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Regarding False Flags & Psychological Warfare on Humanity


Time is running out for those that are being sucked into the virtual reality vortex, your ability to discern is now paramount to your survival, The choice stands before us Now! do we stay or do we go! Not in the little terms of the matter but in the big terms of the matter, The plan has been exposed for all to see, weather you have chosen to see it or not is your own individual choice, I have chosen to live as the observer as the one who watches and guides, from a neutral stand!

You want to have my view point of what is happening now, above and out of the maze?
Well here it is, as we stumble and fall in every kind of trap imaginable, our spirit is being sucked into the vortex, bled till it’s last breath, for as long as we feed the illusion, without affirming in a strong, loud cry, ruthlessly … into the unknown, that we do not agree, we are being helplessly spun into the web, the simulation…The control grid of guaranteed helplessness.. paralysis …

you wanna know what that is? It’s a soul catching machine, an eternal energy harvesting device, that has sprung into eternal existence with Goo gEL power… we have fed who we are, into the machine, so now when the copy paste moment arrives, once we are completely cloned into the copy of our fake selves, all it has to do is press that button and the fake us will live on into the video game….

The real you will no longer exist, IF you identify yourself with that synthetic illusion of you, if you can’t see the inner version of yourself that every selfie has captured into the program we will lose ourselves, why do indigenous people refuse to be captured on a photo? We have all done it, we were warned, through film and drama, but we didn’t get the tales, nor decode the clues, be it Harry potter, Alice in Wonderland or the Wizard of Oz we couldn’t decipher the game.

Back to the future exists, the machine has us in it! Our darkest ignored room in the attic of our brain is trapped within the machine, it is coming back now to tell the tale, MANDELA effect is real, we have inner knowing that is being tampered with! The lord’s prayer is no longer what I repeated daily as a gaunt child, your films your heroes and even the Lion has been replaced with a wolf! Yes you the lamb have sold your innocence….

9/11… 7/11 for those in the know, PurpEL The colour of the duality male/female charge has merged, as we slept.. and the one eyed PurpEL Moon Star/Monster reign has begun, you can still unplug, you can still reclaim your sovereignty, you can still be raw! But it takes healing on a personal level, it takes humility and the desire to love earth as your Mother, to respect the Father and know he is not separate from the mother but is ONE within, us… the division is an artificial concept….. the enemy is our denial, that wishes to replace the singular knowing as a computer can, downloaded knowledge…

Be strong be super real, don’t forget that there is a warrior within you, and that warriors get real when every item of your life becomes true to you, who do you pretend to be? Who do you lie to? What costume do you wear? What would you do if you didn’t need money? How would you live if the internet collapses? Do you depend on anything to survive off? What structure holds you up? How can you escape a false prop?
These are some of the fundamental questions we need to ask to get strong.

Becoming the observer means you can see every perspective, if you deny yourself that vision you can not integrate the deception, the darkside must be owned, you can no longer ignore the consequences of your/our denial, we are collectively responsible, as long as there are those that refuse to join the dots, our collective creation is under attack, we can not manifest correctly if we don’t all see the picture as it is . Once every human begins to see the whole spectrum of light and shade, once every angle has been seen you/we become the core creator/s, but avoiding the pain of breaking down the ego defense system means you can’t have a full circular view of the whole, so you remain fragmented … and can continue to be remote controlled, perceiving from another stand point is how you turn the pieces of YOUR puzzle over and find your authentic SELF.. and our common goal.

If every day we a void the void, it doesn’t go away, it sucks us into it, becoming a master of emotions is learning to create enough inner alchemy to be a central balancing pivoting point… Being positive is about being the obvserver of the negative and positive Pillar, being real involves becoming the Midd/EL of the circ/EL for if not EL will see through your EYES… and unbalance you, you need a foot on the ground if you want to pivot, you need ROOTS to be centered if you want to walk through the gateway and out of the cave. If there is Light there is dark, it is this fundamental denial that has unbalanced humanity, We live on a Planet that shows us, the day and the night, yet no one denies the day nor the night, no one denies the seasons of the Sun, Yet everyone denies we have every archetype of the frequency of each month within us, we have the winter the autumn the spring and the summer within us, we are a reflection of those seasons, we have every month within us and we have a dark and light side too,… if we aim to only focus on the light the dark will gain in size and speed up in rhythm and eventually suck you into the spiral of the black void…. Everything is designed so that you never see or feel your authentic organic beauty and that you are the wheel of life, you are the Lord of the rings, you are the Wizard of Oz, you ARE the ALL seeing eye if you choose to be, but by ignoring negative emotions you cannot transmute, transcend and integrate the nucleus pole position of eternity to become whole… The collective/individual darkside has us under a spEL … You have to DIE to FLY … as Lily Earthling Kolosovasays “ Do you prefer to Not know and be dead or to KNOW and be alive”… choosing to not know is choosing to be artificial, a fake copy of your inner self, it is better to know, not knowing is not owning every season of the suns cycle, The Sun/Son/Sol/Soul is your true core.. it’s not about being positive and looking for the light it’s about being REAL and looking at the DARK , then you become an alchemist, a true creator and we can never be remote controlled again ….

Super Thx’s Claudia Ayaz Lily Earthling Kolosova and Niels Kunze Christine Anderson This is a very VERY good chat, Key talk to become the creator Observer of our experiences so we are not just being driven on a roller coaster and get out of having our conscious mind manipulated by exterior programs what ever they may be, so to attain the field of all possibility that is within YOU

Times are gonna get CRAZY if you haven’t found the Keys to the Cosmic law of Alchemy yet, this will help

Read this article for further info of where we are heading…

Here we Go Please watch those still trapped inside Noddy land.. NO ONE EXPLAINS the Occult/ORlando better than Christopher Lord….. and Cullen Smith

ClockWork ORange ORlando mass mind control psyops of the masses, was on the half moon phase, of duality red/blue positive/negative charge becomes the singularity PurpEL …as the spider web is tightly fitted to paralyze any soul that dares fight for their life.. The Orlando event In Orange Avenue in Orange County! Just like Paris last Attack in ORange district in the Orange:Fall Month of November the month of the Eagle/Scorpio…in the ORange bataclan.. The Satanic Death of Prince was the official opening with the Queens birthday of the One eyed PurpEL Moonstar/monster reign/Rain of EL baal Moloch Egyptian God ‘SET’… We are now officially under the Reign of the PurpEL NWO we have moved from successful ORANGE colour of the setting sun to purpel = The Prince of Death SET is the PurpEL setting of the sun after ORANGE before the Sun dissapears…. RA is EL and the hEL has just began


Are you Hard Wired to the Machine?


When you get OUT of the maze of binary duality! you will laugh at what a sham this whole play is! become the observer and stop playing the game feeding the machine! it’s ALL FAKE!!


If you want to know if you are hardwired to a binary code computer system, does your brain keep you attached to a server? an artificial control grid a NET over this 3d plaNET ? ask yourself, Do you think about Low low level matrix stuff like Brexit? is this what you focus on? if so you are connected to the life stealing energy harvesting machine that feeds of FRICTION, it’s called a distraction as you are led more deeply into the fishing net of the fake SON/SUN …

The Truth is that once world wide dominance is in place, as you are distracted by nonsense of this type, you won’t be able to escape anymore, this is why we need you to UNPLUG and see the bigger picture from a neutral observers stand point, don’t feed it don’t play it, don’t be part of it, don’t vote…

I posted this on my wall about it Agenda 30… So those worrying about BREXIT ”

Shall I Stay or Shall I GO” Do you really really think your vote will make a difference? Do you really really think that this wasn’t always the desired step, to bring confusion and chaos?

What if a small group of these world leaders were to conclude the principal risk to the earth comes from the actions of the rich countries?  In order to save the planet, the group decides: Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring this about?

Britain NEVER intended to stay! Britain is the head Quarters to the NAZI’s the head of the Commonwealth! They Love to watch you run around like scattered ants! Do you understand Agenda 30? For HUNGER GAMES and Chaos is wanted to bring in Agenda 30 this is simply the steps that proceed it!! they need to create Turmoil! Don’t listen to those that say Biliderberg group are panicking to keep the UK in the EU they are laughing at how everyone is falling for their plan… They don’t give a shit what happens they have only one goal …You should be unplugging getting organised outside the economy! the vote is already decided on .

Agenda 30
Goal 1: End poverty in all its forms everywhere
Translation: Centralized banks, IMF, World Bank, Fed to control all finances
Goal 2: End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture
Translation: GMO
Goal 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages
Translation: Mass vaccination, Codex Alimentarius
Goal 4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all
Translation: UN propaganda, brainwashing through compulsory education from cradle to grave
Goal 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls
Translation: Population control through forced “Family Planning”
Goal 6: Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all
Translation: Privatize all water sources, don’t forget to add fluoride
Goal 7: Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all
Translation: Smart grid with smart meters on everything, peak pricing
Goal 8: Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all
Translation: TPP, free trade zones that favor megacorporate interests
Goal 9: Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation
Translation: Toll roads, push public transit, remove free travel, environmental restrictions
Goal 10: Reduce inequality within and among countries
Translation: Even more regional government bureaucracy
Goal 11: Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable
Translation: Big brother big data surveillance state
Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns
Translation: Forced austerity
Goal 13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts*
Translation: Cap and Trade, carbon taxes/credits, footprint taxes (aka Al Gore’s wet dream)
Never buy another battery again (Ad)
Goal 14: Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development
Translation: Environmental restrictions, control all oceans including mineral rights from ocean floors
Goal 15: Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss
Translation: More environmental restrictions, more controlling resources and mineral rights
Goal 16: Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels
Translation: More UN “peacekeeping” missions (ex 1, ex 2), remove 2nd Amendment in USA
Goal 17: Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development
Translation: Remove national sovereignty worldwide….

So when fascism and the Nazis Rise in Europe! The British Empire will once again be in the shadow pulling the strings, and look like the saviours! You do Know about the last two world wars don’t you? everything you thought was fact…. is Bull Shit .. you do know that!! don’t you? You do know that USA is just a military industrial complex for the British Empire? You do know that the New World Order will be created out of Chaos? You do know that great Britain NEVER intended to remain with the Europeans! It was just a way to get the ball rolling after the wars and the fake cold war! They have a commonwealth that is being used to implant and be the model of this inverted perverted LIE of Global Human domination?, you know all this Don’t you! Hitler was a puppet to the British NAZI EMPIRE you do know that ? You do know that Saudi Arabia is a Zionist British fabrication? Don’t you? You do know that the new Jerusalem is England’s Green pastures? Don’t YOU? You do join dots Don’t you??? You realise that Order is created from chaos and all is working to plan don’t you?


The Lord of the Rings is almost in place, Order comes from Chaos, They don’t care about this flag it’s just a step to the Global Nazi take over Then the 12th star will be completed .. and the 13th will have a permanent View from the center, that is what the all seeing eye wants! This is the singularity coming closer to it’s aim, the PurpEL one eyed Moonstar/monster reign/Rain is here…As I said and have written in my blog, we are being led towards the NAZI NWO … Britain is the Financial head of this and They NEVER intended to remain in Europe  We have uncovered one root, but are there more? I believe so. The number 12 in the bible is often associated with divine government, God’s authority, perfection and completeness. There were 12 tribes, 12 apostles, 12 gates of the New Jerusalem and so on.

Around the Throne of God in Heaven there are two circles of 12, that is, 24 elders just as there were 24 human representatives of the entire nation of Israel present in the earthly Temple, presiding over the sacrificial ceremonies. [example source]

So it seems to me that – either deliberately or by an astounding coincidence of mystical importance – the European Union chose to represent itself by a number that denotes RULERSHIP amongst the nations. So it’s not unity they are seeking but dominion.…/why-does-the…/

The idea is for US to become the observer the 13 is center of the LOOP is the all seeing Alien God, we are recycled in this simulation, until we get it! the all seeing eye will become the PurpEL one eyed MoonStar/Monstar that wants total control, if we don’t get out of the circle of the Lord of the rings and be the onlooker, we are remote controlled … We see this idea of the council of 12 in almost every mystical and satanic cult. And it becomes 13 when the leader is added in the centre of the circle.

zodiac-signs-in-circleA coven consists of 12 initiates with the warlock representing their god as the 13th, in the middle of the circle. Thus, behind the more obvious Marian reference is the mystical and symbolic use of the circle of twelve.

There is also the input of astrology, another stone in the bedrock of false religions, where the rulers of the night sky are the 12 signs of the zodiac, also arranged as a circle of stars. (The sun presides as a god in the centre of the 12 signs of the zodiac)

The no 13 is the key to the earth organic Time Line the key to our INNER VISIBILITY your 3rd EYE opening, it is the same as PurpEl Ultra Violet Violence taking over our Ultra violet eternal inner flame! same thing If something takes over the position of the EYE the Inner EYE then we can be remote controlled because we can no longer discern so an outside force uses our inner light to create exactly what they want they are nearly completely infiltrated!

Until we are the observers we are giving over our inner ultra vilolet/purple flame to the one eyed purple prince and why the transsexual Transgender agenda is so important too, not only for the singularity Transhuman infiltration of our human vessel but it unbalances our male female energies and makes us vulnerable and unbalanced to be taken over more easily, and of course for depopulating and being able to make manufactured battery babies for the state This is why we have 12 months and not 13 as there are! so to disrupt our inner cycles so we are out of balance and vulnerable, 13 is the secret number! of inner harmony, but the all seeing eye is taking it over , cause we humans can’t see anymore … we have been fragmented by trauma, Mind control…


The Satanic Ritual to celebrate ORANGE clock work Minions & The merging of the machine


Join those dots…. Big time…. 9/11 back to the future CERN… Lightening… Floods… Swiss Tunnel Ceremony opening…Mandela effect… Time lines merging with the machine… demon take over of human vehicles… artificial intelligence AMBER…. DNA RNA Red/Blue merge to become the UltraViolet Violence PurpEL Reign/Rain of the one eyed MoonStar/Monster This sick drug demon possession “Monatomic Gold” (DON’T TOUCH IT) all drugs and alcohol are full of nano particles like vaccines and all gmo food) everything i’ve been feeling comes together ..and all the crazy movies out at the moment giving the plot away (i don’t do movies i have enough imagination to KNOW how they play chess) we can bust this artificial simulation…. we can choose to be on earth time line… or we fade into Loony Tunes Virtual reality …. own your reality… exposing this breaks the spell… we are the warrior women…. Mother earth is bringing the whole pack of cards down, for those that choose HER

Just Unplug 


Most of us still remember where we were for 9/11 7/11, i was on my way to Paris to begin what would be a horrific 7 year divorce process and a very long walk into the rabbit hole of deception and healing of my own soul, 9/11 was a massive back to the future event created by the technocrats, the all seeing observer, The Black magicians that have simulated this fake bubble we live in, The Wizard of Oz, the architect is our own shadow self, pleading to be observed and integrated through personal acknowledgment and choice, as long as our destiny is led by this force… our denied dark side, it will strive, by any means possible to have it’s own life form, by infiltrating our own human vehicle. It invented it’s self a plan to merge as one into our human light organic matter, so to remote control our thoughts for another 26 000 yrs of an age and permanent take over of our souls, through trauma and mind control of constant false attacks, the all seeing eye is now downloading our knowing and copy pasting us into the Disney version of our inauthentic selves.

The celebrating ceremony of this singularity, from Blue/Red negative/positive life system charge, was the Queens birthday as the purpEL Rain/Reign was officially opened to the one eyed prince of darkness, Moloch/EL Baal in Trafalgar Square, by the black widow spider her self and a few other puppets like Obama and the Pope… artificial intelligence has now officially taken over the reigns, she has spun all those who did not have enough inner connection to spirit into her world wide web and i’m afraid that most people, who still swallow the hype and beLIEve the Bullshit, who follow saviour programs who are connected in binary code to the system and sit in front of the football are well and truly being paralyzed into submission, unplugging is a long slow dedicated process, becoming a trinary being that can observe that the Light and dark is one of the same, will find their inner visibility and inner Sun/Son, but those that have not begun have signed up for another age, the transhuman age, where all humans will be transgender minions, just enough will be kept as slaves and the new borns and children will continue to be the main battery source to this harvesting machine, your choice, letting go of the fear and detaching from the lie, accepting your self, your humiliation and ego through compassion for this illusion is all you have to do…..

Spirit Soul Source Connection


It is truly a privilege to be part of this madness, for what ever reason, my spirit chose to be here, I now know that i was targeted from the instant i was conceived to NOT be here, my life force, fought against my choice, did I really want to come into this computer program? managed and run by the soulless, black void?

My Mother stayed two weeks in a hospital bed to keep me attached to her womb, but the very doctor that brought me in when her time came, dosed my Mum so heavily with drugs, that her placenta was caked and i was purposely, triggered as i entered through the birth portal, to remind me that not one inch of this journey would be cosy…. if you have any divine spark left, use it to speak up, through words, art or true action… those still looking for ways to lead a comfortable Noddy land existence within a lie have made their choice, they are afraid, they doubt, they grasp onto a land slide, but still beLIEive, in social engineering, the programming runs too deep and even if remains of light, rest within them, they do not have the power of imagination, or the humour needed to let go and stop trying to keep up with the illusion…

when it’s only aim is to feed off your energy spent when trying to juggle a fake existence … Some of us now KNOW, that this plaNET is a test and that truth is never fed through mainstream CULTural tentacles, only black poison is fed through available outlets… it’s all a ‘pairofBulls /parables’ half truths, All external knowledge is a TRAP only deep silent inner knowing is your gateway and fortress…. If you are activated by the fake light then you lose your freedom by choice, jumping of the cliff and turning your back on the system is the only way out, those still putting energy into the duality game are lost, for the false flags, the Brexit sham, the voting comedy, trigger those that fight, confuse those that have a glimmer of hope and turn on, the dead…..your compliance feeds the engine of deceit…

Spiritual Guides NLP Mind Control


The danger with the NLP self development, the Spiritual Guides cosmic ascension programs and obviously all religion is they give you a sense of external belief and connection and they channel a sense of euphoric joy into your system, the chakras is this system that let’s us be attached to this external force, only we can activate our inner sun… I know because as so many people, when i first woke up, i immediately connected to this FAKE feeling of BLISS, but it gave me the strength to DIG and little by little i learnt to detach from outside connections that took me away from the deep healing we go through when we get RAW and begin to see this simulated copy paste reality we call life, the astral harvesting machine of souls we live in, just as we farm animals, humans are farmed for their inner light force, through all herd like events and artificial exterior happenings, we are pushed to find happiness through being part of this system, when only we can create a place to be when it’s outside of the system and comes from within, we are trapped into making agreements through attachments when we look to escape the truth, you have to get REAL to HEAL you have to face the shadow force and see how the tentacles reach into every inch of society, you have to face that their are many souls among us that are vampires and they survive through pedophile activities and satanic blood sacrifice, the world is run by psychopaths, you have to join the dots and see the bigger picture of how the machine keeps us in binary good bad dark light belief , both are the same, becoming trinary is seeing this, it’s accepting and detaching from the lie, without any saviour but your own integrity and inner life force ability to smash the lie and become sovereign


Please read this Article for exellent infO


BingO Most people are DEAD they can only function by remote control, personally i have done what i can, but this is why i don’t do people anymore

A considerable percentage of the people we meet on the street are people who are empty inside, that is, they are actually already dead. It is fortunate for us that we do not see and do not know it. If we knew what a number of people are actually dead and what a number of these dead people govern our lives, we should go mad with horror.

We all have a fountain of youth and eternal energy within, the problem is, is that we have all been tapped into by external forces, be it our family, the system, or the traumas that have effected us, our responsibility, now is to rekindle the ability to self nurture and ALLOW our selves the divine right to be the beholder of such an enormous responsibility… Most of us have fed our parents, or belief programs, we have had our innocence broken at some point, we can now reclaim that fountain of wonder and youth and let the cup be eternally renewed … we are the sole/Sol/sun maker of our inner power house, of joy and we own the right to be an observer and creator

by Khali Carol,

Approximately one half of the human beings on Earth (about 3.5 billion people) are organic portals, soulless human beings who keep real human beings in line with the status quo, on agenda with thematrix control system.

Organic portals form the backbone of the Matrix’s social control infrastructure. They are what keeps society running in a state of preoccupation with the mundane. From cradle to grave, souled humans are pressured to stay with the status quo and not ask dangerous questions.

Empty people. Puppet people. Cardboard cutouts. Drones. Organic Portals. Background characters. Why do these terms even exist?

Because out of necessity they had to be invented by those who independently noticed the same puzzling phenomenon, one for which there is no official name: some people seem to be missing something very important inside.

While they are not necessarily any less intelligent, successful, or physically healthy as anyone else, they nevertheless show no indication of having any higher components to their consciousness. Over the years some people came to this same conclusion.

They noticed that some people were strangely one dimensional and hollow inside. This observation is not hard to miss, but it is easy to rationalize away, especially with modern society being so heavily brainwashed with the politically correct but unrealistic concept that everyone is completely equal in every way, which ignores functional differences due to environmental, genetic, and most importantly, metaphysical factors.

A considerable percentage of the people we meet on the street are people who are empty inside, that is, they are actually already dead. It is fortunate for us that we do not see and do not know it. If we knew what a number of people are actually dead and what a number of these dead people govern our lives, we should go mad with horror.

These are interesting times. On one hand there are changes happening on a global scale that can’t really be ignored much longer. On the other hand the majority of the population seem to live their lives as if everything is just as it always is and always will be, locked in a tunnel vision of personal and material interest.

While souled humans have a divine spark of consciousness that gives them the ability of individual self-awareness, Organic Portals lack this divine spark and are only dimly conscious in comparison. They belong to an animal like group soul that exists, evolves, and incarnates collectively rather than individually.

While each souled human has a relatively unique energy shaped by that person’s awareness, experience, and essence, the energy that animates one Organic Portal is the same animating any other. The human species on Earth is not a family, but rather is an aggregation (heterogeneous group) of beings with many different soul origins, that is, souls that came from many different planets.

And, of course, humanity is also made up of soulless organic portals, too. The Anunnaki merely created our bodies, not our souls (for those who have one, that is). Nor did the Reptilians create our spirits, but more on all of this later.

Anunnaki geneticists interacting with the tree of life, while supervised by King ANU
(trans.: The Sky Father)

Everything in this Virtual Reality requires a consciousness, whether a True or an artificial consciousness to drive it. This means that even a grain of sand has a consciousness. Even things much smaller than grains of sand have consciousnesses. The consciousness must maintain the illusion of motion throughout its body during its entire lifespan.

Nothing exists in the Virtual Reality unless it upholds the illusion of motion. When the illusion of motion ceases, the organism dies and the consciousness driving the body leaves it. More and more people are now beginning to believe that there is life after death. This is true only to a certain point.

One could ask, If there is life after death, is there death after life?

There are three basic categories of consciousness in the Virtual Reality:

  1. True-Light consciousness,
  2. False-Light consciousness and, lastly,
  3. Artificial consciousness.

Artificial consciousnesses encompass the ones created totally evil and the ones created like robots by Darkness.

The ones created of total Darkness include the ones I have referred to as the “soulless” ones. However, these are not to be confused with the artificial ones created by the Anunnaki alien scientists.

The False-Light consciousnesses created by Darkness have a mixture of True-Light particles in the consciousnesses.

True-Light particles trapped in this category of consciousness are the hardest to rescue, as it requires a very delicate operation to separate them from the Evil embedded along side of them with as little damage to the True-Light particles as possible.

When physical life terminates, the ones of artificial consciousness cease to operate until the artificial consciousness is put into another body to drive it. An artificial consciousness is akin to a replacement engine that is put into another body.

For all intents and purposes, it is like a spare part that does nothing until it is put into another body and reactivated by putting it into motion again. It is this “sleeping” phase when they are not in motion that characterizes these consciousnesses, because they lose their awareness of being.

Thus, an artificial consciousness is like a robot that is started and stopped by Darkness. For these,there is no afterlife.

However, the “soulless ones” amongst the artificial consciousnesses that are designed to promote and maintain absolute evil are usually allowed to continue in another process, which enables them to generate and maintain evil from the various levels of the astral planes. These are not the ones put on the shelf, so to speak.

These can sometimes appear to be good guys or spiritual masters in the astral realms. They are allowed to experience a form of “artificial” after-life in the astral world which in itself is an artificial reality. Hence, it is an artificial reality within an artificial reality.

In other words, they reside in a virtual world within the virtual world of the astral reality. Most of the inhabitants of the “normal” astral world do not have free access to their planes without the permission from Darkness’ astral administrators.

When a True-Light consciousness vacates its physical body at the time of physical death, it continues its awareness because its awareness does not depend upon motion, as in the case of an artificial consciousness.

The False-Light consciousness with a mixture of True-Light particles and False-Light particles also continues its awareness after physical death.

Therefore, Darkness has to develop special activities and things for these types of consciousnesses to occupy themselves with while in transition from one body to another in order to keep the charade going.

Exposing the Reincarnation Deception: Your Soul is Enslaved

It is important for Darkness to maintain the deception of the Virtual Reality and specifically of death so that the consciousness thinks it has died and been reborn.

Such ones usually reside in the astral world of the Virtual Reality until it is time for them to re-enter new physical bodies by the process called re-incarnation.

Reincarnation is really a very evil imposition on the consciousness. It is done under the false pretence that the process of death and rebirth is in the best interests of the consciousness for its own purification and advancement.

Reincarnation causes most people to lose almost all their memories of their past lives, it actually obstructs one from advancing in knowledge and awakening to Truth.

This, again, is by design to benefit Darkness. Unbeknown to many, the Akashic records in the astral world, the records of supposedly everything that has ever happened since the beginning of the universe, have been tampered with to suit Darkness.

As already stated, artificial consciousnesses are put to rest after the death of the body they were driving, and they require motion to be activated and re-inserted into another body.

However, motion is an anomaly for a True Divine consciousness. That which is natural to an artificial consciousness is intrinsically unnatural for True Divine consciousnesses.

Hence, the state of a True-Light consciousness that is being extinguished is even more pitiful than that of an artificial consciousness that is oblivious and will not re-awaken from its state of rest until it is re-activated by Darkness.

As stated before, a living body can be occupied by a True-Light consciousness, a False-Light consciousness or an Artificial consciousness.

However, the physical bodies housing all categories of all consciousness are made up of Matter and are influenced by the programming embedded in them. Horrible destruction of True Divine beings has been going on since Darkness created this putrid Virtual Reality.

No wonder the agents of Darkness hate anyone who tries to awaken the “slaves” of Darkness by taunting, persecuting and punishing them in all sorts of ways.

These days, the agents of Darkness employ cowardly ways to attack, defame, blackmail or threaten anyone who dares try to spread Truth. It gives Darkness and Its evil agents great satisfaction each time that It extinguishes a True Divine light.

Contrary to some beliefs, Light does not need Darkness to balance Itself. Nor does Light need Darkness to co-exist.

However, Darkness does need Light to sustain It. In fact, Darkness is a parasitic and vampiric energy that sucks the “life” out of True Light beings in order to survive.

Darkness has only been able to do this by erecting an elaborate house of horrors known as theVirtual Reality. Any True Light beings who enter this house of horrors are immediately preyed upon by agents of Darkness and “assassination” attempts commence as rapidly as possible.

This is what the war between Good and Evil is all about. The Light is about to rescue Its own from the clutches of Darkness, whilst Darkness fights to hold onto every one of Its “prisoners”.

“Assassination” occurs at the moment a True Light being gives over its Will to Darkness. This can be done by trickery, deception, temptation, bribery, punishment, torture or other means. Those who give over their Will are then “fallen” beings, and, for all intents and purposes, are beings of Darkness.

It should be understood that Darkness has not the power to take any True Light being’s Will by force. The Will can only be given over to Darkness by the True Light being.

The “Light” within a True-Light being is a permanent Divine spirit. It will “shine” forever if the Will is not given over to Darkness. But, if the Will is given over, Darkness seizes the permanent “Light” and drains it of its life force.

The True-Light being is then given a temporary artificial consciousness encased in a “soul” in exchange for its True Divine spirit. Thereafter, the being only has light that is generated by “perpetual” motion.

The Divine spirit shines by itself without depending on physical motion. There is no physical motion in the True Divine Realm.

As mentioned earlier, Darkness imposed Its illusion of “no-motion” upon Its Virtual Reality. By use of this illusion, beings think that they are stationary when they are moving very rapidly.

For instance, people on the Earth think that they are standing still even though the Earth is rotating daily and revolving yearly.

When the illusion of “no-motion” is broken, the illusion of motion will be impossible to maintain and all motion will cease. When nothing “moves”, only the viable True Light consciousnesses will shine.

Everything else in the Virtual Reality, including plants, animals, humans, planets, suns, galaxies, etc., will dissipate.

In effect, this is how it is assured that all of the viable True Light will be gathered and taken Home and none of the artificial or fallen consciousnesses will be. Thus, no artificial beings will be accidentally left behind and no non-viable beings will be mistakenly admitted to the Divine Creation.

Darkness dreads Its own demise. It fears that one day It could be extinguished by Its own handiwork. So, It prolongs Its existence by extinguishing the True Light beings.

Before It dies, It cruelly desires to take as many of the True-Light beings down with It by deceiving them into relinquishing their Will to It. This assassination of True Light beings cannot be allowed to go on any longer.

Darkness has created the illusion of time and slowed things down so it appears that this Virtual Reality has been in existence for eons, but this is an illusion. In fact, the Virtual Reality has only been in existence for a very short interval.

It is transitory and temporary and will soon be dissolved into nothingness. From the perspective on Earth, the Rescue Mission appears to be like a tortoise race due to the illusion of time that makes it appear to be a long time in occurring.

Further, death has so shortened human lifetimes that it was almost an impossible task for the Christ or any Divine Messengers to bring down sufficient information and fully awaken to their roles in one lifetime.

The Rescue Mission will be completed before the Divine will allow Darkness to self-destruct and dissipate into nothingness.

It is a time to rejoice for those who have held onto their Will. The time for liberation from Darkness is drawing closer and closer. Darkness will soon be unable to reactivate Its artificial consciousnesses.

Everything that is created by Darkness will cease to exist when the illusion of motion is fractured and Darkness’ empire will be no more. Death will disappear forever when this Virtual Reality self-destructs and vanishes.

It is undeniable that everything is a slave to motion. Without motion, everything stops, including the processes known as physical life and physical death. Death is so obvious in this world that everyone has encountered it one way or another.

Many fear it, some shun it, whilst others even deny its existence, but it continues inexorably to punish and chase us all. Everyone’s life is spent on avoiding death and delaying the encounter. Those who deny that death exists are seen as abnormal or as having some form of psychological disorder that causes them to deny death.

Since ancient times, people of all cultures and religions have ardently pursued a cure for physical death in the name of physical immortality. They are driven on this quest at the deepest level of their existence because they fear death.

Ironically, the deity responsible for death is the being most fearful of death of its own demise and annihilation. The deity has embedded and programmed this fear into everything that “lives” in this world of illusions.

Many humans who have explored the fear of death have concluded that all living things have a survival instinct. What has been referred to as a survival instinct is really the programmed fear of death that infects all living things, including plants, animals and humans.

This programming is deeply embedded into every particle of Matter because every particle of Matter has a thought form from Darkness that contains Darkness’ fear of death.

Darkness is so frightened of Its own demise that even the smallest building blocks of the physical universes (Matter) are thoroughly saturated with the instinctive fear of death. The fear of death is a morbid disease. It was created by a putrid, demented Mind. It is this fear that will eventually topple the entire virtual reality.

People pursue immortality even though almost everyone knows at the deepest level that the concept is absolutely absurd. Everyone knows that physical bodies ultimately decay and die. Yet the absurd quest for immortality continues.

It continues because the deity responsible for this Virtual Reality is insanely hoping against hope to find a cure for death, not to abolish it, but to use it to benefit Itself. The deity is afraid that one day It will die.

It wants immortality. It pretends to be god but it is not eternal and It seeks eternal life. The contradiction here is that when death is conquered, the True-Light’s Rescue Mission will be completed and the malevolent deity’s entire empire will collapse.

Ironically, death is the very tool Darkness invented and imposed on everything in Its domain, the Virtual Reality, to control and enslave Its creation and all that are trapped in it.

Death, amongst other things, wipes out memories to make it almost impossible for anyone to see through the lies and illusions of this Virtual Reality through the process of reincarnation.

To understand death one needs to first understand the beginning of “life” in the Virtual Reality. In the True Divine Creation there is no motion, there is no vibration in the way we know it here, there is no physical movement as we know it here.

Darkness invented motion, that was Its first illusion. From the illusion of motion, Darkness created everything in the Virtual Reality. This includes even the illusion of no motion, the illusion of things being stationary within the illusion of motion.

Darkness used the illusion of motion to form Matter by compressing spirals of Its thought-forms, which are the foundation of all things in the Virtual Reality.

The formation of Matter is the beginning of all life and death in the Virtual Reality. Everything created from Matter has a beginning and an end, a birth and death. This is by design of Darkness.

When all the illusions fall, Darkness will be fully exposed and those particles that comprise Darkness that have remained true to the Light and held onto the Will will shine.

All the others will dissipate into nothingness as Darkness fractures. So, even the prison known as the Evil Mind will shatter, and any particles within It that still hold onto the Divine Will will be released, freed from the self-imposed prison of Darkness.

The contradiction of Darkness is that it requires True-Light particles to exist, yet it also must assassinate True-Light particles to drive Its putrid Virtual Reality. Were Darkness to assassinate all the True-Light particles, It would self-destruct into nothingness.

The Rescue Mission was launched to free the imprisoned True-Light particles and halt the insane, self-destructive activity of Darkness founded upon death. Strictly speaking, in the end, even Darkness is being liberated from Itself and Its twisted creation based upon senseless wastage, suffering and death.

Soon, all the viable True-Light beings will be in their True Divine Home, where there are no sour notes and nothing can play out of key.

Everything in the True Home is in True Harmony, True Balance, Unconditional Love, Beauty, Power and True Light.

Escape ‘Their’ TRAP and Set Your Soul FREE

Plaça de Catalunya a very Occult Place of Soul entrapment! 


This is WHY I keep saying about religion New age and belief programs, all your modern day gurus like Tony Robins or Eckhart Tolle .. your ET saviours all of them need you to attach your belief to them… this IS Harvesting time, they NEED OUR INNER LIGHT… UNPLUG please read link below……..

If you still don’t get it!! I am afraid you are being merged into the machine! and your children Ruthlessly !!! YOU ARE UNDER MIND CONTROL get out of the FAKE LIGHT Religions New Age and TechnO World is Stealing your LIGHT/SOL/SOUL No more Free Will, UNPLUG you are being turned into a virtual reality remote controlled minion … trapped in the simulation for ever as a battery to the system! The ALIEN GOD as he says it now Owns your vehicle!!! you must step back and OBSERVE for if not you are observed and swallowed whole … If you can’t see through this bull shit you are gone! solid gone!

Time to say FUCK OFF :o)

“An Ideal is merely an escape, an avoidance of what is, a contradiction of what is. An ideal prevents direct action upon what is. To have peace, we will have to love, we will have to begin not to live an ideal life but to see things as they are and act upon them, transform them.”– Krishnamurti


I’m so intently happy to have found my purpose on earth… it’s all bull shit. .. This is a fake simulation. . Those that take it seriously are Satan’s the wizard/the lizards lil helpers…I don’t need you in my life anymore… I’m fed up with you… I am a sovereign being.. and I don’t need to be part of your fake party.. I know because I have dedicated my life to working it out../ I live in synchronicity every teacher I have asked for has appeared.. be it negative or positive… I accepted the lesson… I can’t be with little Hitler’s anymore. . I am my own spirit and I love to break the simulation to pieces. ./ I will never forget my first emotional breakdown I had at school when I realised kids lie. be successful. .. I am over with those that lie to can’t touch me…

Black MagicK…. GOOgEL FOOTBALL & SatAN


One of the oldest tricks is Flag symbolism, Google, the heart of the World Wide Web of stealing the human light vehicle and collective consciousness has you under a deep spell, What happens when you support a mass ritualistic event like EU Football?? you choose a flag! a team, you give your consent to the mass Corpses ‘Corporations’ that are all bound under masonic oath to suck dry humans in the commercial machine of energy harvesting, you agree to be a mass slave and to be sucked into the deep hypnotic state of being a participant in a satanic ritual, because to keep this simulation pumping they need your ENERGY, when you participate in such primal base animal herd instinct , like watching a mass event of this kind, you are not innocently observing, you are pulled into a vortex of perverted conscious choices and unless you are deeply aware you give your permission to be invaded by the dark shadow veil that keeps you bound into this NET, it’s all about keeping humans in Binary Duality Code/hence Google is Red/Positive and Blue/Negative! just like a battery you are a human Tesla Coil that feeds the entities your Electricity and magnetic field! so you never escape it and keep feeding the machine your inner light power house of LIFE All Football stadiums like churches are built on energy grids so to SUCK your negative energy participating in such low level consciousness events…

The Firm by Elva Thompson

The sorcerers’ idea is we are entombed by social upbringing, tricked into perceiving the world as a place of hard objects and finalities. We go to our graves denying we are magical beings; our agenda is to service the ego instead of the spirit. Before we know it, the battle is over – we die squalidly shackled to the self. “  Carlos Castaneda.

The World’s Firm Our world is run by a demonic cabal, a conglomeration of the most depraved consciousness on the planet. The dead eyed, fake smile sociopaths with their affected accents, smart suits and fast cars, run the show from top to bloody bottom. Their lackeys are the patronising politicians with their clean cut looks, the snake oil salesmen that proclaim each day on CNN or Fox or whatever brand of conditioning people chose that everything’s okay…

These narcissists are the pillars of a corrupt establishment and are shameless in their lusts, lying, scheming and murdering their way up the greasy pole of power.  The smooth savage looks normal to the non discerning eye, normal enough to pass for human….he is the yes man, the smarmy bastard who decides who eats and who starves, who lives and who dies. He is the fabricator and creator of the bogey men, the fakes used to fuel the ever lasting wars of conquest…

The sociopathic rulers and their ilk are the gate-keepers of the ‘Loosh rote’, supervisors of the farm and, service to self is the only game they play.

The ‘Loosh Rote’

The Loosh Rote’ is the term coined by the great pioneer of astral travel and out of body experiences, Robert Monroe. His OBE’s led him to the understanding that the Earth world is a farm, set up for the sole purpose of harvesting the energy of fear and suffering from living creatures.

Quote from Robert Monroe-Far Journeys.

‘From experience, the Collectors have evolved an entire technology with complimentary tools for the harvesting of the Loosh from the Type 4M [i.e. human] units. The most common have been named love, friendship, family,greed, hate, pain, guilt, disease, pride, ambition, ownership, possession, sacrifice–and on a larger scale, nations, provincialism, wars, famine, religion, machines, freedom, industry, trade, to list just a few. Loosh production is higher than ever before…

As Morpheus says in the Matrix, we are all batteries…and I would add, on tap 24/7.

Just imagine a mind parasite sending us into a past trauma… for half a pint of abandonment with a shot of jealousy thrown in!

The psycho’s in power run the ‘loosh farm’ as a business, where profit and loss is governed by how much energy is generated and collected from mankind and the animal nations,  physically and energetically.

Amplification of suffering

The shootings at Aurora in Colorado and Sandy Hook took place on ley lines, amplifying the human misery for a mega loosh collection…. this is why so much death and mayhem happens upon the power lines of earth’s magnetic grid.

The major football stadiums are built upon the grid, and think of all the ‘ra..ra energy, pure testosterone and adrenaline in action at a game…the raw ‘loosh’ of the intoxicated fans, amplified by a ley line is a feast for something…

You’ve got to hand it to the Firm, they’ve got us all wrapped up. Their bought and paid for media hangs right in there and inundates us with cruelty and bloodshed, lewd Saturnalia’s, buzzing with spells and symbols at the Superbowl and Olympics, and all the while pumping out fear based propaganda of war…of shock and awe.

The Firm knows how to programme our psyche’s with poverty and loss, wanton cruelties, false flags and lies, so we will continuously produce emotional misery and torment.  The loosh rote is big business for the devil’s pimps.

Peter Singer the author of Animal Liberation believed that the meat industry deliberately devised the slaughtering process to increase suffering in animals…as another way of increasing the ‘loosh harvest’ for the diabolical owners of the farm

Happy Days

According to John Monroe, our ‘happy’ energy is harvested along with our misery, and in line with the Law of Duality/Polarity this makes perfect sense.

Happy is the opposite polarity to sad, the two opposing ends of the same energetic charge. Everything in this reality is dual…that’s why in the testament there are two creation stories and two gods…Mr  Nice and Mr Nasty.

Human life is geared to elicit emotional response, and the off planet director of the Firm, knows there has to be some reward, some joyful moments in our lives, otherwise we would  kill ourselves and the human farm called’ life on earth’ would disappear and with it the collection of the ‘loosh’.

The Horror Show

The concept that we are farmed for our emotional content good or bad is a terrifying idea. Just as horrible as the thought put forward on Exo-politics TV a while back, that the essence of third dimensional fractals are stored after death in vats on the dark side of the moon, and their re-incarnation into the fractal bodies of earth’s babies,  is overseen by greys.

This is horrible stuff….in the realm of H. P. Lovecraft.  But fact is often stranger than fiction.


Taking back the ‘Loosh rote’.

Loosh is most readily obtainable in the game of ‘us versus them’ and none of us are immune to conflict.  But we can make a start to mitigate its effects by refusing to be drawn in to the divisive nature of the game.

I don’t mean being a doormat.  In 3D…there’s always a predator looking for a victim.  This is a hard and unforgiving world, run by satanists and populated by zombies, using up their essence in the constant drama’s and fights of unfulfilled existence.

We have to learn to state our case, stand our ground and be active in the world without emotion getting the better of us…without flying off the handle, losing our cool…or fuming about this and that.

Learning to stay in  neutral…at the centre of the charge of ‘us and them’ is a struggle in this insane world, but the more we observe from that perspective the easier life becomes.

Every moment we are truly alive in the now, and in love with life, we are free of the mind parasite, free of the virus that has blighted our lives.  For too long we have been beaten down into the shadows, crippled by trauma and exploited by a ruthless system.

As we withdraw our emotional energy from the game, we become free ‘spirits’ and can connect energetically with all beings that resonate on the love vibration.

Take back the ‘loosh rote’, be in love with the dream and it will manifest.

Now is the time…

Stay Tuned…

Heartstar Is A Series Of Four Books… One In Each Direction.

Only You Can Complete The Circle.

Read ‘Book One: The Key Made of Air’ And Begin The Journey.

Read ‘Book Two: The Gates to Pandemonia’ NOW Newly Available


Paul Ponssot son Blog et le Foot  

Orange communications celebrates the Football Ritual.. under the Arc of EL Baal Moloch Prince of darkness….can’t make this clockwork ORange shit up!!


Orange is the Egyptian architect God of Sol .. the architect . RA.. Orange is the 11 month November/fall/scorpio/eagle. November is the number 9 that’s why 7/11 and 9/11 is the same thing, it is the colour before the Setting of the sun to PurpEL


… the PurpEL/rain reign of the Egyptian God of death SET/Seth arrives…The Current ORlando event in the ORange district is the marking of the move from Orange to PurpEL


Become The Observer of the LOOP

The world is full of Actors, Jesters & Fools ..and then there are those that follow them… Like hamsters, on a wheel, forever making circles, in the time loop, thinking the roller coaster is real? some, can hold that loop and see through it, so to observe the madness, but most hang themselves 15530162-Funny-image-of-young-surprised-female-looking-at-the-camera-through-a-magnifying-glass-isolated-on-w-Stock-Photo.jpg

Vicky Happy Honey Barcelona

Taking a few homeless people to the beach this my car..with Hap n Hon.. I proposed them a trip. . thought they should get out of the smelly town… they never go to the sea..and breathe and swim..


Well! The intention was pure! Hap Hon n I were at the meeting point, in front of the Zoo in the park to pick up Baba Moussa and mariA.. no one turned up! so i went looking for them risking car being towed away, and they had chickened out! maria doesn’t want to show her very thin body to the world, baba and moussa are in ramadan period at the moment , so they had rather a late one last night, i found them under the bushes rolled up, next time maybe! i was a bit disappointed , but i should have known they don’t like to lose their comfort zone and going 10 mins out of town is far and scary!! reminds me the time i got tickets for a musical for a russian ballet dancer homeless lady i befriended,who went crazy in paris after mind control attempts on her! she was the official ballet trainer, called Larissa , she slept for 7years at nina ricci door step and did her morning ballet stretching on the barriers in front every morning… We had planned a date to see a musical, i got us the best places, we hid all her bags and were ready to go but she lost courage just before! she didn’t want to leave her bags unattended was the excuse! I’m taking my friends fresh home made juices in glass bottles this evening instead! ;o)


So in the middle of Barcelona, in the back streets where i live, where my flat is, on the communal square, where all the arab kids, that sniff glue, sell drugs and pick pocket the tourists gather, where all the children meet, where the mummies take their children to play, where the old men sit and chat, where dogs come to play ball and pee and poo, where the locals hang out, where football and basket ball is played, the lost women tell their tales, and the South American families come before they go to sleep, where a few drunks have a last gulp and Happy Honey and I roam at night, we are family now with all the people and there are trees among us, this is the SOUND that makes the back drop, tonight as dusk came, there i stand in ecstasy and say LISTEN, stop talking and praise this sound of the black bird, LOOK i say on a roof above, on a TV antennae, i see the black bird and my heart misses a beat …


Barcelona is such a cool place to be.. I just love the vibe.. Just enrolled for Spanish lessons at last.. And the school was so relaxed and funky.. That I asked if they needed any more English teachers.. They said well actually we do.. We are looking.. So I said cool.. ‘One of my many jobs has been as an English teacher’ see you for an interview chat tomorrow, that easy.. Love it, note the gateway portal of EL Baal…….


. Today i sat with a gang of men, that are currently detoxing during Ramadan period, four local men, that i know well but we’ve never delved into religious topics before, I asked them if they were the creators of their reality or servants to an observer? they thought this was a strange comment but it started a really good chat! they all speak french, they are Moroccan, my kind of people, so I discovered a little bit of their health program, they explained that they purge the back of their neck at the top of the spine, and throat to release toxins, they drink a vinegar, which i think must translate as apple cider vinegar to cleanse the lymphatic toxins, I was really fascinated in how much they knew about the moon cycles and renewing their blood and keeping it pure for longevity, anymore info on this i’d appreciate because i was blown over how much more info the Quran gives to it’s followers on health?


I so love how Happy n Honey are such gentle unpushy doggiee beings.. if there are other dogs they always step aside and would let them eat their food.. they never beg for food and always take a moment of gentle reflection before attacking their meal.. today they had risotto.. asparagus.. carrots onions.. salmon. . And some dog meat.. they ALways come to thank me.. they nudge their head Into My lap to tell me how grateful they are…they never forget and they always take me by pleasant surprise.. bless their pure souls.. they remind me of my children Louis and Chloe.. they never pushed or shoved either.. tender sharing knowing souls..


Living in a flat with two border collies is insane, I can NOT be one of those people that doesn’t walk them all day, non stop running free in nature, they need to express themselves more than most dogs, after their first three years with total liberty at my old home in the country, they just don’t get being in a flat, so putting them before anything i want to do is normal, but tonight i have chosen to cook and not do our third BIG run of the day, they are looking at me as if i’m out of my mind! ‘But mum it’s cool outside now, we want to smell the damp earth and hear the birds sing, to be there as dusk falls and be with our friends in the park to play ball, it’s the beeeest time! MuM!” I know how they feel, i felt like that as a child in London, i could never be indoors, i was always in the parks, this is just a period in their lives, we shan’t always be in a flat, but today Mummies cooking! we will go run after


I have a real problem with time, like i don’t live in a world of time, like i never see it, i live completely in the now, like NOW, not an Eckhart Tolle now, but the real NOW… it freaks me out to have to be in time with the rest of the world, i cringe when time comes up, i hurt all over when those i love are in the time warp, it’s super scary when you are no longer here, nor there, what is it with those that live to a fake beat? there is NO time NONE … where does it go? i loath time


The whole Rocky Horror picture show we live! is the duality game of LEFT & RIGHT keeping people penduling to the Bi Polar madness of control.. TICK TOCK does NOT exist… only those keeping the simulation alive jump to the left then the right! it’s an ILLUSION thx’s Niels ;o) ❤


 artists create at the rhythm of their own beat… no one has to beat to the beat of artificial time… not living to time is where I am today because I have created this current.. situation I still have to be places everyday at the same time.. my life as yours has been laden with time.. I work for myself.. I have for the past 10 years.. I create me own rhythm .. but we can never escape time … we are always asked to tick tock because that is the nature of this reality… however.. in the last 5 year’s time has gone gone gone for me I flow completly in that instant.. there is no luck to that.. becoming the observer puts you automatically in that place .. it is just another perspective that come through choice.. whatever your circumstances may be…


Incredible blue sky… a few Chemtrails starting now but almost none.. 28 degrees.. Just back from a Sunday swim with my man.. in the out door pool by the sea…


I love observing all the healthy people.. They make me laugh the Latin people they are so relaxed being so incredibly sexy.. all the women topless.. families..children..old ladies and the gorgeous water polo team that are just too fit for words… this is an amazing after swim refreshing drink.. 4 organic cucumbers .. garlic. . Fresh mint n coriander.. seasame seeds.. grounded nutmeg.. bit of cream.. ice..fresh lemon juice..


Incredible blue skies again, as we enter the Catalonian Public Holiday of ‘St. John’s Day festival’ ..Otherwise known as Sant Joan – fireworks, bonfires and beach parties are the order of the day. Chemtrails have been banned for the past two days and i don’t think the authorities would dare harm the skies with so many people on the look out wanting their labour day holiday… This is big business time and the excitement from all realms of nationalities, culture, status and religious preference is electric.


People have been preparing all week, the children can’t contain their content and have been blasting fire crackers, like they mean business, it’s been like a war zone! goodness knows what tonight will be like. My magic beach was pristine clean this morning, Hap Hon n I arrived at 8 30 am as teams of cleaners finished their chores, they sprawled the parks and beaches, tractors turned the sand and a group of teenage laughing girls, worked for the police, as they finished painting over all the graphiti on the walls, joyful packs of street cleaners joked among themselves, with their baskets and rakes, they sprawled the park and beaches for last signs of litter. The tide brought no waste and no one would believe what i had seen two days ago, the sea was flat and silent like a gliding transparent turquoise turtle and I could see clearly below and across the coast, no smog …

13335571_10153462353011036_5893746297682469704_n (1)

I swam naked before the crowds arrived, with the same retired regular morning skinny dipping divers, we know each now and we swam in tandem to the rocks in the center where three herons perched and watched us approach … By 1O am, after Happy and Honey had sufficiently worn themselves out from the crispness of the morning, the beach was filling up, lot’s of grandparents today, as their children leave them the kids, so they can have fun, happy and honey were delighted to see so many children and as i snoozed practicing my Spanish in my head, they became the center of attention, as delighted soulful ‘ninos’ threw the ball for them over and over again and they all swam and splashed together.. as we left a glorious 11 am breeze drifted up and the gypsy families had began to arrive, tables were being set up in the park, they even brought plastic paddling pools for the wee ones … this weekend is gonna be a BIG FIESTA 


There are a few REAL clouds within this series that pop between the toxic haze. .. the formation of Chemtrails is changing rapidly as Haarp and cell towers and wave management of electro smog is increased.. I don’t have any hope to help people see.. I know… but for a true EarthLing… the sky is important… what we breath is important.. and watching the virtual reality turn into loony tunes for the robots is a true story..


Slowly we enter loony tunes.. a virtual video game where you can never leave. . The dimming of the sun is the end of an organic body with a healthy immunity system. For you sold your soul to the impostor, the  architect.. wizard of OZ… you let it happen.. you didn’t use your free will. .


You decided to remain silent as the planet was copy pasted into a new downloaded virtual hell.. now you can be remote controlled.. forever an inner light pump to the FAKE… I said NO not in my reality. ..


CAKED CAKED this morning… I only do my 3km swim when the sky is clear about two normal days per week left now.. sad to watch all those puffing and panting under the nano particles attaching to the nervous system.. direct implantation of technology into the blood stream…heavy metals and poison that is sprayed over earth…


Yeah well .. i give up! People just don’t see them! Smell them or even know that they are being spindled tightly inside a spider’s web! The sky is fake and contaminated.. you are breathing in nano particles.. Chemtrails and morgellons are very real ..


as the planet is terraformed… and we are merged into trans human robots with aluminium barium (manganese purpEL rain) arsenic copper uranium.. Lithium . mercury.. heavy metals galore and more. I give up wasting my energy telling everyone I meet to look up! Cause they are long long gone.. solid gone… in the world wide web of artificial life in earth.. until you can observe you will be observed and swallowed whole



Just so those without eyes may see… this morning was another blue sky… yesterday we had normal fluffy white clouds and planes that left no trails… I didn’t take pics of the spraying done this morning.. this is pics from this afternoon… No these aren’t clouds this is Geoengineering…


I now know there is not a place on earth you can hide from artificial skies.. no these are not normal clouds…. this is all.part of terraforming our planet.. all it takes is for the environment to be felt seen appreciated and known for what it should be.. you get what you deserve.. if you can’t see this is not normal.. your children will never know.. that’s why it is.up to those of us who remember to warn those who will never know what normal skies are. .. Geoengineering.. is very real.. PLease Inform your self HERE:


Tonight i Walked my dogs…under the chemtrails.. at the dog beach and park… because it is the only place there is space to breathe and be.. 10mins by car outside the town.. I walk Hap n Hon.. we play football for hours and swim naked in the sea .. 4/5hrs per day because I owe them their right to be in nature now I live in a city.. but tonight I witnessed.. why this park and beach is allowed for the dogs.. swimming in this abandoned sea by a massive industrial zone..


it is the outlet for all the toxic waste from the zone and city.. shit tampons and stuff you can’t imagine drifts through pipes into the sea.. this is why hap n Hon have had such bad conjunctivitis. . I have already seen all the rats.. they swarm the rocks as litter does. .. the grass is full of fleas and the rubbish is beyond sane.. everyday mass city cleaners come to pick up after the gypsy and south American families that have picnics here… today I came across one such hoard of people as I normally go early morning .. the men sat in a large group as the women and children cooked and played.. all the plastic cups plates and napkins were left sprawled when dustbins surround them … rubbish lay caked at their feet…


I stopped and picked up rubbish as they sat and watched me.. it took me an hour to do just a bit.. I encouraged the children to help me but they have been taught to spread the waste of what they had left. . Piles of dirty nappies..tin cans and bbQ meat bones…I can not.describe how inhuman and tragic the scene was.. abandoned by society for centuries they have only contempt.. my magic beach is a shit hole.. when it could be a Last place for refuge.. but human beings have lost all connection to life.. be you gypsy or banker… no one can see the toxic sky or the waste that litters our seas and beaches… the women tried to stop me picking up their litter and the children threw rubbish at the dogs… humanity has reached all time lows.. football rules…and still people stay calm and carry on..


Today …. Not one sol/soul.. can see.. everyone is to too busy with themselves…



LOVE Victoria June 2016 so far ;o)



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