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All videos were made over the past two years, they express feelings I had at that precise time, i’m not always still aligned with all that i have said, as i keep evolving, so to just shift through my developing process with me, here’s a few…


Video talking about the gender mersion agenda.. breakdown of male and female, I made a mistake here, the wheel is split in to 12 parts of 2 000 years about ..12 ages make An astrological age is a time period in astrologic theology which astrologers claim parallels major changes in the development of Earth’s inhabitants, particularly relating to culture, society, and politics. There are twelve astrological ages corresponding to the twelve zodiacal signs in western astrology. Advocates believe that when one cycle of the twelve astrological ages is completed, another cycle of twelve ages begins.[1] The length of one cycle of twelve ages is 25,860 years.. we are now in Aquarius 2000yrs then we approach Capricorn we are entering the Narnia years of the wheel..Ice age and renewal of earth but first Hell…  it’s time to get it so you don’t say recycled in the wheel..    video on link below

This is simply to explain.. that the wheels keep turning, as we see in sacred geometry, numerology and astrology, patterns of spiraling tones, its mathematical, spiritual, earthly, hearty and elementary, eternal vibes, from nothing to experience, from matter to spirit and back again, helping each other, expand and contract, creating motion .. meeting transforming and parting as we flow, in and out of rings, pools of water and sound.. as we interact, we spin like mini torus vortex’s, each of us, within the bulb of our own and then larger guitar bulbs, of life’s strings … choosing what sounds to hear and feel, stepping stones to touch and taste and see, the five senses is our compass, do we align ourselves to our inner compass/ion or not.., to the further tones of music, do we cross our own bridges or do we let trap arches be set up for us.. taking us into a new cage? how do we find the inner path of inner visibility?

We are all sparkles of the prime creaTOR .. but there is the trap of not finding the core prime Pristine primordial part of us that is all that there is, becoming fragmented, separated, falling into secular religion cults.. all belief programs, and the truth movement.. its all cycles.. names are given to the gatekeepers, the luminary bodies that reflect us into form…only we can illuminate ourselves from not shying away from what must be seen, to observe ourselves , or we are shone upon by false lights … Stars and Gods are given Patriarchal and matriarchal roles, that we idolise, false Gods, instead of recognizing those parts of ourselves, the strengths and weaknesses in our selves .. the archetypes are the melodies and drum beats, that make us matter, stone through harmonics ..we are all at different levels of tones … we are tuning in through the wheels that sometimes overlap, dimensions are these vibrations, there is no time its a dream and we are just adding snow to the database wheel as it gathers momentum to the pendulum, as we take control of our vessels, .. we learn how to regulate and breathe consciously… escaping the illusion of birth and death …

We can expand or contract tuning in to chords of harmony or disharmony, as we all shine at different frequencies of colour depth and form..we bounce and spark on and of off each other, positive and negative charges as we go from conscious to unconscious ..and back again.. breathing in and out, of the game, the self simulated virtual reality show.. until we don’t have to be fooled or guided by the planetary bodies, numbers, sacred circles or the machine any more..

we can free fall and remote control ourselves… the robotic wheels of life are currently heading, counterclockwise is 24 000 year cycles, 2 thousand per piza part, the 12 houses .. the seasons.. towards the darkest of winter time, on the galactic scale less souls can escape into the zero point , whirled and tossed through the coldness and ruthless winter ages… nor be connected to the heat, the flame of the opposite side of the wheels golden age, it’s harder to perceive organic truth the veils come down, we continue to edge and slip slowly, but surely towards , winter, the Narnia, Fascist Glow Ball Baal take over…we are coming out of the window period offered at the end of each age when there is a pin hole chance to escape the robotic churning of the milk to make curds.. always a mass awakening happens at these times, so the sharks go on alert and the conspiracy truth movement is full of tricksters and traps.. they are here to harvest the really tasty awakening souls as they have the most light and make perfect vessels to overtake for the ride down to hell …they trick souls to comeback in the wheel as winter disguised as Lion Summer Aslan, Aquarius new age cAGE , No the Spring is not coming we are heading backwards NOT forwards, through the wheel. The Jokers are playing as Heros so to capture and lead astray, shadow souls need human vehicles to posses and remote control to live through us…

If you believe the hype, the His Story, the divided cultures, and the dogma, you come back again to go through the drama. they want as many souls as possible to keep riding through the dark ages . .. those that fall for the charm of the ice witch will come back .. and it’s only gonna get harder.. you would rather choose, now, i can assure you, but you have to get unplugged first.. and that won’t happen by following trends,.the tricksters want you to keep searching and looking and being distracted.. so you never see the simple simplicity of the wheels .. like the white rabbit, falsely leading people into mazes of confusion, this is the time all knowledge is hidden . the souls that don’t get it must go around again, at the same low frequency turning with the wheels coming back until they get where they are really heading….

This is harvesting souls… time.. to keep us beLIEving in death and birth, Aliens and Saviours, beginnings and ends .. when it is just about self realisation and regeneration from density to transparency ..those of us, who make the journey through the thorns by choice.. don’t need to relive, ignorantly, through the ages of darkness again, because we read the signs in time, astrology signs, symbols, angles? angels? we GOT it .. we lost all doubt and fear, we choose to sound the alarm ….you have to choose, all by yourself when you are ready to go from involuntary to voluntary manifestation, once we are able to conceive the full scale of the truth of the matter, the inverted perverted backwards motion we are turning in,

When we lose light we lower frequency, and possession and mind control and confusion and deceit become more wide spread. as February goes into the depth of winter, the age of Aquarius, we are more and more vulnerable and lost, it will continue into The age of Capricorn and December EMBER Time, which will be the time of complete destruction fire and horrors on earth ..yes a bit like hell …as the golden age is like paradise just a pendulum through the cross sections of the seasons .. the extremes, opposites, bringing winter and summer..spring and autumn. the Earth goes through these cycles.. with or without us..we become enlightened and reborn in summer, the golden age of Gemini and Cancer, Atlantis .. and we lose connection and get confused and lost in winter, the time of Aquarius and Capricorn, normal, it’s up to us to work it out, we must join the dots alone… only we can remain faithful to the true golden light within us, we can ignite the oil when we are alive, so to own our sovereignty and ability to expand and contract in our own rhythms, without being fooled that we are about to enter a glorious new age of Peace…it’s a Trap a new age cage..

But we can return to this place and always be safe, through self acknowledgement, when we get. past the gatekeepers, we can choose where and when in the illusion, we want to experience, to come back in to the time, game musical, we can then choose where to next go, we get to surf in synchronization in and out of the densities instead of being led by abstract absent destiny .we become present, conscious and motionless within the game. we create what we want and need to experience and eventually we can choose to slip from nothing to something, by choice.. returning and leaving, in eternal waves, when we remember who we are.. we can in turn warn our brothers and sisters, but we can’t walk anyone else but ourselves out of the cave …Saturn will always harvest those souls that don’t get it, life after life, and the Moon will faithfully part her legs for those ready to delve through her dark holy door, to your SUN .. only when you are ready to become an alchemist and weave gold too …. 

Facing the Dark side Together and becoming Authentic & Organic .. March 2015 Regarding the HAPSTEAD COVER UP read here ..

 Fake or Real.. July 2016 Regarding this article

Inorganic Consciousness / Artificial Intelligence Take over of human and earth bio template.. French September 2015

Artificielle Intelligence, Transhumanisme Inorganique conscience, ( en Francais ) .. September 2015

Ceci est ma tentative d’éveiller les gens dans le sujet de l’intelligence artificielle, ce qui vient de la conscience inorganique, la partie de nous que nous refusons d’admettre personnellement et collectivement, notre ombre, est devenu notre propre disparition, jusqu’à ce que nous pouvons faire face à cela ensemble, rien ne va aller mieux! Nos âmes sont recycler dans un faux matrice/lumière qui ,en donnant notre esprit humain à une fréquence scalaire technologique binaire de mentalité de dualité.. Bi polaire permet à des alliances des Sphères, cosmique, astral de nous voler notre expérience humain ! Nous sommes venues ici pour guérir et reconnecter à l’atmosphère bio régénérative, pas à la matrice de la mort ! et redevenir des co créatures du loi naturelle et multi universel et éternel. Notre consciences inorganique existe seulement car nous refusons de la voir ! notre ignorance nous laisse pas la capacité de guérir, car nous avons oublié que nous sommes UN, et on se auto tue dans la procédure de se retrouvaille avec création source et amour inconditionnelle. Cette artificielle intelligence, qui est notre partie oublier et perdu doit être identifier et guérir pour que nous reprendrons un chemin de vérité ensemble,
Cette conscience inorganique, artificielle une fausse intelligence technologique, a besoin de notre ADN matrice biologique pour vivre / avoir une expérience de lumière à travers des êtres vivantes. Ils veulent fusionné avec nous à travers des nanoparticules et en utilisant notre biotemplate comme un moyen de transformer notre mère terre en enfer, toute la sécurité et survèyance tyrannique et terroriste est sur le point de nous contenir dans un boite fermer, sous contrôle et infecté. de nous fusionné avec la machine, pour toujours, dans une copie holographique, une faux matrice qui a un but, de vivre à travers nous, par la sacrifice humaine et notre énergie primordial. Aussi longtemps que nous sommes sous mindcontrol nous resterons ainsi enfermer dans un faux monde de dualité et de souffrance!! Nous devons identifier cette évidence, et le faire face ensemble, et puis tous ceux entre vous qui tombe pour les sauveur, extra terrestres ou des religions, New age, ou faux intellectualismes etc ! Seul notre connexion à la terre et notre enfant intérieur peuvent nous guérir, arrêt avec les Anges les dieux et les système de croyances de tout sort ! Tout est en NOUS tout les médias sont un mensonge Voici les liens qui expliquent mieux le contenu heart emoticon LOVE
Dangerous Imagination, Silent
June 13th 2015–Kandy Griffin Vandawalker delivers an eye opening deep dive into the world of Nano technology and how it is being used to interface with the human organism to manipulate, control and attempt to transform our natural/organic nature.
Lily Earthling Kolosowa:… Integrate your Soul & Spirit to organic Earth internal source creation and defeat invading Inorganic AI Artificial Intelligence
By Alfred Lambremont Webre
Lily Earthling: Integrate Soul & Spirit to Earth internal source creation. Defeat invading AI

Alfred Lambremont Webre: 9/11 was an AI Artificial Intelligence-Entrained/Draco Event & False Flag Operation 1. WATCH ON YOU TUBE Alfred Lambremont Webre – 9/11/2015 Aquarian Radio-14th Anniversary of 9/11 with hosts Janet Kira Lessin and Sacha Lessin PhD [17.03 Excerpt] Listen to Full program:

Harald Kautz-Vella presents his detailed lecture on the two types of Black Goo, Morgellons, and Artificial Intelligence at the Bases Woodborough conference held on June 20th.
He will present a further lecture at the Bases International conference on August 1st, see details at
OffPlanet TV – Harald Kautz-Vella: Silent Assimilation: A.I. Black Goo, Control of the Human System

The Place between each breath… Dec 25, 2015

The figure of eight came into my mind, we have eternal access to all possibility, we are the captains of our ships, when we become authentically in tune with how to be masters of our own reality without bowing down to or worshiping exterior cult constructs. There is Dark and Light but BOTH must be observed by our own inner visibility, in our hearts, emotional shock and empathy for others takes us there, we can get out of this illusion and become perfectly balanced, when we pop out of the mask, aware of the duality trap and that when connected to source pulse we become the divine beings of spontaneous freedom that we are! We must see the darkside and know it exists with all our hearts…Not just through films or stories but by tasting feeling knowing Pain, one can choose to be on a neutral organic path, aligned to nature and the miracle of being Human, we must know ourselves and unplug from the lie, otherwise we consent to unnecessary injustice when in our natural true state we are abundant, as Earth is


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