Halloween, Protect and Inform your Children.

Halloween Update October 2016

I am adding a paragraph to this article, that i wrote last year as i have evolved, as we all do, what this article lacks is an important point that i wish to include here.

The hidden world that envelopes us, is created by inciting us, subconsciously to play a part in satanic rituals. These rituals are done by black magicians, those that manipulate and inverse our perception of reality. Life is a permanent birth and death process, nature is part of the cycle of life, spring, summer, autumn, winter, the equinox and the solstice is how the cross, the overlay is stamped over us, blinding us from the simple, bare truth, of our eternal connection to the cycle of life and the pulse of earth.

Halloween is an ancient ritual that celebrates after the harvest season the time of the underworld, the 6 months of the diced and divided 12 months when we are in darkness, to keep humans as travelling fools of the soul harvesting farce we live in (until we self activate our own illumination and inner nectar of eternal life) we remain pitiable pawns, on a ruthless chess board, of black and white, winter and summer, death and life, we can transcend out of the time loop wheel, the 360 degree Russian roulette, into the eternal space of remembering who we are, when we no longer fear demons or be/biLIEeve/ve in Gods, because this is the inverted overlay, over nature and truth, its self.

We are equip with an inner eye, we can self activate our own illumination if we are able to face the shadow force that has sold us the LIE, if we can deprogram we can reconnect to the heart and the zero point, the place where fire, earth, water and air make ETHER. Rituals and satanic witchcraft enable humans subconscious mind to be infiltrated so we willingly participate, without overstanding what is really underhappening.

Currently on earth our sexuality is being reversed to break the DNA coding of humanity and to dis connect us from earth’s eternal non lineal beat, to break our natural ability to become whole, our inner knowing of how to connect to source, so to become the observers of our experiences from a neutral position, so we can not be manipulated.

To unplug successfully, we have to be the real deal, to see the darkness and absolve our own fear of the unknown, by actively exploring it, always aligned to our own unbiased nor programmed perceptions, but not in an ignorant way as followers of hidden cults as all CULTure is, but as passionate ponderers of our reality. This way we break the spell and we become empowered and able to compass with intuition, through our inner visibility. We can integrate  the truth of both polarities, the summer and winter, dark and light, birth and death cycle, within us, so to  regenerate and co create together and be the holders of our experiences, in an honest non perverted fashion.

In order to do this, we first have to face our own darkside and the occult underworld, to see the esoteric roots of how, why and what has willingly programmed us to so gullibley and blindly, participate in black magic events. Be it Halloween or a burning man celebration, Christmas or our birthdays, the Olympics or a main stream concert, a new age event or a religious gathering. We have to be conscious in what the driving force behind our cultural beliefs is really pushing us to manifest, unwittingly and  unknowingly. To conceive the enormity of what annual satanic dates like Halloween does to the subliminal formation of our children and society. Observing it, so to heal, from the imposter make beLIEve darkness that wants to conquer the true light of our organic roots, earth’s original time line and the the non lineal,  living.

Halloween was designed to be a framework for self initiation into the Luciferian way of thinking. Once a minor toe hold of the occult in modern life, why has Halloween imagery and obsession with lust and death become the mainstay of the entertainment industry?  Notice that as Halloween mushroomed since 1966, so has obsession and ‘revolution’ of perverted sex, the occult, and admiration of serial killers and psychotics.

If Jewish religious schools caution parents that observance of Halloween is pagan and therefore destructive to the Jewish educational process, that should also apply to Christian and Muslim parents.   Halloween is religious indoctrination and formation into Druid paganism, witchcraft, and Satanism.

Please watch this video 

Article from 2015..

It’s not easy when you cross over the line of lies and you become the whole owner of your human experience. It’s not easy to watch society partake in something that is about taking away your free will and getting you involved in a mass participation of feeding an exterior energetic source, unwittingly. Just like any large festivals, like burning man, Halloween is a way to high jack our own authority over our personal experience, a way to gain entry and our complicity in how our world is perversely run from the outside in. It is a celebration of our ignorance to being the host to a world of invisible parasites.

main photoo

I remember when my children were little, living in a small village outside Paris where I brought my children up, it was in the 90’s and Halloween was still not embedded in the cultural necessities of the French mindset. So we made an effort to help the local children discover what trick a treat is. Chloé and Louis showed their French friends how to do it, even if they were few and no one had treats to give them. At that time the French children had not had enough indoctrination of TV shows showing them how the game was played, my children had not had the social engineering that I had had growing up in London, but they had witnessed Halloween in my home town of London and all the fun games that were played, they were under the spell, they were well and truly hooked.

Louis, being a boy loved to be in costume, all children like to dress up, it gives them the opportunity to play a role, playing a role is not bad, but playing a role without being advised and taught of what that role is conjuring up within the child’s deep inner world, is allowing your child to open up it’s imagination and to welcome the spirit of another.

halloween 8

“There’s more to Halloween masks than changing suits. The person wearing the mask feels internally transformed and takes on temporarily the qualities of the god or demon represented by the mask. “It is an opportunity to act out one’s desires or fantasies. . . Halloween is unquestionably a night of inversion.” (Rogers, Nicholas. Halloween: From Pagan Ritual to Party Night, p. 137) “One’s identity can be discarded with impunity. Men dress as women, and vice versa. Authority can be mocked and circumvented.” (Skal, David J. Death Makes a Holiday: The Cultural History of Halloween p. 17)

haloween 9

Now my children are grown up and I have long since burst my bubble of illusion, I  have slowly been forced with my new eyes to peer ever more thoroughly, through the thick veil of denial, It is essential for the Architect, of our fake society, to conjure up our whole hearted agreement, into aligning ourselves with an ancient pagan belief programming, that we should have long grown out of. When we helplessly take part in a real ritual, we say yes to the lost souls of the dead that roam among us, the entities that have lost their free will and are forever bound to wander, the shadow people that harvest our human energy gaining entry to our life force, all those spirits that have lost their connection to source can freely engage with a human vehicle that happily invites them in.

I suggest that as Halloween is so mediatised,  it’s unavoidable, so we should help our children become the owners of their vehicles at this vulnerable date, not all our children are happily centered in their mind body and spirit, they are more easily able to become attached by a floating entity if they are not consciously aware. If we are not truly the owners of our identity, other energies hop on board. Our children are full of questions, doubts and fears, especially today. Children are traumatized by the reality of this false world design, daily. They come to earth as pure flowers and every time their eyes cross the endless stream of televised programming, advertising and the ruthless entertainment business, they are forced to soak up extremely harming images and fake electromagnetic harmful frequencies, that bombard us today.  I haven’t watched TV for years, but if ever I do, my heart is torn in two by the constant mind control, police series, false flags, sex, drama, wars and terror that flash upon our screens. Children are traumatised and fragmented as all mind controlled minions must be, before their conscious mind can be taken over, fear is how it’s done. Tel truth, so they know that Halloween is simply the time of winter approaching and death. So if our child is not prepared in a wholesome realistic approach of what Halloween really is, how can they possibly protect themselves?

halloween 6

We are surrounded by light and sound frequency, there is a specific zone which is the human experience within the rainbow of light, when we are not vibrating in the zero point of balance and personal harmony, when we lower or heighten our frequency, out of our authentic self, we can find ourselves opening a doorway to another spectrum of light, this is the opening of a portal and this is how wavering lost entities find a way to harbor a new home and attach to us. All those souls that didn’t work it out, whilst they were on earth, that feared death and life, that don’t know how to go home or where to go, are looking for a place to park, don’t let your child naively call one in. These parasitic energies, from Pandora’s Box, can reach 3d humans. For as long as humans have not consciously raised their vibration out of the duality Bi Bull trap of crap and they still follow in belief programs, we unwittingly align ourselves with the imposed current cultural dimension of victim aggressor mentality. A child that stands tall in it’s own vehicle cannot be infiltrated. A child that is not afraid of death cannot be touched. A child that has been taught that the invisible realms exist, will acknowledge that this universe has rules, NO ghoul or phantom can enter your child if your child has consciously said my body is my body and I don’t agree to be the host to a ghost!

haloween 5

I know it’s not easy to be the party pooper, it’s almost impossible to not let your children partake, so my advice is to switch the energy. Tell your children about the origins of Halloween, that it is an ancient Celtic Pagan event. Explain that people throughout history have needed Gods and saviors verses Ghouls and Demons to clarify the unexplained mechanics of our Earth experience.. When in truth Halloween is really just the story of the leaves that rot, the trees that sleep, the animals that go into hibernation and the earth that renews herself to come back fully regenerated in Spring.

People are still trapped in the lie, they are still afraid of death, for as long as we are ignorant we are gullible. Once people feared death they were controllable. Our first role as parents is to enlighten the faith of our child, to why they are here and how death is just the passage of our body, but our consciousness and our souls live on.  For when we have no fear of death, when we respect that every soul has its own path, but sometimes some get lost, when we trust in the perfect eternity of our journey we become sovereign and the sole operator of our experience. If we believe that we are not connected to the whole we are fragmented, help your child recognize that the idea of separation is an illusion. We are just having a unique experience as part of the whole we can drive it or be driven, so we enhance or destroy the story of life.

halloween 7

We live in a molded reality, as long as we look up to something and aspire to be a part of this holographic illusion we are a masked personality, Halloween teaches children that when disguised as someone else, we gain the right to be powerful, our children learn that by doing a bad deed, a trick, they earn a reward, a treat from a stranger, and a deal is automatically struck with the man made devil. Halloween is probably the only time of year many children actually meet their neighbors? To counter balance this abnormal fact, we should also clarify that they can go check on their neighbors and actually do good deeds for them too, for nothing in return.

Don’t let’s keep this marketing ploy alive, this pointless consumer materialism, without enabling our children to have an honest explanation to what the underworld is, it is simply winter, there is no shadow without light. The invisible world is how our visible light exists. We have all come from the depth of the dark earth. We have consciously sewn ourselves from the blackness of the night. Our desires must be pure to grow into the protection of our own body and human experience. Don’t let us be harvested by those in power today, those greedy Elite bloodlines, these men and women that keep the lie alive so we are never the driver of our human experience. The fallen guardians of our lost souls have sold their vehicles, they have called upon the Lord of the Rings in exchange for what they believe to be eternal power over us. As we keep the consumer wheel of time and money turning in ignorant acceptance, we let the imagination of our children, the tenderness of our adolescents be high jacked, for as we dress up in costumes of drag and doom, we are consenting to be HARVESTED like mere crop. This is what Halloween is really about, finding empty vehicles to take over, to manipulate us into something we know nothing about.

halloween 3

If we don’t turn this whole event around we enhance the ever oppressive death cult, we participate with our world leaders as they take part in real human sacrifice. We join in on the biggest satanic date on the yearly calendar. For ever since the explosion of this event in 1966 our world has become only more gruesome, perverted and possessed. Never have more psychopaths, pedophiles and perpetrators of lust flesh and money roamed among us, how many of us have unknowingly been remote controlled since our childhoods? It’s just another pathetic excuse, to dress up, party and get drunk. Why should we partake in something that already has it’s tentacles over every aspect of our lives. Why should we sell the innocence of our children to the beast? Our children are entitled to know, they have the right to shield themselves just as all indigenous tribes know, the spirit world is real and as long as we are not awake we are permeable, we soak up when we are not fully tuned in to our internal light and inner connection.

So this article is just about making a conscious effort to be safe, to be whole and to talk real to your children this Halloween.


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