Unplugging from Noddy Land

In France Noddy is Oui Oui, to Nod is to say Yes, to Nod is to be asleep, to Nod your head up and down is to be in agreement, it is to be aligned to something that is not authentically your own. Every time we watch TV, read papers, go to school, pay bills, stay aligned to a script we play a role in Noddy land, we become a part of a deceptive film! We are all bound to this Movie!! Until every soul get’s it, that it’s all an illusion, a perverse scene, a film projected upon a screen, only we choose to exit the cave, to have the courage to doubt, to seek and thou shall find, this is something to be truly positive about. For as we allow this truth to become real, we take back our sovereignty, we own our mind, our body, and our soul heart connection! We can undo the programming, if we get brave enough to imagine it’s possible!! That this reality is a reflection of a mirrored overlay, that attempts to copy and paste the essence of who we are.

We are programmed to believe in NODDY LAND that’s why we watch programs. Nothing that has been created by human intelligence or socially engineered is organic. Being organic does not mean being told what to Under Stand, or what to Stand UNDER, being organic is about developing our own point of observation, inner intuition, a sense of infinite wonder, eternal imagination, a natural creativity, real responsibility, personal knowledge, ancient wisdom and venturing far beyond the five senses, into the realms of being BIO Regenerative, co creators, connected to everything alive and all the elements, everything that makes life thrive from the inside out, living from the permanent state of now, the zero point of balance.


When we consciously step out of this deception box, called the Saturn, Moon matrix, into the true sunlight, not the artificial light but into our own, hidden, 12 dimensional pool of knowledge. When we see through the veil, we are aware of how we have been tricked and put under a black magicK spell. When we find our inner connection to internal spirit, we can begin to heal, thus putting an end to our trauma and sense of helplessness. Finally we break, past and present traumas, programs, attachments, entities and patterns. It’s a long hike through the forest and it’s fun, to definitely decide to leave the maze of wonderland. Once again, we can live in synchronized harmony, empowered faith, trust in one another and infinite abundance with our natural resources, living for a co creative sustainable peaceful way of life.

moon matrix

We have been high jacked by the all seeing eye, our pineal gland has been overtaken and our pituitary gland is left unguarded, to be infiltrated, this is how we are disconnected and given a false, fixed perspective with no means to go elsewhere. This architect of social engineering owns our minds! It is the holy spirit, robbing us of our internal connection to Source spirit. We have the means to activate our own nectar of life. We can raise our reality out of noddy land when ever we are ready to do the work, however humbling and raw the experience may prove to be when we stand whole we have no other choice.


This alien archonic program, that disguises as our Gods scientists and politicians or any outside astral companion we may choose to open up to, be it new age, religion, secret society, or imposed inorganic belief system. This artificial intelligence, keeps us trapped in a time loop. It  gives us it’s point of observation, so we never find our own. We are brainwashed and recycled with our memories wiped out and our souls harvested, when we lose our free will and internal compass, we are life energy batteries, we are food and life force to outside energies.

We are kept in a binary computer hologram because we don’t want to unplug. When we face this other part of ourselves and come out of denial we BREAK THE SPELL!! Ignorance is vital in how we are brainwashed, we have been designed to be asleep so we don’t activate ourselves to being our own human spirit! We are traumatized constantly, with false flags, terrorism, trends, wars, and perverted stress. We are kept in the lowest form of reproductive primal instincts, so we lose the beat and have no personal vibe. Our frequency is lowered to allow entities to merge with us. This inorganic consciousness can inhabit and remote control our bio templates, in an artificial direction of death, this is the agenda we comply to when we individually choose to identify and comply with Noddy Land.


As transhumanism sweeps over this planet, Artificial Intelligence has found a direct link into our nervous system, it won’t need any more exterior entities to do it’s dirty work anymore, the ET’s angels, demons and trapped shadow spirits, that remote control our gurus, priests policemen, journalists, judges, kings, film stars, rugby players, and everyday citizens, making puppets out of us all. We set it all up, ourselves, we are the cause, all the security measures, The chemical biological warfare is officially open on humanity. We are denied free energy and primal Water sources, through our own denial we have created terrorists! Geoengineering, electromagnetic fields designed to kill us, nanoparticles, & RFID Chips etc, so this false reality can keep us attached to the harvesting machine, we keep NODDY LAND ALIVE, forever destined to be brainwashed, walking dead, zombies!

We never even questioned what it is to be our authentic selves, free of a slavery system, to be the divine beings we naturally are, when the Saturn Moon impostor is recognised we disconect the false above, from below and reconnect to the true inner Sun. We have let our human experience be overtaken by a fake spirituality, always looking outside and never within, always towards a fake light! An alien artificial intelligence, that runs this planet on time, it keeps us TICK TOCK ing to a false inorganic beat of death, in tune to BI/Bull duality, polarity, good & bad summer & winter, yesterday & tomorrow.

Because the architect needs us to jump left and right, in the time warp, never, in the instant.

It wants to be worshiped, to keep us disconnected from our earth spirit and divine truth! Only we can unplug, only we can heal, only we can come together and get out of NODDY LAND.

Victoria Cotton 21st October 2015

Relativity: Deprogramming The Root Of Slavery

By Arno Pienaar

Relativity is experienced by all, we are experiencing life as minute entities relative to many holographic programs that prescribe reality as we know it.

The law of relativity states that all activity except for light is dependent and subject to an observer, or in more familiar words, we are relative and subject to the position and movement of someone who is watching.

The theory of relativity permeates the collective unconscious mind and the program affects all individuals on the planet, whether they are aware of it or not.

Even though you may have dodged the bullet of its indoctrination through schooling, it still does affect your reality as so many minds believe it to be fact. The manifestation of its laws has thoroughly infiltrated the collective mind.

If you are mind orientated and subject to the collective unconscious mind then, unfortunately for you, relativity will play a debilitating role in your life. It is a running program that controls reality from the inside out.

The Effects of Relativity

First and foremost, what is watching you, and what are you truly subject to? The number six, which represents materialism and physicality.

You are trapped and subject to all laws of physicality that were created by the Architect – the intelligent virus that has used so many human vehicles through the years, bringing us the so called “great knowledge.”

You are relative to binary codes that predetermine your destiny, traits and shortcomings, which can be calculated by numerology and astrology.

You are relative to the one percent that controls all the money — you are only an investment to the creator, whilst all good ideas for yourself are assassinated.

You are relative to a pyramid system.

You have to realize that science and physics are religions in their own rights. They are belief systems that hold the power to shape and fashion reality as we know it, making us relative to all the physical rules we have made for ourselves.

Science manipulates reality to a greater extent than religion, as most people solemnly believe that its prescribed laws for reality are absolute. People stand under what they understand, upholding illusion, making existence relative to whatever it is.

Understand – Stand under

Let us dissect the word “understand.” It blatantly spells out to stand under something.

Stand under what, surrender yourself to what? Concepts, information, objects (cars, cellphones, etc.), data and all forms of knowledge — including everything under the sun — are all understandings that have been given to us by intelligence – intelligence that originates from the outsourcing virus that has gone viral through the thinking of humanity.

Understandings are and were given to us by the creator that uses the minds of humanity to expand the deceitful manipulation here.

Remember that the mind you use was not created by you, but by a parasite that constructed it in such a way as to only work for the parasite, not for you.

When the mind agrees to a form of knowledge, the soul, in slavery to it, relinquishes half the power of its capabilities to the mind, unconsciously contracting itself to the expansion of the matrix together with intelligence.

How do you expect a soul to have any power when it is subjugated to material laws and second-best to a mind that is in charge? It loses its potency, and the mystic powers it is capable of. It also loses its name, to what I call a spirit.

The holy trinity from Christianity perfectly describes the finished product of humanity: mind, body and holy spirit.

Entrapment in Time

Knowledge also traps you in time, always reminding you from the time-track what is and what is not, and humanity simply follows suit, directed by all the referenced checkpoints that hover in the time-track.

Schooling plays a major contribution to the subjugation of knowledge. Learn what we represent for you, or fail and become rejected by society.

The educational (i.e. indoctrinational) system is basically saying: “this is God, this is what constitutes reality. Worship it, or fail!”

There is a massive amount of fear of failure in the schooling systems, so much so, that many pupils lose what many shamans call soul-parts of their self.

These are aspects of self that become trapped in the past, due to trauma, resulting in absence and lack of presence in the now, and in relativity.

School causes many people to form a destructive relationship with themselves. In a way, it teaches the ego to threaten self to conform and be compliant to the laws and regulations of reality.

It teaches the ego to silence intuition and removes all faith in the capabilities of self and elects information technology as soul ruler of consciousness!

It instills the promise of punishment for those that do not kneel over to it, it is truly a concentration camp where the genocide of consciousness is the mass agenda.

Today’s schooling system disconnects children from consciousness.

This is how knowledge and the mind keep you totally out of the now, leaving you helpless and relative to a reality beyond your control.

Lucifer goes for the Earth Element

“I have heard a thought-provoking statement recently, and that is “Lucifer goes for your Earth element.”

This whole reality is setup to disintegrate your soul-centered foundation and connection to your whereabouts in the now on Earth.

Most take on knowledge that shakes the foundation of consciousness, resulting in the removal of the earth element that connects the spiritual realm to Earth. Most of humanity is trapped in between heaven and Earth.

Formatting everything you have taken on to believe in your fake experience here, will lead to your full empowerment as it is the only way to unlock the shackles you have to relativity in the matrix.

With the reunion of yourself and your earth element and the uprising of consciousness back to its rightful throne, you can actually step back into your vehicle one hundred percent in the now, unhindered by obsolete constructs that distort absolution.

Take back your foundation, regain your earth element and connection to Earth by forming a relationship of a non-contending nature with yourself. Stop creating an opponent that knows better!

Nothing and no one should tell you who and what you are. In the now you are here, on Earth, in the only paradise you will ever find, independent of everything.

Now is paradise. This is the only power you will ever need to manifest anything that you need. This is the only true road to the abolition of slavery — there is none other.”

By Arno Pienaar


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