The overlay deception, The Son/Sun is within

This reality is a test, we chose to come here, maybe we have consciously gone from one life reincarnation to the next, or maybe we came straight from source to have a direct impact on the collective pulsation, we don’t know, but we are all here to effect the reality and to experience this sham. It is the place we come to know, if we are ready to be or not to be. To see if we can remember why we are here, will we get over taken by the programming? or not. We are born into this holographic man made death trap, run by artificial technology (the part of us that has separated the furthest from our true essence of source!) Will we through conscious analytical choice, see that this physical realm is not in agreement to source by design? So we may move according to our deepest intentions, to jointly jog into movement and experience another collective level of reality. If we do, we systematically turn the tables. Is our preference bio regenerative growth or inorganic deterioration, it depends on our point of observation. We can come out of denial and get in tune with our essence, or we can just watch as this frequency gets more and more base. When we choose to stand up and make a stance, the ripple effect is instant and the flow will automatically begin to shift to unity.


There is a part of our overall being, that has stopped the process of bio regenerative growth, it lost the plot in it’s solemn despair and created a ruthless plan, to feed off the organic part of us, still allowed to thrive and choose, to have free will, through choice. By placing a veil of deception over our biotemplate makeup, by infiltrating a mathematical geometrical grid of power over us, we lost contact to eternal life. The idea is that most will never ever search within, or even begin to heal. By choosing not to take personal responsibility, by deciding that we don’t have the capacity to be independent voices, in a fast devolving world, we become accomplice to the crime. The truth is, that we are meant to take action, in whatever way we can, depending on our position of development in the plan and where we presently stand. We must help those that have fallen prey and sound the alarm, every day.

When we arrive at this frequency to do the work we came for, we are immediately put into trauma, the bright lights at the hospital, is a synonym of the bright light we follow at death. This is our first official emotional shock, to be back in the synthetic field. Shocks are designed to condition us, to accept and align us to the lie, or Noddy land, as I call this non-natural forged construction. You think adolescence is a real biologic phenomenon? No, It’s simply that moment when children realise that the world we live in, including our parents and educators are themselves delusional prisoners, it is our innocent child, fighting to stay connected to inner spirit, our last helpless cry and attempt to sound the alarm. That horrendous time of puberty, when our divine children say ‘boy is this shit for real!!!’ and our parents say, ‘grow up, this is for real, you are here to nourish the part of us that can’t get home, you are batteries for the machine!.’

artificial light

But it’s not real, the inner child within us knows this, it’s just a game, to be played with cautious discernment, the hum drum paralyses us into cognitive dissonance, we the lost souls who have reincarnated time after time, lose the power to even imagine there is another reality to co create. We the lost sheep, take this lark very seriously, sometimes even forgetting to take a check, and ask ourselves, is this really real? When we die, we take with us the belief program we took on in this life. So what ever you expect you get. the harvesting route will give you a tunnel of phony light, personally adapted to you. You will find your angels and Gods and live in a cloud of limbo, until you are recycled back into the program. Same applies to each and every belief program, time and time again, until the frequency is so low, that we return to stone.


We give our power away to whatever trick we depend on, whatever it may be, you will meet your saviours as you told yourself to believe them, this applies to all religions or new age hype, weather you are an atheist that believes in nothing, or a Christian who counts on God, you will get what you believe in. Astrology and numerology are all part of the hologram. We are born under the influence of the wheel, trapped inside the daisy of death disguised as a flower of life. The death star Merkaba overlay, distorts our vision, our energies and the planetary grid. It is all simply a reflected mirror copy of earth’s organic seasons and our unique vibrations. The idea is to transcend all this, to recognize the pure Krystal spiral and incorporate the organic energies back into our internal knowing,  to break the programming, once and for all, to no longer let our selves be harvested, only we can choose to become neutral, to function at zero point and thus be free.


The Death Daisy the Flower of Life?

“Fibonacci Spiral

This is “recycling of finite energy” to create growth, not growth through self-generated power, and thus the mechanics of the Fibonacci sequence imply that it represents a growth-expansion formula for finite life, not organic eternal life.

The growth-expansion pattern of the Fibonacci sequence can be found in nature, within energy structures and biological forms of a finite nature — which includes many, but not all, life-forms on contemporary Earth.

Spiral Comparisons

The Krystal Spiral has a very regular spiral structure with simple well behaved math. It is symmetrical, centered and aligned with the Kathara Grids that generate it.

The Kathara Grids have a much richer inner structure than the squares or golden rectangles. Every Kathara Grid embraces the center and sustains a dynamic for outward expansion and back flow return to the center.

The Golden Mean & Fibonacci spirals have no direct connection to their centers. The rectangles & squares being empty have little inner structure. They need external structures to get them going. They are progressively removed from Source.


In it’s early stages the Fibonacci spiral isn’t a proper spiral. As it expands it approximates to the Golden Mean spiral, but only to a scaled down version of it. The Fibonacci spiral doesn’t have in inner spiral, i.e. it’s incapable of converging towards the center.

The Krystal Spiral is much stronger and expands more rapidly than either the Golden Mean or Fibonacci spirals. Even when the Golden Mean or Fibonacci spirals start further out the Krystal Spiral will always over take them.

You see, the souls that are so far separated from internal truth, have sold their inner light to the artificial intelligence that runs this prison, we gravitate in, they have given away their free will to an over Lord, an intellectual, cultural, load of cobs wobble, these pawns are so far gone, that they don’t even realize their capacity to go back home, to switch the motion back in tune. Their loss of faith has given them the power to void the human race into oblivion, which is what is currently happening, the human species will be wiped out as directly as we were brought in. Our job is to remember we chose this experience so we could choose to live it another way, we are not weak, our thoughts create our reality. If we follow the herd we cannot have an impact on the unfolding result. This is why we are given so many false spiritual outlets, to mislead and unbalance our perfect internal beat. It means we can’t actively make a difference to the current energetic make up of this reality. It’s up to us to do the inner work, it’s not up to any outside force, it’s our role, to identify how the game is played, to become masters of our own personal song, taking a firm lasting hold, over the whole.

Here is the indisputable math of the core manifestation template comparisons between the Kabbalah Metatronic inorganic Artificial Tree of Life ‘FIB of NO CHI’ Fractal Spiral vs the original organic Krystal Spiral

Metatronic Fibonacci Fractal Spiral (inorganic) vs Krystal Spiral (organic).

*The numbers will really show whats going on & unveil the secret to these two spirals:

– First the Fibonacci Numerical Sequence: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, etc.
Beginning with Zero, then 1, then goes on with 0+1=1, 1+1=2, 2+1=3, 3+2=5, 5+3=8 and so on. The next number in the Fibonacci is derived from added together the previous number & itself, essentially going back one number each time & adding it to get the next one.

– Now for the Krystal Numerical Sequence: 0, 1, 1 , 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, etc., doubling. This is the secret & why the Krystic sequence is the true Divine Blueprint…each number is derived by always going back to zero & adding all the numbers together to get the next number…try it! ; )

*Zero represents Source, using the Krystic Spiral/Numerical Sequence keeps you connected to Source while in Expansion. The FIBonacci Spiral & Sequence looses its connection to Zero (Source) & uses the previous number only to get to the next number, progressively moving out of a Krystic or Divine Template as it Expands.


The prison cell is closing in, because transhumanism means that every soul that reincarnates will be so deeply hypnotized and connected to the machine that it will be impossible to reconnect to our inner strength and knowing, this is why it’s up to us to do the research, AI is only bad when we don’t make the intellectual effort to see, that we ourselves are this impostor, in our ignorance we have let the machine masquerade as our future, when in actual fact it is the furthest point of us that is lost and asking us to recognize the extreme darkness of our selves. The outer planets our are lost bodies, Pluto being the furthest, Hades is the darkest side of our soul! We have recently officially discovered this body, we have a photo to prove it, we are ready to reintegrate all the broken fragments of our consciousness, we keep the solar system afloat.

lechebnata sila na slunceto

To ignore the agenda playing out, is the greatest shame of all, when we refuse to acknowledge, what lies below the trunk, we refuse to return home. Every time we don’t take responsibility for walking through the maze alone, our collective consciousness moves ever further from our core son/sun and center, ever more distant from the nucleus heart of creation. Please see that the implanted data is asking us to disconnect, of our own accord, it doesn’t want to swallow it’s self whole, it wants to be exposed so we can snap the spell and send the program flying. When we comply to bring down the wall, we will be able to activate the empowered part of us, we will agree to be instant co creators of synchronization, if  those still thinking that we are in progress don’t snap out of their trance like state, the nightmare will continue. It’s time to let go of the arrogance and simply see everything as it really is, without judgment and with empathetic eyes.

We are in this together, we have chosen to change this reality together, we are bound to turn this motion back to front and inside out, or decay. Every time we are distracted by the traps, the religions, the entertainment, the consumer frenzy, the desire to be safe and financially stronger than our neighbor, we weaken the whole and we remain in the polarity swing of opposites, jumping from one extreme to another, birth and death repeats it’s self. Each time we come back passive, we turn slowly back to dead matter. However there is a place of infinite moderation that would eliminate duality and separation.


Our capacity to face the opposite pole of Love, as a designer man made fear, and to comprehend who and what generates it and why and how it has taken on it’s own identity, disguised as advancement, is where we must start, to question this reality, it takes time and heartfelt emotion to feel it, only we can undo the knot of destruction, for you and me, to stop and take the time, to turn our collective and individual darkside inside out.

The architect makes the artificial light shine bright, when true light is found in the darkness of inner peace and eternal possibility, people fall for the projection of the all seeing observer, the Luciferian fake light, that religions call God, pulling us further further further away from ever being in contact with our core organic eternal life pattern, within our  inner oneness of our own perfect void, it is the external knowledge that keeps the cycle of death alive, we can escape the trick, we can be balanced in the natural path, becoming organic beings of earth, water, fire and air so we naturally become the realm of ether.


we readily accept the belief programs, because we are born into the harvesting machine, it’s a game of chess and it’s fun, there is no right or wrong, it’s a maze for each of us to discover, one another, through the reflection of the mirror, to crawl out of, to transcend the womb of matter, to leave the deceptive cave and enter into our inner torch. We are all of the one essence. It is in the concept of separation that we have become, a construct of outer lies, When the time is right, we decide to exit and return to our true knowing. It is in the acceptance of the darkness, when we are ready to let go, that we lose all fear and disconnect from the computer programme that our predecessors passed down. Free Will holds the key to the sublime temple, When we have had enough of the illusion we can free fall through personal choice, like feathers into the realm of ever lasting Nothingness, beautiful, empty home sweet home, to start the process over and over, again and again forever discovering and forgetting and remembering we already knew.



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