The Walking Dead Among Us

Sometimes there are people simple enough, to imagine, I am against something? a group, a religion, a monarchy, a country, a system, a person etc etc no, I see the bigger picture, I see past baddies and goodies, I see how we our programmed, where we are heading, who and what is pushing our buttons. I know where i am heading, but I came to earth to bring as many souls as possible on the true authentic organic path. I see that the few humans left with a pair of solid balls and the inner wisdom of the mother, that fights to protect her children is a very rare human today, because every human on earth is my child, I will continue to try to snap humans out of their deep sleep.


we need to know that psychopaths walk disguised as heroes in every walk of life …. That our human PULSE is under attack, that our conscious belief systems create reality, only when we become the observer, can we, change reality. Seeing the copy paste version overlay is how you realeyes …. photons create the “wave,” and the observer collapses the wave. Can we collapse the lie by becoming the observer in time? to stop the terraforming of this planet and the transhuman mindcontrolled hive race we are becoming. Everything has been inverted, being a psychopath, has become the norm.


There are a lot of videos circulating currently of the cruelty of some humans, regarding animals, breaking their innocent, pure force, so to dominate, humiliate and fragment their divine spirit and inner right to be. Some people get angry and are confused by such callous incredible cold cruelty. These videos we see, are a call to those of us who still have a sparkle of connection to our inner realm, to take action and speak up. If it happens to animals, it happens to humans too, as it does, look at how they/we are farmed, look at how earth is raped dry,  observe behind the constant veil of falseness and smiles, pick up the rug to see that pedophiles and child sacrifice is ripe among our elite and shining bright stars, anywhere and everywhere where eyes wide shut, could never fathom. We have made many journeys through this lower dimension of matter, but do we hear our call, in time? to do what we came to do, to stop the power game, for we are truly safe, when we know. We become untouchable, knowing we are always, connected to our sun, within.


When we identify, this energy harvesting, simulated, copy paste reality, of the real deal, to awaken and see, that excruciating pain exists everywhere, we become the co creators we are designed to be, outside of any artificial plan.

To observe and see, where this is happening, how and why and what makes people behave like this?  Not just to animals, but in every walk of society, is essential for breaking free, first individually, then collectively.  People who work with animals are often not kind people, as people who work with people are often not good people. Some people don’t have faith, commitment, intuition, or a genuine desire to co create from inside out. They constantly attach themselves to those who have inner visibility and an innate touch of magic, because they are shadows, they want to stand in your light, to soak it up and take the praise. These people are lost without an external crutch, so they use you and get a high when they have left you broken, wondering what hit you and how you ever fell into their warped merry go round of building you up, waiting till you are comfortably numbed, only to smash you and all your hopes down, over and over again. The energy lost in this see saw, is how they get fed and have a vague sense of being alive. the degrees to which this plays out depends on your capacity to not play the game, to detach and no longer give in. A desire to control you and a silent contempt of your ‘joie de vivre’ is what drives them to crush it out of you and make it their own.


They look for jobs and outlets, to disguise themselves as socially acceptable. As many dead people there are, there are also very alive people, for this dimension is a duality pendulum. We swing backwards and forwards until we refuse to willingly swing,  back n forth,  blindly in binary mode, good and bad, black n white, off n on coded reality..anymore.  We refuse to feed the machine and we take the time to decode the codes.


Only we can break the spell by identifying that many people are psychopaths, sociopaths, narcissists, or just passive aggressive breakers, of the free spirited. Because they are deeply infected with a sense of lack and a deep rooted envy, of what they believe they can’t create independently anymore, for they have known such brutality themselves or tasted the easy way out too easily, they don’t want to let go. They come disguised as Gods or Gurus or Greatness, they flutter and mingle in places of power over others. These sad, lost, fake people are dead inside, they refuse to play fair, to heal, to become the real, deal.


They may one day, they may never, that’s free will, they live off the fragile force of the pure noble spirit of the animal, child, elderly, sick, disabled, the true creators of pure intention, or simply the brainwashed bee hived humans. The gullible herd, who blindly, follow orders and never see through the shackles of deceit. For the greedy, power hungry humans, that keep this time warp game of control, tick tocking, need servants, so perversion and abuse rules ruthlessly, over freedom and imagination.


It needs our devout complicity to keep the artificial, Alice of willy wonker wonderland, white rabbit, time loop, illusion alive. Without us under it’s control, it has no hope, it will fail. What do you choose? to keep it ticking? or not?  Do you choose eternal life or to be a mind controlled food source? Do you choose to copy others or create from your inner source?


Swiss Alps Gotthard Base Tunnel ceremony opened on 1 June 2016- 9:11 time loop – ‘ALICE (A Large Ion Collider Experiment) is one of seven detector experiments at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.’

Power gives them the illusion of feeling alive, so they feel they exist too. We are in a realm where, many souls are mixed at all our different evolution levels, of integration, it is a constant wheel of sorting through and filtering those that are ready to see the bigger picture, of the injustice we live. Those who are ready to reconnect to the whole, and those who are not. Many have, through choice, lost connection for always, to our eternal source, they are completely taken over, and remote controlled and they do it with so much ease, arrogance and panache, you would never suspect them.

There is no right and wrong, just our innate ability to empathize with the victims of unfairness, cruelty and domination over the frail among us and to see through those that take a sick pleasure in stealing another’s sparkle and true light, be it, an animal or a human, or any living life, including our beloved breathing earth and all the organic elements of nature, we are connected to.


These empty vehicles are emotional vampires of our life force, our purpose and creative freedom of expression. The whole system is created so pathetic, pretending, disconnected souls can find places to inflict humiliation, torture and pain on the vulnerable, they will use the current system to find ways to take advantage of strong centered powerful light beings, this is why our organizations are so seriously ill, because it is designed to hide and protect those souls that are in great discomfort and are mentally sick, taking advantage of the susceptible souls. They work behind closed doors, behind respected professions and status and positions of power. The whole control grid is set up, to always have a victim, aggressor feeding structure. Look at the world we live in and how,  it is designed for bullies.


We live in a world of inverted reality, in order for psychopaths to thrive they have to hide behind concepts of what people imagine to be their realm of goodness, to attach themselves to those with true inner light and they like to have what i call, back up, all bullies need underdogs, to feel protected and to better project and protect themselves, they need outside groups of people to be on their side so they can hook onto their energy and reproduce it, so it looks like theirs. Many of my friends are dealing for the first time with narcissistic people, it’s important to know if you’ve been hooked, on your emotional empathy by a trickster, be it a politician, a guru, a lover or a friend.. once you have identified how it works in your own personal life, you will be able to see how it’s done in the external world, live it, feel it, heal it, so we can build anew, outside and beyond of the looming New cAGE order.


LOOK, have the empathy to recognize how easy it is to trick and lie and deceive, there are ample opportunities in our world where a manipulative person can twist and turn and cause harm, it’s ridiculously easy to fool and mislead and to be downright evil… seeing this and exposing those you know,  is healthy and powerful! But we need to attack the roots, where does this growth stem from, it’s a virus a parasite that thrives in the very structures we consider healthy.  Zoos, prisons, schools, law, hospitals, social security, secret societies, military, police forces, politics, corporations, entertainment, sport, financial schemes, religions, cults, groups  etc etc etc . Do it stand up for those who have no voice and let’s get rid of these hiding holes and the hierarchy structures that hold this fake world up, for the walking dead to suck of the alive among us, we can all be alive once the control grid, comes crashing down.



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