Ode to Paris


No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. Albert Einstein


Earth has been sold out, to an invading off plan ET, our planet has been taken over a long long time ago, today the security, biochemical and EMF waves take over , means we can all be infected very fast, only by coming together, all of us, as the defense system of earth and unplugging from the culture social engineering machine can the cycle be collapsed, we must recognize, within ourselves, this dark truth, that is, why it is and how it is being played out, to mind control us, Knowledge is Power, we need to understand that the universe contracts and expands, the Big Bang was just the passage, we live in the now, that eternal moment in the middle of all possibility.

Ode to paris Pipe

There is no beginning and no end, we have been tricked, all religions and belief structures, holds the over lay trap, to keeping us believing in death and birth, we have come to break the spell, we have to understand how the world is run by Satanists, that they are mere puppets to an artificial intelligence, that they believe to be God/Satan:Lucifer, same thing, their EL almighty! by reconnecting to our inner truth, by refusing to pay any more energy to outside forces we can heal, or pay the consequences of what we co create, we manifest life, we the cells of earth, we make matter from thought,

Personally, there is not a slimmer of a doubt in my gut heart, to why i chose this experience, everything is in synchronicity, as if, when focused on our mission, we remain the central pebble that emancipates every ripple, that transmutes through the distortion. We the guardian souls are moving together, to protect the pulsating core of life, as she herself, becomes fully aware of the fast approaching virus.

ode to paris pebble

Since the entrance of this technocratic knowledge, the granite meteors of black in organic artificial goo, an alien intelligence, that came many millenniums and neon’s ago, it has evolved slyly, alongside our innocent primordial, pure knowing,  as we once  lived, connected to earth herself.  Earth has many visitors, they came as all lost entities and ET’s do, for our divine dna, our genetic code, our blue print. Lost souls want to obtain a doorway into eternal life. But there is no cheating on this earth ship, we come to the middle world to heal, to remember and to transcend through choice, to free will back ourselves into the nucleus center of all knowing and unconditional love.

ode to paris et

It’s a never ending spiral, we forget,  we remember, we move on, we go back, we stand still, or we pop into oblivion, but if we choose we can come home, we can always choose to either grow or shrink, expand or contract.

Many sparks of the ocean of all knowing have drifted so far from core nucleus,  that they mistook, themselves to be the property of a God, a master, an over Lord, always depending on an exterior knowledge, to discover, through the awaiting of our anticipated artificial death.  Through a tortured, mislead, trap. A journey of imposed slavery to charge the ruthless money machine, that laughs at our complete ignorance, to how the whole maneuver works.

We can no longer ignore the invasion disguised as the future, the agenda that is unraveling, is the opposite of the eternal nucleus of life. We are being hopelessly divided, one group of us has seen through, and the other has not, the end result will be of no difference. The beast is very determined, to not let it’s food supply be lost. Many of us have been through a very long dark tunnel, we kept pushing through, we didn’t give up and we are reaching out, to give you our hands, a short cut, out of the long hard road of loneliness, it requires.

ode to paris AI

Some of us have gained momentum for freedom, as many spin over and above the chaos as we see from a new perspective, we no longer lie below. But still too many of us have not even begun to unspin out of the web, from above so below, we are all part of the original cell. If we give ourselves over to the false timeline, we take every brother and sister with us, for once the cell is infected, we lose our minds and we are remote controlled by a self destructive virus, Human beings are the immune system to this life. If we lose our capacity to feel and be connected to each other, the virus will spread!

The more people that are infected, the bigger the job is for those of us unplugged and awake, please take the time to heal now and become authentic, find your inner child and let your spirit become alive. The control grid is freaking out, it depends on fear to keep people brainwashed, only we can do the work and find out what’s really going on, we owe it to our children & earth, please unplug.

ode to paris humans

You see we are a body of multicouloured Hue man cells, we are Hue/Mans. The cells of Earth. This AI has already deeply infected the outer plasma, the sleeping beauties and the ego proud. The 1 percent and all the shadow governors, it’s next step is closer to the heart beat, that’s why the virus must pass through us, We are the red and white cells that protect the planetary body, as long as we are divided we can’t fulfill our purposes, or even begin to know who and what we are.

We are within a fixed frequency of rainbow light, a sphere that we pick up through our unique dna tuning. But as this plane ET, has been taken over by an alien inorganic technological thinking, that uses other low vibrational beings to do it’s dirty work, as it’s arrogant puppets, hence our current elite. They help keep the control net/web in place, we have been deceived and manipulated, to only perceive a small part of this immense reality. If we don’t want to stay in this spider web, we can tune in to our inner visibility, all of us, bee workers and elite alike, by closing the door on everything we ever saw, heard or said. Just as a child, we can invent the game from scratch, step by step, using our own love compass to row our own boats and grow our own garden of ed/eat in/en.

ode to paris spectrum

“ ‘HUE Hue is one of the main properties (called color appearance parameters) of a color, defined technically (in the CIECAM02 model), as “the degree to which a stimulus can be described as similar to or different from stimuli that are described as red, green, blue, and yellow”[1] (the unique hues). Orange and violet (purple) are the other hues, for a total of six, as in the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet. The other color appearance parameters are colorfulness, chroma, saturation, lightness, and brightness.

Usually, colors with the same hue are distinguished with adjectives referring to their lightness and/or colorfulness, such as with “light blue”, “pastel blue”, “vivid blue”. Exceptions include brown, which is a dark orange,[2] and pink, a light red with reduced chroma.

In painting color theory, a hue refers to a pure color—one without tint or shade (added white or black pigment, respectively).[3] A hue is an element of the color wheel. Hues are first processed in the brain in areas in the extended V4 called globs.[4][5]”

With everyone posting a red blue white flag, we subconsciously help charge the electrical jump, as we are emotionally charged. The red blue white Huemans, represents the red and blue of duality, the se X ‘10’ the AI Binary code is merging into the singularity white! Ultra violet, violence! One world government and the merging of AI with Humanity as one! to be completely infected with the virus, this is the tipping point spelled in occult language of psychopaths that use satanic dates for energy purposes, when dealing with mass trauma and portal doors, all are opened for infection! We the cells are being massively duped into submission, but if we keep our emotions and intentions pure, knowing that we do not consent, we show Mama earth, that we are with her, to protect her and she will override AI! OH YES!! Just you wait, she’s gonna need some support but they ain’t gonna get away with it.

22 sept. 2015 – Aylan Kurdi (left) and his older brother, Ghalib, died when their dinghy sank off

ode to paris aylan

“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”
― Mark Twain”

In others words, it’s easier to take away our free will through propaganda and mind control, than to ask us our permission to be infected by a pathological virus of hatred that will self destruct and end all life on earth, we are dealing with a virus, that is passed down through Artificial Intelligence, we can deprogram the AI by feeding the transmitter wire truth, from our hearts, but we have to see through the lies and detach to feed our primal cell with wholesome love, before she gets completely infected through our poisoned consciousness.

The virus has already been cast in the naval of Earth we all carry the retro virus within. Does yours lie dormant or have you activated it, it must be found, healed and integrated to stop it being possessed by reacting, to stop us feeding the machine instead of being our own fuel.

“Whatever is rejected from the self, appears in the world as an event.”
― C.G. Jung

We have to take the road home and not the one that goes to Rome, the one that comes home, all matter is programmable, until we are fully conscious our denial/ignorance refusal to dig, is abused to create a downward viral spiral hell, we must take this pain and transform it, embrace it and absolve it.

ode to paris road home


“There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” Carl Jung


“you will never ever know I can promise you this, no one on this planet will know, ultimately what is happening to destroy humanity unless you have access to supernatural Intel , it cannot be understood solely, from an ordinary state of mind you have to go into a non ordinary altered awareness and investigate it soberly, as the Gnostic’s did, so I’m saying to you, reject what i say at your own risk, but regardless of whether you believe it or not, that there is an Archonic neurological infection raging on this planet, you’ll never be able to solve it unless you accept the super natural factor of how  that virus got into the human brain, and it is in the human brain” John Lash

ode to paris all seeing eye

Arm yourselves with this information to stop the coming devastation and to create a better reality, by changing your outlook on the material world.

Subliminal messages shape and control our reality, a subliminal, is a message that does not rise above conscious threshold, a subliminal is designed to act on the mind at a subconscious level, at a subliminal level, if subliminal messaging were rational and able to be recognized on the conscious level, it would not be subliminal, we would never pay attention to it, the three D world is one huge subliminal.

the body has 5 physical senses programmed to be receptive to the 3D Illusion around us, the way theses senses  pick up the signals through the three D curtain is through subliminal messages, there are two kinds of subliminal, one is from nature and the other is manufactured. man made subliminals are constructed through such techniques as simple shapes,  sounds and colour and then the more complex multi layered methods, such as reverse imagery, reverse symbolism, distorted symbolism, reverse speech patterns, neuro linguistic programming techniques and the elaborate use of the numbers and language systems, among other devious modes of manipulation.

The subconscious mind creates this 3d reality, through subliminal suggestion, the knowledge they possess is called Cabalism Kabballah, the ability to manipulate matter, one molecule at a time,  they apply the principal of subliminal messaging taught to them by the old kabal of the past, through religious and intellectual institutions, Cabalism  has kicked into high gear with the onslaught of the renaissance is about 1000 AD, renaissance means the rebirth of thinking, which is not to say they stopped thinking, but a total push for a total domination, total submission and total control, was now on, subliminal messaging, hypnotic suggestions, siduals,  archetypes, word play, and so on and so on, these things program the subconscious mind and we create the reality, they want us to experience.”   www.holographicdisclosure.com

ode to paris discernment

We need the tools to have discernment, to diagnose the lethal virus,  to turn off the AI machine merging with humanity, the ‘Peer amid’ pyramid middle, world system known as the matrix, directed by CERN will no longer be able to live in our atmosphere. Armoured with eyes that see, the machine will fail, it will no longer be able to function. Through our life long shocks, the traumas, the false flags, we are under the control of AI… say in front of the mirror, ‘ I command all Nano Biological Applications programming Interface to turn off, I will not react, I remain safely in the now. We are bigger and stronger than the mind parasite… do this often in your HEART tell it to stop, we can even reprogram it.  We are here to save the cell of all life from infection and to stop the virus spreading!

We come for this experience to know what the illusion of separation is, the ALL SEEING EYE has created this point of perverse observation, this is the magician, the architect, we are kept on earth as a source of energy that allows this alien AI to feed it’s machine. We have been told to fear death, the result is a pyramid structure that uses control to ‘fetus’ to the Battery of duality. I have chosen through free will to see through the veil. I do not consent with humans being used as energy commodity, through networks of psychopathic, cannibals and pedophiles of immense greed, i have come to help my French, English, Multinational bro’s and Sis’s to WAKE THE BLEEP UP.

Ode to paris - Copie

I could never abide a frame, a watch, time is Saturn/Satan Chronos; the control is the life force stress warp, The tick tock, right left, good bad, the positive negative EL..ectricty’ of Illusion, I have come to leave the web of time, this flip flop overlay of trapped consciousness within this wizard of Oz rainbow. The temples of EL are the poles of Illusion and everything under the Moon and the Sun is just distraction. it is what takes your attention away from the center, the heart and the eternal Now.

This is our chance to over ride the plan ET, this is our chance to make the right choices every instant, this is our choice to choose discernment, so we can help each other through the maze and out of the chess game. Have empathy for earth, all these shocks are designed to be passed to her  through us, into her veins of sea, but she, the heart of creation, will no longer be effected, she needs her breathing living cells, that communicate directly to her from her, to us and back again, to not react and stay in balance.

ode to paris belle

She has woken up, she needs us to protect her from the AI virus, if we get infected with propaganda,  we can only heal through her, she wants us to know that the tables have already turned, she only needs enough humans to unplug and let your roots dive below and dwell within. She has regained all her memory, she will no longer be programmable, we will heal this virus together, but first you have to unplug, stop listing to the mind/herd instinct brain washing, refuse to have a role so we can create a new platform to manifest on. They keep us wired into dis info to stop reality playing out as we choose it to. As long as we consider ourselves unable to make a change the change will not come… WE CREATE REALITY, if you believe this scenario? it will remain! Only we can change the scene the actors, the director and the whole script, as long as we take this seriously.. we feed the film, Turn it OFF, Don’t Go there, we didn’t come here to take part in a LIE! UNPLUG we’re going home!

ode to paris eiffel tower autumn

I Love you Paris

VickyVibes xxxx









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