What is FAKE and What is REAL…

We are Earth beings, we have evolved with earth, We are part of the organic time line which is everything that is created with life energy , her pure pulse and our inner light…

The fake time line is everything that is being copy pasted and copied from our original source! Our inner light power house is being used to manifest a technocratic world of alien artificial intelligence. Fake Electromagnetic waves pulsed from all directions, is rearranging our natural environment, our electromagnetic authentic inner beat, when the natural rhythms of earth our changed so are we.

We are an incredibly important asset, as long as we are being remote controlled, we can be used and abused to manifest a fake reality. We are so very powerful, when we are in control of our emotions and when we become fully embodied, when we are raw and real … When we can observe the duality trap, that is designed to disconnect us from the ultimate prime viewing place, that is currently being sat upon by fake controllers.. We need to be in the central point of all observation…. We need to own our vessel and reconnect to nature before it’s completely destroyed and our natural connection to her…

There is a FAKE dark and light and a REAL dark and light, the Sun and the Moon are organic realities, But then there is the copy paste version, of darkness and LIGHT it is imposed upon us by the black magicians, who know how powerful we are when we are not distracted by nonsense.  We have been led to believe in the underworld and the over world, when all is within us, there is nothing outside of us , only we have the answers.

We have been bound in a web of impotence and it is fed to us through media, entertainment, sport, education, culture, politics, laws, medicine, religions, new age, self development gurus and now we even have fake alternative media, there are traps everywhere, When the only truth is the original source of what and where, we come from, EARTH between The Sun and the Moon,

Will you walk in to the New cAGE? or Redefine the inner alchemy by walking through the narrow gate

As long as we focus on the astral traps, we are harvested like farm animals, we are hooked into belief programs, such as new age love n light, meditation, astrology, gods, monarchy,  celebrities, or  savior  Et’s, we are told there are  outside enemies and demons or outside spiritual gurus or saviours, whatever we choose to believe in, it’s all done so we lose our prime place as co creating collective consciousness..  This is why we are distracted with so much external hype constantly, to fragment us, separate us and to confuse us.. as long as we don’t see through the veil we manifest a FAKE reality.

Sadly most people don’t get past the Love n Light, It’s too hard to join dots and see how we feed programs daily when we still see light as opposed to dark, it is exactly the same thing, just polar opposite, becoming the observer and seeing life as it is, facing the incredible evil disguised as good, immediately breaks the spell and we can co create together, no love n light is sane, until we can see both spectrum’s, it is still the old soul harvesting machine at work.


9/11 was the last stages of putting into place global control of our divine connection to being individual sparks, manifesting in tune with earth, and from our authentic spirit. From that time up until now, we have been put under clockwork ORange mind control. Through the traumas of flase flags and wars. Can you imagine all the wars and false flags and loss of liberties that are now in place? at the same time, life is not improving for anyone, but a small handful of Elite ELders, whom are themselves slaves, to this alien impostor energy.. They have sold their free will and they are selling yours without your consent… only you have the power to break the spell…

Humans are kept on a constant hamster wheel of distraction, as they are sucked of their inner light to feed an outside force. we keep treading in circles and we repeat and remain in the same low frequency, we are purposely kept at this frequency so astral entities can match our beliefs and disguise themselves to please our ego and damaged selves, they can be whatever we choose to align ourselves with, within the full spectrum of the copy paste control grid sphere, of Fake Light to Fake dark and it has infiltrated our consciousness so to high jack it…

There is NO difference between Gods and Demons, they are just two pole opposites of the same spectrum, everything in between is an integral part of the two polar opposites of negative and positive, our battery system has been infiltrated so we can’t access our own inner energy power house.  So we can’t manifest as one pure pulse. As long as you can’t define how we are kept pulled towards a fake light or fake dark control system, we continue to see goodies and baddies and everything in between, it’s all a sham…


Currently our negative positive poles of feminine and masculine have been infiltrated to further unbalance our own battery systems, through the food water and toxic air and lifestyles we are imposed, the films we watch the subliminal messaging and the social engineering, we are manipulated and our hormones have been altered, as have our brain waves and our human PULSE.  Do you still have a pulse left? a human heart beat? or are you comfortably numbed for the take over? we are being led into the singularity the transsexual Transgender gay agenda, which is population control and the end of the woman as her role as the leader of morals values and maternal nurturing and Love!  At the same time the Role of the male is broken down and he cannot protect his family or loved ones for he has lost his mane and he has lost his inner flame.

If we lived on a planet where people knew how powerful they are we would not send children to be programmed …we would let them develop their natural psychic abilities so they would know how powerful they are, we wouldn’t let magicians of incredible perversion control everything from behind the veil.  If we really wanted to get off the hamster wheel, we would take the time needed to peel of the illusion and work out how it has been put into place, because until this is done and we heal from thousands of years of lies, deceit and pain we cannot create from a neutral place of truth, as long as we manifest within the duality poles we are still connected to the Binary control system… We must unplug and become the observer before we can bring down the shadow force that remote controls all humans that still function within the lie.

We have entered the time of chaos, we have been sufficiently divided and our inner eye is ready to be totally taken over, our psychic ability has been so traumatized that we are sufficiently paralyzed to be weaved forever in the world wide web.. This is what transhumanism is, this is what the PurpEl reign is, can we regain our ability to manifest in unison or not? This is why it’s known as the purpel Reign/Rain after the clockwork orange mindcontrol period is now finished, SET the Egyptian God represents the Purpel of the setting sun .. But it doesn’t have to be chaos we can change it all if you can see through the veil and not follow the fake light of the New World order coming into place…


Set /sɛt/ or Seth (/sɛθ/; also spelled Setesh, Sutekh,[1] Setekh, or Suty) is a god of the desert, storms, disorder, violence and foreigners in ancient Egyptian religion.[2] In Ancient Greek, the god’s name is given as Sēth(Σήθ). Set is not, however, a god to be ignored or avoided; he has a positive role where he is employed by Ra on his solar boat to repel the serpent of Chaos Apep.[2] Set had a vital role as a reconciled combatant.[2] He was lord of the red (desert) land where he was the balance to Horus‘ role as lord of the black (soil) land.[2]

In Egyptian mythology, Set is portrayed as the usurper who killed and mutilated his own brother Osiris. Osiris’ wife Isis reassembled Osiris’ corpse and resurrected him long enough to conceive his son and heir Horus. Horus sought revenge upon Set, and the myths describe their conflicts. This Osiris myth is a prominent theme in Egyptian mythology.

Now is the window time when some souls escape the net and others don’t, this is the time that clarity and discernment and confusion and deception is at its highest and lowest.. If enough people are prepared to take the path of healing, we can detach ourselves from agreements, contracts and attachments with exterior belief programs and the astral entities that have hooked into our energy field, so to remote control us. We can start to come together. The powers that want to be, know this and they want to create a fake coming together, the New cAGE Order, Order out of chaos, once they have thoroughly thrown us into turmoil, they want to remain our saviors, we mustn’t let them, we must get out of fear and begin to Be the change we want to see, we can no longer align ourselves with the agenda. Ascension is a TRAP all belief programs are ways to keep our souls in this NET get out of the fishing net, detach from the programs of belief, this plaNET is an energy harvesting machine.

The WHOLE NEW AGE FAKE LIGHT n LOVE HARVESTING TRAP is FAKE ! This is the new world order religion! and it’s as powerful black magic as any other belief program, only by integrating the dark, healing from the deceit, and breaking our programs, do we break the spell and create a new.

Another example of the FAKE LIGHT harvesting trap spoken of in all religion New age, NDE experiences and even in the Hotel California Up ahead in the distance i saw a shimmering light, only our inner knowing and inner light can save us from being caught in the NET  …

Until every soul does this, we are collectively controlled and pulled systematically back into the artificial time line, that is using our imagination to push a very dark agenda into place, everything that you see in the world that is connected to Fakeness, which is just about everything in the external world of make believe, must be identified so you can make the conscious choice to no longer feed it, or change it, from the inside out. We all have the capacity to change the life we live, to see ourselves from a new perspective to rekindle the inner child within us and to become powerful co creators, working from our heart Gut inner knowing, to bring the impostors down.

Can you see chemtrails or not? are you FAKE or are you REAL?


My friend Niels Kunze Develops these ideas further on his blog here:

The Questionable Ethics of Love & Light

, here is an extract and a link to his blog

“The energetic practice of ‘sending love and light’ is in most cases an expression of dark magic in its finest subtlety.

How many New Agers have participated in group meditations aimed at improving the world through covert means? I have… though I must admit that it never felt right. How many of us have heard about the studies done where a group of a thousand practiced meditators were able to consistently lower the crime rate in targeted areas merely through the energetic intent of their meditations? This is usually offered as proof positive that group meditations are one way of ‘spiritually’ improving the world. But how is such a practice not an infringement upon the free will of others?

Clearly, such practices are covert means of manipulating the behavior of others– others whom we have deemed to be in need of spiritual guidance and correction. We justify such practices on the basis that it is for the greater good– the very same argument offered by Black Magicians in defense of their art. We assume that it is right and proper to curtail the will of others who attempt to curtail the will of others. That we fail to see such hypocrisy is a direct reflection of our own spiritual inertia.”


Everything is Fake: Top 40 Pieces of Fakery in Our World

Everything is fake in our society today – or at least a great many things are. Our world is filled with an extraordinary amount of lies, deception, disinformation, misinformation, fakery, fraud, facades, mirages, propaganda and brainwashing.

The good thing though is that once you awaken to the deception, you can use it as a tool for raising your consciousness. The idea that virtually everything is fake can be empowering rather than depressing.

Sure, we’ve all felt overwhelmed, sad, angry and impotent at times when we’ve seen just how easily our (mis)leaders can fool the masses with sophistry and empty rhetoric, but they’ve all been placed there to challenge us to wake up more quickly and fully, and reclaim our world.

Here’s my list of the top 40 pieces of fakery in our world today:

PLEASE READ ON THIS LINK MORE HERE….. http://humansarefree.com/2015/09/everything-is-fake-top-40-pieces-of.html



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