Healing Practices, The Benefits and the Traps, My Story Told….

We are all born into completely different circumstances, we arrive on earth, and so the journey to finding one’s self begins. How we choose to do it is completely unique and we all have the ability to ask questions and begin to work it out.

I am going to talk to you about my journey, so far…which won’t be anything like your journey, but by talking about mine, it will, I hope, help you on yours.


I was born in London in 1968, My Mother was not at all religious or spiritual or hippy or new age, she was a natural physic, ‘She would have premonition dreams all the time’ she was a ballet dancer turned business woman. She always denied her inner vision.  Never able to give herself the full credit or even notice how incredibly she had created her life, from a North of England working class woman, to becoming a successful London, high society lady, she couldn’t see how her magic worked, just from a deep imagination, she manifested her dream, without selling her soul, she never had any debt, she worked incredibly hard, always for herself and never farted higher than her own arse, she was just a creator of her reality.  But she never got real, she never dug deep into herself and sadly I lost her 23 years ago, to cancer.

My dad is from an old English family of Cotton men, who had all worked for the British Empire, mostly in India, many generations of academics before my Grandfather who was a Colonel in India where my Dad was born, in what is now known as Pakistan. My Dad was born there, but he was sent back to England as a young boy to the catholic public school of Ampelforth, and was duly put under great religious pressure, his youngest brother actually became a Benedictine Monk and remained a teacher at the school. However, my Dad is the black sheep, rebel of the family, he had always opposed any religious programming and sought to be cultivated in other ways, he loves the works of philosophers, and the arts, he always told me to never believe in anything, he was never accepted in his family for being such a free spirited, lover of Opera, Nietzsche, Bridge, Golf and women, he married an older divorced woman, from a lower class, all to the great distaste of his family. My mum and Dad had a typical life, at that time in the media, fashion industry, during the swinging London sixties as true capitalist, non-spiritual, beings.

Indian & home memories


I was a slightly complicated child because I was so introverted and in my own world, at 7yrs old, I began to see shadow people….


and to experience being attacked psychically, that sent me even further into myself and stopped me from being able to concentrate at school. I was always odd and never felt comfortable with the other children, teachers or hard faced society. By the time I was 9, I was looking for God, no one in my family was interested, so I started going to church on my own, I went to the local Irish Carmelite Church in Kensington, I went to Saturday school and went on to do my 1st Holy communion. I never missed a service and was highly praised by my father’s parents for being so full of grace and following the path of baby Jesus.

By the time I was 12, just before my religious confirmation, I had begun to see through the whole sham of religion, it just didn’t make sense to me, I was always questioning my teachers at church and at school, which was again a catholic girls school. Unfortunately, whilst on a weekend at my since divorced Dad, I was left with popcorn to watch the film the Exorcist and after watching the first 30 mins of the film I almost had an emotional breakdown, it must have brought up unresolved memories of confronting the shadow people and paralysis, in my childhood. I began to be so afraid of the devil that I was looking to be exorcized by my Uncle and forced my dad to call him. I felt the dark feminine power rising within me and it scared me to death, but I also saw how unable to face those questions my parents, religious teachers and most humans were and I gave up on the whole question of religion, Gods and Demons.

From then on I was only interested in horses and being in nature and I got a lot stronger and started to come out of myself, then at 16 I met my future husband, and at 17 I was married.


I went to live in a beautiful old Abbey in France, a family home of my much older husband, that we bought, with the help of my Mother, in 1987, where I rode horses and brought my children up. In those years I was already beginning to have an interest in spiritual stuff and fell for the same things as many of us have done, I read The Celestine Prophecy, conversations with God and discovered some philosophers I liked, like Pascal, Steiner and Schopenhauer. I had always been interested in astrology, I had taught myself and read the charts of my friends always, there is not a person in my life that I didn’t know their chart or at least their sign. Today I see through astrology for what it is, part of the harvesting trap, time loop. Nevertheless, it is a great tool for understanding the occult and the reincarnation wheel of souls, it is great to see the patterns we must break out of and our agreements made in past lives. It is a very good basis to see how we work subconsciously, but the idea is to integrate the whole wheel, to rise above and out of it and to become the 13 position as the observer, however not everyone is ready to do that in this life.

By the time I was 30, I was reading tales about the Canadian Indians, their relationship with nature and I had begun to write poetry, I had also stumbled on some UFO books but that was just too scary for me, I didn’t have internet before the year 2001 and in those days information was only from books. I was waking up from the cage I was living in and beginning to tap into the dark energies of our earth, the night time and the occult structure that hides behind all social engineering, I delved into the mysterious side of me that was buried below my layers.

L’Abbaye de Morienval, Our family home from 1987/2007, My ex Husband and his new wife still live there….http://www.abbayedemorienval.com/



Having spent many years riding, from my early teens till I was 30, I would say that my riding teachers were almost like spiritual gurus to me, as I looked so highly up to them and was deeply attached to their ways of seeing and being, on the whole their influence was good, but there was always a moment when I was no longer aligned to these trainers views and I would move on, the same happened when I swam in Master swimming races from the age of 30yrs to 40yrs old, I was very implicated and dedicated to my trainer and to the swimming goals.


During those years I had a few interventions from spiritual healers, the first was a man in Paris, that I was recommended to, he worked with crystals and the aura, in those days there was no machine that could photograph an aura, so a black and white photo was taken of your hand and the energy around the fingers was what he used, to see where he had to work on you. I never forget looking at all the photos of hands he had on his desk and noticing that most had a thick black outline around their fingers, but mine was like sparks that darted far away from the fingers, there was no definite outline touching my fingers. This might show how ungrounded I was and disconnected from my body, also that I am a rather a flighty spirit, although I have improved. Then during my divorce that was very long and traumatic I went to see a lady in Paris that also took a photo of the aura, but by this time it was a colour photo on the computer and you could see all the colours of your body. I remember I had a red line in my gut, she said that was the anger, in those days I was still having anger outlets almost daily, I am so glad I did, it’s very healthy to let it out. She would lay me down and do a balancing and clearing and after we would take a new photo and one could see more white coming in.

I am not sure what was really going on at those healing sessions, if they were positive or not, but they were where I was at the time and I fell upon these people in a natural unguided way, so I trust at the time they were what I needed. I only ever went once or twice, I was never one to look for outside help, I always felt that my swimming was enough to reconnect me to me and my constant need for nature and walking in it with my dogs. Although many of my friends and family have been hooked with outside healers and spiritual hierarchal cults, self-development gurus, most of them being NLP agents or inverted satanic branches like, all religions, AA, Reiki, Yogis and meditation centres where they cannot exist without it, in their lives. Not to mention those more practical types, especially in France that have therapy and medical intervention all their lives to stay sane. I am not one of those, I have never looked for outside help, well apart from smoking joints, I did that from age 30, till recently, that was my medicine, but I was always very active and healthy too, I had my balance it got me through a lot, but I don’t need it anymore.

The Crazy years… ‘VickyVibes’

An extract from a documentary done on VickyVibes at the time in Paris ….

Then in 2010, after some intensely crazy years, after my divorce, where I was running night life in Paris, completely and wholly immerged in the false light matrix, thinking I was doing good bringing the VIBE to people and getting people to breakout of their inhibitions, little did I know that I was surely under the influence of dark forces and my energy was wasted on such an empty existence, but that was my path. I had so much fun, thinking I was Madonna or goodness knows what.

The good side is, all the great people I met and put together, I felt free, as I could move and be and go, wherever I wanted in every type of social class and whatever was happening in Paris, I was there.  Because I wasn’t aware of all I am today, I was loved and accepted, in my innocence and blindness of what was really going on, I was left to be.

The first Event i did in Paris Music composed and sung by my son…

Nevertheless, I broke all the rules and did exactly what I liked, I was always creative and honest and everything I did came completely from my inner imagination and love of people and making everything fun and exciting. I never manipulated or controlled or sucked up to anyone, I didn’t even know there was a hierarchal way into life, for I just strolled right up to the front line, with no qualms. However, I got badly bruised and bumped and learnt my lessons many a time over, and then one day, I brutally woke up.

This was the launching Teaser I did for VickyVibes, You have to laugh.. I no longer have the URL site, shame it was some fun memories of events, funny i used the music of Atomic…. Gold as you may join the dots later in article…

I found a book by accident just after I woke up called ‘au dela des larmes’ ‘beyond tears’ https://www.amazon.fr/AU-DELA-LARMES-URSULA-CHAMPEAU/dp/2953485104 I was just winding down and out of my ‘VickyVibes’ years and I read it with great interest, the story of a woman, (She was a very healthy beautiful woman, I recently found out she has passed away? No idea how, but I intuitively feel, seeing the elite circles she was part of, she may have begun to see too much, I feel her presence with me often) her son had died in a car accident while racing, when he was just 18, the love of her life. He had been driving in the cross country sport car rallies that her husband held all over France. Her husband was the head of a huge building company, he was French and she was German, he hosted events for professionals and current international celebrities and his car rallies were well known publicly. A few years after her son’s death she was looking after her grandson and he began to hide sweet papers above the same cupboard that her son used to do the same thing, when he was a child. She was perturbed by the similarities and she told him off and said if he did it again she would have to tell her daughter, his mother, but he denied having done it. He did this again and this time she told her daughter, who took him to see a healer. When Ursula, the Author of the book, asked her daughter about the session the daughter replied ‘ oh, the healer said it was just my brother (the lost son) who was trying to make contact with you through the grandson and he sent him back home where he should be’ Ursula was furious and asked to see the healer, but her meeting turned out to be the changing of her life and she became an entity remover.

She was trained by that healer and had written her book of her journey ‘beyond tears’ so to help others deal with the veil between life and death, negative and positive energies. She was not a new age woman, just a natural healer, who had found her journey through her son’s death. She loved her garden more than anything and writes beautifully in her book about her connection to the earth and nature. I was so touched by her book that I sent her an e mail, she had a ‘Pied a Terre’ in Paris just next to where I lived, she was not an official healer but agreed to meet me there. We sat and chatted and after a while she pulled a gruesome face and had to go and clean up in the bathroom, she then came back and told me she had removed two entities from me and sent them home.

In those days I really didn’t understand this kind of talk, but I felt safe with her, I loved her beautiful warm face, the contact we had and I trusted her. She told me to avoid nightclubs and all the places i was still working in, she said hospitals and nightclubs were the worst places for picking up negative entities. For the next year we remained friends and she kept an eye on me, she watched me get stronger and stronger after my 5 debauched years working in such dark places. As I changed my outlook, I sold my flat and moved to the country to a big guest house I brought, on the ‘WAY’ Le chemin de Jacques de Compostelle’ to look after, feed and house, the passing pelerines. This is where I went to heal and to grow after my many years of divorce and working very hard in many different professions, in the fake world.


It was here that I met Gorka, a shaman, http://papashaman.fr/ I wanted to hold retreats at my home and do something to help people connect to earth, I didn’t know much about Shamans but I liked Gorka, again no one led me to him but myself. He worked as a graphic designer and was from the pays Basque, an original authentic, Basque man, he is still a very high level martial arts trainer and has spent many a time in Indonesia training in the jungle, he had only just had his ‘coming out’ at the time and was a humble, self made shaman, as all true shaman should be. We became friends and after knowing him for a while I had a healing session with him. It was very dramatic because he seemed exhausted after wards, Gorka only works with drums and his own guides. He is very anti Ayahuasca and any drugs, he says that everything in this middle Earth experience is dealt on exchange, you may be given inner vision with Ayahuasca, but at what exchange rate? Everytime we cheat we give a part of ourselves away. He was not happy that I still smoked spliff and told me I had to stop. He found like Ursula two, what he called, spider like entities on my brain and on my throat chakra, he sucked them off me with his pipe, in full trance. He wanted to know if I had seen anything during the session, but quite honestly I had seen nothing. He seemed drained after his clearing of me and he told me to get hold of a granite stone, to walk in the forest by the fern, to eat a certain berry and to stay away from drugs.

Gorka continued to do retreats at my home, every time he came he spent a lot of time clearing out the house of entities and making the energy as smooth as possible, not an easy feat as my house was on the meridian ley line at 00 degrees, a very powerful position for the ruling Elite as negative energy is trapped there, the same one as the Greenwich London ley line and where the London 2012 Olympics where held, at the precise time I bought the house. I can truly say that I was energetically used, to fight many a dark entity, during the Olympics, the rituals ran straight through my veins and I found myself one-night unconscious on the floor after one of my clearing sessions, that I believe I do subconsciously, just by being me.

..crapy music.. but a good little video .. explains Ley Lines 

It was a long time before I thoroughly cleared, with the help of Gorka all the energy there, it was not a coincidence that I went to live in that house. Whenever Gorka had retreats at my home I got to observe all the clients and I noticed their well being and general understanding they were given to approach the inner visible, I trusted him completely and even if I would not recommend personally any type of healing, as I truly feel that we have the keys within us, we all meet people and find the teachers we need, for better or for worse, at the appropriate times in our lives. I am not completely convinced with his spiritual guides, but i deeply know that his intention and drive is 100% integrated and earnest. His guides are his inner knowing, we only need our direct contact to our selves, but some of us need to go through the process with outside healers and guides until we are ready to walk alone.

This brings me now to HK, Holographic Kinetics, to Earth Soul Group and to my next step towards looking for outside healing.


It is important to know that all of us are on the labyrinth of discovery, we all have different paths regarding our unfolding process and finding our authentic self. I had been very close to Laura Eisenhower and I was what I would call today, in a fake light phase at the time of our friendship, I was dealing with the incredible stress of coping with the reality of our world and I was slipping into the whole ascension process of believing I was going to ascend somewhere, that was when I came across the work of Lily Earthling Kolosova and like many of us was able to disconnect from the whole fake light, new age pull and begin to realign myself with earth energies and ground back, so to embody myself rather than lose myself. I still love Laura, but feel being who she is, she will always be unconsciously influenced by very manipulative people and dark forces and she has to constantly realign herself and currently I don’t follow or feel I am aligned to her, but I regret nothing, of the path I took, slightly under her influence, it was my choice at that time, I feel the same way for all the other people who took me through gateways, in the past, even if I don’t trust their source anymore, I am eternally grateful.

Once I was installed in my new home https://www.facebook.com/LaHargueVickyLand/?pnref=lhc that I sold in September 2015,  I wanted to hold an event, so I held a festival, in the name of the divine feminine, I called it Petronelle de Papillons, I was still in the ascension process and it shows.. as high as a kite in my Love n Light. I went from Victoria Cotton, to Tor Lebee to VickyVibes to Petronelle de Papillons then, I dropped the layers and became me.

Lily’s work and videos was a break through, for myself and many others in identifying that there is a fake light and a true inner light. An artificial timeline and an authentic organic timeline of reality. I am not a group person at all, I do all my digging on my own and I come to my own conclusions, but I liked the whole vibe of Lily earthling and joined the earth Soul Group on face book. I didn’t really participate much in the group, but by August/September 2015, Lily had approached me and we even had a few skype calls at her request. She was very open and natural and encouraged me to express myself and was always very ready to share and comment and pass on my own videos and blog.

Then one day after a skype chat with Lily, I found myself added as an administrator of the group, which was strange as we had not discussed such a move and I certainly would not have become a group admin off my own back. I don’t like groups or administration in any form or way. I didn’t feel, being that I am an independent soul, that I fitted the role, but decided to just go along and say nothing. It was good to meet the others and to be part of a group of people who shared similar views. The whole message of ESG is about connecting to our spirit, individual healing without outside attachments, it promotes personal expression and reconnecting to nature. So I was a bit confused about discovering more and more posts about Holographic Kinetics on the group, there was always drama connected to the posts and comments regarding this practice and as I knew nothing about it, I stayed clear of all those conversations, but I was able to see that it somehow didn’t fit into the group in my opinion.

I began to do my own research on Steve Richards and his work, I have a very open mind, it seemed very similar to the work of my past experiences written about above, from my Shaman Gorka and also Ursula who had removed entities from me, Ursula had told me that she works on yes and no answers from source, Gorka works as all Shamans through a meditative state that he reaches through his drum beat. I was also told by my HK practitioner that I speak of later, that she spoke to my spirit through yes/no pulses of energy that she was able to locate by holding my wrist, this is what Holographic Kinetics is, a mixture of Aboriginal Shamanistic healing techniques and The Kinetics of our energy flow. Here is a description from the site.


“An Advanced Aboriginal Healing Modality of the

Future from the Past.” ~ Steve Richards 


DREAMTIME HEALING using HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS is an understanding of two worlds, an internal to external and an external to internal world. DREAMTIME HEALING is part of what the Australian Aboriginal “Lore Men” knew from the past and could apply; HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS is the science behind their knowledge.

DREAMTIME HEALING is about rebalancing of the imbalances of man’s internally- created realities through the cycles of dimensions that man calls “time”. Dreamtime healing can access the internal dimensional world of all living things, the life force, the invisible, man at times calls spirit, [different from the soul] where all creation is first set-up, and then flows through into the visible external world of reality. It is an advanced Aboriginal-healing modality, incorporating the applied knowledge of Lore that governs the internal invisible dimensions of life, which no man can escape, these are different from our external laws that govern our physical reality.

HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS has the ability to understand the science of the mind, incorporating the maths & geometry of creation, and how the original race on this planet–the Australian Aboriginals–knew the keys and could access and communicate to the life force of the being, known as spirit, regardless of its physical form, sending it back through the cycle of time, into internal hyper-space. When the Spirit enters this internal dimension, all things are omnipotent [consisting of great power], omnipresent [as all things past, present and future are present at the same time] and omniscient [an area of infinite knowledge].

HOLOGRAPHIC virtually explains man is a hologram–every cell in the body stores every thought and memory as it is sent from the subtle bodies within, out to all areas of the physical body and each cell has the ability to holographically reproduce those memories. These areas are called “cellular memory” and can store trauma from generations down the hereditary line–they can be accessed and cleared.

KINETIC energy comes from the harmony of the Infinite universe, as free flowing balanced energy. When captured by the act of a thought, it becomes potential energy, aligning itself into plutonic geometry forming a crystal, which now stores memory and locks into the stress point of the body–in its own separate dimension known as “time”. This is created by the universal mind of its creator, passing through the cellular memory of its being.

DREAMTIME HEALING using HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS is about the integration of an internal invisible, and an external visible world of assisting people with their internally-created realities that are not being addressed–or understood, by mainstream mental health-thus denying them their rights of being healed.

In march of 2016 I had a two-month trip planned to go and see my daughter and to be there for the arrival of my second grandson. As I was going to New Zealand and currently live in Spain, where there are not any HK practitioners, that I knew of. I played with the idea of going to have a session. Everyone in earth soul group (esg) raved about it and Lily had personally described her experience to me and what a very good thing it was to do, she told me that she was doing a training course and it seemed that many of the members of the group were doing it too. I actually said to Lily in one of our skype chats that I didn’t really feel that Steve was a very empathetic guy, but as I have often been guided by men of his type, especially in my sportive years, I admitted that it must just be my own projection of not liking that type of tough, direct man. I said I wasn’t really sure if I would go for a session yet, but I might. I did feel like it was a kind of obligation, if I wanted to be thoroughly cleared of any lingering entities, even if I had already been through the process with healers I had found from my own source. I felt that I should join my earth soul friends and have a session. I had begun to post videos and articles regarding HK and of Steve Richards on Face Book and even if I had reservations about his abrupt, rather messy fast, way of speaking, his words made sense and I felt his work must be good.

So I set off for my adventure, to New Zealand, knowing that I had to pass through LA before and what a long journey it would be, I was reluctant, I also had a 6th sense premonition that the whole journey was going to take me to a whole new level of realisation and adventures, nothing new for me, but as I get older, the roller coaster is less desirable and I had an inner nudge that a lot of ‘negative’ stuff would happen to me and I would be attacked, maybe psychically or even physically. I had planned to meet two people in LA, I had wanted to meet Laura Eisenhower but she had recently moved out, so I met with an old girlfriend for dinner one night and also with a face book friend that we had been connected to for a few years. We met for lunch in Venice beach, he was a real aging hippy and he looked just like Keith Richards and like the Goblin from the film labyrinth, funnily I know a lot of these types of Goblin men.


As always I was open and happy to chat with him, he seemed a bit strange and kept going off to pee, at the end of the meal he spoke to me about ‘Mono-atomic Gold’, he told me It is a mystical and alchemical substance used by the ancient people of Kemet, Egypt to achieve super states of consciousness and mystical experiences.

It is also known as Egyptian White Powder Gold, Fruit of the Tree of Life, Etherium Gold Powder and Star-fire Gold of the Gods. He sold it very well to me as this site here does… http://awakenedvibrations.com/post/82912420831/mono-atomic-gold-ormus

this is New Age Crap, sadly for me he managed to make me taste a tiny tiny amount on the tip of my tongue. We said goodbye, but by the time I was having dinner that evening with my girlfriend I knew that this White powder was fundamentally bad, my whole body was reacting like in the days I took drugs, during my Paris years, I knew I had been trapped, tricked and deceived, I was right, this is what the drug really is, https://outofthisworldx.wordpress.com/2016/05/14/gold-of-the-gods-black-goo-or-black-gold-has-contained-within-it-gold-in-a-monoatomic-state/  I saw my pupils dilate and felt my body being invaded, even with the very slight amount I had tasted, I had recently stopped smoking cannabis and had not touched any other drugs for years before now, but I had enough past experience to know that this was bad stuff. I knew this man was selling the drug and promoting it as something that balanced out feminine and masculine right and left brain, I also knew it was very harmful from the feelings I was having and I had to interrupt my dinner with my girlfriend, who saw how upset I was, to phone him and tell him how appalled I was at how I had been tricked. I cut him off my face book friends and felt for all the poor souls he must be pushing this drug onto.

Because of this experience I now felt I really did need an HK session once I arrived safely in New Zealand, I felt awful, how could I have accepted to try a drug and let anything foreign into my veins, I don’t do drugs, not pharmaceutical or any other and I felt like I had been poisoned, not to mention the fear rush, that it had induced.

One day, when I was installed in New Zealand and about to go for my first Hk session I posted a post on face Book and got a negative comment from Elizabeth Brandegee Byszeski a lady I didn’t know yet, but who was a face book friend, I removed the post because I actually agreed with her, I sent her a private message to thank her for her pertinent remark, I told her that I had removed the post, but I can’t remember what post it was or what she had said but this is our private conversation regarding that removed post.

V: i agree Elizabeth just got rid of that post! ❤

E: ah good!

E: Are you pursuing HK or already have? It seems you are very interested. Sorry, that is another area I’m deeply aware of being a ‘wrong way’. Tricky, similar to that post you deleted and the well-loved leaders/pioneers

V: Oh really?

V: I don’t do any alternative stuff like that, I just felt as so many of my trusted friends are doing it and he is a shaman and I kind of get it? But I have personally always done my own work on myself never any outside stuff, I just sent an e mail asking to do a course , very interested on what you think

E: I have experienced and do clearing work myself so have seen where that was necessary and beneficial. However there are those who insert issues to remove, follow a script, do hypnotic techniques and insert programs and implants…who claim to be doing that kind of work. Even the way he speaks is intentional to blurr the lines of real comprehension and turn into a belief in the tale. Very money greedy have spoken to several who were going to or did train with him. I never felt right from the moment watching, saw a liar but no proof so sat quiet and watched it manifest in the brainwashing/hypnotised symptoms of those who did it and ‘validation’ of all I felt and way more. I have experience in this arena and it was dejavu to watch this spread through a group. So yes I know a lot of folks you know are doing it and believe in it but they have been ‘affected’ into that and it’s quite powerful. Trust your intuition.

V: Ok very good you came to me with this, my intuition says I can heal myself, and keep my self. Protected, I don’t trust anyone better than me, thx so much, very good you said this

E: I have also seen what kind of being he really is very recently.

E: Good then I’m glad to have spoken up I almost did not.

V: So glad you did Proves to me that I should follow first instinct that had no desire to have a healing from hk

E: Yes surely

Ah you’re first feeling was not to

V: Yes I’ve ignored all people’s chat on him for over a year

Then recently decided as I was here in nz that I should learn but was going against my gut

E: Wow yea that says a lot. Ironically those who think going with gut now have an altered one unfortunately. Keep yours pure.

V: Very grateful to you

E: I know it’s hard when you see others you respect doing something but discernment is king and queen Thanks happy to have been here. 2am for me so that’s odd too.

V: Ok go to bed, love to you sleep well

E: Haha I’m good, have needed very l little sleep for weeks on this new homeopathic remedy lol. Just happy with our timing, have a great day dear ❤

So despite this chat I had with Elizabeth, because of my experience in LA I felt I should go, also, on arrival in New Zealand, on the night of the black moon, something I noticed afterwards, I had a very strange experience, I felt I had goblins, little people actually running all over me, I felt their weight, on me and I was not terrified as I may have been, in the past, I was able to send light out from within me and expulse them, as I felt this physically, I was also in the midst of a very dark dream and in this dream I was confronted with what I now consider to be, especially considering I was In New Zealand in the Waitakere Ranges, The Egyptian, Turned Maori, world wide symbol BES, as I saw a very evil figure with it’s tongue sticking out as I felt the little people run over me…

I was experiencing my first awake confrontation with the goblins, something was going on with my daughters pregnancy and child swapping … i knew it A changeling is a creature found in folklore and folk religion. A changeling child was believed to be a fairy child that had been left in place of a human child stolen by the fairies. The theme of the swapped child is common in medieval literature and reflects concern over infants thought to be afflicted with unexplained diseases, disorders, or developmental disabilities. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Changeling



…He was a grotesque-looking dwarf-god, but benign in nature. He was depicted wearing a plumed crown, normally with a beard, and his broad, mask-like face was surrounded by a lion’s mane and ears. His tongue protrudes in a playfully aggressive manner. He looked like a bandy-legged dwarf dressed in either a panther skin or a kilt, and a lion’s tail and he frequently carried musical instruments.


this is taken from the article I add here… I was not afraid, it was if I was personally confronting this goblin, maybe it had something to do with my daughter being about to give birth and I was somehow protecting her and the baby, who knows? I had also just been given by my daughter the greenstone or whalebone Hei-Tiki pendant to wear, here is a description of what I later came to feel I confronted….  http://www.celticnz.co.nz/Bes%20&%20Thor/Bes&Taranis.htm


The ugly, but beloved little dwarf god, Bes of Southern Egypt, protector of pregnant women, mothers and children. He is shown here in typical stance, with his very pronounced “V” brow or forehead, which became the “V” forehead depression in the Tiki pendant. Generally, he would be shown with hands on hips or upper thighs and bandy legged, which became the adjoined arms and leg features on the Tiki pendant. He was often depicted as having big round “google” eyes, another attribute of the Tiki design. Bes was “hairy”, with the hair ends of his beard curling into the (koru) spiral. Regionally, the greenstone or whalebone Hei-Tiki pendant was a development from the more commonly carved, New Zealand wooden totem, which stood adjacent to doorways or at gateway portals, where anyone entering had to walk past “Bes” or between his legs. These statue depictions of New Zealand showed the tattooed “V” forehead (moko), the cheek spirals, based upon the beard hair spirals of Bes, the big head with the menacing expression, the protruding tongue (as shown above), The small body with the protruding and rounded tummy, a pronounced belly button and conspicuously exposed genitalia, arms and hands arching inward to the hips, upper thighs or belly, as well as bandy little legs in an almost squatting stance. The last picture in the above set, bottom far right, shows a column relief of Bes dancing for the children. Bes was very similar to the ungainly toddlers he was charged to watch over


Because of this experience, I had contacted an earth Soul group member, from New Zealand and asked if he could suggest a practitioner for me, so to have my first HK session, I felt I needed it after all these experiences. I very much like this man, who suggested I meet someone in Auckland, so I made an appointment despite not being 100% convinced.

The weekend before my appointment I went with an old girlfriend, who is from New Zealand on a camping trip in her van, up the North island, to Spirits bay. It was a very mystic journey full of magic and wonderful experiences. The tip of the north island is truly raw and splendid. My girlfriend had been my nanny for my first child, in London and has remained a member of my family and a close friend ever since. We had not seen each other for 30yrs but it was as if no time or distance had separated us. I wanted to meet another face book friend on this journey, also an ex earth Soul Group member, who had left before I had joined, we planned to have lunch with her and this old friend Deborah. The first thing this face book friend said to me, was ‘Victoria I feel we were meant to meet, I have dreamt about you, and I must warn you not to go to an HK session, she must of known through my face book posts, but she had deeply felt, I didn’t need it and that it was a trap. She had amazing eyes of green, brown, and orange, hazel and she was obviously highly clairvoyant.

This is her version of the two meetings we had, one before my HK sessions and one later one..

‘When I met Victoria for the first time I felt that I was connecting with a very old friend. I had dreamt about her and had been given a message for her. Several in fact. One was not to keep her HK appointment as she would be implanted. Victoria is a mixture of incredible vulnerability and amazing strength and a fierce dedication to truth at all costs. She understood what I had to say but wanted to keep the appointment so we worked out a way for her to stay protected. But I see now that this is not possible when you put yourself into the hands of an HK practitioner. I can see now that she was meant to have this experience as the wakeup has greatly helped her and will help other people. We met again a couple of weeks after the session and I immediately sensed that she had been implanted but did not say any anything as I knew she would deal with it in he own time and that she would definitely soon be free of a lot of the untrue stuff that was being spoken around her … ie the ESG of which I was a member until HK came on the scene and I spoke about what I knew about it’

We spent a lovely day together, getting to know each other and my friend Deborah did also mention during our chats, that she had seen the Steve Richards video that I had posted lately, an interview he had done on ‘BUZZ TV’ with Sean Stone (I now personally feel that any of the people that go on his show, are being pushed for ulterior reasons and are not authentic) Deborah said, that she had felt, he was an obvious charlatan, so now I have the opinion of two women I deeply trust, that are both warning me not to go, plus the pm’s from Elizabeth. I felt that night that I really mustn’t go, my body felt weak like I was walking into another false pit and I decided that as I hate to cancel and put people off, and because I love and trust the guy that had suggested her to me, (he is currently training to be an HK practitioner with this lady, before doing a course with Steve Richards.) She is a fully qualified practitioner, for the past 7/9 years, I won’t reveal her name here, but will if you wish to contact me personally. So I intended to go to the appointment on my return, as planned, even if I hate driving, especially on motorways and on roads in a new country. I decided I would go and apologies, pay her, despite not having a session and explain why I didn’t want to go.

So on the morning of the appointment, I woke up early, as I stressed about the journey, driving on my own. I finally got there, fine and dandy and in one piece. Then I saw the lady approach with her shopping bags, a down to earth, socially acceptable looking lady in her grandma years, I thought oh well, she can’t do me any harm. I told her that I had really come to cancel but in fact, went ahead with the session.

I started the session for some strange reason, saying, ‘I can’t be hypnotised or brainwashed, I am immune’. . little did I know…. We had a long chat and she took notes in a very professional manner, we sat in a small comfortable room with just enough space for a bed and two chairs. After she had collected my whole story, which became 17 points, she asked permission to interact with my ‘spirit’ and to find out where I had first been triggered, so we go through the points, she holds my wrist to feel the yes or no impulses that my spirit automatically responds to through muscular kinetic pulses. As I am asked questions, we decide that none of the points had been my first triggering aspects in the experience I had had this time, here on earth and that I was first attacked during my birth, when my mother was apparently heavily drugged (my father has since confirmed that this is correct, the Hungarian doctor, that brought me into the world, that he hadn’t liked very much, had told him after the birth, that despite my mother having a very painful birth, he had knocked her out on the strongest drugs available) Once we had discovered this we went through my past lives, to see where I was getting this very heavy drugged feeling, used to trigger me in this life, as I was feeling terribly drugged as I lay on the bed.

I had no direct memories but through yes and no answers and questions, we decided that I had been ritually killed and heavily drugged in past lives. The actual removing of entities was fast and furious and professional, I was asked each time one was discovered, again through yes and no answers if I wanted the entity to be let free or to be send out and away, I can’t remember the exact expression used, but I do remember, I stopped her in mid process as I was confused by the question and didn’t know what to say… I actually just said the first reply without really knowing what I was doing. After the session I felt rather drugged and relaxed, as if I had been through a dreamtime described by holographic kinetics. I was told I had three entities removed, one ET, one draconian and can’t remember what the other one was. She said I had indeed caught an entity in LA, through my experience, related above.

My practitioner remained very calm the whole time and I didn’t yet suspect the very hypnotic tone to her voice, I just trusted her to know her profession.

I drove home, felt a bit dazed, but we had decided that I was going to create better boundaries, I wasn’t going to smoke anymore drugs, as it opened up dimensions to letting in more entities, I was shown, how to breathe and lock out entities, with my legs by crossing them over and that I was to relive my birthing experience turning it from a traumatic arrival to a safe cozy one.

We planned to have another visit two weeks later, as I knew I would not be able to come back once back in Europe.

The next few days, I had a couple of strange feelings, one I had a pain at the back of my neck, a stiff feeling that I had for a few days and secondly I awoke with excruciating abdominal pains and a racing heart two nights after, my first session, on the full moon.

I had thought I would have to wake up my daughter and went to find an aspirin but felt I would faint from the pain so crashed back in my bed and did some breathing out and crossing my legs and locking out dark energies as I had been shown by my HK practitioner. Then went back to sleep.

A couple of weeks later, after my first funny goblin dream, again on the night of the new black moon, (I am in fact born on the night of the black moon, I only realised, it was again on the night of the new/black moon looking back at moon phases) I had an incredible experience, dream. I still hadn’t really worked out the true history of New Zealand and that the Maoris were not the original indigenous people, I still didn’t really know the story of the Patu paiarehe people but had a direct experience, I now feel, with them,


‘Patu-paiarehe is the name applied by the Maoris to the mysterious forest dwelling race. An atmosphere of mysticism surrounds Maori references to these elusive tribes of the mountains and the bush….The Patu-paiarehe were for the most part of much lighter complexion than the Maoris…their hair was of a dull golden or reddish hue, “uru-kehu”, as is sometimes seen amongst the Maoris of today…This class of folk-tales no doubt originated in part in the actual existence of numerous tribes of aborigines. This immeasurably ancient light haired people left a strain of uru-kehu in most ancient tribes’

In Māori tradition patupaiarehe, also known as tūrehu and pakepakehā, were fairy-like creatures of the forests and mountain tops. Although they had some human attributes, patupaiarehe were regarded not as people but as supernatural beings (he iwiatua).

They were seldom seen, and an air of mystery and secrecy still surrounds them. In most traditions, those who encountered patupaiarehe were able to understand their language. But in one account they were unintelligible.

Physical features

Patupaiarehe had light skin, and red or fair hair. Historian James Cowan was told that ‘they were a lighter complexion than Maori; their hair was of a dull golden or reddish hue, urukehu, such as is sometimes seen in Maori of today.’ 1

Unlike Māori, they were never tattooed. Mohi Tūrei of Ngāti Porou described their skin as white, albino or the colour of red ochre. Their eye colour varied from light blue to black.

There is still debate about their height. The Tūhoe tribe records that they were small, but others say they were similar in size to humans. Whanganui stories claim them to be giants, more than 2 metres tall.

So whether this has anything to do with HK I am not sure, but I had another dream where I felt heavily paralyzed, and saw in my dream a naked white man in a room, I didn’t know existed in my own flat in Spain, I was surprised to see I had a naked, noble, kinda tenant in it, that I wasn’t aware of. I also felt that I had little people in my room as I slept, I tried to bring myself out of my Sleep paralysis, I thought that, my 2yr old grandson was playing in my room, but I could feel the presence of more than one being scuffling around me. I managed to pull myself out of my sleep and there I see, in an awake state, a white, transparent, seemingly long, thin tall man, climbing my bunk stairs and feel the presence of at least two other smaller beings, I felt they were white too, on the floor as I was on a high bunk.

It was very real experience, the most influential experience I have had since my confrontations with shadow people as a child. I had not known of the mist fairy people yet. It was about 1am, I got up, made a cup of tea and went onto the terrace looking into the jungle of the Waitakere Ranges where my daughter lived and the night was swirled in a thick white mist, I hadn’t yet joined the dots but for some reason, I later worked out I had had an experience with the fairy people of the mist. I feel it was not a bad experience, I take it as a warning or a protection, but facing them and seeing them was part of the whole magical adventure I was living and I felt honoured. http://www.teara.govt.nz/en/patupaiarehe/page-1

Two weeks later I went back for an HK session, however, this time, my practitioner had other ideas and announced when I arrived that we were going to have a breathing session, with me connected to her computer, by a cable attached to my ear lobe, so she could measure my pulse and personal signature. The process was meant to help me create boundaries and as I had spoken about the heart mind gut connection, she said this was a new healing, she now offered and would help me always find a peaceful centered place, whenever I wished.

I sat there, gullibly, trusting her, despite her rather detached robotic approach. I agreed and I let her attach me. At the end of the session, that was not so long, just the time she needed to get my brain waves downloaded, I asked her a bit about herself, what her background was, I should have asked before, but she may not have told me so openly then, for now she had all she needed.

She was a bit taken aback but told me correctly, I feel her professional path, she even wrote it down for me, but I have since lost the piece of paper, that did sound alarms to me. I remember though that she did say, she was a member of the ‘Theosophical society'(This is the Lucis (Lucifer) Society that brings us into the New cAGE Order) see this video….

She studied sophrology and hypnotheraphy, neurology, NLP and Holographic kinetics. She said she worked mainly in companies as a consultant, and she was now specialising more in this process, I had just undergone with her, that she had just taken me through. It has a precise name, that I can’t remember now, something to do with the brain heart gut connection, but it felt like having my brain waves taken into the computer. It was only once I was back home and remembered the very damaging article I had read about NLP that I began to feel awkward and as if I had done something I really shouldn’t have done, but decided to push those ideas away and feel confident that she was a nice gentle lady, doing good, but with a very hypnotic trance like voice.

I do think that the right films and books are shown to us at the right time, so on the flight home, I saw a film with David Bowie called Labyrinth


Labyrinth (1986) – Journey Into Sarah’s Subconscious

and the Goblin in it, is the one that I posted in the last picture above of my face book friend who had given me ‘Mono-atomic Gold’ the Keith Richards/Goblin look alike. The film was about the goblins that had taken the young baby away and the whole story was just too strange as it sung to the tune of Rumpelstiltskin, (don’t forget that in the tale, Rumpelstiltskin, the goblin, made straw into Gold and made an exchange, with the maiden, for her first born baby, once she was Queen, in return for his gift of turning straw to Gold) A shiver went down my back, as I watched the film, the sign, message, was clear as crystal, after, what I had just lived, I knew then, that this was my labyrinth and I was doing exactly, what I had to do.


I returned to Barcelona where I live at the moment in mid may, I had talked of my stories on face book and in earth soul group, but it wasn’t until our admin chats that I spoke about my HK sessions. At first I didn’t really feel I had had a bad experience yet, and felt safe with the thought that entities had been removed and that I had been cleared. Although I was not feeling as boisterous as normal, I seemed to have lost my mojo and I had a couple of minor panic attacks, where I felt my heart being tightened and restrained, this is not normal for me, but I didn’t think much of it.


“A couple of weeks later I had a message from Elizabeth, she had a feeling to ask if I had done HK, this is our conversation”

E: Hi there How did you do with avoiding HK, or did you end up going in that direction?
31 MAY 19:10

V: Hi there… i went!! i had a very in depth time away from beginning till end! i didn’t want to go, but felt the lady was ok, that i was strong enough, … i had a bad experience in LA .. i picked up a a nasty entity, anyway, it did kinda help, i have, broken a 20year smoking cannabis habit, not saying it’s cause of HK but i think i was meant to have that session, i felt ok with the practitioner, although i won’t promote it because you need to be very aware of what’s going on, and i don’t trust it completely… :o)
31 MAY 20:32

E: Wow…thanks for sharing! So you know, I do healing and clearing work of all types covering what you had issues with, without the HK side effects. The individual practitioners may be mostly ok but if they have gone through training they have and are passing along certain issues embedded in HK. Most on that level are not conscious of it and mean well. So you may have cleared some thing(s) but inherited others. If you want I can check to see what that is and report back to you.

V: darling i would love that!! we can make a date anytime to chat on skype!

E: Ok will do that and then we’ll chat I’ll have an opportunity to look into things by tomorrow. ❤

V: ok just tell me what i have to do ;o)
yes don’t do anything without me knowing it? i need to give my consent! ❤

E: I am only checking to see what is there, that is what you gave consent for. You don’t have to do anything, I take a look and report back to you what I see/feel.
No work is to be done. Only if there actually is something of concern and if you choose to address it and if you wish me to do so after we talk.

V: super! i trust you

So, she got back to me, June 6 on her findings, so we had a skype chat and I got to know Elizabeth better and asked her to describe how she works and learned:

Always felt very sensitive, intuitive, tuning in to universal truths and other levels, nature and animals. Also a horse lover and rider. Some healing abilities came spontaneously as a teen but were not refined then. Felt plants and stones had unseen abilities to work with. Many years wished there was a healing choice for the whole person at once(mental, physical, emotional, spiritual), permanent, not chemical/toxic/herbal, but energetic and connected to nature and universal forces to support people to self heal –which turned out to be the definition of homeopathy when led to the only school in the state in 96. Utilizing it was profound and for those helping to be healthy, free, empowered. Personal healing and growth is always first and is key to do right for others. Where a healer is at themselves is paramount -and determines ability and depth for others. Goal has always been being ‘clear as a crystal’.

As wonderful as it was there were some areas that were blocked/tampered with that couldn’t be reached. Eventually found the right person and abilities to resolve those blocks and interferences that was absolutely necessary to go forward or would still be trapped, punished, damaged, sabotaged and limited in a bad (but appearing beautiful) place, as would husband. Trained to do same early 2011.

She describes herself as a Classical Homeopath –Whole person self-healing stimulated by energy/spirit of substances from nature and elsewhere.

Intuitive Healing — Direct spirit to spirit connection to find issues needing resolution and healing/clearing them with full participation of that spirit/soul.

What she isn’t into: channeling, moving energies around without true resolution or in irresponsible manner, high selves, astral plane, masters, angels, et’s, middle men of any kind, heirarchy, new age or religious beliefs/systems, contracts…. there’s probably a lot more to list – I feel her deeply and knew with absolute knowing, not only that I could trust her but that I was meant for some reason to go through this, so to speak about it.

I gave Elizabeth permission, to do a run over of my condition after my HK session, It seemed that she has helped undo a lot of unwitting clients in the past, she was also a past member of earth soul group but left as she didn’t like the energy going through the group anymore, I liked what she said and how she spoke, I felt immediately aligned to her and funnily enough, before going to HK I had had an image of the person who was going to heal me and it wasn’t the HK practitioner, it was Elizabeth, that I had visualised coming in. So for whatever reason we were brought together, at least we got to meet in the end and I feel she was absolutely part of my journey, and all was perfectly synchronistically tuned, to bringing my experience into the open.

A few days later I get a message from Elizabeth, for us to make a skype time as she had found some negative implants in me, It was a long process of healing from then on, Elizabeth would not tell me when she worked on me as she didn’t want to pre-warn the entities and implants in me, the first time she worked on me, she did two sessions in all, but worked a lot more than the two sessions I paid her for, she did that for free. It was a lot of digging from both of us to work out what had happened. Funnily, I wrote my first article, for a long while, the morning after Elizabeth had done her first healing session on me, I was oblivious as she hadn’t told me yet. I felt like I had come out of a fake dream and was able to write again, I only knew that she had been working on me later in the day when I got her first e mail detailing what she had done, this is it here….

Hi Victoria,
Lovely chatting. Here are the notes from session and thoughts/feelings I have on ESG, etc.

Wed. 6-15-16 approx. 3:35-4:33pm pacific u.s.
To address entity, implant and ‘other’ issue seen the week prior and we discussed.
Found which order they needed to be resolved.
Implant –
From 1st HK session.
One inside throat, an upward disc – and it is broadcasting you to source in other dimension, sticky.
One inside heart area, has something to do with father, looping something on that although it’s not conscious. HK used this opening/vulnerability.

Entiity –
See it looking out from your eyes but also sees ‘in’ and ‘back’.
From 1st HK session.
Intends ownership, makes feel like things are good, spiritual dope/numb, then integrates. Starting to use your voice in concert with the throat implant.

Other –
From 1st HK session.
See sections like in body tissue but not really physical. Black like obsidian in appearance, like small ‘deposits’. They are seeds which grow into physical programs to automate you.
These were instruments have not come across before.

*All were resolved uniquely as necessary for each, unable to publish.
Established boundary from these types returning, at least from those sources. Saw a beautiful silver fan like energy which was that taking place.

 Elizabeth’s remarks concerning HK ‘Holographic Kinetics’ and my attachment to ESG ‘Earth Soul Group On ESG chat:

‘I feel that you should be honest about the experience – how you felt about it beforehand, during, after and now with this experience and information.  Also that it’s ok to say someone found and facilitated the spirit to spirit identification and clearing/solutions.  You’re right, I don’t want the attention with name going out, but if someone genuinely is open to help themselves and you feel right about it you can say you’ll give me their name to get in touch with. You may get total resistance, defensiveness, justification. That is what I’ve seen so far. You may hear claims of how much HK helped them, and I know as do others that it is made to feel that way, and ‘something’ “beneficial” is done – or else no one would get the report and more people would not come and also get hooked in – however more harm is imposed than good. There may be blame on your particular practitioner rather than face HK and its creator as a whole are a sham at best, very evil at worst. The second session you had may or may not have simply reinforced previous one.

There are more details to this dark practice, how it uses NLP-like/hypnosis methods and implanting entrapment and manipulation tools through many means.

This is one of the many many predatory arms out there. I’ve become an expert on them:)’

That was Elizabeth’s first healing session on me, we then had another intensive healing that I won’t share here in detail, because of the extreme work that was done, it was regarding my second HK session that was not even an HK session. However she had this comment to publish

‘Looking into the concern about brainwaves during the 2nd HK session I saw what happened was to do with your whole energy pattern which included brainwaves – like an imprint or picture. The issues to do with the 1st HK session that was foremost to get cleared, as their intentions were already getting to work to facilitate this overall (‘ever-all’) scan of you which was transmitted to a central location then another dimension.
Resolved in manner necessary..unable to publish.’

We had what I have described above already, a brain, heart, gut, breathing session where I was attached to the computer and my personal signature and brain waves were recorded, this was not, what I was told of course, I was told to imagine a colour and to breathe deep, this was not the reason I returned to HK, I had gone to make sure my entities were removed before going back to Europe, for a goodbye session as I knew I wouldn’t be able to return once home. Being the gentle soul I am I wanted to let her do what she felt she wanted to do, I trusted her. Whether my practitioner is aware of what she is doing I cannot say, she may really believe she is doing good, but somehow my body tells me not, looking back and from the feeling I felt as she told me her training, the shudder I felt then and tried to ignore, I think she is working as a dark agent to capture those of us still working from a physic angle to undo the web of tentacles over humanity.

This is a link to NLP mind control



This is a link to how we are attacked and implanted


Here is an article, link below text that describes why taking my brainwaves is not something I desire


“The weapon system also is capable of lethal attack — both “slow-kill” and “fast-kill.”

Victims of this government-engineered, stealth genocide are robbed of the most basic of human rights — free will, freedom from external manipulation of their physiological and neurological functions.

The weapon system is capable of delivering speed-of-light scalar (longitudinal) electromagnetic wave attacks (as well as other types of radio frequency energy such as microwaves) that are precision tuned to specific brainwave frequencies of each human target. Virtually all of the victims previously have visited a doctor or neurologist seeking treatment for pounding headache, unexplained fatigue, sleep problems, or disturbing symptoms such as cognitive impairment. Those medical visits allow shadow government operatives to harvest medical records, including EEG test results that facilitate “brain mapping” — how radio frequency weapon torturers are able to mount radio frequency attacks fine-tuned to each unique individual targeted for no-touch torture, impairment, even “slow-kill” or “fast-kill” homicide.

The scalar waves produced by the radio frequency directed energy weapon (RFDE) are capable of carrying multiple subcarrier radio frequencies that affect human physiology, at variable power levels (or “amplitude”). Karen Ann Macdonald

Addison, TX, USA, September 25, 2015, GlenMartin Holding, Co., LLC “GlenMartin”, a leader in the cell tower and wireless infrastructure industry today announced the signing of a new distribution agreement with Canada Towers Inc., “CTI”. CTI will represent and distribute all of GlenMartin’s products. The products include self-supporting cell towers, fold-over towers, small cell/outdoor Distributed Antenna Systems, (DAS), poles, structural components and amateur radio towers.

Christopher Martin, CEO/President of GlenMartin, is quoted as saying “it is an exciting time for us with the inclusion of Canada Towers as part of the GlenMartin distribution channel. We offer unique skill backgrounds unparalleled by most infrastructure firms. It is due to these abilities, products and services that GlenMartin is able to aid Canada Towers in the development of worldwide infrastructures.” Dean Perry, General Manager of Canada Towers Inc. added: “By aligning with an industry leader, we are expanding our product offering beyond the portable tower platform to include permanent towers, fold-over and uniquely concealed telecommunications small cell/DAS poles. We are looking to become a full service shop that encompasses urban and rural voice and data telecommunications structures.”

Here is a description of Holographic Kinetics from Elizabeth

‘HK is one of many bait and hooks among modalities, gurus, leaders and groups out there claiming to be the very opposite of what they are -preying mainly on those who dodged or escaped mainstream religion and new-‘s’age belief systems.  Dangerous, insidious and contagious… often opportunistic in spreading through groups of people already following a leader.  

First heard of it early 2015 on Earth Soul Group where it was leader promoted and quickly became the thing to do.  As eager and open people jumped on board, various signs of being altered began to show.  After-session reports which were encouraged were not just happy stories of healing, I wish they were, but permeated by a drunken, overly awed energy followed by lockstep behaviors and worship of HK. Those who did so received more positive attention from the leader and others which fostered a certain ego about healing in general, gut feelings & intuition that was often off base. Seeing people who are trying to move forward instead becoming taken over is always sad.

Those of us who have been aware of, even escaped some of these traps and are intuitive and savvy about real healing were able to see a lot.  Here and there those who left the group or got kicked out would share feelings and observations. 

Watching Steve early on felt immediately and strongly negative.  Also the shiftiness and overly-used accent and unclear fragmented information clouds what is being said vs. what one thinks they hear/understand.  This kind of thing creates a hypnotic power/bond right up front.  

There are hypnosis components of touch/tap and suggestion while the person is told rules of spiritual security and participation are being used.   When one does not succumb hypnotically, programs and implants are inserted.  If those are not quite enough, entities. Clients have first been given entities & such and then some are removed.  Actual progress is minimal and comes at a price as you leave with more that is negative, sabotage and manipulative.  Some entities and types of implants give a spiritual and even physical high feeling that is metaphysical drugging while taking over. Practitioners are not all conscious of what they are spreading. It manifests through the energy of the HK system/tentacle and that person’s own implants and entities. 

At some point the contradictory mantra about only healing oneself emerged in the group while HK was still highly recommended. 
It’s unfortunate to buy into the belief system that only you can heal yourself. There are times and situations when it’s literally impossible. When support is needed there are options the spirit guides and self healing facilitated.  I’ve watched many with this belief remain stuck or spiraling into worse states of being.  

Early this year learned how badly Steve handled a training being set up.  Took an organizer’s money, he changed the location then kept her money and was very nasty.  (This comment has been confirmed to me by the person who suffered this injustice, she was kicked out of ESG as a result of setting up the group and losing her money, so she wouldn’t talk about it on ESG)  

Sorry to say those who have done HK have been undermined. The longer it has been, the more embedded and clever the effects become – making the person avoid, even fear that which can help; feel they’re doing good (even great); that they can now heal themselves…all of which fulfills the critters’ self preservation & control. 

It takes a piece of will and true spirit to muster getting help needed to be free and back to true self. From there, earlier areas in need of healing can be resolved the right ways. Then there is the ability + clarity for conscious self healing, protection and seeking right support when beneficial.  Beyond that the wish is to avoid tricks and traps, truly following our own intuition.’

From that time until mid-July, Elizabeth and I worked on undoing the intentional/or non-intentional harm done on me, I was still an earth soul group administrator up until the 7th July, I had discussed in the admin chats my feeling on HK and I had not had any attacks or defensive behaviour from the other members, they even agreed slightly with my point of view. However, I was beginning to have intuitive feelings that there was not something right within the group, I had not enjoyed watching how  Alfred Lambremont Webre was dealt with openly in the group, It was regarding a post he had posted, in the group. It all seemed very childish and a silly argument to me. I am not sure how the post even got there, it felt he was being cornered and that the whole episode could have been dealt with in a way that would not have triggered him or anyone else. However, I listened to the groups points and as I no longer align myself completely with his information I didn’t go further to defend him. Then in the beginning of July, the day after I had had, a very strong dream, in which I dreamt that Lily would openly attack me and turn the group against me, it turned out that another woman, would take on the aggression that I was feeling, from lily in my dream. I also had a very strange snake dream a couple of nights before that I don’t know if it had anything to do with this or just with me, I had never dreamt of snakes before, the next day there was an old post, that reposted as someone had liked it… put into Earth Soul Group, here it is, reminding the group of its principals.


A very long thread of comments then appeared and one lady from the group Christine Anderson asked ‘I’m still a bit confused by the promotion of hk? Isn’t that outside of self?

From that question alone all hell broke loose, everything I had been feeling was confirmed, the deep rooted desire to protect HK was shown through the following attack lily had on Christine Anderson’s very simple question, Lily was furious about the word promotion being used, but it had sure seemed like it to me too? Just the fact that lily was unable to talk openly and to accept that there had been promotion, maybe not anymore, maybe promotion is not the official word, but definitely in the past, HK was openly talked about and we all knew that Lily and many of the group’s members had not only had healings, but had trained with Steve Richards himself.

I defended Christine Anderson, who had made this comment on our private admin chats, but the whole energy of the chats was ignoring the very real danger I felt intuitively, what I had been through as described above, in my HK experience. However, Lily did not have any acknowledgement in her role, of influencing me, nor as the creator of Earth Soul Group to warn others of potential dangers, through her own participation in HK, she had a responsibility to at least explain, why it was encouraged in the group? why had she encouraged myself and others, as when we had spoken on skype?  Lily had said how much she had enjoyed her experience and her training .

This is in my opinion is a type of promotion. As I spoke to the other administrators of my feelings and experience lily had admitted that she herself had had issues with Steve whilst she was training with him, why had she not chosen to speak and express these issues, before now, to the group? Why was my real warning cry, not being addressed or looked into more seriously? Why was Lily treating me as if I was behaving like a whining victim, with little empathy or comprehension that this might be something very dangerous and a tool to the elite in entrapping those who make it through the last gateways?

I cannot post the conversation as Earth Soul Group is a private group, but have expressed the best I can in my words, so you may feel for yourself the energy involved here, I felt once again that bullying, defense/attack and denial was the main energy outlet and that the whole conversation could have been dealt with much better, if Christine had been given a direct reply that was not immediately attacking her, an explanation or a more tender approach, the boat would not have been rocked and my suspicions would not have been further inbedded. Christine, who had dared ask a straight question, was openly smashed and ridiculed, she remained cool throughout and was subsequently ejected, thrown out of the group as any others who have tried to speak up about HK or their doubts on the authenticity of Lily.

I felt after this conversation, I could no longer align myself to the administration role I had been given without my consent, i left the admin the next morning, as a couple of other people did too, but remain a member of the earth soul group as I do still love many of the members.

A few days later I had a message from lily, a very sweet one, after many weeks of ignoring me and my posts, where in the past she had always been so supportive.  I had felt her distance and took is as confirmation that she, like me could telepathically feel that I was beginning to feel and see energies that I did not like, within the group. I was doubting her and I couldn’t help facing signs I had previously ignored. Her otherside was coming through and it felt very wrong and manipulative, in her denial to speak up about HK.

In her message she apologised to me for having added me to admin group, without my consent. Lily knew I was intending to write about my experience, she asked me if we could have a recorded interview about my experience, between me and her, again this was very telling, she knew I wanted to write about it, but would rather we chatted, in this way I could have been checked directly and she knew that I wouldn’t be able to be as free as I am now as I write, I declined politely and sent her my love, because I have no bad feelings for her, I just no longer believe she is the same lily we came to know originally and that HK, or something? has had a real influence upon her.

Then as I prepared to write this article I asked publicly on face book for feedback from anyone who wanted to give me their experiences of HK, I explained openly that I was giving my experience and exposing some of the dangers regarding HK. The response was immediate, I had so much feedback and general support but also a heard of attacks of those who defend Steve Richards and the whole practice. I have never felt so psychically attacked as I am now, writing this article, thank goodness for where I am in my life now and all the past experiences I have had, that enable me to stay centered and not let any attacks penetrate me, even if I feel them around me.

I don’t think it is a coincidence that last night half way through this article, after I felt a very strong physic attack, that I went to bed and read of the famous French Olympic Gold medalist Laure Manaudou’s physic preparation, just before she won the Gold medal for the 400 meters swimming race in Athens, when she was only 17 years old. As a past sports woman of this race and as a past event rider of cross country, I know how strong one has to be, to stay protected against outside psychic attack, before large competitions and her description, of those tense moments as she lined up for the race, reminded me of that force I too, have within, that got me through what I was living last night and every moment I have been writing this article, I have had to stay centered, to keep off the vampire void, drain down, trying to numb me, as I write this article.


Regarding some of the comments here are some perfectly fair comments, I wanted to post from my post stating I was writing about HK, these comments will help you feel the impact of the energies involved. They also defend those that have great things to say about HK, but it gives an example of the defensive language before even knowing what I was going to write about. Again I am not here to attack, or complain, or blame anyone. Simply to talk about my experience but to give you my real feelings and observations so you can better discern..


Hi Victoria , as I stated before if you have issues with a session or practitioner or concerns around HK it would be nice to contact us directly and let us know which practitioners you are having issues with , so we can trace it back and make sure they are practitioners and are only using HK , many students use other modalities in their practice , some have not repeated the course in 8 years , until we know which practitioner it is and what happened it makes it difficult to sort it out , it would also be good to ask for positive experiences as many of our practitioners have wonderful results with clients and only looking for negatives is doing a disservice to those practitioners who are professional and in integrity . I am a bit confused what has happened for you , as in March this year you emailed us and said quote ” that I have many friends who are currently doing HK healing and I would very much like to do the course” unquote , so it’s confusing to see your unhappiness now with HK .

Victoria Cotton i am not unhappy, i am not writing a complaint just my observations, and i am writing purely my experience and feelings and those that have contacted me that i feel will help people discern, from a non-biased neutral point, before choosing HK or any other healing, it’s based on my personal deep instincts and experience, i won’t be mentioning the name of my practitioner because the person may be working subconsciously and my points are on the main conduit and hierarchical outlet that comes from the main man, and i don’t feel there was any deliberate harm done, done by my practitioner, or was there? that is for the reader to decide, the article will explain my feelings in depth, ❤

One person wrote that it felt akin to an HK witch hunt, I felt and others also said after this comment that I was the one who was being witch hunted, it certainly felt like it to me, here is another couple of comments defending me..

Debra Haines ‘Just so grateful that you are even doing that, Victoria. It really helps to understand when you hear someone else sharing their feelings and their experiences especially when you don’t know a lot of people even willing to share. You are honest and speak up and are not afraid of what others think and you expose the darker side to this world where many would say, “it’s all in your imagination.”

Betsy Hakey Russell ‘This is NOT an HK witchunt. This is a Victoria Cotton witch hunt. “Just observing” …. bullshit. This is intimidation and an attempt to control the narrative. An attempt to keep an individual from standing in their own truth. ” triggered dimension” … Kinda looks that way. But it’s not Victoria. This is her game.’

Milos Orlovic ‘There is no substitute for inner understanding of something, even zero point can be used as a band aid. And understanding IS personal. That is where Shaman comes in play, someone who dedicates his/her whole life to inner understanding, not unlike what Steve is doing. This is what Victoria meant, I think. For without deep inner understanding, there is only conditioning, as you can use “positive” conditioning to counteract “negative” conditioning (agreements). And only with inner understanding, comes dissolution. Therefore it is not impossible that HK itself, if practiced without deep inner understanding, can create it’s own dimensions of time by reverting to conditioning. The only way to find out, for ourselves, is to further explore it, including Victoria’s exploration, on HER wall, which I await with excitement. Her’s is very unique voice that comes from within. Even when not perfect, has considerable depth and inner gravity to make the reading more then worthwhile.’

Another quote from Elizabeth regarding some of the comments I had had….

 ‘Someone stated the person getting healing/HK is co creating …meaning when there are issues you are to blame. Not true. When there is an agenda built into a healing system or through false/sabotaged healers all you need to do is be willing to get healing from them to be open to critters and damage…. which later cannot usually be detected, understood or properly resolved by the person undermined, that is how it works and the whole purpose…to takeover, disarm and use them. Just like a hypnotised person does not know that they are- and will fight tooth and nail, deny, justify, defend, ignore anyone saying otherwise no matter how clearly proof is put before them. Yes if you are already undermined you will attract more of same, that which is useless and even more damaging, and shun true healing. It’s co creating for the critters in charge though – they have protection mechanisms you would not believe. When used the wrong way this co creating statement is one of those justifications for when things go wrong that is actually an aversion of reality or knowing and addressing issues for real. It’s distorting a concept that IS true in other ways.’

Another very unbiased e mail I had… I feel Tim Chapman explains beautifully what we should remember regarding HK   and reminds me of a quote someone sent me about Steve ‘Remember that Steve said he used to do mind magic.  Everyone believes he morphed into a genuine healer.  He never stopped doing mind magic, only perfected it and facilitated agenda.’

Hi Victoria,

I made effort to understand the HK material and had one session in the UK a year or so ago (wow it seems like much longer).  These are my few thoughts, maybe it is useful?  I haven’t thought about it for a while and find it is inconclusive J

To my mind there is a good deal of possibly authentic, though seemingly contradictory information attached to HK, and I also have reservations.

That humanity has lost control of harmonious natural experience seems evident (it is also possible we have never had it of course), and though I have not had personal experience of ‘inter-dimensionals’, the concept that other conscious forms exist in EM frequencies other than visible light, and can seek to gain control over our experience seems plausible to me, and presents a pretty workable explanation for invasion of our experience and destruction of Earth and Nature.

I think the HK understanding of how consciousness arises is plausible also (though it may be contradictory to existence of ‘inter-dimensionals’): i.e. from thought; which if fed with sufficient attention becomes ‘internal thought-form’; which may then solidify into ‘independent internal thought-form’ (there in the mind in a ‘complete’ (imaginary friend) form when visited) ; which may then become externalised and may choose to be imbued with a spirit and start on an evolutionary path based on learning through experience.  This talks to our creative powers.  Maybe we have literally created all the gods and demons, and inter-dimensionals, and maybe they have no actual spirit?  Maybe we are such creations also?  Maybe spirit means simply a connection back to the thought-form that created you?

I liked the distinction between soul and spirit ie that the former is the hereditary path of the experience of the physical form, and that all that ancestral historical experience is contained in each cell.  With spirit also having that hereditary information, but being distinct from soul, and moving from vehicle to vehicle for the purpose of learning and evolving through experience.  That we need to reclaim connection to our individual spirits and throw out the thought-consciousnesses which are riding our experience seems plausible.

Universal lore seems plausible too.  At least I hope there are a few governing laws out there, and it isn’t the complete ‘free-for-all’ that it appears to be.  Though it may be simply a case that those with the strongest creative will survive and those without it get subsumed into the experience of others.  This may be ‘lore’.

It seems quite likely to me that original Australians have authentic information on who we are and what is going on, and Steve Richard’s work with native Australian suicide prevention seems genuine from what I recall gathering off the net

On to the reservations………. from the get-go I had questions about the cost of HK (I think it is 2k for a week to learn the basics).  I have always had reservations about spiritual courses and teachings anyway (not exactly sure why), and whilst I acknowledge that, in the system, we all have need of money, to my mind there is a contradiction in charging large sums for solutions to our problems, since money is not the answer.

I also had concerns about the possibility of illusion being used; given SR is a guy who claims to have been able to conjure highly convincing mind-magic as a teenager, which begs the question of whether he is using those abilities.

I did not comprehend the maths in HK (it was simply beyond me), and the very fact that there is maths raises significant alarm bells, as it speaks to artificial, patterned construction not nature.

As to the session?  I am somewhat suspicious of the techniques, pressure points and such, and it didn’t touch me at all really .  I had no reaction that I noticed, but it could be that the lady wasn’t very good, or that I am either not susceptible to suggestion or unable to contact my spirit.  I don’t really like people working on me’ or ar handing over control so I’m not the best to comment on what might be achievable.  This is most likely both a blessing and a block.

I am loving your writings at the moment, from my perspective you are nailing a good deal of what is going on, thank you.


Regarding Reiki


Another quote Regarding Reiki, which is a similar healing practice to HK imho, Elizabeth wrote this

‘The problem with Reiki is not that it is from the outside but the kind of outside. It never felt right to me for some reason and over the years learned why. It has heirarchy and astral entities associated with the symbols. Reiki is ‘transferred’ from master to student, and energy is channeled through and into another without a standard as to how clear a practitioner is in their own being. What I have seen as a result for 20 yrs is it moves your stuff around, also imposes other energies and forces you don’t want. Some who say they are doing reiki who have not signed up their being to it may have a glimmer to offer (most are well meaning)…but then there is the issue of how it’s being done energetically which is sloppy. No matter the modality, just seeing energies and pushing them off or shifting the flow in a person manually does not resolve things for real most of the time. That is as we say an Allopathic healing paradigm which is that you see something you think you understand as the cause (but is actually the result) and push it around, suppress it, distort/change/re-name it, rip it out – there, all better! No. It may be astounding in the moment and seemed to heal things but pops up elsewhere and things are worse in the long run. I was asked to help someone gravely damaged by Reiki many years ago. It was very difficult. It feels like an energetic magic used on the masses to feel ‘good’ to keep them going, seemingly healthier, by the Masters. You are really contracting. It’s disheartening when people share health and life challenges that invariably some say they’re ‘sending Reiki’ to them…. without permission -assuming it’s all good!

There are similar whack-a-mole issues with EFT (emotional freedom technique) and it’s sister Matrix Reimprinting. EFT is a new hero of ‘do-it-yourselfers’ but unfortunately it is simply moving things around.’

This is a post I found on face book, on ‘The Bases Project Group’ as I write and decided to add this because he covers some very important points including the potential deceptions of shamanism, implants and the real dangers we face as breakers of the illusion we are trapped in, including all those working for it.

San Gurung

Hier, à 11:33

This is long so take your time to read, I am posting as i think its appropriate for this group, we learn but sometimes we must also unlearn the lies and half truths fed to us . a lot discussed in this post is discussed with my good friend,so credit goes to him too. Take what you can and if it does not sit right with you, thats fine, this is not a post to say whether aliens exist of not, frankly i have no clue, and just because i have not seen or experienced one ,i am not going to reject the possiblity…. here just focusing on deception used by the power that be , those doing the most heinous deeds to mankind through their black occult/magik are the financial, royal, religious and power elite of mankind! feeding on our emotions ….. Knowledge has always been power and power does nor share power, thus it would always hide the knowledge from the public….Anyways…

The entire Annunaki/Nibiru story is a complete fraud, it is the Mystery Religion re-veiling itself in yet another guise. Isis truly does have a thousand faces and yes, Isis is the Church and Osiris is the Doctrine.

All Sumerian translators and Historians laugh at the Sitchin’s translation(i have read three of them ) he’s the only one who came up with the fairy tale of superior Gods that created us as slaves to serve them from those tablets, it sounds a little like the Lord God needing a Man to til the garden so he “formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul” (Gen 2:7) which is precisely the Masonic version of the History of Mankind….Sitchin is a 33rd degree Freemason, promoted by the CIA a Ziontist he was a failed journalist from Israel…. he was part of the Ashmolean Society, a highly Masonic Organisation..

The UFO, Expanded Consciousness, New Age, Nibiru, Ancient Aliens etc is a Masonic Joke on the public, you see they mock their victims! In the real Sumerian tablets one of the dieties is the Sun, one is the Earth, the others are the spirits of the Ether! ….you will find in Project Jason, years before Sitchin’s first book there was a discussion about tricking the world with a threat from “out there”, it was a brainchild of the secret society the jason society with Nelson Rockefeller , CIA director Allen Dulles, Edgar Hoover and few others who were all from Skulls and Bones society(thats another story)…..

Annu is the spirit of the object or door of the guide who would take you through the underworld in the Egyptian book of the Dead, also, Annu literally was the name of Egyptian capital On, called Heliopolis by the Greeks, but before it was called On its name was Annu….Naki is a first born girl , and all cities are referred to in the feminine, also the word Naki coming from the Hindu Naga (Nagi being feminine) is a Serpent! So now you know the fabrication of sitchin……“Superior Gods that created man as a slave is just like the Bible and most other religious books, so if it’s all Gods plan or aliens that are technologically superior that created us then who are we to fight back???? , Think ! ….this is a fantastic counter intelligence to get us to accept all of the tyranny coming down the proverbial pike! almost all of the alien, nibiru, singularity, expanded consciousness authors can be directly linked to the futurist society, the cia, the theosophic society, the lucis trust etc. It’s all a front to stop you looking at the elite that do control the world and have done for as long as we can go back!

The plan is Mystery Babylon, it is the Mystery Religion under a new guise for a technological space age! In old age history it was demons and angels when that was the level of technology for the people, now with the use of sci-fi it’s aliens…also, a ‘little green man’ is the masonic green man of nature..

I’ll explain something that might be of importance; there are always three levels of science, three because in the masonic/occult system in which we live there’s always a trinity and science because science is close to seance and well experts are Siontists/occultist…..from PhD down is the lowest level of science, then there is the Secret Services level which is at least at least 50-100 years in advance of PhD….then there’s the Controllers level which is anywhere from 500 years to at least 2500 years in advance. for example, the Lockheed Blackbird was designed in the 1950s and flew from 1964-98. In the 60s it was at least 50+ advanced from the public level…. Next, Sir Francis Bacon in his book “The New Atlantis” claims that he was taken into a cavern which had lighting and heat from the power of the Sun (Nuclear), and that any animal could be created from a small part of that animal and grown, yet they would already know the outcome, that’s Genetic Manipulation, he wrote that book in 1598, furthermore, Plato describes the form and function of an Atom. He states that the Atom is hollow, that electrons oribt around protons and neutrons and that the world under this observation was essentially holographic! Plato wrote this 2400 years ago, he was also a member of the ATOM Society…..

Now I don’t care how clever you are, no way could anyone have guessed that from 500 years ago to 2400 years ago when the supposed highest form of transport was the horse and lighting came from candles! No-one could imagine that! but these men did not because they were ‘ahead of their times’ but were the members of the secret society, they had access to the knowledge…..

so here is an important question , ask yourself ‘in this technological age can what ever I’m experiencing be forced upon me by advanced technology?….

You go back into the ancient world and look at the evidence it’s quite clear that there was a global community, for example, Pyramids all over the world that with public technology we couldn’t build today, landmarks all linked to the same star constellations, the same mythologies, legends and in some cases the same histories to an extent, like the Druids and the Brahmans, they share a history of 3 previous ages of man where civilization had risen to very high standards and then fallen, and in the case of the Brahmans the have a definite history of 5 civilizations of man going back millions of years with 2 more that are so ancient they are classes as mythology.

The point I make is all of these ancient civilization hoarded knowledge in their higher orders as is still done today, they all used methods of hiding the information in plain sight such as heirogliphs, symbolism and stories in allegorical terminology just like the bible, the koran, the talmud, the Egyptian/Tibetian books of the dead/life, the epic of Gilgamesh etc all with mathematical coding that take computers to decypher….. The Egyptians used the snake in a lot of symbolism, NOT because they believed in Reptillian Annunaki alien Gods but because the Snake/Serpent represented something to them, you see in their environment the Snake at dusk would always look towards the Sun for the last of the heat, the Egyptians being highly versed in the Mysteries used the Sun as a symbol of intellect, this is why today when we encounter exceptionally intelligent people we say ‘they are brilliant’ or ‘they are illuminated’ linked directly back to the shining light of the sun, this is why the Serpent/Reptile gave intellect in the Eden story….. You will find that Owls are commonly used because the can see in the dark, that’s why an Owl is considered “wise”.

And that’s all it is I have encountered Guru’s, Mystics, Rabbi’s, Masons etc and they all show signs of the Mystery Religion, in fact in one of Alestair Crowley books he elaborates on how he was inducted into the higher orders of Freemasonry by a Shaman in South America, furthermore, when the English set up the British East India Company in 1500 under Queen Elizabeth I many of the higher bureaucrats were astounded to find Masonic Lodges in India believing that they only existed in Europe, they were totally unaware that the lower level Masonry they were sworn into had a far richer history under different names such as the Rosicrucians, The Hashashin, the Alumbrados etc….. You find the same system all over the world using the same symbolism and different names, yet it is the same story with the same agenda, I find this in all of the UFO, Alien, Annunaki, Nibiru, 2012 Spiritual Consciousness awakening etc….. All of this is done to give an Exoteric story that excites the imagination for the masses, whilst hidden within the story is an Esoteric message for those trained in the Mysteries or those who have acquired ears to hear and eyes to see…..

Good luck in your search, whatever that maybe!


I would like to conclude this article to say, that it has been energetically exhausting, to write about my experiences, to try and relate the story in a coherent manner was very time consuming and laborious, I have tried my best and hope you can read through all this with ease. I knew I had to wait to get through the healing done on me before I would be ready to write, I instinctively knew that I was in danger doing so. The many remarks of how brave I was to speak up, proves there is tension about being honest in this domain, the comments written on my wall shows how many of us feel that one cannot speak up against this Holographic kinetics healing practice without huge triggering and reactions.

I have described my journey in full honesty, I don’t think anyone needs to look for healers unless you find yourself in a place of difficulty and you deeply know you need some help, it is then up to you to be guided by your intuition and inner voice to find the people that come to you authentically. Or if you are Intune to yourself and sensitive, you can always self-heal and regenerate. You don’t go for a healing just because everyone else is doing it, you go because you passionately feel that you must find support in unravelling a negative emotion and thought process.  Because you find the right person at the the right time, ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear’ I spoke of my experiences with healers but I am not promoting them in anyway, it is far too personal a choice. The further I delve down the rabbit holes the more aware I am of being attacked externally for deliberate reasons, to stop me from speaking up.

We are all attacked to some level in life, this is how we grow and become resistant but also compassionate to others. Those that speak up without fear do so either in ignorance, or in full knowing of the outside attacks it will involve. With time we learn to protect ourselves and only to take on as much as we can, according to where we are in our growth and unravelling process of finding our essence and true core energy signature. Once we find our center and purpose, we are as strong as the stone within a ripe peach, but the peach is ever so tender on the outside and only when we are ready will we be able to stand bare and let experiences and attacks wash off us, as water of a ducks back. For it is all an illusion, we are here to evolve at our own pace, to experience everything openly and live everything with conviction and alignment to our values and know where we stand, always in the now, always true to ourselves.

We are all warriors in our own way, many of us have been infiltrated by programs or implants or entities, it’s a constant struggle to be in a healthy vibrational frequency that is true to our unique song. Discernment and the ability to diagnose has never been more needed, this is why I speak up about HK and the real dangers it may represent if you are not whole in yourself. I feel a very dark energy from HK and I feel it is passed directly form the mind magic man, creator of the brand himself, Steve Richards, through the tentacles of all those that participate, knowingly or unknowingly, for that is how black magic is done. I profoundly feel that I may not have been strong enough to deal with this without Elizabeth’s help. I cannot help but observe how Lily has distanced me of her own accord since I became more clear of and outspoken about HK’. This is my truth, thanks for reading such a long article, all my LOVE and honest feelings, always.



One thought on “Healing Practices, The Benefits and the Traps, My Story Told….

  1. Hello. I am a recent HK student and there are some things that do not make sense in this article. Firstly HK is not healing, the HK practitioner does not heal in anyway. All they do is facilitate you and your own spirit to do the work. Spirit identifies through kinetic energy on the arm the emotion and the age in a certain lifetime. Then it’s over to your spirit to relive that dimension and then to release it. So how is it even possible for implants or anything else negative to get let in? HK is totally against dis empowering your own spirit and calling anything external in. So I am curious to know how exactly these implants were put in?? As only if you allow them (by letting them in)
    Lastly let’s look at what you did with Elizabeth after your HK session. She was totally preying on you just because she doesn’t understand what HK really is and violates lore herself. You gave your power away (disempowered your spirit) to let her do what ever it was she was doing, which seemed like some remote scanning of you. This is totally against HK. And you hand over your complete trust and believe what she says. Was it true in your own experience? You can only clear what you experience ( what your spirit is showing you in that dimension of time) which is what the HK practitioner is doing. Getting your spirit to take you to the dimension of time the event,trauma, agreement of entrapment etc took place. I am very much a truth seeker, believe we have the power and all the answers are within us and discernment is key and there is nothing within the HK practice I have witnessed that goes against this.

    My suggestion would be to contact Steve directly and mention the name of the practitioner and have him inform you of the process and maybe you will recall something the practitioner did that was not official protocol. If this was the case he would crack down on it I’m sure as he is totally against any practitioners that go outside the teachings or mix with other techniques. It’s a very powerful modality with a lot of keys to the nature of reality so it can also be used in a negative way.



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