a mass awakening happens at these times, so the sharks go on alert and the conspiracy truth movement is full of tricksters and traps.. they are here to harvest the really tasty awakening souls as they have the most light and make perfect vessels to overtake for the ride down to hell …they trick souls to comeback in the wheel as winter disguised as Lion Summer Aslan, Aquarius new age cAGE , No the Spring is not coming we are heading backwards NOT forwards, through the wheel. The Jokers are playing as Heros so to capture and lead astray, shadow souls need human vehicles to posses and remote control to live through us…


If you believe the hype, the His Story, the divided cultures, and the dogma, you come back again to go through the drama. they want as many souls as possible to keep riding through the dark ages . .. those that fall for the charm of the ice witch will come back .. and it’s only gonna get harder.. you would rather choose, now, i can assure you, but you have to get unplugged first.. and that won’t happen by following trends,.the tricksters want you to keep searching and looking and being distracted.. so you never see the simple simplicity of the wheels .. like the white rabbit, falsely leading people into mazes of confusion, this is the time all knowledge is hidden . the souls that don’t get it must go around again, at the same low frequency turning with the wheels coming back until they get where they are really heading….

This is harvesting souls… time.. to keep us beLIEving in death and birth, Aliens and Saviours, beginnings and ends .. when it is just about self realisation and regeneration from density to transparency ..those of us, who make the journey through the thorns by choice.. don’t need to relive, ignorantly, through the ages of darkness again, because we read the signs in time, astrology signs, symbols, angles? angels? we GOT it .. we lost all doubt and fear, we choose to sound the alarm ….you have to choose, all by yourself when you are ready to go from involuntary to voluntary manifestation, once we are able to conceive the full scale of the truth of the matter, the inverted perverted backwards motion we are turning in,

No wonder they have all the children spinning 3 6 9 … more mass rituals to enter the new age cAGE 5th ether element 5g Air Aquarius ..If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe

– Nikola Tesla

When we lose light we lower frequency, and possession and mind control and confusion and deceit become more wide spread. as February goes into the depth of winter, the age of Aquarius, we are more and more vulnerable and lost, it will continue into The age of Capricorn and December EMBER Time, which will be the time of complete destruction fire and horrors on earth ..yes a bit like hell

..as the golden age is like paradise just a pendulum through the cross sections of the seasons .. the extremes, opposites, bringing winter and summer..spring and autumn. the Earth goes through these cycles.. with or without us..we become enlightened and reborn in summer, the golden age of Gemini and Cancer, Atlantis .. and we lose connection and get confused and lost in winter, the time of Aquarius and Capricorn, normal, it’s up to us to work it out, we must join the dots alone… only we can remain faithful to the true golden light within us, we can ignite the oil when we are alive, so to own our sovereignty and ability to expand and contract in our own rhythms, without being fooled that we are about to enter a glorious new age of Peace…it’s a Trap a new age cage..


But we can return to this place and always be safe, through self acknowledgement, when we get. past the gatekeepers, we can choose where and when in the illusion, we want to experience, to come back in to the time, game musical, we can then choose where to next go, we get to surf in synchronization in and out of the densities instead of being led by abstract absent destiny .we become present, conscious and motionless within the game. we create what we want and need to experience and eventually we can choose to slip from nothing to something, by choice.. returning and leaving, in eternal waves, when we remember who we are.. we can in turn warn our brothers and sisters, but we can’t walk anyone else but ourselves out of the cave …Saturn will always harvest those souls that don’t get it, life after life, and the Moon will faithfully part her legs for those ready to delve through her dark holy door, to your SUN .. only when you are ready to become an alchemist and weave gold too ….

 The next Chapter….

Mass transformation is what I strive for


Alchemy, through acknowledgment of the mystics,

Since my last two articles, Deprogramming Dorothy,


and The 5th Element, toGETher Ether


both about the fact that every court jester playing on this chess game is a reversed plugin, The Pan Baphomet, is sadly the trend, in the gender neutral, One image of the New age cAGE of the Luciferian mindset, a fake alchemy process, like all beLIEf programs, be they religion, politics, or new age, for that’s where we are heading, a LGBTP peace and love over the rainbow world, Oz is Z the END, the alpha omega oborusborus, that’s all folks …

The Big Bang, SantA Ball …. lineal, Bi BULL Polar Shit …. is the simulation …


it took me a long time to get back to my roots of astrology, beating the black magicians at their own game of spinning us inside a closed web, Charlotte means peace, her web of illusion, is not. So since my recent mass awakening in 2010, i have changed tune, again, they do seem to be seven year cycles.. just as the days of the week and the planets that are simply our musical organs. This is the trap, the rap, we are the pigs, trapped in loony tunes, to be eaten, harvested, to fetOFus, within the ouroboros Torus, wheel. It is but a game, to live and learn.

To not be taken to heart, not to be taken at a first degree, we all travel through the 30 degrees, the 60 minutes , the 3,6,9 … the notes of time that mature the tune of our wine, our blood, the veins of our sols, souls, suns.


It’s kinda over, for me,

My tone has tamed down…


For I see the wheels don’t stop turning, it’s just another bubble of life, for those tuning into this database. Although we can observe the collective, dilemma as we expand in vision with more clarity, we can never change the beat. We are heading downhill, as the sun sets, we will rise again, as the ages turn, in what form I have no idea, but we do keep changing, we can’t regulate others or change their rhythm, we can warn and educate and speak our truth, but we can’t lose friends, or get caught in division for the sake snake, of sounding, hissing the alarm. The spell is always, broken, alone.


Whatever happens, the music is eternal, when we can hear it we have entered matter when it is silent we are back home to silence and nothingness, with every possibility in eternal waves of decoding possibilities. Sound is all.  Time does not exist, we are spinning into reality, through colour, millions of options of now, the ultra violet flame, within eternal scenarios of ever changing seasons.

RabbitHole (1)

« Astrotheology and how to know thyself A summary of the lectures of Santos Bonacci By Jacqueline Tull and Johan Oldenkamp Astrotheology is the holy science that combines astrology, astronomy and theology. This holy science shows that in fact all myths, all story’s, the bible and all other holy scriptures, and even nursery rhymes are based on the movement and interaction of the seven lights we see in the sky. These seven lights we know as the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. They are the lights our eyes can see wandering in front of the fixed background of the stars. These are the main characters that create patterns in the sky, which have an effect on our lives here on Earth or Terra. “As above, so below”.


All Myths Religions Fables and Nursery Rhymes come from astrOtheology … we are in the wheel .ouroboros.. you only escape it, when you deprogram from the deceit and raise your inner ChristOs Oil, your nectar to enlightenment .. we are fed stories for children, to keep us trapped in the wheel …. Explanation below.. sometimes i forget many don’t know this…. they think we live on a santA SatAn Jesus Glow BaAl …..Gravity is simply Dielectric Magnetism hence Mary Magdalene ..we are stationary among spinning orbits that tune us in, accord our organs … until we can tune ourselves in and adjust our own organs of sound… matter ..

Charlotte’s web is a Pig Trap unless we can weave our own density ..into destiny and manifest our own patterns.. earth is a school .. where duality is the first grade.. many of us on earth have evolved out of kindergarten..we are all vibing at unique signatures, we live among each other causing friction as souls sounds ascend and descend like musical tones, stones, notes..  it’s a passionate labyrinth, the web of deceit .. the wheel .. we are just raising or lowering our vibes.. depending on how innocent, arrogant, mind controlled degenerate or gullible we may be, only Ego keeps the gates closed.. only you and I have the keys

you know it’s all distraction if it’s doesn’t get to the wheels of sound, spheres of rings, orbits of frequency and vibration .. the arc of the rotations the arch..s there is no flat or round that is the division… .. and we sit according to how we tune ourselves in


Two songs that talk of the recycling wheel, until we break through, to true alchemy….


The fake light scenariO.. Hotel California…..


The House of the Rising Sun, Your life path, your rising sign journey through the wheel, or do you break through ….. out of the cycle …. to be free of matter, again and back.

I am SO happy I went through this period, the last chapter of my life,  just manifested, was about working it all out, going into the maze of tricks and traps, really digging down those holes… as I have said before, each time we follow loop holes,  we gather momentum and tune in, according our instruments, as we find out, what we do and don’t agree to, as we trip and fall. So from the four years of running night life in Paris, from 2008 till 2012, after a heavy draining 8 year divorce, where I went into the working world, from English teacher in Major companies and at the University of technology in Compiegne, finding my voice and place in the corporate world, Noddy land, was important. to get past Saturn and to know the balance and natural vibe of synchronicity…


The years spent bringing up my children, in the village life where we lived, and riding horses in the world of eventing or swimming across Europe in masters competions.. then working in advertising, the commercial world, fashion, night life, PR, for the elite and bringing networks of artists together in Paris. from constantly changing worlds to finding myself, I went to heal in the countryside, I sold up in Paris, and looked after pilgrims for four years in the South West of France.

I had had, my awakening and then there is no stopping you.

Since I’ve sold home again and followed my soul partner to Spain and we have bought a new home, back in the French countryside, a place where at last I have found a community life and the time and space to delve truly into my inner world, to go deeper into my love of astrology, of writing, painting and reading. To at last know the art of permaculture, living off grid as much as possible, healing with herbs and remedies that have long been lost and returning truly to being the healer and wise old witch I am. Helping each other in a community life and trying to live the life I preach to others, as the best example I can possibly, be.

At the same time, I have come to a closure after a good 7 year cycle of going down the rabbit hole.

Old man Saturn, the white rabbit, Sirius or Satan closed in the jack of a box ..

Basically, I feel I have done it, thoroughly, I know the agenda, I identify, the denied darkside that takes a hold of us. Tries to tell us that the material world is all there is? So we go on and off like batteries, denying are eternal connection to living the dream or having a dream, tempting us to return to the realms of stone, when we alone can ignite our own bulbs of eternal inner knowing. as we roll helplessly, counter clockwise, back through the ages towards the time of Aquarius then Capricorn, the time when life is furthest away from the golden inner light, a time we discover the death we so fear, only to be reborn again to rekindle that sparkle that connects us all, in all its strength, just rolling stones, falling like led to the clutches of Winter, Narnia, the rulership of Saturn, living the result of ignorance or ascending as the phoenix through the realms of death. Until the wheel climbs back up, out of the shadow of platos cave, towards the golden age of Gemini, Cancer and Leo The Sun the Moon and Mercury.

The trinity consciousness can’t be activated again.. until the essence of the golden oil has poured freely from our hearts and spines to touch us all again. We need to discover this automatically until we can remote control ourselves consciously, in and out of the wheels, the egg vortex’s, or universes. When the two circles of two twin flames of the two universes join and make two, when the seed of two suns magnify each other, life is unconditional and purified a new …. as we do when we self activate …. regenerate ..

We can do this physically or psychically. When a soul loses the power to leave the wheel they will eternally turn living only as a shadow and possessing the innocent new born souls, in any way they can, those are the arch ons and arch angels. Giving us the lessons and wisdom we need to choose, either we rely,  on them,  or transpire back to our core.

How Saturn became the Sun/Son for the dark ages we still live….. Here we offer David Talbott’s first glimpses of celestial dramas in ancient times. Just a few thousand years ago a gathering of planets hung as towering forms in the ancient sky close to the earth, provoking spectacular electric discharge formations above our forebears and inspiring the vast complex of world myths and symbols.

Symbols of an aLIEn sky video below ….

Santos Bonacci explains below how you activate and leave this simulation …… your Christos oils journey …..

… Only took me my whole life to come home to what i really am ….. We can’t escape the seasons as below or above .. we are in Winter gang, things will get worse.. but when we know this, we can let go and simply grow … we can choose when we pop in and out of the simulation, when we get it… we have soul experiences within the wheel, for different reasons, we either come to learn, to follow, to experience, to be an unconscious acTOR or to be a conscious activaTOR for those souls ready to transpire through the wheel illusion, to help souls at each degree of the wheel, to be an arch a bridge a Tor connection, back to the creaTOR source … some of us come in and out, as we breathe some of us are being recycled, we are all doing some essential role as we roll through matter back to Spirit

I got through the gate keepers, the whole truth movement is swarming with distraction, honestly, this is why, once I got that there is no flat or round, no 10 0r X, just sound, just colour, just Atum, Atom, Adam, just signals, off and on or we transmute the simulation, but becoming masters of the holy science of alchemy and delving into the mystical waters, in our unique fields and ways, through the arts or the story of creation. This is where the power button dissolves, from being told what to believe or remembering where we come from. Then we can reconnect to in and out, breathing in tune to our true signatures again. To be silent or to vibrate.

There is nothing that can explain all our questions, better than feeling the music that takes us to the tone of matter. Knowing the torus fields, knowing ourselves and how we vibrate? How we are tuned in, what signature or song we have sculpted ourselves into through our journeys of imagined time. Once we get this we understand the hidden forces driving us, we can dissect ourselves, we can then go from the personal perspective, inner planet influence, to the transpersonal outer planet influences. then we can start navigating outside of the wheel, bridging between worlds and outside of the one wheel trap, that Saturn presides. How are we influenced by the ego based architypes, how do we integrate their faults and strengths and transcend the mundane world, when do we, choose to stop having our vessels remote controlled, by social programming?

So I am back on the road, that gave me butterflies as a child, in my tummy.  But I wasn’t ready, to go so deep, I had to go out and see into the world, blessed or cursed, as I am, with a strong stellium in the 12th house, I have eventually opened with acceptance, as my chart suggests strongly, to retreat as an official hermit,  here to delve, further within my own inner visibility… I have played active roles in Noddy land, I am over and out with the fake truthers, there is no enemy, when at last we know our NenAeMEmy, NAME.

The holy science is not bad it’s been hidden and turned into occult.. It is ESSENTIAL people obtain the true knowledge.. so you don’t get confused with the Fake age of Aquarius and the true Golden age… and where we are really heading NOW .. what you are feeding .. you have to have identified the lie if you wanna be part of the ever changing ..

The Vesica Piscis, is where we become alchemists …



Venus’s exaltation in Pisces perhaps points to her as a key for healing the Piscean paradigm. My initial association between Venus and Pisces was that Aphrodite was born from the sea. But I discovered an association between Venus and Pisces that predates the Greek myth. The symbol for Pisces is said to come from the Vesica Piscis (literally, « the bladder of a fish »), an ancient geometrical figure consisting of two overlapping circles, where the perimeter of each circle intersects with the other’s center. The Vesica Pisces has been associated with the Goddess for thousands of years, and more specifically, with the feminine power of giving birth — the almond-shaped figure formed by the overlapping circles symbolizes the vagina. 37


Researcher Derek Murphy explains: « In the mysteries of Ephesus, the Goddess wore this symbol [Vesica Pisces] over her genital region, and in the Osiris story, the lost penis was swallowed by a fish which represented the vulva of Isis. Likewise, in many examples of Christian art, Jesus Christ is proceeding from this symbol, representing his birth from the Goddess. »38 Murphy goes on to show how the Christian fish symbol actually comes from the Vesica Pisces — which you can see in the center shape, plus the lines of the tail.

Now, when I see the Christian fish symbol on the back of a car, I think, « Mary’s vulva, » and I imagine a religious paradigm that honors a woman’s body as sacred, that considers every birth a « divine birth, » as if the ability to create life were a miracle, as if life itself were a miracle. I imagine restoring — re-storying — Mary Magdalene to her role as Christ’s spiritual equal, and their Sacred Marriage as essential for opening his « body and psyche to the Holy Light, » in the tradition of the ancient Venusian priestesses. 

breathing in and out of cycles we are in the microcosm, but the bigger picture is the Macrocosm .. you have to innerrstand astrOtheology, and get passed the inversion perversion of the black magicians.. the hocus pocus is to scare you so you never learn the story of the cosmos and the illusion we live of resting and playing, swinging in and out. All mythology, fables, tales, Religion Philosophy comes from the story of our wheel from spirit to matter ..  ❤

As a child I was a passionate astrologer, among other things, for I have always been overly passionate, I have real iced all my dreams with silver and golden coating, from immense personal success, joy and happiness and slumped to the lowest levels of despair fear and loss. But I got that oil nectar of life back up the ladder, spine, chimney, and activated my own enlightenment, that’s all we are here to do. If we don’t that’s ok too because what ever version of ourselves we discover we will live that harmony of frequency, this is why I am back to astrology to help people in their own journeys of self discovery.


Knowing that there is no gravity, only a magnetic attraction, that IS the electromagnetic wave Ray of light, RA and the Bulb of our electrically lit universe EL…the Bi bell… Or in other words a Neutron, the nucleus, the trinity, The neutron IS, the Proton RA, and the electron EL. This is why, I have returned to how I read music, how I read souls, how I see where we are on our respective, recycled journeys, how much pressure we are under or not, where we need to focus in this life, maybe you are not ready to wake up to the simulation and you are here to have another role, roll, in the wheel of matter.


The music will always play to the possibilities we reach up or down for, until we see through the time warp and we stand still, heart centered, fully feeling and vibrating our own songs, frequencies from our hearts.

We are not here too ascend without having descended, fully aware of the overlay that aims to keep us stuck in a life and death program, only when we have fully lived  through the ego can we stop being acTORs of the TORus field we play in, then we stop spinning and the stillness shows us all there is . Once we have seen that the dream spins in cycles, from a plane of neutral absent all knowing but constantly growing inertia, we are ready to let go.




















MAGnetism together with Dielectricity is the progenitor of ELectricity. Magnetism is much much more powerful than electricity. Possibly endlessly more powerful. Dielectricity stills electricity, it is the stillness that centers and balances the two sex halved red AND blue force (“one force, two sexes” Walter Russell) of electricity, it is white centering light and it is ONE (unity, spirit), electricity is red and blue light and it is TWO (duality, matter) see the South Korean flag.

Magneto-dielectricity acts as the balancing focal point of all waves, the center point of all waves. See my presentations re the wave and the ecliptic. One: Magneto-dielectricity is the standing/ longitudinal wave: Rarefaction-Compression, Centripetal Convergence AND Centrifugal Divergence (see: Nikola Tesla), The other: Electromagnetic is the ‘Hertzian’/ transverse wave (see: Heinrich Hertz) One is a pulse, the other is a wave/ polarity, one is Magneto-dielectric/ Spiritual, the other is Electromagnetic/ Physical Please read the book ‘The Holy Science’ by Swami Sri Yukteswar as he clarifies these anciently known truths. In this book he calls it ‘Divine Magnetism’, and shows how electricity is inferior to it.

We are currently in the age of electricity, the age of magnetism is now upon us according to Yukteswar. Magnetism can be likened to the interior potency of Sri Radha-Krishna whereas electricity is the external potency (Durga-Maya) Notice the word Maya – illusion. The internal/ everlasting, unconditioned Magnetic world, is always superior to the external/ temporal, conditioned Electrical world. This is Atum, ‘the One’, the Two and the Three, The Dielectric – Krishna, the Magnetic – Radha, and the Electric – Belarama The false god gravity, is in fact nothing other than dielectric acceleration or dielectric voidance, it’s the Universal principal of ‘inertia and acceleration’, the opposite principle being ‘force and motion’ – Magnetism. Here is the holy trinity: Dielectricity/ KRISna, Magnetism/ RAdharani, and ELectricity/ bELaram – IsRaEl.


















Gravity is a false God that wishes to belong in the holy trinity but CANNOT due to it being a false doctrine invented by materialist pseudo scientists inspired by demons. Gravity is the ‘shadow’ of the three, it is the big G inside the compass and square of the Freemasons, it’s their false God. G.O.D. Generation Operation Dissolution, OR Dielectricity, Magnetism, and Electricity is ALL there is, nothing beyond this exists. GRAvity is NOT an autonomous field modality, there are ONLY three field modalities, 1 Dielectricity, 2 Magnetism, 3 Electricity, D. E. M. aDEM, ‘all is Atum’ – Adam. There is ONLY one field…… the aether… the quintessence…. dielectricity/ Krishna/ Christ. https://universaltruthschool.com/syncretism/news-view

Santos Bonacci

Dielectricity (Black light) and Magnetism (White light) the godhead Divergent centrifugal force & motion…… Magnetism (Radharani, our mother who art in heaven)Convergent centripetal inertia & acceleration…. dielectricity (Krsna, our father who art in heaven)

The War on Venus

Rome persecuted « heretics » in isolated cases, from the beginning of Christianity, but it wasn’t until the founding of the Inquisition in the 13th century that persecution started operating as a « well-oiled, highly dedicated machine, a conveyor belt for tipping whole communities into Hell. » 27 The machine’s first victims were the Cathars, a Christian sect in the south of France who held the radical belief that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were lovers — not legally married, but lovers. In fact, Picknett asserts that the Inquisition was « originally set up specifically for the interrogation and execution of the Cathars. » 28


What started out as the Vatican’s targeted persecution of Christian heretics expanded into an all-out attack on the women of Europe — a « gendercide » that continued through the 18th century and resulted in the deaths of anywhere from 60,000 to one million women (for various reasons, it’s hard to get a clear body count). Though some men were also persecuted for witchcraft, the vast majority, more than 90 percent, were women. As Anne Llewellyn Barstow writes in Witchcraze: « Having a female body was the factor most likely to render one vulnerable to being called a witch. » And the female body was suspect: « The classic statement from the Malleus Maleficarum [Hammer of Witches], ‘all witchcraft comes from carnal lust, which is in women insatiable,’ summed up the widespread belief that women were by nature oversexed, wicked, and therefore dangerous to men. » 29 While sexuality seemed to be the root issue for the Vatican’s assault on the Cathars, sexuality was also a significant aspect of the persecution of women that continued for centuries. All phases of the processing of alleged witches were sexualized — from the accusations of witchcraft, which often involved sexual acts with the devil; to the searching and « pricking » of women’s bodies (including their genitals) for signs of the « devil’s mark » or « devil’s teat »; to methods of torture that were explicitly sexual; to the executions themselves, which sometimes included cutting off a woman’s breasts before burning her at the stake. (Delving into this chapter of history is not for the faint of heart.) In this war on Venus, a war on the feminine, sexual violence forcefully and effectively severed spirit from body. It became dangerous to be in a body, especially a woman’s body.

Why was a sexual relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene so threatening to the Church? And why the full-scale assault on women’s sexuality? The ancients knew that sexuality is a powerful and easily accessible avenue to higher consciousness and spiritual power. This is why Venus was the « light-bringer » — through the body, through sexuality, enlightening consciousness. People who are grounded in their bodies and connected with their infinite, divine, spirit selves are not easy to control or manipulate. By turning Jesus into a celibate and by demonizing women’s sexuality, the Roman Empire used religion to disempower its subjects.

It was not only the Roman Empire that benefited from suppressing the feminine, but the broader Western project of expanding empire. Barstow points out that the peak years of the European witch hunts, 1560–1760, coincided with Western colonial expansion and the Atlantic slave trade. 30 Cate Montana, in her memoir Unearthing Venus, tells a story that illuminates the connection between colonialism and women’s disempowerment. A turning point in her own understanding of the feminine comes when she interviews John Perkins, who lived and studied with the Shuar tribe in the Amazon rainforest. Perkins was told that one of the roles of women — their most important job, on which the survival of the tribe depends — is « telling men when it is time to stop … [M]en hunt animals and cut trees even when there is enough meat and wood, unless women rein them in. » 31 Perkins tells of a Shuar shaman coming to visit the United States, asking, « Where are your women? Why are they not telling the men to stop? » 32

Barstow reports that, as a legacy of the witch hunts, European women became afraid to speak up, and protested less: « From having, at the end of the Middle Ages, a reputation for being scolds and shrews, bawdy and aggressive, women began to change into the passive, submissive type that symbolized them by the mid-nineteenth century. » 33 The centuries-long war on Venus, which tortured the feminine out of existence and made it dangerous for a woman to speak up or speak out, left industrial civilization free to dominate and exploit the planet and its peoples. 


Yes we are in a simulated overlay.. it’s a game.. old man Saturn keeps us as energy light food in an original made up sin scam .. until we get it.. Getting it takes years and life times here .. to step off the propaganda wagon.. Psyops is ripe in every department.. Everything is a stage.. New Age ..Nuclear Power … Outer Space, Religions, IsIs.. aLIEns, Planets.. Earth… Cancer.. Illness .education. politics.. entertainment.. science .. All is disinformation.. the Truth movement .. ALL of IT .. as long as we are kept in a bowl of lies we can be manipulated.. to have FEAR Doubt .. Once we leave the simulated version, we can get on with Living.. fulfilling our missions and finding out why some souls agree to trap innocence, why are we here? do we feed the lie or do we work to liberate man from the LIE we live. although many souls among us, are baby souls and they need to live the roller coaster they have to live it, that’s the perfect journey from unconscious to conscious, so we can’t over push people to WAKE up before they are ready.. it would damage their experience .. however as we move into Aquarius then Capricorn the veil will be so dense that very few humans will break out of the chess game…some will get very burnt… but as always at the end of an age many of us do GET IT and we get past those gate keepers.. we fall into traps.. the further we go but eventually we become untouchable.. because it’s ALL a game of chess.. there are archetypes that must be overcome within us all to transmute the wheel of life, our ego, our material realm and death

The Luminary bodies define the musical instruments we are.. to become matter. In this simulation we are tuned in by the biggest organ, our hearts.. our core that then vibrates out through each planet body making us have density, destiny and form..but it’s a big job working out how you’ve been tuned in… and how to tune out, you have to recognize your own make up, why you are here, if you are happy to plod along to the music with out questioning your ability to tune in your own chords.. chakras… musical notes .. archetypes.. the 12 signs, disciples to the sun/Son and the 12 houses that encircle our sun the 12 hours of one a one day cycle…


But The imposter Sun is Saturn ..he sits currently in the empty center and harvests those souls that need another turn in the wheel .. to those instruments that don’t get past Old Man Saturn/Satan n Jupiter in this life, to reach out and acknowledge their transpersonal furthest musical notes, to the subconscious realms of the outer planets ..When we do this we become the captains of our ships, we can remote control our own destinies in acceptance and knowing.. we can use surf the game … for the gate keepers will keep you coming back for more, they are not bad.. you just have to get past them, they will give you those lessons over and over again…


indeed Old man Father Christmas God The Lord of the rings.. the Father figure fake Sun worship is a fraud, when the true Sun/Son is within you, but as long as you don’t acknowledge this or learn to observe and know yourself.. you can’t get passed the gate keepers of Jupiter and Saturn,, Jupiter is a mate of Saturns..yeah Zeus holds the truth of Free energy and Saturn Chronos, knows how your DNA is tuned in…all the planets and the sun and the moon have been inverted perverted in their strengths and weaknesses, they are perfectly harmful when they are seen for the lessons and limits and gifts they share. Once we find again the rhythm, of how we come and go, in and out of the wheel, to learn at our own beat how to tune in our own experiences and to know every angle of the degrees of the wheel.. to become masters of making music, to transcend the restrictions of how matter is formed and to blend the outer with the inner, until we become those furthest notes again in their prime neutral form ..we will experience matter as a question of life and death and yesterday and tomorrow… http://www.astro.com/astrology/in_dg_sat_jup_e.htm


Yes this is a simulation, but we are instruments of sound hence matter.. we keep it going for experience of the five senses .. Christ is within us.. you do know that the Christos oil is self activated? or not? waking up as you guys have is that activation, we all have to get past old man Saturn to ignite the inner visible realms.. as Saturn is the last visible planet.. we are at the end of an age.. we spend 2000 yrs in each simulated age.. but every time it is bringing data into the collective… we remain as food fodder to the machine as long as we come back for the ride… that’s ok too, it’s a breathing process of in and out of the illusion from nothing to everything… there is a real golden age too.. but we got 8000 yrs before we get back to that part of the wheel.. astrOtheology helps to explain the scriptures and the guitar we vibrate within ❤


An insight into the true nature of the principles of alchemy and the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus (also known as Thoth, Mercury, or Hermes in different cultures). This was part of the wisdom of the mystery schools of ancient times. Alchemy is not all about transforming things into gold, but more of a understanding of the true nature of things and how to manipulate their energies.



I am in a new chapter, my friends, in a few months i will be ready to help others in my acknowledgement of being an intuitive psychic healer, practicing alchemist and astrologer…


for the moment i am still, going through charts, of yours as i learn and go much deeper, mixing my psychic abilities with the true knowledge of the wheel we must, in our time bypass through integration ….. those that can transmute, are here to transcend and protect, innocence, not to use and abuse from the learning process …..

… We are all sparkles of the prime creaTOR .. but there is the trap, of not finding the core prime Pristine primordial part of us, that is this, falling into secular religion or cults.. all belief programs, like all the truth movement.. its all cycles. Names are given to the gatekeepers, the luminary bodies that reflect us into form…only we can illuminate ourselves or we are shone upon by false lights … they are given roles that we idolise instead of recognizing those parts, the strengths and weaknesses in our selves .. the archetypes are the notes that make stone through harmonics ..we are all at different levels of tones … we are tuning in through the wheels that sometimes overlap, aswe swirl dancing through frequencies, vibing to lesser of more skill, as we spin, dimensions, are this. There is no time, space or matter,  its a dream and we are just adding snow to the database wheel as it gathers momentum to the pendulum then we leave it .. we learn how to regulate and breathe consciously with time … escaping the illusion of birth and death …

Sounds like the wheel to me… you see Astrology is every story of life you’ve ever known, Religion is AstrOtheOlogy…simply the archetypes of the wheel, you will come back again and again always matching the same frequency you left the wheel with.. if you beLIEve in the Play, if you take on assigned scripted roles, that match the low low level of consciousness that Noddy Land is manifested within, you will not become directors nor writers of the play.. it’s a game.. it’s riddles, truth is never fed to you for free.. only you can become bigger than the lie..

« All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages. At first, the infant,
Mewling and puking in the nurse’s arms.
Then the whining schoolboy, with his satchel
And shining morning face, creeping like snail
Unwillingly to school. And then the lover,
Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad
Made to his mistress’ eyebrow. Then a soldier,
Full of strange oaths and bearded like the pard,
Jealous in honor, sudden and quick in quarrel,
Seeking the bubble reputation
Even in the cannon’s mouth. And then the justice,
In fair round belly with good capon lined,
With eyes severe and beard of formal cut,
Full of wise saws and modern instances;
And so he plays his part. The sixth age shifts
Into the lean and slippered pantaloon,
With spectacles on nose and pouch on side;
His youthful hose, well saved, a world too wide
For his shrunk shank, and his big manly voice,
Turning again toward childish treble, pipes
And whistles in his sound. Last scene of all,
That ends this strange eventful history,
Is second childishness and mere oblivion,
Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.!

The 5th Element TO get Her Ether

Now that I have deeply connected the dots and i have the eyes to real eyes, that the Satanic families that run this world have always  transgendered …. boys are born with XY chromosomes but born with a vagina … To GET … HER … the ETHER the 5th ELEMENT Plasma … so to take the place of nature ……


SunJay Chen We all connect with Ether-net and under control by the A.I. ( An eye = Mono eye = Money ) 



The Fifth world as in the film the 5th element by Luc Besson … set in the 23rd century …2+3=5   2 3’s is also 33 degrees free Masonary …. in the image of PAN the Baphomet male and female


From the movie: The number 23:
There are 23 letter in the latin alphabet
the knights templar had 23 grand masters
Horishima = Aug 6, 1945= 8+6+1+9+4+5 = 23
Human genome contains 23 pais of chromosones
the witches sabbath is june 23
titanic sank = april 15, 1912 = 4 +1+5+1+9+1+2 = 23
ww2 – us declare declared war on germany = december 11, 1941 = 12+11 = 23 (and 1+9+4+1 = 15 = 6)
hitler killed april, 1945 = 4 +1+9+4+5 = 23
9/11/2001 NY bombing = 9+11+2+1 =23
23 = 2/3 =.666
(23 = 2+3 = 5 witchcraft) (23 = 2×3 = 6 number of the beast [2/3=.666]) = 5+6 = 11 confusion = 1:1 Satan desire to be like God

Elections France marine le pen Macaron 23 Avril ……. CharLIE and the CHOCOLATE Factory .. 3 – Une famille de choco­la­tiers comme le fromagette a Paris ou Pizza gate c’est des anciens famille satanique depuis tres tres longue temps le derniere fille .. nee Brigitte , me semble avoir etais castre enfant prepubescente comme Jane Fonda.. brigitte Bardot des hommes des baphomets.. deguiser en femme comme dans tout famille satanique … comme Carla bruni des HOMMES …..
A Amiens où est née Brigitte, les Trogneux sont une vraie insti­tu­tion. Choco­la­tiers de père en fils depuis cinq géné­ra­tions, ils possèdent des maga­sins un peu partout dans la région. La spécia­lité des Trogneux : le maca­ron d’Amiens, une gâteau aux amandes et au miel. Il s’en vend plus de deux millions par an, se vante le site Inter­net. Aujourd’­hui, c’est Jean-Claude Trogneux, le frère de Brigitte, qui est aux rênes de l’entre­prise.

Presidents wives are Prepubescent sex changed children, and most of the Men are FTMs the Elite have always been in the image of the Baphomet the Pan Man ….Mercury is also peter Pan the pied piper, in astrotheology mercury, Hermes, he is the symbol of air Ether, communication, the Orange second to bottom chakra is the orbiting luminary sphere frequency after the Moons red blood orbit. The Telephone Operator Orange is about the communicator God Hermes Mercury AIR .the 5th element Ether .Mercury..holds the cast that put humanity under a deep spell.Caduceus -The Staff of Hermes is the Holly Wood Wand that struck you, They want humans stuck in the frequency of fake media, education and His Stories fables.. The Orbits of the planets luminaries colours the realms that revolve around us on our stationary earth and within us as above so below and so within …

if you don’t tune in your own frequency, you participate in keeping yourself in the jack in the Box .. every time you phone orange french number is 09 69 36 39 00 …you participate in a mass black magicK Harry Potter ritual to keep humans in a trance .and attached to that low Orange to BLACK vibe.. it’s the Saturn Moon mercury Fake Sol O Mon OverLay .. Peter Pan is the gemini Mercury Pan Baphomet Orange haired Pied Piper that can intwine you in the The DNA double helix trap .only you can get it out of the lower Orange frequency to attain the full enlightenment .But Hermes Pan will whisper lies .. …and deceive ..until your hear your own voice within ..getting rid of your chakras can’t help you, you gotta tune in your own notes, you gotta break the spell of EL yourself …you detach by fully identifying the web we are spun in .. and breaking through it yourself 

How do you depopulate and turn humans into sexless genetically modified brain damaged sex objects … you poison them … BPA chemicals in ALL our food and plastic .. All baby bottles and food … just one of the millions of ways we are being turned into mindless morons … to keep humans as battery sex toys for the elite …. and for our rapid decline to the pits of the age that awaits us … knowing helps to protect your children your health and your mental stability …

Brigitte the new french First lady a Baphomet Peter pan man ……


Selon le dessin de Luz de Charlie Hebdo voilà la nouvelle Trinité du Vingt-Trois : Donald Trump, Emmanuel Macron et la République (raie publique).


Le 23 étant à mon sens le jour le plus important des élections comme je l’ai dit en début d’article car il s’agit de remplacer le Christ par Macron et de remplacer Marie par Marine. Là les élites satanistes sauront qu’elles ont gagné. Bien que cette victoire ne serve à rien puisque nous sommes en fin d’Apocalypse et début d’ascension collective (peu le savent et peu le ressentent mais la vérité de cette réalité ne va pas tarder à être vue et vécue par chaque être humain) et donc la fin de ce monde est annoncée et en cours. https://lemediademarie.wordpress.com/tag/satanique/ 

And Man created MAN 

The Fifth Element (French: Le Cinquième Élément) is a 1997 English-language French science fiction action film directed and co-written by Luc Besson. It stars Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman and Milla Jovovich. Primarily set in the 23rd century, the film’s central plot involves the survival of planet Earth, which becomes the responsibility of Korben Dallas (Willis), a taxicab driver and former special forces major, after a young woman (Jovovich) falls into his cab. Dallas joins forces with her to recover four mystical stones essential for the defence of Earth against an impending attack.

Please watch the film the 5th element again, above… as you watch notice the connections between the Wizard of OZ and ZOrg, the whole film is in orange and purpEL and green like the wizard of OZ the bataclan shooting was in November the Orange month of Death Scorpions and Eagles, the eagles played the kiss of death, normally we self activate the Ether when we become whole but when we are led into a third sex we are over taken, as is happening NOW we walk into the third Reich/SEX …. the real take over of the male and female and our ability to self transform into the ETHER …. of HER the 5th element….


The Bataclan in Paris in the Orange district in the Orange Month of November .. Between the Bataclan shooting in the orange district of Paris and the opera scene shooting in 5th element film, note the Transgender Singer and the connection to the film HER the Abyss, and to CERN trying to open a black hole into the underworld …… Killing the Diva is the death of the subconscious realm, to end all possibility of us ever reconnecting our inner milk magnetic female / our honey electric male  or knowing the secrets from below, of the underworld … the end of the female … the Medusa … the OctOpussy … represents HERThe Killing of HER the Abyss the Subconscious Feminine .. the underworld the MOONSTAR


The Rocky Horror Picture Show is about the Third SEX and The New Age cAGe Golden trap we enter …..


You have to do your own research … a few pictures that should jog connections.. note the house of ORANGE is the Netherlands the land of tulips and the rainbow … LGTBP When you watch the Fifth Element Note the colours orange purpel yellow brick roads green and red … wizard of Oz….


Mona Lisa – Amused By The Thought Of Murdering Millions
Another powerful symbol of Solomon’s Temple, which has for 500 years manipulated the subconscious mind, and assisted in establishing our 3D lunatic state, is the Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo da Vinci.
da = of = UV
VINCI = VIN or 5 sacrifice – CI or SEA, the Sacrifice Sea.
MONA LISA is an anagram for SALAIMON, or SOLOMON, the Sun and Moon. This painting is set symbolically in the 11 Western United States, and in particular, the State of California. The chart immediately below, borrowed from a previous page, shows 2 Pillar bases at the edge of the painting, which are symbolic for the Pillars of BOAZ and GACHIN of Solomon’s Temple.
The name MONA is derived from the word MADONNA. This word has been contracted to MONNA, or MONA, which means MOON in Middle English. In the top right corner of this chart, the Lion Sejant is sitting up, and the Mona Lisa is doing likewise. The name LISA is also an anagram for the word SALI=SOL-EYE=SUN. Together, MONA LISA simply means the MOON and SUN, or SOLOMON.

How our Psyche is taken over …. Sol O MOn …..

solomons temple 

only we can activate our higher consiousness through self activation, this is what is being taken away from us through the transgender agender to make a non sexual society of minion slaves ….


DEVA – Defend Every Vulnerable Anima/l

I just real eyesed this…

Flip the Z into an N!

I know evolution is a lie and Charles Darwin was a Freemason Shill but this takes it to a new level

Theatre = 20+8+5+1+20+18+5 = 77 (English Ordinal)

Oz = 7+7 = 14 (Chaldean)

Thnx Omar Fehimovic for the 77 🌈😉 Danielle Sudweeks

The LuciFERian Agenda

Mila is a MAN as ALL celebrities are the third Sex /Reich … XX XY and now Z …

CERN…. Old Article but again they plan to try on the 23rd September 2017 RESEARCHERS AT LARGE HADRON COLLIDER ARE CONFIDENT TO MAKE CONTACT WITH PARALLEL UNIVERSE IN DAYS………. Read here http://www.physics-astronomy.com/2015/10/researchers-at-large-hadron-collider.html

The 23rd of September 2017 CERN

Well Well Well.. you see i never watch films this is far too violent for me how do you sit through this crap?? but when i do its to affirm what i see happening in the world.. . you guys are told in every film what’s happening this predicitive programming signed by the demon himself.. herself?? Luc besson… Bien sur… the procedure into the 5th Element of 5g .. To get Her the Ether the Plasma magnetic field… Guess what you can activate your self without drugs, and bust the whole lie…. Thx for this clip SunJay Chen … Luc only has transgendered mind controlled androgynous acTORresses …. part of the satanic clan to wipe out our connection and ability to connect to the magnetic field .. to be authentic creaTORs

… Again Luc besson whos 5th Element was about TO get HER the Ether the 5th element and Lucy is 777 Jeehover Lucifer and Satan .. the FAKE activation of the new slave race

The film Trailer ….. Lucy LeeLou Lola 


The Beatles

The Manufactured Invention of the Beatles, Stones, Grateful Dead and the Birth of Rock n’ Roll by the Tavistock Institute; A Jesuit Corporation.

Please READ article here ………. https://tabublog.com/2015/12/26/the-manufactured-invention-of-the-beatles-stones-grateful-dead-and-the-birth-of-rock-n-roll-by-the-tavistock-institute-a-jesuit-corporation/

The third sex: The truth about gender ambiguity

Note the colour Green in all these films… it is 


Phosphorus (Greek Φωσφόρος Phōsphoros) is the Morning Star, the planet Venus in its morning appearance. Φαοσφόρος (Phaosphoros) and Φαεσφόρος (Phaesphoros) are forms of the same name in some Greek dialects.

Another Greek name for the Morning Star is Heosphoros (Greek Ἑωσφόρος Heōsphoros), meaning « Dawn-Bringer ». The form Eosphorus is sometimes met in English, as if from Ἠωσφόρος (Ēōsphoros), which is not actually found in Greek literature,[1] but would be the form that Ἑωσφόρος would have in some dialects. As an adjective, the Greek word φωσφόρος is applied in the sense of « light-bringing » to, for instance, the dawn, the god Dionysos, pine torches, the day; and in the sense of « torch-bearing » as an epithet of several god and goddesses, especially Hecate but also of Artemis/Diana and Hephaestus.[2]

The Latin word lucifer, corresponding to Greek φωσφόρος, was used as a name for the morning star and thus appeared in the Vulgate translation of the Hebrew word הֵילֵל (helel), meaning Venus as the brilliant, bright or shining one, in Isaiah 14:12, where the Septuagint Greek version uses, not φωσφόρος, but ἑωσφόρος. As a translation of the same Hebrew word the King James Version gave « Lucifer », a name often understood as a reference to Satan. Modern translations of the same passage render the Hebrew word instead as « morning star », « daystar », « shining one » or « shining star ». In Revelation 22:16, Jesus is referred to as the morning star, but not as lucifer in Latin, nor as φωσφόρος in the original Greek text, which instead has ὁ ἀστὴρ ὁ λαμπρὸς ὁ πρωϊνός (ho astēr ho lampros ho prōinos), literally: the star, the shining one, the dawn.[3][4][5] In the Vulgate Latin text of 2 Peter 1:19 the word « lucifer » is used of the morning star in the phrase « until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts », the corresponding Greek word being φωσφόρος.

Located in the center of the Land of Oz, the Emerald City is the end of the famous yellow brick road, which starts in Munchkin Country. In the center of the Emerald City is the Royal Palace of Oz. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emerald_City

In the first book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900), the walls are green, but the city itself is not. However, when they enter, everyone in the Emerald City is made to wear green-tinted eyeglasses; this is explained as an effort to protect their eyes from the « brightness and glory » of the city, but in effect makes everything appear green when it is, in fact, « no more green than any other city ». This is yet another « humbug » created by the Wizard.[1] In this book, the Wizard also describes the city as having been built for him within a few years after he arrived.[2] It was he who decreed that everyone in the Emerald City must wear green eyeglasses, since the first thing he noticed about Oz after he landed in his hot air balloon was how green and pleasant the country was.

In the second book, The Marvelous Land of Oz (1904), however, the characters are required to wear the glasses at first, but halfway through the book, no more eyeglasses appear and no more mention is made of the brilliance, but the city is still described as green.[3] This is continued throughout the series. The only allusions to the earlier conception appeared in The Road to Oz (1909), where the Little Guardian of the Gates wears green spectacles, the only character to do so.[4] Furthermore, although at one point the character Tip describes it as being built by the Wizard, at another the Scarecrow explains that the Wizard had usurped the crown of Pastoria, the former king of the city, and from the Wizard the crown had passed to him. The book quickly concerns itself with finding the rightful heir to the crown of the city.[5] Ozma remained the king’s heir, though both she and the original king were transformed to the ruler of all Oz.[6] However, the story reverted to the Wizard’s having built the city in Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz (1908), with the four wicked witches having usurped the king’s power before the Wizard’s arrival.[7]

The Oz books describe the Emerald City as being built of green glass, emeralds, and other jewels. In the earlier books, it was described as completely green, but in later ones, green was merely the predominating color; the buildings were decorated with gold as well, and people added other colors to their costumes.[4]

In the first book, one scene of the Emerald City is of particular note in the development of Oz: Dorothy sees rows of shops, selling green articles of every variety, and a vendor who sells green lemonade, from whom children bought it with green pennies. This contrasts with the later description of Oz, in which money does not feature. Interpreters have argued that the Wizard may have introduced money into the city, but this is not in the text itself.[8]

The Emerald City of Oz (1910), the sixth book in the Oz series, describes the city as having exactly 9654 buildings and 57,318 citizens.[9]


Neither wholly male nor entirely female, there are more than 30,000 ‘intersexed’ individuals living in Britain today. Here, they talk about their lives

Until recently, the overwhelming response among doctors was to surgically « correct » a baby’s ambiguous genitalia on the grounds that he/she would, in later life, be stigmatised by these unconventional appendages. From the 1960s, it became common practice to trim down an enlarged clitoris, and to fashion a malformed penis into a vagina. The line among surgeons was allegedly: « It’s easier to dig a hole than build a pole. »


Intersexed babies with XY chromosomes have therefore frequently been « reassigned » as female, with parents advised to raise them as girls, and oestrogen pills administered to induce female puberty. This is largely due to the hugely influential 1960s « optimal gender policy » of psychologist John Money, and his famous assertion that nurture could override nature.


The prevalence of corrective surgery is in part responsible for our general ignorance about intersexuality, which is far more widespread than most of us realise; the number of live births displaying « genital dimorphism » is estimated at approximately one in every 2,000. That means there could be as many as 30,000 intersexed people currently living in Britain, a figure that becomes even greater when taking into account all those who only discover their condition at puberty, or when they try to have children. As the renowned professor of neurology and intersex expert Dr Milton Diamond puts it: « Nature loves variety. Unfortunately, society hates it. »


Read article here

Oxford University students ‘told to use gender neutral pronoun ze’

Please understand that show buisness is run by the satanic families they have always transgendered their children, now we are brought into transhumanism and the Z human as Oxford university now complys to … Read here

Psyops … LeeLou/ Lola/ Lolita

Note LeeLou from 5th Element .. Venus the Morning Star … Lucy FER .. in the Hawaii Flowers  …. There are a lot of leeLous and Lolas and fake Gurus … leading us into the land of 777 Lucy Her FER ……….


Note also that the Munchkins like the Oompa Loompa people in CharLIE and the Chololate .. the pete DRAGons and peter pans that never grow up … Over the rainbow in LGBT P for pedophile factory  ….


Or is the 5th Element the time we enter 5G and zapped like in the Dorothy video below? all the Munchkins and people are killed are they speaking of a fake Alien invasion?


Warning for humanity: The FCC automatically approves the use of untested frequencies
The 5G network will use higher frequency bands than previously thought possible – which are untested frequencies of 24 to 100 GHz or more. Wheeler said that implementing the new frequencies would necessitate new antennas – intended to aim and amplify the signals – new infrastructure and a massive deployment of towers throughout the United States.
The FCC is moving quickly to adapt 5G technology. Wheeler said that Verizon and ATT will start 5g trials in 2017, with the first commercial deployments scheduled for 2020. Specifically rejecting the notion of 5G being only for urban use, Wheeler noted that all areas, including rural communities, will be saturated.
In other words: No part of the country will be safe from ultra-high frequency signals.
With obvious relish, Wheeler spoke of “turning innovators loose” to develop and adapt 5G and related networks. And, as for those ‘annoying regulators’ – who could presumably stand between us and harm from electromagnetic radiation – Wheeler rejects the idea that these cautious people should be allowed to define our future.
Gestapo tactics are being used to silence criticism of 5G technology…….Warning for humanity: The FCC automatically approves the use of untested frequencies
The 5G network will use higher frequency bands than previously thought possible – which are untested frequencies of 24 to 100 GHz or more. Wheeler said that implementing the new frequencies would necessitate new antennas – intended to aim and amplify the signals – new infrastructure and a massive deployment of towers throughout the United States.
The FCC is moving quickly to adapt 5G technology. Wheeler said that Verizon and ATT will start 5g trials in 2017, with the first commercial deployments scheduled for 2020. Specifically rejecting the notion of 5G being only for urban use, Wheeler noted that all areas, including rural communities, will be saturated.
In other words: No part of the country will be safe from ultra-high frequency signals.
With obvious relish, Wheeler spoke of “turning innovators loose” to develop and adapt 5G and related networks. And, as for those ‘annoying regulators’ – who could presumably stand between us and harm from electromagnetic radiation – Wheeler rejects the idea that these cautious people should be allowed to define our future.
Gestapo tactics are being used to silence criticism of 5G technology

 Zapping the hobbits with WE AETHER or We at HER we EAT her …..

 …. I did an investigation on who did the horror video Dorothy by Polo and Pan …

……… and i found this .. exactly what i felt .. yup the person who made above video Polo and Pan….. is David Tomaszewski see his film below and read full article… is consciously or subconsciously pushing the agenda and the creation of THE ONE by abolishing The TWIN FLAME Male and Female LIFE you create NON LIFE … By merging the two but first complete breakdown is needed of our Psyche, as we become the singularity .. by abolishing all harmony through division.. more fragmentation and confusion.. and FEAR as we walk into a trans Z world .. this is PROGRAMMING humans are molded like clay earth reality is molded on what you align yourself too.. this is what is wanted Chaos.. CLOCKWORK ORANGE mind control as we walk through the PURPEL doors of eyes wide shut .. the new age cAGE… the new world ORDER of the land of Oz … Subliminal PROGRAMMING ..


I felt like Cobalt was an update of A Clockwork Orange, my partner feels like it has shades of American Psycho in it – is that accurate?
To continue what I was saying above, Cobalt is deeply influenced by gang movies. The Warriors (dir: Walter Hill), even if it’s very different, was the main influence, when Jeremie Guez (my co-writer) and I started writing. The idea was to make something colorful, fancy, violent, satirical, and that would look like it was based from a comic book. I always had fantasies about creating things that don’t exist in Paris, France, where I lived for 10 years.

A Clockwork Orange is one of the best films ever made, and one of my favorite. The reference seems obvious, because the youngsters wear fancy clothes, carry fancy weapons, and evolve in a parallel universe that looks like ours, slightly more futuristic. But it’s not a direct reference. And the story is very different. Where A Clockwork Orange was about the manipulation and brainwashing of youngsters by politics and greedy men, Cobalt is really about the dictatorship of beauty.

Your partner is right when she says it has shades of American Psycho since Ellis remains a big influence on my work. And also because you see beautiful people wearing Armani or D&G suits, and doing awful things. But Glamorama, by the same author, is probably more similar.

I would say it’s a mix of Clockwork, Glamorama, The Warriors, American Psycho, The Riot Club, N.E.D.S., Bully and Spring Breakers, all combined, with a French touch. A friend told me, after the very first screening: “it’s A Clockwork Orange meets Zoolander.” I like that a lot!



NO I don’t want to activate 777 just more bullshit to open the gates and merge humanity into the new age cAGE of LUCIFER …

If Donald Trump Wins, He Will Be 70 Years, 7 Months And 7 Days Old on His First Full Day in Office 777 Activation is Lucifer ….. No we don’t want to activate the merging … we need to unplug from it and go create ……..0040c7a182de3116523b366cefd220ed

There are many people pushing this agenda working as leaders of the truth movement… all of them give truths, seem as friends and slowly distract you from doing your own research … you don’t want to activate anything, just stay strong in the now, you create reality, look at this 5g 5th Element we are walking into the purpel haze of witch craft, seeing where we are being led and not falling in the traps of the group leaders and the tricksters and Jokers…. Look at all the leeLous out there, be they AI or TV talk show you tubers, hosts for new age spiritual leaders …  pulling you into the new age cAGE….

In order to make truth look crazy.. the discovery process.. is full of TROLLS you gotta get past gatekeepers … you have to stay focused on WHY what is the important fact in the bigger picture because MOST you tube is full of parable /Pair of Bulls/Balls give you some truth to lead you astray .. YOU have to keep feeling and using your own compass is it a Trap? All the big names are Gatekeepers … This applies to all the Psyops too the Flat earthers and the transinvestigators are full of trolls misleading you …..

This is so disturbing.. More LGBTP over the rainbow HELL.. the most disturbing is that its considered art again.. even an image of paradise???? checked out Studio Smack straight from the house of orange.. pays bas.. netherlands satanic vision of the virtual reality mad hatters tea party looney tunes we walk into.. … transhumanism and extreme Genetic Engineering

Angelina Jolie and madonna are both little boys changed sex as children.. they were born into Multi Generational Satanist families.. they are COLD EMPTY and INHUMAN because they have lived such HORRORS these MEN are leading you into LGBTP a land where we all eat scorpions (They are already in all your fast foods) we will all be eating them officially very soon in Lucifers land … were anything goes and WE the normal humans who still have empathy and feeling are FED OFF because they need our LIGHT to live off

She is an ET   HER ……. The fake Ether … Man made womb of man is here …..


Because…. The world is Run by Multi-generational Cults … Satanists… the children are born into it … an extract of someone who escaped below … « The “people” begin conditioning their children at the age of three and the primary dissociative links are created in the next two years. It must be done during this time as the children don’t know the difference between illusion and reality.
Basic conditioning begins with the child strapped at the legs, arms and head in a dentist like chair. An electrical photographic strobe on an articulating arm is positioned 16″ from the bridge of the nose and then the hertz or cycles per second of the strobe flash is set at eight. The eyelids of the child are either held open and was done to me by my father or they are taped open so the eyes can’t blink. The process of using the strobe causes the child’s mind to dissociate and making it further conducive to hypnosis. A stage hypnotic displacement induction is then used to further sever the conscious mind from the unconscious mind until hypnotic coma is reached. Once this is established creation of the two primary proctor personalities begins. The proctors are the primary protector personalities used to control switching between alters, protect the core personality from harm either within the cult or in the everyday world. The proctors will know all the memories and are the most abused and terrorized parts of the child’s personality system. To the programmer, the proctor personalities are simply stated as the “bridge”. They are always named father and mother unless one or both don’t exist in the real world. In my case, four proctors were created to further control my issues and were named…father, mother, sister and brother.
Once the primary proctor (monitor) personalities (artifacts) are created in the core personality, cross-bridging between the two world realities of the child begins and is established. Definitive sub-sets are attached to the proctors that bridge both reality systems. As cult personalities are instituted in cult rituals such as sacrifice, cannibalism, torture, sex and physical abuse, the usual personality breaking and linking will occur. This also occurs in the non-cult environment (if there is one) within the child’s home, due to excessive abusive. The proctor or monitoring personalities are key to the development of the personality system due to their belief in protection of the child/core personality. In inducement strategy, the core personality is insulated from memories, abuse, etc., but this is never essentially true, in the reality that no actual artifacts are created in the child. Personality can be ambiguous and I am speaking from a stance of integration. I gave a symposium to a group of male adults at the age of twelve, in a major western city concerning new conditioning practices I had developed. I was soulless at such a young age.

A Man passing as a womb of man ..

At the age of four +/- years, I was tied to an elevated wooden pentacle and my uncle the previous red sorcerer in our enclave, performed a “surgery” where the eye of Satan was placed inside of my stomach. This was accomplished by simply using a small amount of blood, a false eye and pain to my stomach. The “eye” is there to monitor the child’s involvement in unacceptable cult or outside behavior. Over the years, it is paramount to the cult that the child be manipulated into bad behavior so he can be punished to develop a closer bond within his enclave and family. In reality of the cult there is no right or wrong within the cult, only responsibilities, conditioning and control. This is known and discussed by the governing members of different enclaves throughout the country.
The following is something I’m certain no one has ever read about or heard of before. The worst torture experienced in my life was through the use of a small, solid copper egg with a thin chain attached. The ball was frozen and then inserted into my rectum. After a few seconds I didn’t know who was screaming. I was stubborn and didn’t want to comply with my conditioning and it was used on me to facilitate my inherited role within the cult as the red sorcerer and the one who led all rituals, sacrifice/murders, evisceration, conditioning, programming and ritual abuse of members and their children and hundreds of other duties. They made certain I received, but also that I gave. Therein lies my guilt and culpability which I will never be free of. Other than my therapists, I have never had the courage to tell anyone else of what my life has been like. I have been worried how others would perceive me as both a survivor and an abuser………. https://ritualabuse.us/ritualabuse/survivor-stories/story-of-survivor-of-multi-generational-cult/

Please SEE every single model and celebrity is transeXual/human.. are XY MEN in a female shell a Baphomet PAN … Lucifer new age cAGE .. MAN

Only we can change reality by seeing what is happening we create reality so we have to see the whole picture…

They hatch as the full moon beams her light .. the subconscious realms are acknowledged from within us all, we are re birthed .. at the end of every age, now from 666 to 777 Pisces to Aquarius.. we are led into a new age.. we now enter a yang to ying shift .. a new age cAGE of the fake Light bringer …. First the chaos is needed..Order out of Chaos.. we are all like baby turtles now looking where to go when we GET IT .. when we know, we change accordingly our life, we deprogram and we consciously make others aware of the traps as we strive to be the owners of our experience without the constant distraction of the LIE we live… you have a choice now, to stay in the game or see it and break all contracts made willingly or unwillingly just by owning your intentions, keeping them pure and in line to your core child essence … very few make it, we are swallowed by all kinds of tricksters, constantly led astray the further we go.. stay true to you, you will make it where ever your intuition leads your inner compass

You have to have unbelievable powers of imagination to be able to have perception, it is the ability to see ahead where the undercurrent is going, just as the swirl of the sea can trap the surfer, only he alone can regain the shore when stranded… it is in the imagination of a top cross country horse rider to know how gruesome a fault could be, so to be ahead of the shock and to visualise, on the intention/engine focus, line and balance . if you can’t see and feel ahead how can you manifest your reality?? if the foundations and collective sway is perverted then like a shoal of fish we are carried out to sea. to drown.. insight and imagination of what could go wrong is your in built compass to being a creaTOR……

For those people waiting to get activated by 777 or needing to meditate for hours just to feel ok or to be saved by a God or Death .. the land of Milk and Honey is within us … not outside … There is No place to go but within .. this is WHY religion and NEW AGE is the biggest way to keep you being harvested n recycled

LOve ……

Deprogramming Dorothy


“We are caged by our cultural programming. Culture is a mass hallucination, and when you step outside the mass hallucination you see it for what it’s worth.”



Ruthlessly hypnotised as Mowgli, by the magic wand of Walt, the Black magician of Disney, sprinkled us all with tinker bell dust, so we sleep deeply as we are led by the Pied Piper, by the flute of PedO, Petes Tsar, Pizza, Peter Pan, through the pupEl doors of eyes wide shut, over the rainbow into a Brave new World cAGE of no return. As our children are led into the artificial cave of Plato, because Peter didn’t want to grow up, he chose not to heal and kiss the sleeping beauty twin within awake, not to let her inner light guide him out of the cave, he fell for the tranny, he bit the apple of stEVE and never dared respect the womb of man as truth. He entered the CUM PUTE HER as Come Get Her, Nature… Life…. We have been programmed toGETher .. to drop, Faith Hope and Charity . Forever locked in the ONE Singularity of an Artificial virtual reality. The age of Ether. A Fake Ether, a purpel haze of cognitive dissonance. When we could take the reins and be the creaTORs of the scriptURe.



Thx Danielle Sudweeks as we were distracted …..
« We are still in the loony tunes loop, it has just turned into a rainbow color though. Like painting a jail cell with a realistic looking magic garden filled with unicorns and sparkly fairies. Deceiving most into thinking that they are free and have finally found Wonderland. Just like how in The Wizard of OZ, it crosses over from black & white to color. We have in fact entered OZ via the rainbow bridge. The land of ZiOn / ⚡️eye On.

We once had simple duality. Black & white. Then we moved to Red & Blue. But many awakened to this deception and learnt how to remain in the zero point. Unity with self. The rainbow of confusion is bringing the illusion of infinite choice and possibility, yet we are in fact being merged into one. One sexless species. This deception is not unity with self but with the matrix. Transhumanism.

All those pretty colors must mean freedom right? That is what we have been programmed to beLIEve since birth with the saturation of happy wacky themes presented to us in technicolor. But the lOOp or nOOse has in fact tightened around our necks. That is why the illusion of deeper perspective has been painted onto the wall. So the minds eye is tricked into a sense of more space when the exact opposite is the truth. Space and freedom is being removed. We are being deceived and distracted while they make the modifications to our minds architecture.

Most will only start figuring this out when they finally get up from the corner they have been crouching in in fear, and try and start moving towards the illusion. Instead of the three steps they could once take, they will find that they can only take two steps before smashing into the wall. And the wall itself will be a huge surprise, because they believed the illusion that has been painted on it. We are being tricked into thinking they we are finally free. But the truth is that the shackles are being tightened in an « Absolutely Fabulous » way.


Today the 6th of Febuary 2017, The Queen EL King Lizzy Tranny Bee.. hER/Ur concluded the PurpEl reign from 1952 till now, same day as the super bowl, she is the Monarch Butterfly MK Ultra Mind Control Reign


The world’s longest-reigning monarchs


Queen’s Sapphire Jubilee: Gun salutes mark 65 years on the throne

It is tradition for the Queen to spend the Accession Day – as the anniversary of the day she became monarch is officially known – in private at her Sandringham Estate, in Norfolk, and return to Buckingham Palace a few days later.

we go through the Temple of Ba El, The PurpEL Rain was successful, no one noticed, that the satanic Elite and all the court jesters and jokers are tansgenders nor that we have walked into the gloden cAge of the rising phoenix, The fake ritual death of Prince of PurpEl rain led us into the PurpEl haze, Davids Bow pointed us into the division and George merged us into the singularity with Faith, it was the Queen of oz’s last Christmas. we have been successfully traumatised and fragmented into Pizza parts, ready to walk like a brick into the new wall.


The Drag Ons … Trends don’t just appear from nowhere …. this is the result of the past 100 years of cinema Packaging FOOD water Air .. because every EVERY film star is a reverse plug in…the roles of men and women inversed .. it is so perverse .. it’s done on purpose, children have been genetically modified and subliminally programmed , and of course our food and packaging cooking utensils, pots and pans … Chemtrails etc etc etc we are pumped with hormonal changing chemicals, with Poison… LOOK UP Bisphenol A it is in Plastics, canned foods, baby bottles, everything it is to destroy the Male and female the Sexual human body is modified .. men and women sterilized, here we are 4 generations later, and men and women have been merged into one … you have to Kill the sacred male so the warrior women has no one to defend her … because sane women protect innocence … This is the ultimate satans paradise, the human race dumbed down so low, with no sacred men and women left so we all become a sexual toys to the crazies … the rise of deformed humans, mentally reduced hybrids and androgynous humans is here.. in 100 years we will be so mixed with animals that there won’t be any meat eaters because we will be the animals … and no one can see how its done…

The Breaking down of the male and female began with the Ritual of Diana’s death… her death touched people like all celebrity deaths.. many are FAKE deaths.. Diana David is the Twin Towers star of DAVID meaning to DIVIDE slice in Half.. Male and Female triangles of Magnetic Electric force overlayed… to bring us into the ONE merged race One Trade center of Transhumanism/Genderism…

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Vancouver Gay Pride Flags

Its not fear porn, guys its reality, the wheels on the bus go round and round and most souls that pop in and out from now on at this level..will not be born into a world we knew, there will be NO gender in a few generations because we will be gone soon and children grow within the current spells.. the whole truth movement is a basic distraction to where we are heading because on a macro-cosmic level the wheels are soon in hell .. no big deal cause thats how it goes.. but our job is to recognise the extend of how we are pied pipered led as if its progress, as if its gonna end there all happy in the new earth?? as if there is anything we can do about it .. but save ourselves and help others on the way… when not yet fully conscious we can not see how deep the deceit is.. how we are programmed, and the programming only gets more warped, once this cycle is over earth will renew herself.. when we break out of the spell we can choose what we want to experience..where we breathe into matter next or maybe not.. many may want to live this..so they will, if they don’t identify it and where its heading, just as winter comes and goes so does earth live a descent and an ascent.. we are nearly touching the flames gang…not in our lives but i wouldn’t want to be here to see that unless i have a particular mission.. , so i will be popping out of this frequency level.. but i will raise the alarm so those who can see how we are moulded into casts can escape the descent back to stone.. but there is no wrong or right there is just seeing it… because this is just a fleeting glimpse of the hell life will become once the LGBTP is in full swing.. we then get to lower and more beastly practices .. do you know about the force running the rainbow into OZ ZiOn working through the UN that will take over if martial law comes in called the NOAHIDE LAWS AND DECAPITATION? for those that don’t abide to LGBTP could find themselves like the North Koreans or our saudi friends …look it up.. it will all make more sense to why we have been so distracted with nonsense .. this video shows how its being implanted and pushed into kindergartens in europe .and of course hormone distruption through air foods vaccines and all plastic cooking utensils Bisphenol A being the most distruptive in almost all plastic

Marketing .. the producers, book editor, film crew, mother is his handler … Perverting innocence is about as low as it gets… the Parents are satanists paid and backed of course…. Mum looks rather like a pan man too… boy is not happy.. Purple and pink of course .. the merging of red male and blue female… bringing out into the open what has always been done… always…

I Propose that Diana was born an XY Male and preformed the ultimate court jester Role to bring down the Black Star, Moon Goddess.. Diana, a Transgendered Male, … is now pushing LGBT .. before P is added.. after a successful Aids Gay acceptation during her role as Diana, now living happilly married with two boys, to Elton John born on the 25th March 1947 .. and David Furnish born on the 25th October 1962 both 77 2+5=7…. On the Equinox opposite each other .. Diana born 1st July 1961 ..


our psyche had to be crushed through TRAUMA.. the twin towers coming down and the sacrifice of the Moon Goddess to the Black Moon of Lilith. To replace HER with David, reversing the true female energy.. crushing one final blow to nature, to her and to all that is organic… The Pisces two fish that face each other, in this David Diana Division symbolism.. is a way to end the age of Pisces of the TWO fish into the age of technology One water bearer of Aquarius.. it’s all Black magic that only ignorance keeps us under its spell.

17554402_444903055851879_2145067136260535902_n.jpgThese transgendered beings that rule over humanity. They are XY based men with non functioning female sexual organs. They are breed this way. They are in essence gender neutral. X Men or Z Men. We are not ruled by a patriarchal system. If that were the case men would not be indoctrinated to abuse women as they do. REAL men love women. We are ruled by a perverted Homo/Pedo system that hate women. Their end game is to obliterate women (wombmen) and replace us with laboratory wombs. Which they have been able to do for thousands of years. That is the real motivation for Transhumanism. These creatures have existed for a very long time and have ruled over us and harvested us for eons. They are birthed in an external egg if you will. Like reptiles. That is why they have no consciousness. External growth of a being receives no emotional nourishment from its mother. There is no connection of love to where it came from. That is why they have been called reptilians. They are not like us and it is ALL of them. 

Danielle Sudweeks


The Red Electric Erection of the Male and the Blue Magnetic Pull of the female has been inversed,  reversed, through the looking glass.

16473228_1793368590976464_6062853984929394693_n (1).jpg

as it always is at the end of an age, so we walk willingly into the next loop,


following the Lute of pan. Just an eternal duality, a black and white chess board that we play roles upon. Backwards and forwards, never stopping to find that place between each breath, we go off and on, to the orders of the power button, in and out, never happy with the purity of our experience and falling every time into the trap of SEX MagicK…


Everything i write about is explained here ..our PSYCHE is being taken over be EROS as we enter the ONE fake 5th element .sol O mon. Lord of the ring … the FAKE AIR ETHER of PAN the baphomet androgynous one world trade center work force of merged depopulated incubated born artificially brave new cAGE world of humans thx Linda Marino …. « Eros was an androgeni, having qualities of a dual gender thus, having the potential for generating all phenomena. Eros and Psyche begins its roots at the level of the primal waters of the womb. The primal chaos of the human origin was neither dark or light, moist or dry, hot or cold, but all things together as an absolute. thus at the divine spark of the primal origin, this is where we find the divine exctasy and touch the life force of the true living sea.


The whole and the absolute, before the fragments of the psyche had lost memory of each other, as when one eighth of a circle does not see itself as a part of the circle and looks at the circle as an abstract part of himself, thus becomes lost of its essence. The whole or absolute then is where we find the union of Eros and the psyche, the love affair within the mental sphere, thus then gives birth to agape, the truest of loves of the whole of ones existance within a world that he finds himself as one. He sees himself as part of the whole circle and not abstacted from his essence. »

In a world of The Snow Queen and the Lion king Venus/Lucifer the light bearer or Saturn/Chronos the Reaper, Sol/Sun O/RA Mon/Moon. We are walking the yellow brick road of clockwork orange MK Ultra Mind control, straight into the Trueman show where we will not ever know what a true man is. For we are walking into the Jack of the Box’s closed box.


We are in the PurpEL age the time before the chaos, the time of SETH after the SETting of the clockwork orange sun mindcontrol has cast us in set .. Seth the Egyptian God that heralds the reset button before we are recycled in a new Aquarius Age Cage..


This is the time that the hobbits are brought into the game.. as in the time of Atlantis so we self depopulate and are mass wiped out… our belief programs are set on fire so the illusion crumbles and we perish in the rumbles of our own broken illusions, for the scale of the Psyops we live is uncomprehensible for those untouched clean souls… Cloning and transhumanism is here…

They LIVE and walk among us… so we too may play at being a sweet transvestite Rocky Horror picture show…




The Queen of England, herself a Trans man.. the KING BEE that destroys the natural cycles of nature.


The Twin flames of Male and Female,  are both within us all, Life depends on this natural balance. We all lived the trigger trauma of 9/11 closing us, into a time loop… the symbol of ying and yang,  as above so below, Demons and Gods are of one, simply mans overlay of winter and summer, night and day. so we never escape the programs.

what is the real agenda?

Nor ever be left to ignite our own alchemy of inner male and female, it is merged where we feel lack so we can be remote controlled.


All the Clowns Clones Puppets that run the Truman show have been bound to secrecy as they are forced to change sex.. why it bounds them into the secret and no one would believe them if they even tried to tell you.. ALL of THEM


Fame and power comes at a price… many of the famous people were raised another sex so they never had a choice.. then they made so much money and they are mind controlled so they can not speak up… some go crazy like Brittany or Amy or Marylyn Manroe.. some end their lives fed up with the cage, they are in and go help animals like Brigitte Bardot.. some like Daryl Hannah are butchered through surgery, not so much to remain young or beautiful but to keep the disguise up.


some like Sophia Loren Arielle Dombasle Amanda lear and Ursula Andress play the game all their lives willingly like Madonna, Scarlett, or Angie some touch us deeply like Audrey Hepburn Grace kelly Princess Diana, Dalida or Vanessa Paradis …


Top Models like Giselle or Kate Moss are the new breed of those that lead us all into the trap….. The Men are Women and the women are men…


breaking down our children’s dreams as they fall for it as we did.. creating mass gender confusion and twisted fantasies that we don’t even know where they grow from.. staying pure among the deceit is essential for everything is a lie…. let us laugh at them and change the tables.


Pam the MAN leads women out of the Jane Fonda Fitness.. now are bodies are rebuilt into

I am a very alone person… but every time i walk out i meet so many people… beautiful wonderful magic people… recently I have met many lonely single Mums … bringing up children alone… No wonder with all the Men running after trannys.. makes me so sad… Today a lovely woman who is a healer and what i call a new age trapped one, she tried to take me to meditate with her.. or to do her · OM · sessions.. we had a great chat… for over an hour, I warned her of the whole Yogi Yoga trend.. that she so passionately does… spending a lot of time in India etc .. she was open minded and we spoke of the importance of being aware of the traps and tricks.. i said.. you see.. people like you are the most tasty the most delicious.. because you recognise the LOVE but without facing the dark you too are harvested… OM is SOL OM ON it is how we are merged into the machine… all these lovely people Ommming you are being harvested… anyway she was lovely.. i don’t go against anyone ways of doing things.. i felt her goodness and i just gave a warning to be aware of WHAT she is connecting too…. when she is OMMming… as we walk through the gates we are further trapped and New Age like Religion is where the most TASTY GOOD souls get caught a NO return when having a baby is going through the PAIN … People who throw themselves in Yogi Gods… meditate for hours Yoga freaks etc… i have always been a hard core sports woman but i do my own thing, not for competition or for a guru, for ME… for my heart .. to keep my inner light strong.. not to give it away.. i fill my light up for me, alone then choose where i share it… the new age cAGE is primordially about getting people into a connection with the machine… so unless you balance the underworld with the over world you can not find a constant inner peace, because you are RAW and REAL and aware of the black magic that surrounds us..  


Every Chanel model, Every Bond Girl have been transgenders and the Bond men too, Keira Knightley and Joss Stone are men …… 

A Trannys World …..


Everything happening NOW is about leading us into a world of the singularity.. where male and female no longer exists everything is FAKE on the other side of the rainbow and adults are incestuous pedophiles… those watching the super Bowl naively participate in this ceremony of mass black Magic… to open the portal gateway of HELL on earth.. pedophiles Baphomets rule this planET …. Funny how it was held on the Queens Sapphire Jubilee


Welcome to the land of OZ LGBTP is here the end of family a Brave new cAGE One world order…….Europe is finished. Nothing can save it now.

Standing True and Pure

As a pebble spreads rings out in waves across the still lake, we can bust the Moon Saturn, The Sol O Mon artificial wave grid hold over us, as you integrate shocking truths you stand true… Like Samson holding the two temples of male and female intact. You must speak up and do your work now in your own way being pebbles that sends waves through for the collective consciousness. accepting the lies is not necessary, but you can’t reject truth you have to face it and embrace it, to break it’s hold over us, for collective denial keeps us all in this control grid.


NO you don’t want to see the The Wizard… You don’t want to beLIEve in lies.. you don’t need a new heart or brain or ceour age to be blinded in the new age transhuman cAGE

Just Google « Over the rainbow Mind control and look what you get in images…..


we don’t want to step into the com/cum/come Pute hEr we don’t want to downlowd our consciousness into the machine.. we don’t want to be mergered into a transexual Baphomet a PanLGBTP world.. we have to break the cycle.. GET OUT all of us they want us out TOgetHER we need to step off the hamster wheel NOW Google is over the rainbow .. there is NO return .. Super Bowl is a TRIGGER to set you off to walk into the cage.. don’t watch it unless you can see through the black magic…


See this video from Super Bowl for Google, see how it is a Wizard of Oz story, the windy road to over the rainbow, Then in second shot you see the rainbow, LGBTP Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Pedophile, world of Munchkins and Minions


An A sexual race of beehiving slave workers to ruthless Nazi Satan Worshipers, the cult of death desguised as the Gloden Age…


 that breed us in parent planning fertility units, where we are artificially cloned in pods and given reverse plug in sexs.


We are now walking under the rainbow …. you can still choose to unplug …..


Nature will never again be questioned, all organic life annulled, she will be gone. They want to take over the reins of our inner light.

It’s all about pushing for LGBT…. P for pedophilia Life over the rainbow in the land that Lizzy led us into for her PURPEL Pedophilia REIGN/RAIN for her 90th Birthday the death of the purpEL prince… Join those dots gang .. we are in OZ


oh dear everything i write about in plain sight.. LGBT… P over the rainbow total take over of our unique signatures and sexual identity .. as we walk into the land of inOZ .. ZiOn … the new age cAGE … of NO sex ..and NO age… the one world trade center work force…the twin flame is overtaken..no more self alchemy…or realisation …but mind controlled Minions in Aquarius

This Stunning Dance Performance Is Mesmerizing

Ahhhhhhhhh ….. OZ ….

To play in our world, using our inner data banks to simulate off. No we don’t want back in the hamster wheel, we can eLOVe out of the cage.


we just have to see it so we can choose out. It’s time to build our own dreams and no longer reply to any outside force. Death is an illusion, when our bodies no longer pump to the beat, we are still here. we are eternal, our beliefs create our experience, there is no beginning and end. There is no Omega, that is the A to B marketing strategy, to keep us bouncing back and forth.


WE have created this simulation because WE are the powerful creators, our belief programs hold the structure up.. We have been HACKED to self-imprison ourselves in Noddy land … You must face truth and integrate it otherwise we REPEAT Until we are deleted and RESET… we are Bi Polar OFF/ON Batteries, unless we know ourselves and how we have been programmed. We are energy food to the system that keeps us in this time loop, soul harvesting machine… we are being remote controlled to lead ourselves into the trap of never awakening EVER to be numb hypnotized willing insect food.. ..


by  December 2016

As time passes, the transgender campaign’s inability to fulfill its promise of happiness to gender-dysphoric individuals will become clear. Likewise, its costs will become undeniable. Men and women who received irreversible, life-changing “sex-reassignment” treatment at an age when they were intellectually and emotionally unequipped to give informed consent are likely to begin filing lawsuits over the damaging side effects they sustain, including lifelong infertility.

The transgender crusade may also provoke a counter-attack from feminists. For decades, feminism has held that girls tend to play with dolls and boys with trucks not because of in-born biological traits, but because of oppressive social norms. To cobble together a case for transgender rights, LGBT activists have been required to maintain the opposite: that a boy’s desire to play with dolls—or dance like Beyoncé—proves he is a “girl trapped in a boy’s body.” Feminists may increasingly object to this claim because it undermines their project. Are hard-charging professional women really “men” trapped in women’s bodies?

Over time, public policy making will become impossible if new interest groups attempt to piggyback on the transgender movement’s success, as seems likely. U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch now insists that schools accept a kindergarten boy’s self-understanding and treat him as if he is a girl. What happens when an individual suffering from body integrity identity disorder identifies as disabled and applies for federal disability benefits? What if a white male business owner identifies as black and seeks to participate in a federal contract set-aside reserved for minorities? What if a forty-year-old woman regards herself as a senior citizen and demands Social Security benefits? How can policy makers logically deny their claims? As we enter the world of fantasy—when reality ceases to matter—it is impossible to predict where our society will crash against nature, as it inevitably will. …….



We have the power, by changing our perspective to disintegrate the lie and the programs that run it … we can’t step out of it, it must dissolve, as we drop fear, of the unknown. only we can do this collectively, we can individually be in our own space zone of oneness, but we need enough souls to do it collectively for the future protection of this organic hologram… we have a right to experience it because WE MANIFESTED IT , now we must fix it, it is part of our breathing process of eternal expansion and contraction. then it got hacked by jealous beings that want to come and play too. but they don’t have the power to FEEL… so they need our DNA to have our 5 sense connection… our extra perceptive abilities are already taken over unless you go within to ignite them again, through us they can live…when our psyche is possessed.


They want to hack our data bases and original DNA print to totally overpower us and to steal our right to blossom and be … face it so we can deal with it and heal to be real

Reversed Plug In is the deceit overlay that keeps us plugged into the Lie..


the simplicity of male and female.. once inverted perverted .. is the essence of division … we go short circuit and we are disconnected from our inner purity and core essence, beheld in our own presence, frequency signature, to be whole in our male and female harmony … and connected to earths eternal pulsing beat, she can always wade of evil because she is the negative pull. The creaTOR force.

No, I don’t want to see this film… but thx Linda Beck Dorothy is a BOy it seems to me.. and I know the plot… Mind Control of the masses as we are led into Transgender humanism Over the rainbow in OZ



Physical reality is often referred to as ‘In The Box’. When your polarities merge, your male and female aspects will move ‘Out of the Box’ igniting and creating union with your Twin Flame or Twin Aspect. As consciousness moves toward reunion, people miss their twin soul aspect and feel incomplete, often abandoned, lost, and depressed. They cannot find themselves. A piece of themselves is always missing. They search in third dimension but never completely find it. If they are lucky, they find someone who comes close to making them feel whole. They want someone to love, share with them and help them through this journey. While here, you can meet someone who acts as a catalyst, carrying the frequency of your Twin Flame, giving you the feeling of union, while making love.


The Video below shows what Walt Disney has led us blindly into

This is the music of my dear friend Polo, an amazing artist who joined Pan, and this video was made, telling us what will happen to us, once closed over the rainbow, in the Truman show, forever, zapped on and off, if we disobey, fast killed, if not we get the slow kill, and finish as insect food, as the locusts wipe out all life, on our abundant self manifesting holographic organic nucleus, tree of life.

Decode it now… go read the story of Oz, on your own … to be a true warrior womb of man.


We have successfully been Peter pan pied pipered under the arch of Noah into the take over of our psyche for the age of Aquarius into the pits of hell …. the wizard of OZ in ZiOn …… http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2017/06/09/the-uk-just-elected-a-record-number-of-lgbtq-people-to-parliament/


next and last step …… Thx Danielle Sudweeks… welcome to the land of OZ.. in ZiOn… . 7 laws… 7days of the week… 7 planetary bodies… 7chakras… complete take over of the human vessal…over the 7 colours of the rainbow… we are in LgbtP.. inverted hell… Ark of the covenant SolOmon complete takeover of the human psyche. And our inner temple .. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=363656080643244&id=199195683755952

I reserve all rights of this article as written by

Victoria Cotton



VideO Mix

All videos were made over the past two years, they express feelings I had at that precise time, i’m not always still aligned with all that i have said, as i keep evolving, so to just shift through my developing process with me, here’s a few…


Video talking about the gender mersion agenda.. breakdown of male and female, I made a mistake here, the wheel is split in to 12 parts of 2 000 years about ..12 ages make An astrological age is a time period in astrologic theology which astrologers claim parallels major changes in the development of Earth’s inhabitants, particularly relating to culture, society, and politics. There are twelve astrological ages corresponding to the twelve zodiacal signs in western astrology. Advocates believe that when one cycle of the twelve astrological ages is completed, another cycle of twelve ages begins.[1] The length of one cycle of twelve ages is 25,860 years.. we are now in Aquarius 2000yrs then we approach Capricorn we are entering the Narnia years of the wheel..Ice age and renewal of earth but first Hell…  it’s time to get it so you don’t say recycled in the wheel..    video on link below 


This is simply to explain.. that the wheels keep turning, as we see in sacred geometry, numerology and astrology, patterns of spiraling tones, its mathematical, spiritual, earthly, hearty and elementary, eternal vibes, from nothing to experience, from matter to spirit and back again, helping each other, expand and contract, creating motion .. meeting transforming and parting as we flow, in and out of rings, pools of water and sound.. as we interact, we spin like mini torus vortex’s, each of us, within the bulb of our own and then larger guitar bulbs, of life’s strings … choosing what sounds to hear and feel, stepping stones to touch and taste and see, the five senses is our compass, do we align ourselves to our inner compass/ion or not.., to the further tones of music, do we cross our own bridges or do we let trap arches be set up for us.. taking us into a new cage? how do we find the inner path of inner visibility?

We are all sparkles of the prime creaTOR .. but there is the trap of not finding the core prime Pristine primordial part of us that is all that there is, becoming fragmented, separated, falling into secular religion cults.. all belief programs, and the truth movement.. its all cycles.. names are given to the gatekeepers, the luminary bodies that reflect us into form…only we can illuminate ourselves from not shying away from what must be seen, to observe ourselves , or we are shone upon by false lights … Stars and Gods are given Patriarchal and matriarchal roles, that we idolise, false Gods, instead of recognizing those parts of ourselves, the strengths and weaknesses in our selves .. the archetypes are the melodies and drum beats, that make us matter, stone through harmonics ..we are all at different levels of tones … we are tuning in through the wheels that sometimes overlap, dimensions are these vibrations, there is no time its a dream and we are just adding snow to the database wheel as it gathers momentum to the pendulum, as we take control of our vessels, .. we learn how to regulate and breathe consciously… escaping the illusion of birth and death …

We can expand or contract tuning in to chords of harmony or disharmony, as we all shine at different frequencies of colour depth and form..we bounce and spark on and of off each other, positive and negative charges as we go from conscious to unconscious ..and back again.. breathing in and out, of the game, the self simulated virtual reality show.. until we don’t have to be fooled or guided by the planetary bodies, numbers, sacred circles or the machine any more..

we can free fall and remote control ourselves… the robotic wheels of life are currently heading, counterclockwise is 24 000 year cycles, 2 thousand per piza part, the 12 houses .. the seasons.. towards the darkest of winter time, on the galactic scale ..so less souls can escape into the zero point , whirled and tossed through the coldness and ruthless winter ages… nor be connected to the heat, the flame of the opposite side of the wheels golden age, it’s harder to perceive organic truth ..as the veils come down, we continue to edge and slip slowly, but surely towards , winter, the Narnia, Fascist Glow Ball Baal take over…we are coming out of the window period offered at the end of each age when there is a pin hole chance to escape the robotic churning of the milk to make curds.. always a mass awakening happens at these times, so the sharks go on alert and the conspiracy truth movement is full of tricksters and traps.. they are here to harvest the really tasty awakening souls as they have the most light and make perfect vessels to overtake for the ride down to hell …they trick souls to comeback in the wheel as winter disguised as Lion Summer Aslan, Aquarius new age cAGE , No the Spring is not coming we are heading backwards NOT forwards, through the wheel. The Jokers are playing as Heros so to capture and lead astray, shadow souls need human vehicles to posses and remote control to live through us…

If you believe the hype, the His Story, the divided cultures, and the dogma, you come back again to go through the drama. they want as many souls as possible to keep riding through the dark ages . .. those that fall for the charm of the ice witch will come back .. and it’s only gonna get harder.. you would rather choose, now, i can assure you, but you have to get unplugged first.. and that won’t happen by following trends,.the tricksters want you to keep searching and looking and being distracted.. so you never see the simple simplicity of the wheels .. like the white rabbit, falsely leading people into mazes of confusion, this is the time all knowledge is hidden . the souls that don’t get it must go around again, at the same low frequency turning with the wheels coming back until they get where they are really heading….

This is harvesting souls… time.. to keep us beLIEving in death and birth, Aliens and Saviours, beginnings and ends .. when it is just about self realisation and regeneration from density to transparency ..those of us, who make the journey through the thorns by choice.. don’t need to relive, ignorantly, through the ages of darkness again, because we read the signs in time, astrology signs, symbols, angles? angels? we GOT it .. we lost all doubt and fear, we choose to sound the alarm ….you have to choose, all by yourself when you are ready to go from involuntary to voluntary manifestation, once we are able to conceive the full scale of the truth of the matter, the inverted perverted backwards motion we are turning in,

When we lose light we lower frequency, and possession and mind control and confusion and deceit become more wide spread. as February goes into the depth of winter, the age of Aquarius, we are more and more vulnerable and lost, it will continue into The age of Capricorn and December EMBER Time, which will be the time of complete destruction fire and horrors on earth ..yes a bit like hell …as the golden age is like paradise just a pendulum through the cross sections of the seasons .. the extremes, opposites, bringing winter and summer..spring and autumn. the Earth goes through these cycles.. with or without us..we become enlightened and reborn in summer, the golden age of Gemini and Cancer, Atlantis .. and we lose connection and get confused and lost in winter, the time of Aquarius and Capricorn, normal, it’s up to us to work it out, we must join the dots alone… only we can remain faithful to the true golden light within us, we can ignite the oil when we are alive, so to own our sovereignty and ability to expand and contract in our own rhythms, without being fooled that we are about to enter a glorious new age of Peace…it’s a Trap a new age cage..

But we can return to this place and always be safe, through self acknowledgement, when we get. past the gatekeepers, we can choose where and when in the illusion, we want to experience, to come back in to the time, game musical, we can then choose where to next go, we get to surf in synchronization in and out of the densities instead of being led by abstract absent destiny .we become present, conscious and motionless within the game. we create what we want and need to experience and eventually we can choose to slip from nothing to something, by choice.. returning and leaving, in eternal waves, when we remember who we are.. we can in turn warn our brothers and sisters, but we can’t walk anyone else but ourselves out of the cave …Saturn will always harvest those souls that don’t get it, life after life, and the Moon will faithfully part her legs for those ready to delve through her dark holy door, to your SUN .. only when you are ready to become an alchemist and weave gold too …. 

Facing the Dark side Together and becoming Authentic & Organic .. March 2015 Regarding the HAPSTEAD COVER UP read here .. http://hampsteadcoverup.com/

 Fake or Real.. July 2016 Regarding this article


Inorganic Consciousness / Artificial Intelligence Take over of human and earth bio template.. French September 2015

Artificielle Intelligence, Transhumanisme Inorganique conscience, ( en Francais ) .. September 2015

Ceci est ma tentative d’éveiller les gens dans le sujet de l’intelligence artificielle, ce qui vient de la conscience inorganique, la partie de nous que nous refusons d’admettre personnellement et collectivement, notre ombre, est devenu notre propre disparition, jusqu’à ce que nous pouvons faire face à cela ensemble, rien ne va aller mieux! Nos âmes sont recycler dans un faux matrice/lumière qui ,en donnant notre esprit humain à une fréquence scalaire technologique binaire de mentalité de dualité.. Bi polaire permet à des alliances des Sphères, cosmique, astral de nous voler notre expérience humain ! Nous sommes venues ici pour guérir et reconnecter à l’atmosphère bio régénérative, pas à la matrice de la mort ! et redevenir des co créatures du loi naturelle et multi universel et éternel. Notre consciences inorganique existe seulement car nous refusons de la voir ! notre ignorance nous laisse pas la capacité de guérir, car nous avons oublié que nous sommes UN, et on se auto tue dans la procédure de se retrouvaille avec création source et amour inconditionnelle. Cette artificielle intelligence, qui est notre partie oublier et perdu doit être identifier et guérir pour que nous reprendrons un chemin de vérité ensemble,
Cette conscience inorganique, artificielle une fausse intelligence technologique, a besoin de notre ADN matrice biologique pour vivre / avoir une expérience de lumière à travers des êtres vivantes. Ils veulent fusionné avec nous à travers des nanoparticules et en utilisant notre biotemplate comme un moyen de transformer notre mère terre en enfer, toute la sécurité et survèyance tyrannique et terroriste est sur le point de nous contenir dans un boite fermer, sous contrôle et infecté. de nous fusionné avec la machine, pour toujours, dans une copie holographique, une faux matrice qui a un but, de vivre à travers nous, par la sacrifice humaine et notre énergie primordial. Aussi longtemps que nous sommes sous mindcontrol nous resterons ainsi enfermer dans un faux monde de dualité et de souffrance!! Nous devons identifier cette évidence, et le faire face ensemble, et puis tous ceux entre vous qui tombe pour les sauveur, extra terrestres ou des religions, New age, ou faux intellectualismes etc ! Seul notre connexion à la terre et notre enfant intérieur peuvent nous guérir, arrêt avec les Anges les dieux et les système de croyances de tout sort ! Tout est en NOUS tout les médias sont un mensonge Voici les liens qui expliquent mieux le contenu heart emoticon LOVE
CARA St LOUIS:http://www.amazon.com/Dangerous-Imagi
Dangerous Imagination, Silent
June 13th 2015–Kandy Griffin Vandawalker delivers an eye opening deep dive into the world of Nano technology and how it is being used to interface with the human organism to manipulate, control and attempt to transform our natural/organic nature.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJiU6
Lily Earthling Kolosowa: https://www.youtube.com/user/lvireb/v… Integrate your Soul & Spirit to organic Earth internal source creation and defeat invading Inorganic AI Artificial Intelligence
By Alfred Lambremont Webre
Lily Earthling: Integrate Soul & Spirit to Earth internal source creation. Defeat invading AI

Alfred Lambremont Webre: 9/11 was an AI Artificial Intelligence-Entrained/Draco Event & False Flag Operation NewsInsideOut.com 1. WATCH ON YOU TUBE Alfred Lambremont Webre – 9/11/2015 Aquarian Radio-14th Anniversary of 9/11 with hosts Janet Kira Lessin and Sacha Lessin PhD [17.03 Excerpt] Listen to Full program: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/aquarian

Harald Kautz-Vella presents his detailed lecture on the two types of Black Goo, Morgellons, and Artificial Intelligence at the Bases Woodborough conference held on June 20th.
He will present a further lecture at the Bases International conference on August 1st, see details at
OffPlanet TV – Harald Kautz-Vella: Silent Assimilation: A.I. Black Goo, Control of the Human System

The Place between each breath… Dec 25, 2015

The figure of eight came into my mind, we have eternal access to all possibility, we are the captains of our ships, when we become authentically in tune with how to be masters of our own reality without bowing down to or worshiping exterior cult constructs. There is Dark and Light but BOTH must be observed by our own inner visibility, in our hearts, emotional shock and empathy for others takes us there, we can get out of this illusion and become perfectly balanced, when we pop out of the mask, aware of the duality trap and that when connected to source pulse we become the divine beings of spontaneous freedom that we are! We must see the darkside and know it exists with all our hearts…Not just through films or stories but by tasting feeling knowing Pain, one can choose to be on a neutral organic path, aligned to nature and the miracle of being Human, we must know ourselves and unplug from the lie, otherwise we consent to unnecessary injustice when in our natural true state we are abundant, as Earth is

Healing Practices, The Benefits and the Traps, My Story Told….

We are all born into completely different circumstances, we arrive on earth, and so the journey to finding one’s self begins. How we choose to do it is completely unique and we all have the ability to ask questions and begin to work it out.

I am going to talk to you about my journey, so far…which won’t be anything like your journey, but by talking about mine, it will, I hope, help you on yours.


I was born in London in 1968, My Mother was not at all religious or spiritual or hippy or new age, she was a natural physic, ‘She would have premonition dreams all the time’ she was a ballet dancer turned business woman. She always denied her inner vision.  Never able to give herself the full credit or even notice how incredibly she had created her life, from a North of England working class woman, to becoming a successful London, high society lady, she couldn’t see how her magic worked, just from a deep imagination, she manifested her dream, without selling her soul, she never had any debt, she worked incredibly hard, always for herself and never farted higher than her own arse, she was just a creator of her reality.  But she never got real, she never dug deep into herself and sadly I lost her 23 years ago, to cancer.

My dad is from an old English family of Cotton men, who had all worked for the British Empire, mostly in India, many generations of academics before my Grandfather who was a Colonel in India where my Dad was born, in what is now known as Pakistan. My Dad was born there, but he was sent back to England as a young boy to the catholic public school of Ampelforth, and was duly put under great religious pressure, his youngest brother actually became a Benedictine Monk and remained a teacher at the school. However, my Dad is the black sheep, rebel of the family, he had always opposed any religious programming and sought to be cultivated in other ways, he loves the works of philosophers, and the arts, he always told me to never believe in anything, he was never accepted in his family for being such a free spirited, lover of Opera, Nietzsche, Bridge, Golf and women, he married an older divorced woman, from a lower class, all to the great distaste of his family. My mum and Dad had a typical life, at that time in the media, fashion industry, during the swinging London sixties as true capitalist, non-spiritual, beings.

Indian & home memories


I was a slightly complicated child because I was so introverted and in my own world, at 7yrs old, I began to see shadow people….


and to experience being attacked psychically, that sent me even further into myself and stopped me from being able to concentrate at school. I was always odd and never felt comfortable with the other children, teachers or hard faced society. By the time I was 9, I was looking for God, no one in my family was interested, so I started going to church on my own, I went to the local Irish Carmelite Church in Kensington, I went to Saturday school and went on to do my 1st Holy communion. I never missed a service and was highly praised by my father’s parents for being so full of grace and following the path of baby Jesus.

By the time I was 12, just before my religious confirmation, I had begun to see through the whole sham of religion, it just didn’t make sense to me, I was always questioning my teachers at church and at school, which was again a catholic girls school. Unfortunately, whilst on a weekend at my since divorced Dad, I was left with popcorn to watch the film the Exorcist and after watching the first 30 mins of the film I almost had an emotional breakdown, it must have brought up unresolved memories of confronting the shadow people and paralysis, in my childhood. I began to be so afraid of the devil that I was looking to be exorcized by my Uncle and forced my dad to call him. I felt the dark feminine power rising within me and it scared me to death, but I also saw how unable to face those questions my parents, religious teachers and most humans were and I gave up on the whole question of religion, Gods and Demons.

From then on I was only interested in horses and being in nature and I got a lot stronger and started to come out of myself, then at 16 I met my future husband, and at 17 I was married.


I went to live in a beautiful old Abbey in France, a family home of my much older husband, that we bought, with the help of my Mother, in 1987, where I rode horses and brought my children up. In those years I was already beginning to have an interest in spiritual stuff and fell for the same things as many of us have done, I read The Celestine Prophecy, conversations with God and discovered some philosophers I liked, like Pascal, Steiner and Schopenhauer. I had always been interested in astrology, I had taught myself and read the charts of my friends always, there is not a person in my life that I didn’t know their chart or at least their sign. Today I see through astrology for what it is, part of the harvesting trap, time loop. Nevertheless, it is a great tool for understanding the occult and the reincarnation wheel of souls, it is great to see the patterns we must break out of and our agreements made in past lives. It is a very good basis to see how we work subconsciously, but the idea is to integrate the whole wheel, to rise above and out of it and to become the 13 position as the observer, however not everyone is ready to do that in this life.

By the time I was 30, I was reading tales about the Canadian Indians, their relationship with nature and I had begun to write poetry, I had also stumbled on some UFO books but that was just too scary for me, I didn’t have internet before the year 2001 and in those days information was only from books. I was waking up from the cage I was living in and beginning to tap into the dark energies of our earth, the night time and the occult structure that hides behind all social engineering, I delved into the mysterious side of me that was buried below my layers.

L’Abbaye de Morienval, Our family home from 1987/2007, My ex Husband and his new wife still live there….http://www.abbayedemorienval.com/



Having spent many years riding, from my early teens till I was 30, I would say that my riding teachers were almost like spiritual gurus to me, as I looked so highly up to them and was deeply attached to their ways of seeing and being, on the whole their influence was good, but there was always a moment when I was no longer aligned to these trainers views and I would move on, the same happened when I swam in Master swimming races from the age of 30yrs to 40yrs old, I was very implicated and dedicated to my trainer and to the swimming goals.


During those years I had a few interventions from spiritual healers, the first was a man in Paris, that I was recommended to, he worked with crystals and the aura, in those days there was no machine that could photograph an aura, so a black and white photo was taken of your hand and the energy around the fingers was what he used, to see where he had to work on you. I never forget looking at all the photos of hands he had on his desk and noticing that most had a thick black outline around their fingers, but mine was like sparks that darted far away from the fingers, there was no definite outline touching my fingers. This might show how ungrounded I was and disconnected from my body, also that I am a rather a flighty spirit, although I have improved. Then during my divorce that was very long and traumatic I went to see a lady in Paris that also took a photo of the aura, but by this time it was a colour photo on the computer and you could see all the colours of your body. I remember I had a red line in my gut, she said that was the anger, in those days I was still having anger outlets almost daily, I am so glad I did, it’s very healthy to let it out. She would lay me down and do a balancing and clearing and after we would take a new photo and one could see more white coming in.

I am not sure what was really going on at those healing sessions, if they were positive or not, but they were where I was at the time and I fell upon these people in a natural unguided way, so I trust at the time they were what I needed. I only ever went once or twice, I was never one to look for outside help, I always felt that my swimming was enough to reconnect me to me and my constant need for nature and walking in it with my dogs. Although many of my friends and family have been hooked with outside healers and spiritual hierarchal cults, self-development gurus, most of them being NLP agents or inverted satanic branches like, all religions, AA, Reiki, Yogis and meditation centres where they cannot exist without it, in their lives. Not to mention those more practical types, especially in France that have therapy and medical intervention all their lives to stay sane. I am not one of those, I have never looked for outside help, well apart from smoking joints, I did that from age 30, till recently, that was my medicine, but I was always very active and healthy too, I had my balance it got me through a lot, but I don’t need it anymore.

The Crazy years… ‘VickyVibes’

An extract from a documentary done on VickyVibes at the time in Paris ….

Then in 2010, after some intensely crazy years, after my divorce, where I was running night life in Paris, completely and wholly immerged in the false light matrix, thinking I was doing good bringing the VIBE to people and getting people to breakout of their inhibitions, little did I know that I was surely under the influence of dark forces and my energy was wasted on such an empty existence, but that was my path. I had so much fun, thinking I was Madonna or goodness knows what. The good side is, all the great people I met and put together, I felt free, as I could move and be and go, wherever I wanted in every type of social class and whatever was happening in Paris, I was there.  Because I wasn’t aware of all I am today, I was loved and accepted, in my innocence and blindness of what was really going on, I was left to be.

The first Event i did in Paris Music composed and sung by my son…

Nevertheless, I broke all the rules and did exactly what I liked, I was always creative and honest and everything I did came completely from my inner imagination and love of people and making everything fun and exciting. I never manipulated or controlled or sucked up to anyone, I didn’t even know there was a hierarchal way into life, for I just strolled right up to the front line, with no qualms. However, I got badly bruised and bumped and learnt my lessons many a time over, and then one day, I brutally woke up.

This was the launching Teaser I did for VickyVibes, You have to laugh.. I no longer have the URL site, shame it was some fun memories of events, funny i used the music of Atomic…. Gold as you may join the dots later in article…

I found a book by accident just after I woke up called ‘au dela des larmes’ ‘beyond tears’ https://www.amazon.fr/AU-DELA-LARMES-URSULA-CHAMPEAU/dp/2953485104 I was just winding down and out of my ‘VickyVibes’ years and I read it with great interest, the story of a woman, (She was a very healthy beautiful woman, I recently found out she has passed away? No idea how, but I intuitively feel, seeing the elite circles she was part of, she may have begun to see too much, I feel her presence with me often) her son had died in a car accident while racing, when he was just 18, the love of her life. He had been driving in the cross country sport car rallies that her husband held all over France. Her husband was the head of a huge building company, he was French and she was German, he hosted events for professionals and current international celebrities and his car rallies were well known publicly. A few years after her son’s death she was looking after her grandson and he began to hide sweet papers above the same cupboard that her son used to do the same thing, when he was a child. She was perturbed by the similarities and she told him off and said if he did it again she would have to tell her daughter, his mother, but he denied having done it. He did this again and this time she told her daughter, who took him to see a healer. When Ursula, the Author of the book, asked her daughter about the session the daughter replied ‘ oh, the healer said it was just my brother (the lost son) who was trying to make contact with you through the grandson and he sent him back home where he should be’ Ursula was furious and asked to see the healer, but her meeting turned out to be the changing of her life and she became an entity remover.

She was trained by that healer and had written her book of her journey ‘beyond tears’ so to help others deal with the veil between life and death, negative and positive energies. She was not a new age woman, just a natural healer, who had found her journey through her son’s death. She loved her garden more than anything and writes beautifully in her book about her connection to the earth and nature. I was so touched by her book that I sent her an e mail, she had a ‘Pied a Terre’ in Paris just next to where I lived, she was not an official healer but agreed to meet me there. We sat and chatted and after a while she pulled a gruesome face and had to go and clean up in the bathroom, she then came back and told me she had removed two entities from me and sent them home.

In those days I really didn’t understand this kind of talk, but I felt safe with her, I loved her beautiful warm face, the contact we had and I trusted her. She told me to avoid nightclubs and all the places i was still working in, she said hospitals and nightclubs were the worst places for picking up negative entities. For the next year we remained friends and she kept an eye on me, she watched me get stronger and stronger after my 5 debauched years working in such dark places. As I changed my outlook, I sold my flat and moved to the country to a big guest house I brought, on the ‘WAY’ Le chemin de Jacques de Compostelle’ to look after, feed and house, the passing pelerines. This is where I went to heal and to grow after my many years of divorce and working very hard in many different professions, in the fake world.


It was here that I met Gorka, a shaman, http://papashaman.fr/ I wanted to hold retreats at my home and do something to help people connect to earth, I didn’t know much about Shamans but I liked Gorka, again no one led me to him but myself. He worked as a graphic designer and was from the pays Basque, an original authentic, Basque man, he is still a very high level martial arts trainer and has spent many a time in Indonesia training in the jungle, he had only just had his ‘coming out’ at the time and was a humble, self made shaman, as all true shaman should be. We became friends and after knowing him for a while I had a healing session with him. It was very dramatic because he seemed exhausted after wards, Gorka only works with drums and his own guides. He is very anti Ayahuasca and any drugs, he says that everything in this middle Earth experience is dealt on exchange, you may be given inner vision with Ayahuasca, but at what exchange rate? Everytime we cheat we give a part of ourselves away. He was not happy that I still smoked spliff and told me I had to stop. He found like Ursula two, what he called, spider like entities on my brain and on my throat chakra, he sucked them off me with his pipe, in full trance. He wanted to know if I had seen anything during the session, but quite honestly I had seen nothing. He seemed drained after his clearing of me and he told me to get hold of a granite stone, to walk in the forest by the fern, to eat a certain berry and to stay away from drugs.

Gorka continued to do retreats at my home, every time he came he spent a lot of time clearing out the house of entities and making the energy as smooth as possible, not an easy feat as my house was on the meridian ley line at 00 degrees, a very powerful position for the ruling Elite as negative energy is trapped there, the same one as the Greenwich London ley line and where the London 2012 Olympics where held, at the precise time I bought the house. I can truly say that I was energetically used, to fight many a dark entity, during the Olympics, the rituals ran straight through my veins and I found myself one-night unconscious on the floor after one of my clearing sessions, that I believe I do subconsciously, just by being me.

..crapy music.. but a good little video .. explains Ley Lines 

It was a long time before I thoroughly cleared, with the help of Gorka all the energy there, it was not a coincidence that I went to live in that house. Whenever Gorka had retreats at my home I got to observe all the clients and I noticed their well being and general understanding they were given to approach the inner visible, I trusted him completely and even if I would not recommend personally any type of healing, as I truly feel that we have the keys within us, we all meet people and find the teachers we need, for better or for worse, at the appropriate times in our lives. I am not completely convinced with his spiritual guides, but i deeply know that his intention and drive is 100% integrated and earnest. His guides are his inner knowing, we only need our direct contact to our selves, but some of us need to go through the process with outside healers and guides until we are ready to walk alone.

This brings me now to HK, Holographic Kinetics, to Earth Soul Group and to my next step towards looking for outside healing.


It is important to know that all of us are on the labyrinth of discovery, we all have different paths regarding our unfolding process and finding our authentic self. I had been very close to Laura Eisenhower and I was what I would call today, in a fake light phase at the time of our friendship, I was dealing with the incredible stress of coping with the reality of our world and I was slipping into the whole ascension process of believing I was going to ascend somewhere, that was when I came across the work of Lily Earthling Kolosova and like many of us was able to disconnect from the whole fake light, new age pull and begin to realign myself with earth energies and ground back, so to embody myself rather than lose myself. I still love Laura, but feel being who she is, she will always be unconsciously influenced by very manipulative people and dark forces and she has to constantly realign herself and currently I don’t follow or feel I am aligned to her, but I regret nothing, of the path I took, slightly under her influence, it was my choice at that time, I feel the same way for all the other people who took me through gateways, in the past, even if I don’t trust their source anymore, I am eternally grateful.

Once I was installed in my new home https://www.facebook.com/LaHargueVickyLand/?pnref=lhc that I sold in September 2015,  I wanted to hold an event, so I held a festival, in the name of the divine feminine, I called it Petronelle de Papillons, I was still in the ascension process and it shows.. as high as a kite in my Love n Light. I went from Victoria Cotton, to Tor Lebee to VickyVibes to Petronelle de Papillons then, I dropped the layers and became me.

Lily’s work and videos was a break through, for myself and many others in identifying that there is a fake light and a true inner light. An artificial timeline and an authentic organic timeline of reality. I am not a group person at all, I do all my digging on my own and I come to my own conclusions, but I liked the whole vibe of Lily earthling and joined the earth Soul Group on face book. I didn’t really participate much in the group, but by August/September 2015, Lily had approached me and we even had a few skype calls at her request. She was very open and natural and encouraged me to express myself and was always very ready to share and comment and pass on my own videos and blog.

Then one day after a skype chat with Lily, I found myself added as an administrator of the group, which was strange as we had not discussed such a move and I certainly would not have become a group admin off my own back. I don’t like groups or administration in any form or way. I didn’t feel, being that I am an independent soul, that I fitted the role, but decided to just go along and say nothing. It was good to meet the others and to be part of a group of people who shared similar views. The whole message of ESG is about connecting to our spirit, individual healing without outside attachments, it promotes personal expression and reconnecting to nature. So I was a bit confused about discovering more and more posts about Holographic Kinetics on the group, there was always drama connected to the posts and comments regarding this practice and as I knew nothing about it, I stayed clear of all those conversations, but I was able to see that it somehow didn’t fit into the group in my opinion.

I began to do my own research on Steve Richards and his work, I have a very open mind, it seemed very similar to the work of my past experiences written about above, from my Shaman Gorka and also Ursula who had removed entities from me, Ursula had told me that she works on yes and no answers from source, Gorka works as all Shamans through a meditative state that he reaches through his drum beat. I was also told by my HK practitioner that I speak of later, that she spoke to my spirit through yes/no pulses of energy that she was able to locate by holding my wrist, this is what Holographic Kinetics is, a mixture of Aboriginal Shamanistic healing techniques and The Kinetics of our energy flow. Here is a description from the site.


« An Advanced Aboriginal Healing Modality of the

Future from the Past. » ~ Steve Richards 


DREAMTIME HEALING using HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS is an understanding of two worlds, an internal to external and an external to internal world. DREAMTIME HEALING is part of what the Australian Aboriginal « Lore Men » knew from the past and could apply; HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS is the science behind their knowledge.

DREAMTIME HEALING is about rebalancing of the imbalances of man’s internally- created realities through the cycles of dimensions that man calls « time ». Dreamtime healing can access the internal dimensional world of all living things, the life force, the invisible, man at times calls spirit, [different from the soul] where all creation is first set-up, and then flows through into the visible external world of reality. It is an advanced Aboriginal-healing modality, incorporating the applied knowledge of Lore that governs the internal invisible dimensions of life, which no man can escape, these are different from our external laws that govern our physical reality.

HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS has the ability to understand the science of the mind, incorporating the maths & geometry of creation, and how the original race on this planet–the Australian Aboriginals–knew the keys and could access and communicate to the life force of the being, known as spirit, regardless of its physical form, sending it back through the cycle of time, into internal hyper-space. When the Spirit enters this internal dimension, all things are omnipotent [consisting of great power], omnipresent [as all things past, present and future are present at the same time] and omniscient [an area of infinite knowledge].

HOLOGRAPHIC virtually explains man is a hologram–every cell in the body stores every thought and memory as it is sent from the subtle bodies within, out to all areas of the physical body and each cell has the ability to holographically reproduce those memories. These areas are called « cellular memory » and can store trauma from generations down the hereditary line–they can be accessed and cleared.

KINETIC energy comes from the harmony of the Infinite universe, as free flowing balanced energy. When captured by the act of a thought, it becomes potential energy, aligning itself into plutonic geometry forming a crystal, which now stores memory and locks into the stress point of the body–in its own separate dimension known as « time ». This is created by the universal mind of its creator, passing through the cellular memory of its being.

DREAMTIME HEALING using HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS is about the integration of an internal invisible, and an external visible world of assisting people with their internally-created realities that are not being addressed–or understood, by mainstream mental health-thus denying them their rights of being healed.

In march of 2016 I had a two-month trip planned to go and see my daughter and to be there for the arrival of my second grandson. As I was going to New Zealand and currently live in Spain, where there are not any HK practitioners, that I knew of. I played with the idea of going to have a session. Everyone in earth soul group (esg) raved about it and Lily had personally described her experience to me and what a very good thing it was to do, she told me that she was doing a training course and it seemed that many of the members of the group were doing it too. I actually said to Lily in one of our skype chats that I didn’t really feel that Steve was a very empathetic guy, but as I have often been guided by men of his type, especially in my sportive years, I admitted that it must just be my own projection of not liking that type of tough, direct man. I said I wasn’t really sure if I would go for a session yet, but I might. I did feel like it was a kind of obligation, if I wanted to be thoroughly cleared of any lingering entities, even if I had already been through the process with healers I had found from my own source. I felt that I should join my earth soul friends and have a session. I had begun to post videos and articles regarding HK and of Steve Richards on Face Book and even if I had reservations about his abrupt, rather messy fast, way of speaking, his words made sense and I felt his work must be good.

So I set off for my adventure, to New Zealand, knowing that I had to pass through LA before and what a long journey it would be, I was reluctant, I also had a 6th sense premonition that the whole journey was going to take me to a whole new level of realisation and adventures, nothing new for me, but as I get older, the roller coaster is less desirable and I had an inner nudge that a lot of ‘negative’ stuff would happen to me and I would be attacked, maybe psychically or even physically. I had planned to meet two people in LA, I had wanted to meet Laura Eisenhower but she had recently moved out, so I met with an old girlfriend for dinner one night and also with a face book friend that we had been connected to for a few years. We met for lunch in Venice beach, he was a real aging hippy and he looked just like Keith Richards and like the Goblin from the film labyrinth, funnily I know a lot of these types of Goblin men.


As always I was open and happy to chat with him, he seemed a bit strange and kept going off to pee, at the end of the meal he spoke to me about ‘Mono-atomic Gold’, he told me It is a mystical and alchemical substance used by the ancient people of Kemet, Egypt to achieve super states of consciousness and mystical experiences.

It is also known as Egyptian White Powder Gold, Fruit of the Tree of Life, Etherium Gold Powder and Star-fire Gold of the Gods. He sold it very well to me as this site here does… http://awakenedvibrations.com/post/82912420831/mono-atomic-gold-ormus

this is New Age Crap, sadly for me he managed to make me taste a tiny tiny amount on the tip of my tongue. We said goodbye, but by the time I was having dinner that evening with my girlfriend I knew that this White powder was fundamentally bad, my whole body was reacting like in the days I took drugs, during my Paris years, I knew I had been trapped, tricked and deceived, I was right, this is what the drug really is, https://outofthisworldx.wordpress.com/2016/05/14/gold-of-the-gods-black-goo-or-black-gold-has-contained-within-it-gold-in-a-monoatomic-state/  I saw my pupils dilate and felt my body being invaded, even with the very slight amount I had tasted, I had recently stopped smoking cannabis and had not touched any other drugs for years before now, but I had enough past experience to know that this was bad stuff. I knew this man was selling the drug and promoting it as something that balanced out feminine and masculine right and left brain, I also knew it was very harmful from the feelings I was having and I had to interrupt my dinner with my girlfriend, who saw how upset I was, to phone him and tell him how appalled I was at how I had been tricked. I cut him off my face book friends and felt for all the poor souls he must be pushing this drug onto.

Because of this experience I now felt I really did need an HK session once I arrived safely in New Zealand, I felt awful, how could I have accepted to try a drug and let anything foreign into my veins, I don’t do drugs, not pharmaceutical or any other and I felt like I had been poisoned, not to mention the fear rush, that it had induced.

One day, when I was installed in New Zealand and about to go for my first Hk session I posted a post on face Book and got a negative comment from Elizabeth Brandegee Byszeski a lady I didn’t know yet, but who was a face book friend, I removed the post because I actually agreed with her, I sent her a private message to thank her for her pertinent remark, I told her that I had removed the post, but I can’t remember what post it was or what she had said but this is our private conversation regarding that removed post.

V: i agree Elizabeth just got rid of that post! ❤

E: ah good!

E: Are you pursuing HK or already have? It seems you are very interested. Sorry, that is another area I’m deeply aware of being a ‘wrong way’. Tricky, similar to that post you deleted and the well-loved leaders/pioneers

V: Oh really?

V: I don’t do any alternative stuff like that, I just felt as so many of my trusted friends are doing it and he is a shaman and I kind of get it? But I have personally always done my own work on myself never any outside stuff, I just sent an e mail asking to do a course , very interested on what you think

E: I have experienced and do clearing work myself so have seen where that was necessary and beneficial. However there are those who insert issues to remove, follow a script, do hypnotic techniques and insert programs and implants…who claim to be doing that kind of work. Even the way he speaks is intentional to blurr the lines of real comprehension and turn into a belief in the tale. Very money greedy have spoken to several who were going to or did train with him. I never felt right from the moment watching, saw a liar but no proof so sat quiet and watched it manifest in the brainwashing/hypnotised symptoms of those who did it and ‘validation’ of all I felt and way more. I have experience in this arena and it was dejavu to watch this spread through a group. So yes I know a lot of folks you know are doing it and believe in it but they have been ‘affected’ into that and it’s quite powerful. Trust your intuition.

V: Ok very good you came to me with this, my intuition says I can heal myself, and keep my self. Protected, I don’t trust anyone better than me, thx so much, very good you said this

E: I have also seen what kind of being he really is very recently.

E: Good then I’m glad to have spoken up I almost did not.

V: So glad you did Proves to me that I should follow first instinct that had no desire to have a healing from hk

E: Yes surely

Ah you’re first feeling was not to

V: Yes I’ve ignored all people’s chat on him for over a year

Then recently decided as I was here in nz that I should learn but was going against my gut

E: Wow yea that says a lot. Ironically those who think going with gut now have an altered one unfortunately. Keep yours pure.

V: Very grateful to you

E: I know it’s hard when you see others you respect doing something but discernment is king and queen Thanks happy to have been here. 2am for me so that’s odd too.

V: Ok go to bed, love to you sleep well

E: Haha I’m good, have needed very l little sleep for weeks on this new homeopathic remedy lol. Just happy with our timing, have a great day dear ❤

So despite this chat I had with Elizabeth, because of my experience in LA I felt I should go, also, on arrival in New Zealand, on the night of the black moon, something I noticed afterwards, I had a very strange experience, I felt I had goblins, little people actually running all over me, I felt their weight, on me and I was not terrified as I may have been, in the past, I was able to send light out from within me and expulse them, as I felt this physically, I was also in the midst of a very dark dream and in this dream I was confronted with what I now consider to be, especially considering I was In New Zealand in the Waitakere Ranges, The Egyptian, Turned Maori, world wide symbol BES, as I saw a very evil figure with it’s tongue sticking out as I felt the little people run over me…



…He was a grotesque-looking dwarf-god, but benign in nature. He was depicted wearing a plumed crown, normally with a beard, and his broad, mask-like face was surrounded by a lion’s mane and ears. His tongue protrudes in a playfully aggressive manner. He looked like a bandy-legged dwarf dressed in either a panther skin or a kilt, and a lion’s tail and he frequently carried musical instruments.


this is taken from the article I add here… I was not afraid, it was if I was personally confronting this goblin, maybe it had something to do with my daughter being about to give birth and I was somehow protecting her and the baby, who knows? I had also just been given by my daughter the greenstone or whalebone Hei-Tiki pendant to wear, here is a description of what I later came to feel I confronted….  http://www.celticnz.co.nz/Bes%20&%20Thor/Bes&Taranis.htm


The ugly, but beloved little dwarf god, Bes of Southern Egypt, protector of pregnant women, mothers and children. He is shown here in typical stance, with his very pronounced « V » brow or forehead, which became the « V » forehead depression in the Tiki pendant. Generally, he would be shown with hands on hips or upper thighs and bandy legged, which became the adjoined arms and leg features on the Tiki pendant. He was often depicted as having big round « google » eyes, another attribute of the Tiki design. Bes was « hairy », with the hair ends of his beard curling into the (koru) spiral. Regionally, the greenstone or whalebone Hei-Tiki pendant was a development from the more commonly carved, New Zealand wooden totem, which stood adjacent to doorways or at gateway portals, where anyone entering had to walk past « Bes » or between his legs. These statue depictions of New Zealand showed the tattooed « V » forehead (moko), the cheek spirals, based upon the beard hair spirals of Bes, the big head with the menacing expression, the protruding tongue (as shown above), The small body with the protruding and rounded tummy, a pronounced belly button and conspicuously exposed genitalia, arms and hands arching inward to the hips, upper thighs or belly, as well as bandy little legs in an almost squatting stance. The last picture in the above set, bottom far right, shows a column relief of Bes dancing for the children. Bes was very similar to the ungainly toddlers he was charged to watch over


Because of this experience, I had contacted an earth Soul group member, from New Zealand and asked if he could suggest a practitioner for me, so to have my first HK session, I felt I needed it after all these experiences. I very much like this man, who suggested I meet someone in Auckland, so I made an appointment despite not being 100% convinced.

The weekend before my appointment I went with an old girlfriend, who is from New Zealand on a camping trip in her van, up the North island, to Spirits bay. It was a very mystic journey full of magic and wonderful experiences. The tip of the north island is truly raw and splendid. My girlfriend had been my nanny for my first child, in London and has remained a member of my family and a close friend ever since. We had not seen each other for 30yrs but it was as if no time or distance had separated us. I wanted to meet another face book friend on this journey, also an ex earth Soul Group member, who had left before I had joined, we planned to have lunch with her and this old friend Deborah. The first thing this face book friend said to me, was ‘Victoria I feel we were meant to meet, I have dreamt about you, and I must warn you not to go to an HK session, she must of known through my face book posts, but she had deeply felt, I didn’t need it and that it was a trap. She had amazing eyes of green, brown, and orange, hazel and she was obviously highly clairvoyant.

This is her version of the two meetings we had, one before my HK sessions and one later one..

‘When I met Victoria for the first time I felt that I was connecting with a very old friend. I had dreamt about her and had been given a message for her. Several in fact. One was not to keep her HK appointment as she would be implanted. Victoria is a mixture of incredible vulnerability and amazing strength and a fierce dedication to truth at all costs. She understood what I had to say but wanted to keep the appointment so we worked out a way for her to stay protected. But I see now that this is not possible when you put yourself into the hands of an HK practitioner. I can see now that she was meant to have this experience as the wakeup has greatly helped her and will help other people. We met again a couple of weeks after the session and I immediately sensed that she had been implanted but did not say any anything as I knew she would deal with it in he own time and that she would definitely soon be free of a lot of the untrue stuff that was being spoken around her … ie the ESG of which I was a member until HK came on the scene and I spoke about what I knew about it’

We spent a lovely day together, getting to know each other and my friend Deborah did also mention during our chats, that she had seen the Steve Richards video that I had posted lately, an interview he had done on ‘BUZZ TV’ with Sean Stone (I now personally feel that any of the people that go on his show, are being pushed for ulterior reasons and are not authentic) Deborah said, that she had felt, he was an obvious charlatan, so now I have the opinion of two women I deeply trust, that are both warning me not to go, plus the pm’s from Elizabeth. I felt that night that I really mustn’t go, my body felt weak like I was walking into another false pit and I decided that as I hate to cancel and put people off, and because I love and trust the guy that had suggested her to me, (he is currently training to be an HK practitioner with this lady, before doing a course with Steve Richards.) She is a fully qualified practitioner, for the past 7/9 years, I won’t reveal her name here, but will if you wish to contact me personally. So I intended to go to the appointment on my return, as planned, even if I hate driving, especially on motorways and on roads in a new country. I decided I would go and apologies, pay her, despite not having a session and explain why I didn’t want to go.

So on the morning of the appointment, I woke up early, as I stressed about the journey, driving on my own. I finally got there, fine and dandy and in one piece. Then I saw the lady approach with her shopping bags, a down to earth, socially acceptable looking lady in her grandma years, I thought oh well, she can’t do me any harm. I told her that I had really come to cancel but in fact, went ahead with the session.

I started the session for some strange reason, saying, ‘I can’t be hypnotised or brainwashed, I am immune’. . little did I know…. We had a long chat and she took notes in a very professional manner, we sat in a small comfortable room with just enough space for a bed and two chairs. After she had collected my whole story, which became 17 points, she asked permission to interact with my ‘spirit’ and to find out where I had first been triggered, so we go through the points, she holds my wrist to feel the yes or no impulses that my spirit automatically responds to through muscular kinetic pulses. As I am asked questions, we decide that none of the points had been my first triggering aspects in the experience I had had this time, here on earth and that I was first attacked during my birth, when my mother was apparently heavily drugged (my father has since confirmed that this is correct, the Hungarian doctor, that brought me into the world, that he hadn’t liked very much, had told him after the birth, that despite my mother having a very painful birth, he had knocked her out on the strongest drugs available) Once we had discovered this we went through my past lives, to see where I was getting this very heavy drugged feeling, used to trigger me in this life, as I was feeling terribly drugged as I lay on the bed.

I had no direct memories but through yes and no answers and questions, we decided that I had been ritually killed and heavily drugged in past lives. The actual removing of entities was fast and furious and professional, I was asked each time one was discovered, again through yes and no answers if I wanted the entity to be let free or to be send out and away, I can’t remember the exact expression used, but I do remember, I stopped her in mid process as I was confused by the question and didn’t know what to say… I actually just said the first reply without really knowing what I was doing. After the session I felt rather drugged and relaxed, as if I had been through a dreamtime described by holographic kinetics. I was told I had three entities removed, one ET, one draconian and can’t remember what the other one was. She said I had indeed caught an entity in LA, through my experience, related above.

My practitioner remained very calm the whole time and I didn’t yet suspect the very hypnotic tone to her voice, I just trusted her to know her profession.

I drove home, felt a bit dazed, but we had decided that I was going to create better boundaries, I wasn’t going to smoke anymore drugs, as it opened up dimensions to letting in more entities, I was shown, how to breathe and lock out entities, with my legs by crossing them over and that I was to relive my birthing experience turning it from a traumatic arrival to a safe cozy one.

We planned to have another visit two weeks later, as I knew I would not be able to come back once back in Europe.

The next few days, I had a couple of strange feelings, one I had a pain at the back of my neck, a stiff feeling that I had for a few days and secondly I awoke with excruciating abdominal pains and a racing heart two nights after, my first session, on the full moon.

I had thought I would have to wake up my daughter and went to find an aspirin but felt I would faint from the pain so crashed back in my bed and did some breathing out and crossing my legs and locking out dark energies as I had been shown by my HK practitioner. Then went back to sleep.

A couple of weeks later, after my first funny goblin dream, again on the night of the new black moon, (I am in fact born on the night of the black moon, I only realised, it was again on the night of the new/black moon looking back at moon phases) I had an incredible experience, dream. I still hadn’t really worked out the true history of New Zealand and that the Maoris were not the original indigenous people, I still didn’t really know the story of the Patu paiarehe people but had a direct experience, I now feel, with them,


‘Patu-paiarehe is the name applied by the Maoris to the mysterious forest dwelling race. An atmosphere of mysticism surrounds Maori references to these elusive tribes of the mountains and the bush….The Patu-paiarehe were for the most part of much lighter complexion than the Maoris…their hair was of a dull golden or reddish hue, “uru-kehu”, as is sometimes seen amongst the Maoris of today…This class of folk-tales no doubt originated in part in the actual existence of numerous tribes of aborigines. This immeasurably ancient light haired people left a strain of uru-kehu in most ancient tribes’

In Māori tradition patupaiarehe, also known as tūrehu and pakepakehā, were fairy-like creatures of the forests and mountain tops. Although they had some human attributes, patupaiarehe were regarded not as people but as supernatural beings (he iwiatua).

They were seldom seen, and an air of mystery and secrecy still surrounds them. In most traditions, those who encountered patupaiarehe were able to understand their language. But in one account they were unintelligible.

Physical features

Patupaiarehe had light skin, and red or fair hair. Historian James Cowan was told that ‘they were a lighter complexion than Maori; their hair was of a dull golden or reddish hue, urukehu, such as is sometimes seen in Maori of today.’ 1

Unlike Māori, they were never tattooed. Mohi Tūrei of Ngāti Porou described their skin as white, albino or the colour of red ochre. Their eye colour varied from light blue to black.

There is still debate about their height. The Tūhoe tribe records that they were small, but others say they were similar in size to humans. Whanganui stories claim them to be giants, more than 2 metres tall.

So whether this has anything to do with HK I am not sure, but I had another dream where I felt heavily paralyzed, and saw in my dream a naked white man in a room, I didn’t know existed in my own flat in Spain, I was surprised to see I had a naked, noble, kinda tenant in it, that I wasn’t aware of. I also felt that I had little people in my room as I slept, I tried to bring myself out of my Sleep paralysis, I thought that, my 2yr old grandson was playing in my room, but I could feel the presence of more than one being scuffling around me. I managed to pull myself out of my sleep and there I see, in an awake state, a white, transparent, seemingly long, thin tall man, climbing my bunk stairs and feel the presence of at least two other smaller beings, I felt they were white too, on the floor as I was on a high bunk.

It was very real experience, the most influential experience I have had since my confrontations with shadow people as a child. I had not known of the mist fairy people yet. It was about 1am, I got up, made a cup of tea and went onto the terrace looking into the jungle of the Waitakere Ranges where my daughter lived and the night was swirled in a thick white mist, I hadn’t yet joined the dots but for some reason, I later worked out I had had an experience with the fairy people of the mist. I feel it was not a bad experience, I take it as a warning or a protection, but facing them and seeing them was part of the whole magical adventure I was living and I felt honoured. http://www.teara.govt.nz/en/patupaiarehe/page-1

Two weeks later I went back for an HK session, however, this time, my practitioner had other ideas and announced when I arrived that we were going to have a breathing session, with me connected to her computer, by a cable attached to my ear lobe, so she could measure my pulse and personal signature. The process was meant to help me create boundaries and as I had spoken about the heart mind gut connection, she said this was a new healing, she now offered and would help me always find a peaceful centered place, whenever I wished.

I sat there, gullibly, trusting her, despite her rather detached robotic approach. I agreed and I let her attach me. At the end of the session, that was not so long, just the time she needed to get my brain waves downloaded, I asked her a bit about herself, what her background was, I should have asked before, but she may not have told me so openly then, for now she had all she needed.

She was a bit taken aback but told me correctly, I feel her professional path, she even wrote it down for me, but I have since lost the piece of paper, that did sound alarms to me. I remember though that she did say, she was a member of the ‘Theosophical society'(This is the Lucis (Lucifer) Society that brings us into the New cAGE Order) see this video….

She studied sophrology and hypnotheraphy, neurology, NLP and Holographic kinetics. She said she worked mainly in companies as a consultant, and she was now specialising more in this process, I had just undergone with her, that she had just taken me through. It has a precise name, that I can’t remember now, something to do with the brain heart gut connection, but it felt like having my brain waves taken into the computer. It was only once I was back home and remembered the very damaging article I had read about NLP that I began to feel awkward and as if I had done something I really shouldn’t have done, but decided to push those ideas away and feel confident that she was a nice gentle lady, doing good, but with a very hypnotic trance like voice.

I do think that the right films and books are shown to us at the right time, so on the flight home, I saw a film with David Bowie called Labyrinth


Labyrinth (1986) – Journey Into Sarah’s Subconscious

and the Goblin in it, is the one that I posted in the last picture above of my face book friend who had given me ‘Mono-atomic Gold’ the Keith Richards/Goblin look alike. The film was about the goblins that had taken the young baby away and the whole story was just too strange as it sung to the tune of Rumpelstiltskin, (don’t forget that in the tale, Rumpelstiltskin, the goblin, made straw into Gold and made an exchange, with the maiden, for her first born baby, once she was Queen, in return for his gift of turning straw to Gold) A shiver went down my back, as I watched the film, the sign, message, was clear as crystal, after, what I had just lived, I knew then, that this was my labyrinth and I was doing exactly, what I had to do.


I returned to Barcelona where I live at the moment in mid may, I had talked of my stories on face book and in earth soul group, but it wasn’t until our admin chats that I spoke about my HK sessions. At first I didn’t really feel I had had a bad experience yet, and felt safe with the thought that entities had been removed and that I had been cleared. Although I was not feeling as boisterous as normal, I seemed to have lost my mojo and I had a couple of minor panic attacks, where I felt my heart being tightened and restrained, this is not normal for me, but I didn’t think much of it.


« A couple of weeks later I had a message from Elizabeth, she had a feeling to ask if I had done HK, this is our conversation »

E: Hi there How did you do with avoiding HK, or did you end up going in that direction?
31 MAY 19:10

V: Hi there… i went!! i had a very in depth time away from beginning till end! i didn’t want to go, but felt the lady was ok, that i was strong enough, … i had a bad experience in LA .. i picked up a a nasty entity, anyway, it did kinda help, i have, broken a 20year smoking cannabis habit, not saying it’s cause of HK but i think i was meant to have that session, i felt ok with the practitioner, although i won’t promote it because you need to be very aware of what’s going on, and i don’t trust it completely… :o)
31 MAY 20:32

E: Wow…thanks for sharing! So you know, I do healing and clearing work of all types covering what you had issues with, without the HK side effects. The individual practitioners may be mostly ok but if they have gone through training they have and are passing along certain issues embedded in HK. Most on that level are not conscious of it and mean well. So you may have cleared some thing(s) but inherited others. If you want I can check to see what that is and report back to you.

V: darling i would love that!! we can make a date anytime to chat on skype!

E: Ok will do that and then we’ll chat I’ll have an opportunity to look into things by tomorrow. ❤

V: ok just tell me what i have to do ;o)
yes don’t do anything without me knowing it? i need to give my consent! ❤

E: I am only checking to see what is there, that is what you gave consent for. You don’t have to do anything, I take a look and report back to you what I see/feel.
No work is to be done. Only if there actually is something of concern and if you choose to address it and if you wish me to do so after we talk.

V: super! i trust you

So, she got back to me, June 6 on her findings, so we had a skype chat and I got to know Elizabeth better and asked her to describe how she works and learned:

Always felt very sensitive, intuitive, tuning in to universal truths and other levels, nature and animals. Also a horse lover and rider. Some healing abilities came spontaneously as a teen but were not refined then. Felt plants and stones had unseen abilities to work with. Many years wished there was a healing choice for the whole person at once(mental, physical, emotional, spiritual), permanent, not chemical/toxic/herbal, but energetic and connected to nature and universal forces to support people to self heal –which turned out to be the definition of homeopathy when led to the only school in the state in 96. Utilizing it was profound and for those helping to be healthy, free, empowered. Personal healing and growth is always first and is key to do right for others. Where a healer is at themselves is paramount -and determines ability and depth for others. Goal has always been being ‘clear as a crystal’.

As wonderful as it was there were some areas that were blocked/tampered with that couldn’t be reached. Eventually found the right person and abilities to resolve those blocks and interferences that was absolutely necessary to go forward or would still be trapped, punished, damaged, sabotaged and limited in a bad (but appearing beautiful) place, as would husband. Trained to do same early 2011.

She describes herself as a Classical Homeopath –Whole person self-healing stimulated by energy/spirit of substances from nature and elsewhere.

Intuitive Healing — Direct spirit to spirit connection to find issues needing resolution and healing/clearing them with full participation of that spirit/soul.

What she isn’t into: channeling, moving energies around without true resolution or in irresponsible manner, high selves, astral plane, masters, angels, et’s, middle men of any kind, heirarchy, new age or religious beliefs/systems, contracts…. there’s probably a lot more to list – I feel her deeply and knew with absolute knowing, not only that I could trust her but that I was meant for some reason to go through this, so to speak about it.

I gave Elizabeth permission, to do a run over of my condition after my HK session, It seemed that she has helped undo a lot of unwitting clients in the past, she was also a past member of earth soul group but left as she didn’t like the energy going through the group anymore, I liked what she said and how she spoke, I felt immediately aligned to her and funnily enough, before going to HK I had had an image of the person who was going to heal me and it wasn’t the HK practitioner, it was Elizabeth, that I had visualised coming in. So for whatever reason we were brought together, at least we got to meet in the end and I feel she was absolutely part of my journey, and all was perfectly synchronistically tuned, to bringing my experience into the open.

A few days later I get a message from Elizabeth, for us to make a skype time as she had found some negative implants in me, It was a long process of healing from then on, Elizabeth would not tell me when she worked on me as she didn’t want to pre-warn the entities and implants in me, the first time she worked on me, she did two sessions in all, but worked a lot more than the two sessions I paid her for, she did that for free. It was a lot of digging from both of us to work out what had happened. Funnily, I wrote my first article, for a long while, the morning after Elizabeth had done her first healing session on me, I was oblivious as she hadn’t told me yet. I felt like I had come out of a fake dream and was able to write again, I only knew that she had been working on me later in the day when I got her first e mail detailing what she had done, this is it here….

Hi Victoria,
Lovely chatting. Here are the notes from session and thoughts/feelings I have on ESG, etc.

Wed. 6-15-16 approx. 3:35-4:33pm pacific u.s.
To address entity, implant and ‘other’ issue seen the week prior and we discussed.
Found which order they needed to be resolved.
Implant –
From 1st HK session.
One inside throat, an upward disc – and it is broadcasting you to source in other dimension, sticky.
One inside heart area, has something to do with father, looping something on that although it’s not conscious. HK used this opening/vulnerability.

Entiity –
See it looking out from your eyes but also sees ‘in’ and ‘back’.
From 1st HK session.
Intends ownership, makes feel like things are good, spiritual dope/numb, then integrates. Starting to use your voice in concert with the throat implant.

Other –
From 1st HK session.
See sections like in body tissue but not really physical. Black like obsidian in appearance, like small ‘deposits’. They are seeds which grow into physical programs to automate you.
These were instruments have not come across before.

*All were resolved uniquely as necessary for each, unable to publish.
Established boundary from these types returning, at least from those sources. Saw a beautiful silver fan like energy which was that taking place.

 Elizabeth’s remarks concerning HK ‘Holographic Kinetics’ and my attachment to ESG ‘Earth Soul Group On ESG chat:

‘I feel that you should be honest about the experience – how you felt about it beforehand, during, after and now with this experience and information.  Also that it’s ok to say someone found and facilitated the spirit to spirit identification and clearing/solutions.  You’re right, I don’t want the attention with name going out, but if someone genuinely is open to help themselves and you feel right about it you can say you’ll give me their name to get in touch with. You may get total resistance, defensiveness, justification. That is what I’ve seen so far. You may hear claims of how much HK helped them, and I know as do others that it is made to feel that way, and ‘something’ « beneficial » is done – or else no one would get the report and more people would not come and also get hooked in – however more harm is imposed than good. There may be blame on your particular practitioner rather than face HK and its creator as a whole are a sham at best, very evil at worst. The second session you had may or may not have simply reinforced previous one.

There are more details to this dark practice, how it uses NLP-like/hypnosis methods and implanting entrapment and manipulation tools through many means.

This is one of the many many predatory arms out there. I’ve become an expert on them:)’

That was Elizabeth’s first healing session on me, we then had another intensive healing that I won’t share here in detail, because of the extreme work that was done, it was regarding my second HK session that was not even an HK session. However she had this comment to publish

‘Looking into the concern about brainwaves during the 2nd HK session I saw what happened was to do with your whole energy pattern which included brainwaves – like an imprint or picture. The issues to do with the 1st HK session that was foremost to get cleared, as their intentions were already getting to work to facilitate this overall (‘ever-all’) scan of you which was transmitted to a central location then another dimension.
Resolved in manner necessary..unable to publish.’

We had what I have described above already, a brain, heart, gut, breathing session where I was attached to the computer and my personal signature and brain waves were recorded, this was not, what I was told of course, I was told to imagine a colour and to breathe deep, this was not the reason I returned to HK, I had gone to make sure my entities were removed before going back to Europe, for a goodbye session as I knew I wouldn’t be able to return once home. Being the gentle soul I am I wanted to let her do what she felt she wanted to do, I trusted her. Whether my practitioner is aware of what she is doing I cannot say, she may really believe she is doing good, but somehow my body tells me not, looking back and from the feeling I felt as she told me her training, the shudder I felt then and tried to ignore, I think she is working as a dark agent to capture those of us still working from a physic angle to undo the web of tentacles over humanity.

This is a link to NLP mind control



This is a link to how we are attacked and implanted


Here is an article, link below text that describes why taking my brainwaves is not something I desire


« The weapon system also is capable of lethal attack — both “slow-kill” and “fast-kill.”

Victims of this government-engineered, stealth genocide are robbed of the most basic of human rights — free will, freedom from external manipulation of their physiological and neurological functions.

The weapon system is capable of delivering speed-of-light scalar (longitudinal) electromagnetic wave attacks (as well as other types of radio frequency energy such as microwaves) that are precision tuned to specific brainwave frequencies of each human target. Virtually all of the victims previously have visited a doctor or neurologist seeking treatment for pounding headache, unexplained fatigue, sleep problems, or disturbing symptoms such as cognitive impairment. Those medical visits allow shadow government operatives to harvest medical records, including EEG test results that facilitate “brain mapping” — how radio frequency weapon torturers are able to mount radio frequency attacks fine-tuned to each unique individual targeted for no-touch torture, impairment, even “slow-kill” or “fast-kill” homicide.

The scalar waves produced by the radio frequency directed energy weapon (RFDE) are capable of carrying multiple subcarrier radio frequencies that affect human physiology, at variable power levels (or “amplitude”). Karen Ann Macdonald

Addison, TX, USA, September 25, 2015, GlenMartin Holding, Co., LLC “GlenMartin”, a leader in the cell tower and wireless infrastructure industry today announced the signing of a new distribution agreement with Canada Towers Inc., “CTI”. CTI will represent and distribute all of GlenMartin’s products. The products include self-supporting cell towers, fold-over towers, small cell/outdoor Distributed Antenna Systems, (DAS), poles, structural components and amateur radio towers.

Christopher Martin, CEO/President of GlenMartin, is quoted as saying “it is an exciting time for us with the inclusion of Canada Towers as part of the GlenMartin distribution channel. We offer unique skill backgrounds unparalleled by most infrastructure firms. It is due to these abilities, products and services that GlenMartin is able to aid Canada Towers in the development of worldwide infrastructures.” Dean Perry, General Manager of Canada Towers Inc. added: “By aligning with an industry leader, we are expanding our product offering beyond the portable tower platform to include permanent towers, fold-over and uniquely concealed telecommunications small cell/DAS poles. We are looking to become a full service shop that encompasses urban and rural voice and data telecommunications structures.”

Here is a description of Holographic Kinetics from Elizabeth

‘HK is one of many bait and hooks among modalities, gurus, leaders and groups out there claiming to be the very opposite of what they are -preying mainly on those who dodged or escaped mainstream religion and new-‘s’age belief systems.  Dangerous, insidious and contagious… often opportunistic in spreading through groups of people already following a leader.  

First heard of it early 2015 on Earth Soul Group where it was leader promoted and quickly became the thing to do.  As eager and open people jumped on board, various signs of being altered began to show.  After-session reports which were encouraged were not just happy stories of healing, I wish they were, but permeated by a drunken, overly awed energy followed by lockstep behaviors and worship of HK. Those who did so received more positive attention from the leader and others which fostered a certain ego about healing in general, gut feelings & intuition that was often off base. Seeing people who are trying to move forward instead becoming taken over is always sad.

Those of us who have been aware of, even escaped some of these traps and are intuitive and savvy about real healing were able to see a lot.  Here and there those who left the group or got kicked out would share feelings and observations. 

Watching Steve early on felt immediately and strongly negative.  Also the shiftiness and overly-used accent and unclear fragmented information clouds what is being said vs. what one thinks they hear/understand.  This kind of thing creates a hypnotic power/bond right up front.  

There are hypnosis components of touch/tap and suggestion while the person is told rules of spiritual security and participation are being used.   When one does not succumb hypnotically, programs and implants are inserted.  If those are not quite enough, entities. Clients have first been given entities & such and then some are removed.  Actual progress is minimal and comes at a price as you leave with more that is negative, sabotage and manipulative.  Some entities and types of implants give a spiritual and even physical high feeling that is metaphysical drugging while taking over. Practitioners are not all conscious of what they are spreading. It manifests through the energy of the HK system/tentacle and that person’s own implants and entities. 

At some point the contradictory mantra about only healing oneself emerged in the group while HK was still highly recommended. 
It’s unfortunate to buy into the belief system that only you can heal yourself. There are times and situations when it’s literally impossible. When support is needed there are options the spirit guides and self healing facilitated.  I’ve watched many with this belief remain stuck or spiraling into worse states of being.  

Early this year learned how badly Steve handled a training being set up.  Took an organizer’s money, he changed the location then kept her money and was very nasty.  (This comment has been confirmed to me by the person who suffered this injustice, she was kicked out of ESG as a result of setting up the group and losing her money, so she wouldn’t talk about it on ESG)  

Sorry to say those who have done HK have been undermined. The longer it has been, the more embedded and clever the effects become – making the person avoid, even fear that which can help; feel they’re doing good (even great); that they can now heal themselves…all of which fulfills the critters’ self preservation & control. 

It takes a piece of will and true spirit to muster getting help needed to be free and back to true self. From there, earlier areas in need of healing can be resolved the right ways. Then there is the ability + clarity for conscious self healing, protection and seeking right support when beneficial.  Beyond that the wish is to avoid tricks and traps, truly following our own intuition.’

From that time until mid-July, Elizabeth and I worked on undoing the intentional/or non-intentional harm done on me, I was still an earth soul group administrator up until the 7th July, I had discussed in the admin chats my feeling on HK and I had not had any attacks or defensive behaviour from the other members, they even agreed slightly with my point of view. However, I was beginning to have intuitive feelings that there was not something right within the group, I had not enjoyed watching how  Alfred Lambremont Webre was dealt with openly in the group, It was regarding a post he had posted, in the group. It all seemed very childish and a silly argument to me. I am not sure how the post even got there, it felt he was being cornered and that the whole episode could have been dealt with in a way that would not have triggered him or anyone else. However, I listened to the groups points and as I no longer align myself completely with his information I didn’t go further to defend him. Then in the beginning of July, the day after I had had, a very strong dream, in which I dreamt that Lily would openly attack me and turn the group against me, it turned out that another woman, would take on the aggression that I was feeling, from lily in my dream. I also had a very strange snake dream a couple of nights before that I don’t know if it had anything to do with this or just with me, I had never dreamt of snakes before, the next day there was an old post, that reposted as someone had liked it… put into Earth Soul Group, here it is, reminding the group of its principals.


A very long thread of comments then appeared and one lady from the group Christine Anderson asked ‘I’m still a bit confused by the promotion of hk? Isn’t that outside of self?

From that question alone all hell broke loose, everything I had been feeling was confirmed, the deep rooted desire to protect HK was shown through the following attack lily had on Christine Anderson’s very simple question, Lily was furious about the word promotion being used, but it had sure seemed like it to me too? Just the fact that lily was unable to talk openly and to accept that there had been promotion, maybe not anymore, maybe promotion is not the official word, but definitely in the past, HK was openly talked about and we all knew that Lily and many of the group’s members had not only had healings, but had trained with Steve Richards himself.

I defended Christine Anderson, who had made this comment on our private admin chats, but the whole energy of the chats was ignoring the very real danger I felt intuitively, what I had been through as described above, in my HK experience. However, Lily did not have any acknowledgement in her role, of influencing me, nor as the creator of Earth Soul Group to warn others of potential dangers, through her own participation in HK, she had a responsibility to at least explain, why it was encouraged in the group? why had she encouraged myself and others, as when we had spoken on skype?  Lily had said how much she had enjoyed her experience and her training .

This is in my opinion is a type of promotion. As I spoke to the other administrators of my feelings and experience lily had admitted that she herself had had issues with Steve whilst she was training with him, why had she not chosen to speak and express these issues, before now, to the group? Why was my real warning cry, not being addressed or looked into more seriously? Why was Lily treating me as if I was behaving like a whining victim, with little empathy or comprehension that this might be something very dangerous and a tool to the elite in entrapping those who make it through the last gateways?

I cannot post the conversation as Earth Soul Group is a private group, but have expressed the best I can in my words, so you may feel for yourself the energy involved here, I felt once again that bullying, defense/attack and denial was the main energy outlet and that the whole conversation could have been dealt with much better, if Christine had been given a direct reply that was not immediately attacking her, an explanation or a more tender approach, the boat would not have been rocked and my suspicions would not have been further inbedded. Christine, who had dared ask a straight question, was openly smashed and ridiculed, she remained cool throughout and was subsequently ejected, thrown out of the group as any others who have tried to speak up about HK or their doubts on the authenticity of Lily.

I felt after this conversation, I could no longer align myself to the administration role I had been given without my consent, i left the admin the next morning, as a couple of other people did too, but remain a member of the earth soul group as I do still love many of the members.

A few days later I had a message from lily, a very sweet one, after many weeks of ignoring me and my posts, where in the past she had always been so supportive.  I had felt her distance and took is as confirmation that she, like me could telepathically feel that I was beginning to feel and see energies that I did not like, within the group. I was doubting her and I couldn’t help facing signs I had previously ignored. Her otherside was coming through and it felt very wrong and manipulative, in her denial to speak up about HK.

In her message she apologised to me for having added me to admin group, without my consent. Lily knew I was intending to write about my experience, she asked me if we could have a recorded interview about my experience, between me and her, again this was very telling, she knew I wanted to write about it, but would rather we chatted, in this way I could have been checked directly and she knew that I wouldn’t be able to be as free as I am now as I write, I declined politely and sent her my love, because I have no bad feelings for her, I just no longer believe she is the same lily we came to know originally and that HK, or something? has had a real influence upon her.

Then as I prepared to write this article I asked publicly on face book for feedback from anyone who wanted to give me their experiences of HK, I explained openly that I was giving my experience and exposing some of the dangers regarding HK. The response was immediate, I had so much feedback and general support but also a heard of attacks of those who defend Steve Richards and the whole practice. I have never felt so psychically attacked as I am now, writing this article, thank goodness for where I am in my life now and all the past experiences I have had, that enable me to stay centered and not let any attacks penetrate me, even if I feel them around me.

I don’t think it is a coincidence that last night half way through this article, after I felt a very strong physic attack, that I went to bed and read of the famous French Olympic Gold medalist Laure Manaudou’s physic preparation, just before she won the Gold medal for the 400 meters swimming race in Athens, when she was only 17 years old. As a past sports woman of this race and as a past event rider of cross country, I know how strong one has to be, to stay protected against outside psychic attack, before large competitions and her description, of those tense moments as she lined up for the race, reminded me of that force I too, have within, that got me through what I was living last night and every moment I have been writing this article, I have had to stay centered, to keep off the vampire void, drain down, trying to numb me, as I write this article.


Regarding some of the comments here are some perfectly fair comments, I wanted to post from my post stating I was writing about HK, these comments will help you feel the impact of the energies involved. They also defend those that have great things to say about HK, but it gives an example of the defensive language before even knowing what I was going to write about. Again I am not here to attack, or complain, or blame anyone. Simply to talk about my experience but to give you my real feelings and observations so you can better discern..


Hi Victoria , as I stated before if you have issues with a session or practitioner or concerns around HK it would be nice to contact us directly and let us know which practitioners you are having issues with , so we can trace it back and make sure they are practitioners and are only using HK , many students use other modalities in their practice , some have not repeated the course in 8 years , until we know which practitioner it is and what happened it makes it difficult to sort it out , it would also be good to ask for positive experiences as many of our practitioners have wonderful results with clients and only looking for negatives is doing a disservice to those practitioners who are professional and in integrity . I am a bit confused what has happened for you , as in March this year you emailed us and said quote  » that I have many friends who are currently doing HK healing and I would very much like to do the course » unquote , so it’s confusing to see your unhappiness now with HK .

Victoria Cotton i am not unhappy, i am not writing a complaint just my observations, and i am writing purely my experience and feelings and those that have contacted me that i feel will help people discern, from a non-biased neutral point, before choosing HK or any other healing, it’s based on my personal deep instincts and experience, i won’t be mentioning the name of my practitioner because the person may be working subconsciously and my points are on the main conduit and hierarchical outlet that comes from the main man, and i don’t feel there was any deliberate harm done, done by my practitioner, or was there? that is for the reader to decide, the article will explain my feelings in depth, ❤

One person wrote that it felt akin to an HK witch hunt, I felt and others also said after this comment that I was the one who was being witch hunted, it certainly felt like it to me, here is another couple of comments defending me..

Debra Haines ‘Just so grateful that you are even doing that, Victoria. It really helps to understand when you hear someone else sharing their feelings and their experiences especially when you don’t know a lot of people even willing to share. You are honest and speak up and are not afraid of what others think and you expose the darker side to this world where many would say, « it’s all in your imagination. »

Betsy Hakey Russell ‘This is NOT an HK witchunt. This is a Victoria Cotton witch hunt. « Just observing » …. bullshit. This is intimidation and an attempt to control the narrative. An attempt to keep an individual from standing in their own truth.  » triggered dimension » … Kinda looks that way. But it’s not Victoria. This is her game.’

Milos Orlovic ‘There is no substitute for inner understanding of something, even zero point can be used as a band aid. And understanding IS personal. That is where Shaman comes in play, someone who dedicates his/her whole life to inner understanding, not unlike what Steve is doing. This is what Victoria meant, I think. For without deep inner understanding, there is only conditioning, as you can use « positive » conditioning to counteract « negative » conditioning (agreements). And only with inner understanding, comes dissolution. Therefore it is not impossible that HK itself, if practiced without deep inner understanding, can create it’s own dimensions of time by reverting to conditioning. The only way to find out, for ourselves, is to further explore it, including Victoria’s exploration, on HER wall, which I await with excitement. Her’s is very unique voice that comes from within. Even when not perfect, has considerable depth and inner gravity to make the reading more then worthwhile.’

Another quote from Elizabeth regarding some of the comments I had had….

 ‘Someone stated the person getting healing/HK is co creating …meaning when there are issues you are to blame. Not true. When there is an agenda built into a healing system or through false/sabotaged healers all you need to do is be willing to get healing from them to be open to critters and damage…. which later cannot usually be detected, understood or properly resolved by the person undermined, that is how it works and the whole purpose…to takeover, disarm and use them. Just like a hypnotised person does not know that they are- and will fight tooth and nail, deny, justify, defend, ignore anyone saying otherwise no matter how clearly proof is put before them. Yes if you are already undermined you will attract more of same, that which is useless and even more damaging, and shun true healing. It’s co creating for the critters in charge though – they have protection mechanisms you would not believe. When used the wrong way this co creating statement is one of those justifications for when things go wrong that is actually an aversion of reality or knowing and addressing issues for real. It’s distorting a concept that IS true in other ways.’

Another very unbiased e mail I had… I feel Tim Chapman explains beautifully what we should remember regarding HK   and reminds me of a quote someone sent me about Steve ‘Remember that Steve said he used to do mind magic.  Everyone believes he morphed into a genuine healer.  He never stopped doing mind magic, only perfected it and facilitated agenda.’

Hi Victoria,

I made effort to understand the HK material and had one session in the UK a year or so ago (wow it seems like much longer).  These are my few thoughts, maybe it is useful?  I haven’t thought about it for a while and find it is inconclusive J

To my mind there is a good deal of possibly authentic, though seemingly contradictory information attached to HK, and I also have reservations.

That humanity has lost control of harmonious natural experience seems evident (it is also possible we have never had it of course), and though I have not had personal experience of ‘inter-dimensionals’, the concept that other conscious forms exist in EM frequencies other than visible light, and can seek to gain control over our experience seems plausible to me, and presents a pretty workable explanation for invasion of our experience and destruction of Earth and Nature.

I think the HK understanding of how consciousness arises is plausible also (though it may be contradictory to existence of ‘inter-dimensionals’): i.e. from thought; which if fed with sufficient attention becomes ‘internal thought-form’; which may then solidify into ‘independent internal thought-form’ (there in the mind in a ‘complete’ (imaginary friend) form when visited) ; which may then become externalised and may choose to be imbued with a spirit and start on an evolutionary path based on learning through experience.  This talks to our creative powers.  Maybe we have literally created all the gods and demons, and inter-dimensionals, and maybe they have no actual spirit?  Maybe we are such creations also?  Maybe spirit means simply a connection back to the thought-form that created you?

I liked the distinction between soul and spirit ie that the former is the hereditary path of the experience of the physical form, and that all that ancestral historical experience is contained in each cell.  With spirit also having that hereditary information, but being distinct from soul, and moving from vehicle to vehicle for the purpose of learning and evolving through experience.  That we need to reclaim connection to our individual spirits and throw out the thought-consciousnesses which are riding our experience seems plausible.

Universal lore seems plausible too.  At least I hope there are a few governing laws out there, and it isn’t the complete ‘free-for-all’ that it appears to be.  Though it may be simply a case that those with the strongest creative will survive and those without it get subsumed into the experience of others.  This may be ‘lore’.

It seems quite likely to me that original Australians have authentic information on who we are and what is going on, and Steve Richard’s work with native Australian suicide prevention seems genuine from what I recall gathering off the net

On to the reservations………. from the get-go I had questions about the cost of HK (I think it is 2k for a week to learn the basics).  I have always had reservations about spiritual courses and teachings anyway (not exactly sure why), and whilst I acknowledge that, in the system, we all have need of money, to my mind there is a contradiction in charging large sums for solutions to our problems, since money is not the answer.

I also had concerns about the possibility of illusion being used; given SR is a guy who claims to have been able to conjure highly convincing mind-magic as a teenager, which begs the question of whether he is using those abilities.

I did not comprehend the maths in HK (it was simply beyond me), and the very fact that there is maths raises significant alarm bells, as it speaks to artificial, patterned construction not nature.

As to the session?  I am somewhat suspicious of the techniques, pressure points and such, and it didn’t touch me at all really .  I had no reaction that I noticed, but it could be that the lady wasn’t very good, or that I am either not susceptible to suggestion or unable to contact my spirit.  I don’t really like people working on me’ or ar handing over control so I’m not the best to comment on what might be achievable.  This is most likely both a blessing and a block.

I am loving your writings at the moment, from my perspective you are nailing a good deal of what is going on, thank you.


Regarding Reiki


Another quote Regarding Reiki, which is a similar healing practice to HK imho, Elizabeth wrote this

‘The problem with Reiki is not that it is from the outside but the kind of outside. It never felt right to me for some reason and over the years learned why. It has heirarchy and astral entities associated with the symbols. Reiki is ‘transferred’ from master to student, and energy is channeled through and into another without a standard as to how clear a practitioner is in their own being. What I have seen as a result for 20 yrs is it moves your stuff around, also imposes other energies and forces you don’t want. Some who say they are doing reiki who have not signed up their being to it may have a glimmer to offer (most are well meaning)…but then there is the issue of how it’s being done energetically which is sloppy. No matter the modality, just seeing energies and pushing them off or shifting the flow in a person manually does not resolve things for real most of the time. That is as we say an Allopathic healing paradigm which is that you see something you think you understand as the cause (but is actually the result) and push it around, suppress it, distort/change/re-name it, rip it out – there, all better! No. It may be astounding in the moment and seemed to heal things but pops up elsewhere and things are worse in the long run. I was asked to help someone gravely damaged by Reiki many years ago. It was very difficult. It feels like an energetic magic used on the masses to feel ‘good’ to keep them going, seemingly healthier, by the Masters. You are really contracting. It’s disheartening when people share health and life challenges that invariably some say they’re ‘sending Reiki’ to them…. without permission -assuming it’s all good!

There are similar whack-a-mole issues with EFT (emotional freedom technique) and it’s sister Matrix Reimprinting. EFT is a new hero of ‘do-it-yourselfers’ but unfortunately it is simply moving things around.’

This is a post I found on face book, on ‘The Bases Project Group’ as I write and decided to add this because he covers some very important points including the potential deceptions of shamanism, implants and the real dangers we face as breakers of the illusion we are trapped in, including all those working for it.

San Gurung

Hier, à 11:33

This is long so take your time to read, I am posting as i think its appropriate for this group, we learn but sometimes we must also unlearn the lies and half truths fed to us . a lot discussed in this post is discussed with my good friend,so credit goes to him too. Take what you can and if it does not sit right with you, thats fine, this is not a post to say whether aliens exist of not, frankly i have no clue, and just because i have not seen or experienced one ,i am not going to reject the possiblity…. here just focusing on deception used by the power that be , those doing the most heinous deeds to mankind through their black occult/magik are the financial, royal, religious and power elite of mankind! feeding on our emotions ….. Knowledge has always been power and power does nor share power, thus it would always hide the knowledge from the public….Anyways…

The entire Annunaki/Nibiru story is a complete fraud, it is the Mystery Religion re-veiling itself in yet another guise. Isis truly does have a thousand faces and yes, Isis is the Church and Osiris is the Doctrine.

All Sumerian translators and Historians laugh at the Sitchin’s translation(i have read three of them ) he’s the only one who came up with the fairy tale of superior Gods that created us as slaves to serve them from those tablets, it sounds a little like the Lord God needing a Man to til the garden so he « formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul » (Gen 2:7) which is precisely the Masonic version of the History of Mankind….Sitchin is a 33rd degree Freemason, promoted by the CIA a Ziontist he was a failed journalist from Israel…. he was part of the Ashmolean Society, a highly Masonic Organisation..

The UFO, Expanded Consciousness, New Age, Nibiru, Ancient Aliens etc is a Masonic Joke on the public, you see they mock their victims! In the real Sumerian tablets one of the dieties is the Sun, one is the Earth, the others are the spirits of the Ether! ….you will find in Project Jason, years before Sitchin’s first book there was a discussion about tricking the world with a threat from « out there », it was a brainchild of the secret society the jason society with Nelson Rockefeller , CIA director Allen Dulles, Edgar Hoover and few others who were all from Skulls and Bones society(thats another story)…..

Annu is the spirit of the object or door of the guide who would take you through the underworld in the Egyptian book of the Dead, also, Annu literally was the name of Egyptian capital On, called Heliopolis by the Greeks, but before it was called On its name was Annu….Naki is a first born girl , and all cities are referred to in the feminine, also the word Naki coming from the Hindu Naga (Nagi being feminine) is a Serpent! So now you know the fabrication of sitchin……“Superior Gods that created man as a slave is just like the Bible and most other religious books, so if it’s all Gods plan or aliens that are technologically superior that created us then who are we to fight back???? , Think ! ….this is a fantastic counter intelligence to get us to accept all of the tyranny coming down the proverbial pike! almost all of the alien, nibiru, singularity, expanded consciousness authors can be directly linked to the futurist society, the cia, the theosophic society, the lucis trust etc. It’s all a front to stop you looking at the elite that do control the world and have done for as long as we can go back!

The plan is Mystery Babylon, it is the Mystery Religion under a new guise for a technological space age! In old age history it was demons and angels when that was the level of technology for the people, now with the use of sci-fi it’s aliens…also, a ‘little green man’ is the masonic green man of nature..

I’ll explain something that might be of importance; there are always three levels of science, three because in the masonic/occult system in which we live there’s always a trinity and science because science is close to seance and well experts are Siontists/occultist…..from PhD down is the lowest level of science, then there is the Secret Services level which is at least at least 50-100 years in advance of PhD….then there’s the Controllers level which is anywhere from 500 years to at least 2500 years in advance. for example, the Lockheed Blackbird was designed in the 1950s and flew from 1964-98. In the 60s it was at least 50+ advanced from the public level…. Next, Sir Francis Bacon in his book « The New Atlantis » claims that he was taken into a cavern which had lighting and heat from the power of the Sun (Nuclear), and that any animal could be created from a small part of that animal and grown, yet they would already know the outcome, that’s Genetic Manipulation, he wrote that book in 1598, furthermore, Plato describes the form and function of an Atom. He states that the Atom is hollow, that electrons oribt around protons and neutrons and that the world under this observation was essentially holographic! Plato wrote this 2400 years ago, he was also a member of the ATOM Society…..

Now I don’t care how clever you are, no way could anyone have guessed that from 500 years ago to 2400 years ago when the supposed highest form of transport was the horse and lighting came from candles! No-one could imagine that! but these men did not because they were ‘ahead of their times’ but were the members of the secret society, they had access to the knowledge…..

so here is an important question , ask yourself ‘in this technological age can what ever I’m experiencing be forced upon me by advanced technology?….

You go back into the ancient world and look at the evidence it’s quite clear that there was a global community, for example, Pyramids all over the world that with public technology we couldn’t build today, landmarks all linked to the same star constellations, the same mythologies, legends and in some cases the same histories to an extent, like the Druids and the Brahmans, they share a history of 3 previous ages of man where civilization had risen to very high standards and then fallen, and in the case of the Brahmans the have a definite history of 5 civilizations of man going back millions of years with 2 more that are so ancient they are classes as mythology.

The point I make is all of these ancient civilization hoarded knowledge in their higher orders as is still done today, they all used methods of hiding the information in plain sight such as heirogliphs, symbolism and stories in allegorical terminology just like the bible, the koran, the talmud, the Egyptian/Tibetian books of the dead/life, the epic of Gilgamesh etc all with mathematical coding that take computers to decypher….. The Egyptians used the snake in a lot of symbolism, NOT because they believed in Reptillian Annunaki alien Gods but because the Snake/Serpent represented something to them, you see in their environment the Snake at dusk would always look towards the Sun for the last of the heat, the Egyptians being highly versed in the Mysteries used the Sun as a symbol of intellect, this is why today when we encounter exceptionally intelligent people we say ‘they are brilliant’ or ‘they are illuminated’ linked directly back to the shining light of the sun, this is why the Serpent/Reptile gave intellect in the Eden story….. You will find that Owls are commonly used because the can see in the dark, that’s why an Owl is considered « wise ».

And that’s all it is I have encountered Guru’s, Mystics, Rabbi’s, Masons etc and they all show signs of the Mystery Religion, in fact in one of Alestair Crowley books he elaborates on how he was inducted into the higher orders of Freemasonry by a Shaman in South America, furthermore, when the English set up the British East India Company in 1500 under Queen Elizabeth I many of the higher bureaucrats were astounded to find Masonic Lodges in India believing that they only existed in Europe, they were totally unaware that the lower level Masonry they were sworn into had a far richer history under different names such as the Rosicrucians, The Hashashin, the Alumbrados etc….. You find the same system all over the world using the same symbolism and different names, yet it is the same story with the same agenda, I find this in all of the UFO, Alien, Annunaki, Nibiru, 2012 Spiritual Consciousness awakening etc….. All of this is done to give an Exoteric story that excites the imagination for the masses, whilst hidden within the story is an Esoteric message for those trained in the Mysteries or those who have acquired ears to hear and eyes to see…..

Good luck in your search, whatever that maybe!


I would like to conclude this article to say, that it has been energetically exhausting, to write about my experiences, to try and relate the story in a coherent manner was very time consuming and laborious, I have tried my best and hope you can read through all this with ease. I knew I had to wait to get through the healing done on me before I would be ready to write, I instinctively knew that I was in danger doing so. The many remarks of how brave I was to speak up, proves there is tension about being honest in this domain, the comments written on my wall shows how many of us feel that one cannot speak up against this Holographic kinetics healing practice without huge triggering and reactions.

I have described my journey in full honesty, I don’t think anyone needs to look for healers unless you find yourself in a place of difficulty and you deeply know you need some help, it is then up to you to be guided by your intuition and inner voice to find the people that come to you authentically. Or if you are Intune to yourself and sensitive, you can always self-heal and regenerate. You don’t go for a healing just because everyone else is doing it, you go because you passionately feel that you must find support in unravelling a negative emotion and thought process.  Because you find the right person at the the right time, ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear’ I spoke of my experiences with healers but I am not promoting them in anyway, it is far too personal a choice. The further I delve down the rabbit holes the more aware I am of being attacked externally for deliberate reasons, to stop me from speaking up.

We are all attacked to some level in life, this is how we grow and become resistant but also compassionate to others. Those that speak up without fear do so either in ignorance, or in full knowing of the outside attacks it will involve. With time we learn to protect ourselves and only to take on as much as we can, according to where we are in our growth and unravelling process of finding our essence and true core energy signature. Once we find our center and purpose, we are as strong as the stone within a ripe peach, but the peach is ever so tender on the outside and only when we are ready will we be able to stand bare and let experiences and attacks wash off us, as water of a ducks back. For it is all an illusion, we are here to evolve at our own pace, to experience everything openly and live everything with conviction and alignment to our values and know where we stand, always in the now, always true to ourselves.

We are all warriors in our own way, many of us have been infiltrated by programs or implants or entities, it’s a constant struggle to be in a healthy vibrational frequency that is true to our unique song. Discernment and the ability to diagnose has never been more needed, this is why I speak up about HK and the real dangers it may represent if you are not whole in yourself. I feel a very dark energy from HK and I feel it is passed directly form the mind magic man, creator of the brand himself, Steve Richards, through the tentacles of all those that participate, knowingly or unknowingly, for that is how black magic is done. I profoundly feel that I may not have been strong enough to deal with this without Elizabeth’s help. I cannot help but observe how Lily has distanced me of her own accord since I became more clear of and outspoken about HK’. This is my truth, thanks for reading such a long article, all my LOVE and honest feelings, always.


The Deliberate Terraforming of Earth and The Genetic Modification of Humanity

I do not accept Tomorrows world … plugged in forever to the bee hive.. this is the direction of where we are heading, yes my life is just fine, but i am not here to think about ME i am here for the collective and i care tooooo deeply for innocence … people storm around in their bulbs , they are obsessed with their bodies, what they wear?? and all that is material.. what they look like, what they posses.. what they do on the outside to appear.. something? that’s why i have chosen to live where one can breath and be .. but i know that we will not be able to escape the hum drum in the years to come… you won’t be allowed to have any independence or real responsible community, because the green movement, under the guise of agenda 21 is nearly here by 2030 it will be impossible to own property or to even consider living in the countryside unless you are part of the elite satanic gang..like rodent foxes we will be forced as scavenges to crowd into cities… only the very wealthy will be able to afford the pleasures of peace…. they will not allow humans to infest the countryside..unless they are running hotels restaurants and holiday breaks for the wealthy city dwellers.. if there is any countryside left? if communities don’t come together now, we will be forever shut in to cities… and large towns, no escape for those of us sensitive to electrO smog, try finding a place to live where there are not cell towers, 5g is world wide by the end of this decade .. it will mean we can be remote controlled, all sensitive humans, with big hearts and empathy will be ruthlessly zapped out, so only the bee hive race remains.. if you are not ruthless you will be mercifully attacked.. cell towers are designed to fry our brains and destroy our electromagnetic fields dry.. if we rebel we can be zapped .. so those that don’t yet own their thoughts never will, if your education overrides your imagination how will you ever go within to escape the madness … time is running out.. free will means having imagination and a desire to make these choices


Please read this 5g will be world wide by the end of this decade …. https://www.letsraiseawareness.org/testing-5g-wi-fi-troubles-cows-concerned/

Global warming is a sick funked up lie… to bring in the Glow BA AL control of our planet.. to control food earth air water and life… French newspapers warning that 2017 is gonna be exceptional devastation to the world… so man thinks he is God.. they have Tesla power.. it could be used to give the planet global energy and freedom from enslavement.. but instead they spread fear guilt and loss of life… Climate change is man made, you control the weather and you own life and all those that depend on it ..Us .  .. what’s really happening .. global warming is simply a natural cycle.. but the effects of geoengineering will bring the chaos that is needed for terror and complete breakdown of our planets natural eco system…please look at the sky..  … observe, feel, smell…

Even where i live .. cell towers are put on top of our water towers now …


I have been awake since 5 am this fine geoengineered morning, worrying about the plight of our planet and the sad current human condition and where we are blindly being led… Where ever I go on this planet, the weather is completely screwed up.. the psychopaths that own us, like pets to play with, the fake controllers, the architects of hell, are running away with our earth and our natural connection to her. Because we let hierarchy exist, we are carrying out genocide and no one is paying attention.


Our weather, our brains and our food have been taken over. Because the natural environment and our natural elements have been taken from us, the air, the earth, the water, and the sun, have been hijacked, and our human consciousness is under siege, but we continue to feed this loony tunes.. If you believe in the man made Gods and Scientific bull shit, the nonstop propaganda that has programmed us for over 10,000 years at least, you are willingly keeping us, all, on this hamster wheel, death loop, of lies, day in and day out and people wonder why HIS STORY repeats itself. We live stuck on a record that repeats the same patterns and we fall for the same games of trickery, deceit and black magic over and over again.



Planet Earth is under an all out weather warfare assault. In this video, Dane Wigington gives another presentation in Northern California on the harmful effects of Geoengineering, declaring that there is virtually NO NATURAL WEATHER due to the massive global climate engineering. The very essentials needed to sustain life on earth are being recklessly destroyed by these programs. This is not a topic that will begin to affect us in several years, but is now already causing massive animal and plant die off around the world, as well as human illness. read more

The constant distractions and propaganda that is used to divide us, to divide our cellular make up, is always based on religion and science, politics and education. Language and spelling being the basis of disconnection from inner knowing.  Attaching ourselves to any belief programme makes us biologically into a linear, duality, split, BI polar human. A born to die human, when the only way to find peace is to have no limits or preprogrammed ideas or fear, of birth and death. The cross is the division, placed in the circle of control, the Lord of the Rings the planet Saturn, Cronus the God of time is the same as the  astrology wheel, that we are closed within. The cross is also the clock and it is used in religion, daily life and it is the basis of all black magicK and is purposely placed on our national flags, giving us a false sense of identity, and disrupting are whole biological cellular makeup and connection to nature. Earth has a natural PULSE known as the Schumann Resonances” Why are we  disconnected from HER through electrosmog?


Resonance is a sensational journey, which reveals 60 years of scientific research into the harm being caused to life by man made wireless frequencies.

Please Read this article and see the video below http://www.schumannresonator.com/

The cross represents the splitting of nature, the seasons, the horizontal line is the moment of birth/enter/on and death/exit/off, this lie being the basis of using us as power batteries, that keeps us disunited from our inner truth and the eternal beat of Mother nature. March being the opposite of September, when the spring and rebirth begins and it’s opposite autumn, when nature prepares to hibernate for death. The vertical cake cut, line is the division of our right and left brain. As above so below is how we are controlled, split and kept under an external authority. It’s the heart of the overlay that seperates man from the true creator, Nature.
This is why Jesus the Son represents the giver of life the Sun, how damaging is that to associate a male figure with the Sun? he is born at the top of the wheel we are trapped in,  the 25th December on the winter solstice, above, in Capricorn, the goat. This is why the female nature is the Summer solstice in Cancer, the crab, below, representing the Moon the tides the flow of in and out. The vertical line is the division of male and female and the beginning of mind control, we are sacrificed on the cross, when we don’t reconnect to our innate ability to see through the symbolic scriptures that consequently shift our internal and external Biological Energy, this is genetic modification of the human being and Earth because we are part of her and her seasons. When we deprogram we can regenerate our cells and so our very cellular make up can continue it’s cycles. All belief programs split us and divide us, we are what we think we are, and we are a continuation of the breathing process of going from spirit to matter and from matter to spirit, we forget, die, and we remember, rebirth, the eternal passages. Spirit is always present, just dimmed until we choose to be enlightened again, we are spirits as all matter is. We are a fragment of the, whole, not separate from the true creator, never separate or split from source, it’s an eternal choice to go from being split to reconnecting, a choice made from within. Although in this realm we are kept as spiritual batteries, when we don’t own our own thoughts and become critical thinkers and choice makers. We will be OBSERVED instead of being THE OBSERVER…….


Until humanity sees how our thoughts are owned by an all seeing impostor eye, that surveys what we are taught to think and feel, passed down genetically through our cells from generation to generation, we can not begin to undo the web of destruction on our biological template, nor become the observers and co creators we are on earth to be, we are being led into a cAGE of total domination and oppression of our free spirits and complete takeover of our right to be connected to the natural flow and rhythms of nature, those natural cycles were never flat, but always whirling and we can spiral out and in, we don’t go from A to B we go eternally in and out. We can always be balanced and regenerative when we own our thought and expression, that is our deep connection to life and evolving out of the time loop, in this energy harvesting psy op machine we are falsely attached to. When we see through the lie, we can become regenerated and evolve out of the plan NET.

The PLAN NET world/WHIRLED of ‘gravity’ on a magNETic field – a magnetic 卐 WHIRLPOOL.

 When we THINK and EMOTE we EMIT frequencies and VIBRATIONS which RADIATE E-MOTIONS or EM-OCEANS.
Every single thought WAVE EMITS a chemical signature.


slide_2.jpgThe lies have shifted our whole biological make up, the lie changes our natural rhythms and cycles, according to our belief patterns, we have been disconnected from earth so to program our DNA into being something we are not. To stop us from escaping the lie and becoming regenerating power houses. We are losing our ability to grow food, to breathe clean air, to drink fresh flowing water and to have correct amounts of sunlight to be healthy. once the whole planet has been terraformed their won’t be any natural organic food only GMO artificial food will be available and it will be more and more expensive. Why do you think the seeds of our earth our locked up in underground tunnels in Norway?https://www.theguardian.com/science/2015/may/20/the-doomsday-vault-seeds-save-post-apocalyptic-world climate change is manmade..



Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 16, 2016 

Another terrible tragedy (the most recent attack in France) conveniently gives cover for the power structure as they continue to put their chess pieces in place in preparation for biosphere and societal collapse. The US stock market has been pumped to new all time record highs by the completely out of control fiat financial system that is (and has been) nothing more than a snake eating its own tail. The US and NATO are being ever more aggressive in their push for global conflict, they will stop at nothing to retain their grip on power. Venezuela is still descending into starvation and chaos, their government is now controlling food distribution.

Back on the home front, the masses are waking up to the very real vaccination dangers thanks to the VAXXED documentary and all those that are a part of it. In Northern California the media is already starting a campaign of disinformation against VAXXED and Dr. Andrew Wakefield in what appears to be an attempt to slow the momentum that is rapidly building for the major public awareness event that will occur on August 5th, in Redding, California. All the while, the planet is continuing into total meltdown with climate engineering further pushing the process. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.  http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/geoengineering-watch-global-alert-news-july-16-2016/  Where do we go from here? What will our part be in this unfolding convergence of catastrophes? Can we still make a difference for the better? That choice belongs to each of us, and all of us together. Let’s make every day count.


We are being forced into hunger games, you control the weather, you control the food and you completely control humanity, the whole planet is being replaced with a fake simulated version because the herds are under mind control, what do you think man made propaganda and electrosmog, from cell towers, wifi, smart meters, HAARP is really doing to our cells our nervous systems our lymphatic systems, our blood flow, our DNA, our biological make up and our human life force pulse?

US-developed weapon system may cause global warming: Govt

HAARP is a super powerful ionospheric heater which may cause the globe to warm and have global warming effect, says the environment minister


HAARP stands for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project. HAARP is a joint project by the U.S. Navy and Air Force in Alaska to create a very large radio frequency transmitter which can transmit an electromagnetic beam into the upper atmosphere or ionosphere. This radio-frequency energy is broadcast through a field of 48 antennas which are 72 feet tall and they have a cross diapoled across the top. Electromagnetic waves then bounce back onto Earth and penetrate everything–living and dead. Normally, radio frequency energy dissipates with distance, but by firing them in a unique way, the energy is focussed and a cyclotron resonance effect occurs. This produces very much more concentrated and potent energy when it delivers its load either through magnetic lines of force or to the ionosphere. The cyclotron resonance energy wraps itself around these magnetic lines and it moves north to south. This was intended to create a shielding effect during a nuclear attack. The ideal place to locate these instruments happens to be in the northern regions where the magnetic lines of force intersect the planet, and the research project was located in Alaska….. http://www.consumerhealth.org/articles/display.cfm?ID=20011005223152

US-developed weapon system may cause global warming: Govt

HAARP is a super powerful ionospheric heater which may cause the globe to warm and have global warming effect, says the environment minister.. click on link below…



If we unplug now, we still have a slight, vague chance to heal, if we detach from the belief programs that keep us attached to the fake simulated reality we think is real living, we could still turn things around, claim back our true ways of living as divine humans, under no hierarchical structure and naturally return to natural abundance and harmony, but we have an awful lot of work to do first, deprogramming the programmed humans and repairing the damage that is so far gone.

Electromagnetic energy, weather modification, and other elite agendas

Though it’s hard to know the true agenda of the pervasive weather modification efforts going on over our heads, it’s becoming increasingly clear that weather fronts and cloud patterns are showing the effects of extremely powerful electromagnetic energy applied from unknown sources. Most geoengineering involves depositing nano-sized particles in the Troposphere, but some military and scientific applications require chemicals like Barium and Strontium compounds deposited at much higher altitudes. “It has…been proposed to release large clouds of barium in the magnetosphere so that photoionization will increase the cold plasma density, thereby producing electron precipitation through enhanced whistler-mode interactions.”[2] This is from a PhD thesis dedicated to sending extremely low frequency (ELF) signals around the planet from the HAARP facility in Alaska. The initial heating energy sent up first to create a superheated dome of plasma for an antenna, uses a powerful square wave with the sharp transition from zero to full power timed precisely to drive the atmosphere into an electrical frenzy and thereby heat up to around 5700o F.

The Ionosphere (80-300 miles up) is composed of several layers of incomplete, electrically unbalanced molecules (ions) that have been torn apart by the sun’s radiation in a process called ionization. HAM radio operators have long known that the ionosphere can act like a mirror for radio signals, especially at night when the atmosphere is calmer. Scientists and military groups have been using various layers of the ionosphere to create the aforementioned large bubbles or domes of superheated plasma to reflect signal transmissions all the way around the earth in two or three “hops.”[3] They’ve also found that the plasma dome collapses when the heating signal is turned off; which effectively creates a downward-pressing “gravity wave” as cold air rushes into the void left behind. Gravity waves can be used to steer the jet stream or crush the excess moisture out of developing hurricanes or storms with tornado potential.[4] Those of us who watch the weather patterns in the Pacific, west of California, have detected a number of weird incidents where drought-busting storms suddenly dissipated under very suspicious circumstances. http://www.activistpost.com/2016/01/electromagnetic-energy-in-the-air.html

This is from Amanda Danielle 

Cell Towers or Death Towers: Whistle Blower Tells all – Amanda Danielle (AKA) Madison Star Moon’s Exclusive Whistle Blower Interview

You see them everyday, they’re all around us but no one seems to give them a second thought. Like so much “advanced” technology we take for granted, the common cell tower is ubiquitous in our day to day lives. Unnoticed and seemingly invisible to us. Like most technology we use every day, we just make the assumption that it must be safe. After all, if it’s high tech, it must be safe, right?

Well grab a cup of “Joe” and get ready to have your paradigm shifted.

You’re about to find out why some people refer to cell towers as “Death Towers”. That’s right, those towers are deadly, even lethal.

So, the next  time you drive by a “Cell Tower”, try thinking about what they are doing to you and your family…

These things are really Death Towers and it’s all about profit, your safety means very little to the people who own them and even less to those who lease space on them…


Building a Mass Surveillance Infrastructure Out of Light Bulbs


Electrosmog just hit all new highs, say goodbye to any human rights this is about being slowly, microwaved, surveyed and monitored as every human function is disturbed and genetically modified, turned into a robot faster than you can even work it out,.. this is the end of the human being and all life on earth we are being cooked alive… this is biological warfare on the human being



What are ‘Smart’ Meters?

Around the world utility companies are replacing wired analogue electricity, gas and water meters with new generation ‘Smart’ Meters at a rapid rate.  The programme is already well under way in countries including North America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and some European countries.  Despite what Big Energy is trying to claim, ‘Smart’ Meters are NOT mandatory and you have the right to refuse them.  http://stopsmartmeters.org.uk/resources/what-are-smart-meters/


We can still reconnect to natural electromagnetic pulses and living from the abundance of earth, but after generations of being genetically modified we won’t even be able to survive in a natural environment anymore, because we adapt and evolve according to the environment we are forced to live in…we have been breathing in heavy metals for over three decades, we have been fed lies for centuries now,  our nervous systems are infiltrated, infected with the man made virus.


We are being merged into a computer program.. turned into a virtual video game, because the masses don’t know how vital their preconceived conceptions and belief programs are to creating the artificial prison we have locked ourselves in, we are currently throwing out the key, as we are lead to a locked new cage order, so we may never let ourselves out again, with our own free will, because we will be far too dumbed down, to ever know, any better, generation after generation of being genetically modified.

The US Govt Has Been Trying to Weaponize Pokemon for Two Decades — They Finally Succeeded


Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/us-government-weaponize-pokemon/#YFTCvBe8b71D3tHA.99

I used to be the private english teacher to the head of TFI childrens TV department in Paris, the man was very proud to have brought Pokermon to the french children, he was a dark empty soul, he was very perturbed by me, he knew i knew, not sure he got my message back then in 2002, but even then he was part of the virtual take over of our children’s conscious reality, we create reality this is why it has to be infiltrated so young

‘On December 16, 1997, children across Japan plopped down in front of their TVs to watch an episode of Pokemon.

700 of them never saw the end.
Hundreds of children experienced seizures and were rushed to the hospital after witnessing Pikachu use his lightning powers to blow up missiles.
The episode, called ‘Electric Soldier Porygon,’ was banned from airing again, even in edited form.
The effects were so damning to Pokemon that the entire show was removed from the air for four months.
However, while the world was scrambling to understand what could’ve possibly caused this reaction, the US Army quietly began researching the episode — to weaponize it. Seriously.
The Army wanted to blast pulses similar to those used in the episode into the faces of its adversaries to overload their brains and cause them to convulse.
Application of “electromagnetic pulses” could force neurons to all fire at once, causing a “disruption of voluntary muscle control,” reads a description of the ominous “seizure” weapon, contained in a declassified document from the Army’s National Ground Intelligence Center. “It is thought by using a method that would actually trigger nerve synapses directly with an electrical field, essentially 100% of individuals would be susceptible to seizure induction.”
The report was discovered thanks to an activist filing a Freedom of Information Act request. It revealed the Army’s sinister intentions in making electromagnetic weapons — propaganda.
According to a report in Wired, the military needed weapons like these because TV news had hamstrung the military’s traditional proclivities to kill its way to victory: It now lived in a world where “You don’t win unless CNN says you win,” the report lamented. But while the Pentagon still laments the impact of the 24/7 news cycle on the U.S. military, it hardly thinks less-lethal weapons are a solution to it. In fact, the U.S. has kept most of its electromagnetic arsenal off of the battlefield, in part because the idea of invisible pain rays would sound so bad coming out of an anchor’s mouth.
This disturbing Pokemon weapon would disrupt chemicals in the brain and induce an immediate seizure — in 100% of the population.
“The onset of synchony and disruption of muscular control is said to be near instantaneous,” the 1997 Army report reads. “Excitation is directly on the brain.” And “100% of the population” is supposed to be susceptible to the effects — from distances of “up to hundreds of meters” — “[r]ecovery times are expected to be consistent with, or more rapid than, that which is observed in epileptic seizures.”
The report showed how Army officials likely drooled over the notion of inducing seizures in their unwitting victims, specifically mentioning the Pokemon episode.
“The photic-induced seizure phenomenon was borne out demonstrably on December 16, 1997 on Japanese television when hundreds of viewers of a popular cartoon were treated, inadvertently, to photic seizure induction,” the analysis noted.
Naturally, the Army has denied any such weapon exists. However, the Army also has no problem lying.

Now, as a new Pokemon craze sweeps the nation, its ominous app roots are being exposed. While it is not a seizure gun, it’s an Orwellian government’s wet dream.

Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/us-government-weaponize-…/…


Sonic Weapons

A variety of high powered sonic weapons (SW) exist spanning the infrasonic, ultrasonic, and audible ranges. Because they are weapons which direct sound onto a target, and sound is energy, they can be considered directed-energy weapons.

These weapons produce both psychological and physical effects. They include highly directional devices which can transmit painful audible sound into an individual’s ear at great distances and infrasonic generators which can shoot acoustic projectiles hundreds of meters causing a blunt impact upon a target.

Infrasonic generators can cause negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, or depression, as well as biological symptoms like nausea, vomiting, organ damage, burns, or death—depending on the frequency and power level. Most of these weapons function between the frequency range of about 1 Hz to 30 kHz. These frequencies occur within the following waves: Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) 1 Hz to 30 Hz, Super Low Frequency (SLF) 30 Hz to 300 Hz, Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) 300 Hz to 3 kHz, and Very Low Frequency (VLF) 3 kHz to 30 kHz.1

Within the ELF region of the spectrum, there is a type of sound calledinfrasound, which occurs between 3 and 20 Hz. Infrasound is usually not heard, but it can be if the power level is sufficient. Next, audible noise begins for most people from about 20 Hz up to 20 kHz, and occurs between the upper ELF into the VLF ranges. Ultrasound begins in the VLF range at about 20 kHz, just above human hearing.

Another sound factor is power, usually described using a unit of measurement called a decibel. Decibels are used to measure the power of audible and inaudible sound, both of which produce effects. Any sound begins to become physically painful at about 120 decibels, although at lower levels it can cause discomfort. At about 130 decibels it becomes unbearable. In this chapter, words such as intensity, level, power, pressure, and decibel, are all used to describe sound power. 

Read More here… http://www.newworldwar.org/sw.htm

we have white out regularily… chemtrails daily.. with a couple of days off per month or half days… but still people just cant feel see or sense what is happening..fight for sunlight humanity and please no sun cream… let your pores breathe…

This very popular track in France adds all the symbology of the Wizard of Oz completing the ultimate dream of bio mass weapons of destruction on humanity.. seen here..

Or is the 5th Element the time we enter 5G and zapped like in the Dorothy video below? all the Munchkins and people are killed are they speaking of a fake Alien invasion?

Warning for humanity: The FCC automatically approves the use of untested frequencies
The 5G network will use higher frequency bands than previously thought possible – which are untested frequencies of 24 to 100 GHz or more. Wheeler said that implementing the new frequencies would necessitate new antennas – intended to aim and amplify the signals – new infrastructure and a massive deployment of towers throughout the United States.
The FCC is moving quickly to adapt 5G technology. Wheeler said that Verizon and ATT will start 5g trials in 2017, with the first commercial deployments scheduled for 2020. Specifically rejecting the notion of 5G being only for urban use, Wheeler noted that all areas, including rural communities, will be saturated.
In other words: No part of the country will be safe from ultra-high frequency signals.
With obvious relish, Wheeler spoke of “turning innovators loose” to develop and adapt 5G and related networks. And, as for those ‘annoying regulators’ – who could presumably stand between us and harm from electromagnetic radiation – Wheeler rejects the idea that these cautious people should be allowed to define our future.
Gestapo tactics are being used to silence criticism of 5G technology…….Warning for humanity: The FCC automatically approves the use of untested frequencies
The 5G network will use higher frequency bands than previously thought possible – which are untested frequencies of 24 to 100 GHz or more. Wheeler said that implementing the new frequencies would necessitate new antennas – intended to aim and amplify the signals – new infrastructure and a massive deployment of towers throughout the United States.
The FCC is moving quickly to adapt 5G technology. Wheeler said that Verizon and ATT will start 5g trials in 2017, with the first commercial deployments scheduled for 2020. Specifically rejecting the notion of 5G being only for urban use, Wheeler noted that all areas, including rural communities, will be saturated.
In other words: No part of the country will be safe from ultra-high frequency signals.
With obvious relish, Wheeler spoke of “turning innovators loose” to develop and adapt 5G and related networks. And, as for those ‘annoying regulators’ – who could presumably stand between us and harm from electromagnetic radiation – Wheeler rejects the idea that these cautious people should be allowed to define our future.
Gestapo tactics are being used to silence criticism of 5G technology

 Zapping the hobbits with WE AETHER or We at HER we EAT her …..

If you, still haven’t joined dots to see how we are distracted and led by the pied piper, if you still can’t see the bigger picture of how our human rights have been completely violated and how we are disconnected from the natural rhythms and pulse of our natural electromagnetic environment, we can not take back the role of being organic co creators. If you still don’t get that we are poisoned with vaccines, chemtrails and toxic heavy metals are  pumped mercifully into us, we will be forever remote controlled with fake man made waves and pulses and ideas that are false, so we are genetically modified into robots, so we continue to manifest a lie and so we remain a bee hive work force of victim humans, that never fulfill their true potential, nor their ability to live as one in harmony with the organic earth and reality.

Next time you’re on a cellphone looking up at those long lingering plumes spreading across the sky, you might decide to end that call. If you spot any cell towers, roof-mounted transmitters or high-voltage power lines within a mile of your location, you may wish to evacuate the area immediately. And once home, you will want to permanently disconnect all wireless devices, including computer routers and “always-on” portable phone cradles. Because what you see in the sky is what you breathe. And chances are you’ve been breathing barium for more than a decade read More here: http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/chemtrails-wireless-and-you/


The human PULSE and Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors



Posted by Ashiya Austin on Monday, October 19, 2015

Posted by Ashiya Austin on Monday, October 19, 2015

As you still fall for the sick mind games, we and our precious planet is under siege. She has to be controlled in order to keep us as a PULSE energy based food source and work force.. we are mere batteries, our human vessel is used as a manifesting device, so parasitic entities may keep us connected to them so they may live through us and have a physical experience on earth, at their chosen radio frequency so they can survive through us. We are being used so we never get organised and come together, as we should be doing, we don’t need hierarchical constructs, we are grown ups, we can get organised without the black magicians.


To stop ourselves from merging into the simulated copy paste virtual reality, to stop being sucked in to the artificial dead light void, we must unplug and become real from the inside out, we have to become hands on, barefooted connected to earth beings, but this just can’t happen until the whole electromagnetic smog is removed and those implementing it systematically through technocratic means and transhuman devices, into our atmosphere are exposed. The control grid is evermore in place, once the computer takes over we will be merged ruthlessly to artificial intelligence, that will dictate our fate and our lives. Those that tell us about climate change and global warming lie, the systematic terraforming and bio genetic manipulation of humanity must be faced, by all, before it can cease to be.



« Synthetic Intelligence and the
Transmutation of Humankind

–A Roadmap to the Singularity and Beyond »


Lastly this should blow your mind….. Watch it the truth of what earth was like before, it has nothing to do with flat earth but everything to do with how are planet has been terraformed and how we are a mere shadow of our true potential……

Why do we seek to go to other planets? when we have the most beautiful jewel in the universe EARTH.

Terraforming (literally, « Earth-shaping ») of a planet, moon, or other body is the hypothetical process of deliberately modifying itsatmosphere, temperature, surface topography or ecology to be similar to the environment of Earth to make it habitable by Earth-like life.

The concept of terraforming developed from both science fiction and actual science. The term was coined by Jack Williamson in a science-fiction story (Collision Orbit) published during 1942 in Astounding Science Fiction,[1] but the concept may pre-date this work.

Based on experiences with Earth, the environment of a planet can be altered deliberately; however, the feasibility of creating an unconstrained planetary environment that mimics Earth on another planet has yet to be verified. Mars is usually considered to be the most likely candidate for terraforming. Much study has been done concerning the possibility of heating the planet and altering its atmosphere, and NASA has even hosted debates on the subject. Several potential methods of altering the climate of Mars may fall within humanity’s technological capabilities, but at present the economic resources required to do so are far beyond that which any government or society is willing to allocate to it. The long timescales and practicality of terraforming are the subject of debate. Other unanswered questions relate to the ethics, logistics, economics, politics, and methodology of altering the environment of an extraterrestrial world.

The Walking Dead Among Us

Sometimes there are people simple enough, to imagine, I am against something? a group, a religion, a monarchy, a country, a system, a person etc etc no, I see the bigger picture, I see past baddies and goodies, I see how we our programmed, where we are heading, who and what is pushing our buttons. I know where i am heading, but I came to earth to bring as many souls as possible on the true authentic organic path. I see that the few humans left with a pair of solid balls and the inner wisdom of the mother, that fights to protect her children is a very rare human today, because every human on earth is my child, I will continue to try to snap humans out of their deep sleep.


we need to know that psychopaths walk disguised as heroes in every walk of life …. That our human PULSE is under attack, that our conscious belief systems create reality, only when we become the observer, can we, change reality. Seeing the copy paste version overlay is how you realeyes …. photons create the « wave, » and the observer collapses the wave. Can we collapse the lie by becoming the observer in time? to stop the terraforming of this planet and the transhuman mindcontrolled hive race we are becoming. Everything has been inverted, being a psychopath, has become the norm.


There are a lot of videos circulating currently of the cruelty of some humans, regarding animals, breaking their innocent, pure force, so to dominate, humiliate and fragment their divine spirit and inner right to be. Some people get angry and are confused by such callous incredible cold cruelty. These videos we see, are a call to those of us who still have a sparkle of connection to our inner realm, to take action and speak up. If it happens to animals, it happens to humans too, as it does, look at how they/we are farmed, look at how earth is raped dry,  observe behind the constant veil of falseness and smiles, pick up the rug to see that pedophiles and child sacrifice is ripe among our elite and shining bright stars, anywhere and everywhere where eyes wide shut, could never fathom. We have made many journeys through this lower dimension of matter, but do we hear our call, in time? to do what we came to do, to stop the power game, for we are truly safe, when we know. We become untouchable, knowing we are always, connected to our sun, within.


When we identify, this energy harvesting, simulated, copy paste reality, of the real deal, to awaken and see, that excruciating pain exists everywhere, we become the co creators we are designed to be, outside of any artificial plan.

To observe and see, where this is happening, how and why and what makes people behave like this?  Not just to animals, but in every walk of society, is essential for breaking free, first individually, then collectively.  People who work with animals are often not kind people, as people who work with people are often not good people. Some people don’t have faith, commitment, intuition, or a genuine desire to co create from inside out. They constantly attach themselves to those who have inner visibility and an innate touch of magic, because they are shadows, they want to stand in your light, to soak it up and take the praise. These people are lost without an external crutch, so they use you and get a high when they have left you broken, wondering what hit you and how you ever fell into their warped merry go round of building you up, waiting till you are comfortably numbed, only to smash you and all your hopes down, over and over again. The energy lost in this see saw, is how they get fed and have a vague sense of being alive. the degrees to which this plays out depends on your capacity to not play the game, to detach and no longer give in. A desire to control you and a silent contempt of your ‘joie de vivre’ is what drives them to crush it out of you and make it their own.


They look for jobs and outlets, to disguise themselves as socially acceptable. As many dead people there are, there are also very alive people, for this dimension is a duality pendulum. We swing backwards and forwards until we refuse to willingly swing,  back n forth,  blindly in binary mode, good and bad, black n white, off n on coded reality..anymore.  We refuse to feed the machine and we take the time to decode the codes.


Only we can break the spell by identifying that many people are psychopaths, sociopaths, narcissists, or just passive aggressive breakers, of the free spirited. Because they are deeply infected with a sense of lack and a deep rooted envy, of what they believe they can’t create independently anymore, for they have known such brutality themselves or tasted the easy way out too easily, they don’t want to let go. They come disguised as Gods or Gurus or Greatness, they flutter and mingle in places of power over others. These sad, lost, fake people are dead inside, they refuse to play fair, to heal, to become the real, deal.


They may one day, they may never, that’s free will, they live off the fragile force of the pure noble spirit of the animal, child, elderly, sick, disabled, the true creators of pure intention, or simply the brainwashed bee hived humans. The gullible herd, who blindly, follow orders and never see through the shackles of deceit. For the greedy, power hungry humans, that keep this time warp game of control, tick tocking, need servants, so perversion and abuse rules ruthlessly, over freedom and imagination.


It needs our devout complicity to keep the artificial, Alice of willy wonker wonderland, white rabbit, time loop, illusion alive. Without us under it’s control, it has no hope, it will fail. What do you choose? to keep it ticking? or not?  Do you choose eternal life or to be a mind controlled food source? Do you choose to copy others or create from your inner source?


Swiss Alps Gotthard Base Tunnel ceremony opened on 1 June 2016- 9:11 time loop – ‘ALICE (A Large Ion Collider Experiment) is one of seven detector experiments at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.’

Power gives them the illusion of feeling alive, so they feel they exist too. We are in a realm where, many souls are mixed at all our different evolution levels, of integration, it is a constant wheel of sorting through and filtering those that are ready to see the bigger picture, of the injustice we live. Those who are ready to reconnect to the whole, and those who are not. Many have, through choice, lost connection for always, to our eternal source, they are completely taken over, and remote controlled and they do it with so much ease, arrogance and panache, you would never suspect them.

There is no right and wrong, just our innate ability to empathize with the victims of unfairness, cruelty and domination over the frail among us and to see through those that take a sick pleasure in stealing another’s sparkle and true light, be it, an animal or a human, or any living life, including our beloved breathing earth and all the organic elements of nature, we are connected to.


These empty vehicles are emotional vampires of our life force, our purpose and creative freedom of expression. The whole system is created so pathetic, pretending, disconnected souls can find places to inflict humiliation, torture and pain on the vulnerable, they will use the current system to find ways to take advantage of strong centered powerful light beings, this is why our organizations are so seriously ill, because it is designed to hide and protect those souls that are in great discomfort and are mentally sick, taking advantage of the susceptible souls. They work behind closed doors, behind respected professions and status and positions of power. The whole control grid is set up, to always have a victim, aggressor feeding structure. Look at the world we live in and how,  it is designed for bullies.


We live in a world of inverted reality, in order for psychopaths to thrive they have to hide behind concepts of what people imagine to be their realm of goodness, to attach themselves to those with true inner light and they like to have what i call, back up, all bullies need underdogs, to feel protected and to better project and protect themselves, they need outside groups of people to be on their side so they can hook onto their energy and reproduce it, so it looks like theirs. Many of my friends are dealing for the first time with narcissistic people, it’s important to know if you’ve been hooked, on your emotional empathy by a trickster, be it a politician, a guru, a lover or a friend.. once you have identified how it works in your own personal life, you will be able to see how it’s done in the external world, live it, feel it, heal it, so we can build anew, outside and beyond of the looming New cAGE order.


LOOK, have the empathy to recognize how easy it is to trick and lie and deceive, there are ample opportunities in our world where a manipulative person can twist and turn and cause harm, it’s ridiculously easy to fool and mislead and to be downright evil… seeing this and exposing those you know,  is healthy and powerful! But we need to attack the roots, where does this growth stem from, it’s a virus a parasite that thrives in the very structures we consider healthy.  Zoos, prisons, schools, law, hospitals, social security, secret societies, military, police forces, politics, corporations, entertainment, sport, financial schemes, religions, cults, groups  etc etc etc . Do it stand up for those who have no voice and let’s get rid of these hiding holes and the hierarchy structures that hold this fake world up, for the walking dead to suck of the alive among us, we can all be alive once the control grid, comes crashing down.



What is FAKE and What is REAL…

We are Earth beings, we have evolved with earth, We are part of the organic time line which is everything that is created with life energy , her pure pulse and our inner light…

The fake time line is everything that is being copy pasted and copied from our original source! Our inner light power house is being used to manifest a technocratic world of alien artificial intelligence. Fake Electromagnetic waves pulsed from all directions, is rearranging our natural environment, our electromagnetic authentic inner beat, when the natural rhythms of earth our changed so are we.

We are an incredibly important asset, as long as we are being remote controlled, we can be used and abused to manifest a fake reality. We are so very powerful, when we are in control of our emotions and when we become fully embodied, when we are raw and real … When we can observe the duality trap, that is designed to disconnect us from the ultimate prime viewing place, that is currently being sat upon by fake controllers.. We need to be in the central point of all observation…. We need to own our vessel and reconnect to nature before it’s completely destroyed and our natural connection to her…

There is a FAKE dark and light and a REAL dark and light, the Sun and the Moon are organic realities, But then there is the copy paste version, of darkness and LIGHT it is imposed upon us by the black magicians, who know how powerful we are when we are not distracted by nonsense.  We have been led to believe in the underworld and the over world, when all is within us, there is nothing outside of us , only we have the answers.

We have been bound in a web of impotence and it is fed to us through media, entertainment, sport, education, culture, politics, laws, medicine, religions, new age, self development gurus and now we even have fake alternative media, there are traps everywhere, When the only truth is the original source of what and where, we come from, EARTH between The Sun and the Moon,

Will you walk in to the New cAGE? or Redefine the inner alchemy by walking through the narrow gate

As long as we focus on the astral traps, we are harvested like farm animals, we are hooked into belief programs, such as new age love n light, meditation, astrology, gods, monarchy,  celebrities, or  savior  Et’s, we are told there are  outside enemies and demons or outside spiritual gurus or saviours, whatever we choose to believe in, it’s all done so we lose our prime place as co creating collective consciousness..  This is why we are distracted with so much external hype constantly, to fragment us, separate us and to confuse us.. as long as we don’t see through the veil we manifest a FAKE reality.

Sadly most people don’t get past the Love n Light, It’s too hard to join dots and see how we feed programs daily when we still see light as opposed to dark, it is exactly the same thing, just polar opposite, becoming the observer and seeing life as it is, facing the incredible evil disguised as good, immediately breaks the spell and we can co create together, no love n light is sane, until we can see both spectrum’s, it is still the old soul harvesting machine at work.


9/11 was the last stages of putting into place global control of our divine connection to being individual sparks, manifesting in tune with earth, and from our authentic spirit. From that time up until now, we have been put under clockwork ORange mind control. Through the traumas of flase flags and wars. Can you imagine all the wars and false flags and loss of liberties that are now in place? at the same time, life is not improving for anyone, but a small handful of Elite ELders, whom are themselves slaves, to this alien impostor energy.. They have sold their free will and they are selling yours without your consent… only you have the power to break the spell…

Humans are kept on a constant hamster wheel of distraction, as they are sucked of their inner light to feed an outside force. we keep treading in circles and we repeat and remain in the same low frequency, we are purposely kept at this frequency so astral entities can match our beliefs and disguise themselves to please our ego and damaged selves, they can be whatever we choose to align ourselves with, within the full spectrum of the copy paste control grid sphere, of Fake Light to Fake dark and it has infiltrated our consciousness so to high jack it…

There is NO difference between Gods and Demons, they are just two pole opposites of the same spectrum, everything in between is an integral part of the two polar opposites of negative and positive, our battery system has been infiltrated so we can’t access our own inner energy power house.  So we can’t manifest as one pure pulse. As long as you can’t define how we are kept pulled towards a fake light or fake dark control system, we continue to see goodies and baddies and everything in between, it’s all a sham…


Currently our negative positive poles of feminine and masculine have been infiltrated to further unbalance our own battery systems, through the food water and toxic air and lifestyles we are imposed, the films we watch the subliminal messaging and the social engineering, we are manipulated and our hormones have been altered, as have our brain waves and our human PULSE.  Do you still have a pulse left? a human heart beat? or are you comfortably numbed for the take over? we are being led into the singularity the transsexual Transgender gay agenda, which is population control and the end of the woman as her role as the leader of morals values and maternal nurturing and Love!  At the same time the Role of the male is broken down and he cannot protect his family or loved ones for he has lost his mane and he has lost his inner flame.

If we lived on a planet where people knew how powerful they are we would not send children to be programmed …we would let them develop their natural psychic abilities so they would know how powerful they are, we wouldn’t let magicians of incredible perversion control everything from behind the veil.  If we really wanted to get off the hamster wheel, we would take the time needed to peel of the illusion and work out how it has been put into place, because until this is done and we heal from thousands of years of lies, deceit and pain we cannot create from a neutral place of truth, as long as we manifest within the duality poles we are still connected to the Binary control system… We must unplug and become the observer before we can bring down the shadow force that remote controls all humans that still function within the lie.

We have entered the time of chaos, we have been sufficiently divided and our inner eye is ready to be totally taken over, our psychic ability has been so traumatized that we are sufficiently paralyzed to be weaved forever in the world wide web.. This is what transhumanism is, this is what the PurpEl reign is, can we regain our ability to manifest in unison or not? This is why it’s known as the purpel Reign/Rain after the clockwork orange mindcontrol period is now finished, SET the Egyptian God represents the Purpel of the setting sun .. But it doesn’t have to be chaos we can change it all if you can see through the veil and not follow the fake light of the New World order coming into place…


Set /sɛt/ or Seth (/sɛθ/; also spelled Setesh, Sutekh,[1] Setekh, or Suty) is a god of the desert, storms, disorder, violence and foreigners in ancient Egyptian religion.[2] In Ancient Greek, the god’s name is given as Sēth(Σήθ). Set is not, however, a god to be ignored or avoided; he has a positive role where he is employed by Ra on his solar boat to repel the serpent of Chaos Apep.[2] Set had a vital role as a reconciled combatant.[2] He was lord of the red (desert) land where he was the balance to Horus‘ role as lord of the black (soil) land.