Letting Go to the inner Flow.. of Alchemy

Alchemy ….. an inexplicable or mysterious transmuting


The Stay Calm and Carry on attitude, as our world becomes more and more delved in the dark tentacles of the Power structure, that has only Contempt, for the Mind controlled citizens ….is disturbing to watch, although i am well tucked in the heart of my tree, far away from the cold  black jack in a box…i am observing like an Owl … the KNOWLEDGE is hidden, it always has been, behind fairy tales ….

All the truth is told in riddles and scriptures… humans are kept in the Dark , Occult Knowledge is twisted and used as a weapon to have power over the human psyche … No David Icke won’t talk to you about alchemy … he is part of the magicians as all the gatekeepers on the conspiracy path are… Honestly … the whole contact in the desert, Aliens … and help coming is just distractions to stop true mystic alchemy being known… we are not going into a NEW EARTH that’s new age bull shit .. only we attain our new earth, personally, the ability to create when we have become an alchemist.. At the end of an age there is always a very high percentage of those that are jokers and deceivers, they are Satans lil helpers… all part of the BlacK magicians, that manipulate the innocence and ignorance of humanity … To keep us in the dark that we are MUSICAL NOTES, simply instruments tuned in by planetary bodies, luminary bodies ….. read here …


I can’t beLIEve how cool this is, please read this article here before carrying on…. can you imagine that this fundamental truth is hidden from humanity?? Alchemy? that we are MUSICAL instruments? All medicine, all psychology, all human pain could be eased if we all understood how we are tuned in individually, the planetary system is simply notes, tones .. that turn us into matter, stones….. how dare we be kept from this knowledge, so it used against us, to tune us into their frequencies to keep us in the dark …..

The Labyrinth is the Bulb the space of escape between, The as above so below Tree of Life.. the Angles/AngELs is the square that is the trap and the Arches/Archons .. The space between each breath is the way out of the 8 as above so below… Its all cycles, we get a material body as we are captured in the instant of the wheel… WE have 33 vertebrae and 32 Paths of wisdom is the Twin brain .. Grace.. Alchemy .. 32 + 32 .. 4 x 8 = 32 or 23 pairs of chromosomes is 46 Zombieed Crane berried in Skull n Bones X over Mass or you GET IT… The swastika symbol is the CROSS as it begins to spin out of the web of lies.. it is as the wheel spins, when you can escape the 4 corners. The Brain 4 Parts, Left and right, Female and male ELectric and magnetic… Beatles/Dung Beetle or when I AM 64/46 you become an alchemist.. The four ELements, to get to Aether .. On your own, not merged into the Sol O Mon BeeHive .. You gotta get out now whilst you still can


DEVA – Defend Every Vulnerable Anima/l  
Danielle Sudweeks

🎶📜✍️“Notes” make the “KEYS” 🎼🗝

That which is written is the key to all. But the key lies in the sound. Vibration or friction creates all.

“Then God “SAID” let there be light”

The keys are not the notes but the notes are keys. In fact, technically speaking, there’s no limit to the number of notes that correspond to a given key on a piano. Each possible note in Western music corresponds to one key on a piano, and in fact many different notes correspond to the same key.

“Some people have perfect pitch and very few people see colors when they hear certain tones. Scriabin was a composer that saw colors when he heard notes.”
Color/light, symbols and music are intrinsically linked. Music and color/light are vibrations and vibrations can create symbols. This can be clearly seen by the creation of Mandalas by a tonoscope. Symbols are also letters and numbers. The Chakras are represented by all 3.

Thoth is the Egyptian god of WRITING, magic, wisdom and the moon. He has the head of an Ibis. Is there something sacred in the unique call of the Ibis? (An “Abyss” is a deep immeasurable space, gulf or cavity, vast chasm, anything profound, unfathomable or infinite. The abyss of time)

The shape of the musical note quaver is a stylized symbol of Thoth.🎶
The treble clef is also a stylized Eye of Horus. 🎼👁
The Bass Clef is the Golden Ratio and the human ear.👂
The stave and ledger lines are the I Ching lines.

Musical symbols are a mixing of ancient stylized truths hidden in plane sight as always to conceal the truth right in front of us. Just as you can discover through the study of etymology the occult twisting and reversing of words to repackage and distort the truth.

What if Egyptian hieroglyphics represent music not words. There within holding the key through the sounds and vibrations they create to unlock the mysteries and truths of humanity hidden deep within the minds of all of us.

The shafts of the pyramid resemble the shaft of the ear into the brain. The ear also connects to the Throat which is the human sound vibrational instrument. Sinus cavities in the skull are not only for filtering and warming air before that air reaches the lungs. They also lighten the skull and act as resonance chambers for sounds. These air pockets are connected with your throat and ears. Our head is in fact as a musical instrument.

Movement creates a vortex, which creates a wave, like DNA. The triangular formation of migrating birds mirrors the musical scales. This V triangular energy formation also mirrors the pathway of light from the eyes to the brain. When rotated it also represents the pyramid. Maybe it’s not so much sheep that human manipulation is mimicking but migrational birds. They have us locked into the direction they want us with a triangular vortex of energy sucking us forward which most are too weak or fearful to break away from.

The call of an Ibis




“Chemistry of the Living Tissues – The Twelve
Zodiacal Cell Salts”

The following information is based on the work and research of
Dr George W. Carey and Dr Willheim H. Schuessler.

“You can trace every sickness, every disease, every ailment to a mineral deficiency”
– Dr Linus Pauling

“German physician and biochemist Dr. Wilheim H. Scheussler identified twelve inorganic minerals present in each cell.  These minerals include forms of calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, silica and sodium. These essential salts act as catalysts for cellular bio-chemical processes within the human body. Schuessler proposed that illness was related to a deficiency in one or more of these twelve major mineral substances and when a deficiency is corrected normal cellular function and health is restored. As a Physicist, specialising in homeopathic biochemistry Scheussler devoted many years into the development of the Schuessler tissue salts. Throughout years of research Schuessler identified that it was the compositions of theses minerals which determined cellular function and differentiation. Therefore it is clear and well proven that a balance of these twelve bio-salts are a vital component required for healthy cellular activity and homeostasis.


“The twelve mineral salts are, in a very real sense, the material basis of the organs and tissues of the body and are absolutely essential to their integrity of structure and functional activity. Experiments prove that the various tissue cells will rapidly disintegrate in the absence of the proper proportion of these salts in the circulating fluid. Whereas the maintenance of this proportion insures healthy growth and perpetual renewal.”

 “These mineral salts, therefore, the physical basis of all healing. Regardless of the school employed, if these are absent from the blood and tissues, no permanent cure is possible.”
                        -Dr. Charles W. Littlefield – analytical chemist

Dr George W. Carey and Inez Eudora Perry adapted Schuesslers ideas into a more complex system of esoteric healing which lays very much in harmony with the homeopathy and alchemical traditions. Carey and Perry suggested that each of these inorganic minerals correspond in vibration to one of the twelve signs of the zodiac. As the hermetic axiom “As above, so below, the human body is an epitome of the cosmos therefore the physical and energetic systems of the human body, the tissues and the organs each correspond to one of these signs.” READ more here ….. https://universaltruthschool.com/syncretism/celltissue-salts/

 DEVA – Defend Every Vulnerable Anima/l

We are the salt of the earth. Salt is really interesting in the sense that it is alive like water. It grows and has memory. A crystal. It is one of the only natural forming squares found in nature. Perfect cubes. White cubes. The opposite of their Saturn black cube. I have a feeling it has to do with that. Eating the white cube will free you from the black cube ◼️◻️

Question: “What does it mean that believers are to be salt and light (Matthew 5:13-16)?”

Answer: Jesus used the concepts of salt and light a number of different times to refer to the role of His followers in the world. One example is found in Matthew 5:13: “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men.”

The references here in the Bible are literal not metaphors as we have been led to believe. Our salt has been poisoned as it is heated to a high temperature and had all the essential life sustaining minerals extracted from it and sold off to the pharmaceutical companies. Then sold to us as table salt. We need desperately to consume whole raw natural sea salt from unpolluted sources or Himalayan sea salt.

We have been fooled into thinking that salt (and the sun) is bad for us but it is in fact just as essential to the human system as water and sunlight and must be ingested daily. It’s their burnt destroyed table salt that is poison and having a disastrous effect on the veins as it is like glass and slices micro cuts as it is pumped through the blood and causes the body to produce more cholesterol to repair these cuts. THAT is the true cause of high cholesterol in our society and they not only know it but have caused it on purpose.

The other factor is the potassium factor, which my friend G Ann Cotton has brought to my attention: “I am perplexed over Potassium…And feeling like, just another crock of sh*te, subterfuge to keep people drained of Life-Force and Suffering…In this case electric current which of course runs a Healthy & Vibrant Body!

So, why doesn’t ANYONE sell potassium supplements that are AT LEAST 50% of the recommended daily value????? Which is 4700 mg – Yep! 4.5 grams!!!!

What is up here???? Most Potassium supplements come in 99mg dose – Why 99…Why so low?

I get it… The Heart and instant death…lol Can’t have that, said Empire…??? 
But really…We as a population are SO FAR OFF the needed levels…??? We are way off!”

She has uncovered yet another deception in their attack on the health of the masses. Always remember, if they tell you to take it, don’t. And if they tell you not to take it, do.

I have been looking into the miraculous healing properties of 100% TURPETINE at the moment too. Especially when dealing with Candida. Bet your doctor won’t be recommending you that…!


Also the disastrous effect of taking calcium on the body which has been so widely insisted upon as a solution to osteoporosis. Which is in fact caused by dairy which is also the other “solution” offered to cure bone fragility.

We must realize that it is the system, the government, that is killing and poisoning us at every turn and stop trusting. Look around you. You see so few, if any, with vibrant glowing health. And every food source resembles nothing of what nature originally offered. And it is our governments that allow, encourage, advertise, fund and legalize it ALL. We have been fooled….


If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe

– Nikola Tesla

No wonder they have all the children spinning 3 6 9 … more mass rituals to enter the new age cAGE 5th ether element 5g Air Aquarius .

humans have been so programmed they don’t even feel anymore.. the process of alchemy involves facing the truth that Life is a stage and that its set up to keep humans as pawns to be played … until we GET IT …then we transcend the lie and we can move in every direction on the chess board ..we can move in and out, the ether realm is found within …The whole Noddy land stage is heading for complete take over, as the wheels above roll towards Winter Narnia.. a time we can be, duped fooled and harvested with ease… There is a Black hole Vortex where you spin and toss and take this whole show for real, or you take the painful journey to self realisation, and you drop all control and fear of death.. Lineal concepts is how you are observed and trapped in the loop, Peer back through the Looking glass.. face your enemy and know thy name… until you get Big enough to question the LIE ..

you will carry on towards self destruction, spinning on a snow glow BaAl heavier and lower towards Led Saturn Reign ….letting off steam, and saying it as it is .. is HUMAN if you don’t see whats happening… Elections are Electrons.. simulators to make your Duracell battery react .to spark and ignite so you charge the machine… because Elections/Electrons excite, divide, fragment and dissect the Atomic Atoms we are … spinning torus fields is all there IS … we are being spun tighter in the web … as we creep further towards the new cAGE order singularity.. the fake singularity, when only you can attain wholeness, oneness, when you find yourself .. …

We are losing connection to being a human… No organisation establishment religion political party, Culture or secret society can help you turn wheat to Gold.. the WEAK souls turn to Cults and use Rumpelstiltskin to give them the power, they sacrifice their soul for fame glory and Gold, instead of inner light and a compass home ….only you can activate your inner nectar to higher consciousness.. Spiritual in the true sense.. without going to India, or joining a cult, is individual, it involves going through loss of everything you have been programmed to know.. returning to nothingness and leaving all limitation behind…you gottA get through the labyrinth alone, it’s thrilling, throw yourself into the pit and dig ..


as soon as you do, keys are given, when you let curiosity with good pure intention guide you, you are safe.. death of the programmed you, is a slow painful process of letting go of the egO… see how the masses are really herded ..How Psychopathic every inch of the smiley gang really are… and then unplug from that energy .. you are a creTOR now …. not a player nor a pawn …

Mercury is about communication, connection … activating the realm of Gold within … the Orange second to bottom chakra is the orbiting luminary sphere frequency after the Moons red blood orbit. The Telephone Operator Orange is about the communicator God Hermes Mercury AIR .the 5th element Ether .Mercury..holds the cast that put humanity under a deep spell.Caduceus -The Staff of Hermes is the Holly Wood Wand that struck you, They want humans stuck in the frequency of sex and desire, a primordial ring that focuses on fake media intellectualism Science, politics, entertainment, food, drink, drugs and religion and His Stories fables.. The Orbits of the planets luminaries, make prisms of colours, the realms that revolve around us on our stationary earth and within us as above so below and so within …

if you don’t tune in your own frequencies, unplug from the fake light, you participate in keeping yourself in the jack in the Box .. every time you phone orange french number is 09 69 36 39 00 say no more Why did Tesla say that 3,6,9 was the key to the universe? …you participate in a mass black magicK Harry Potter ritual to keep humans in a trance .and attached to that low Orange to BLACK vibe..

Old Video of santOs before he got that the earth is not a SantA ball .. but that doesn’t change the essence of this …

it’s the Saturn Moon mercury Fake Sol O Mon Over Lay .. Peter Pan is the Gemini Mercury Pan Baphomet Orange haired Pied Piper that can entwine you in the The DNA double helix trap .only you can get out of the lower Orange frequency to attain the full enlightenment .But Hermes Pan will whisper lies .. …and deceive ..until your hear your own voice within ..getting rid of your chakras can’t help you, you gotta tune in your own notes, you gotta break the spell of EL yourself …you detach by fully identifying the web we are spun in .. and breaking through it yourself.

Charlotte’s web is a Pig Trap unless we can weave our own density ..into destiny and manifest our own patterns.. earth is a school .. where duality is the first grade.. many of us on earth have evolved out of kindergarten..we are all vibing at unique signatures, we live among each other causing friction as souls sounds ascend and descend like musical tones, stones, notes .. it’s a passionate labyrinth, the web of deceit .. the wheel .. we are just raising or lowering our vibes.. depending on how innocent, arrogant, mind controlled degenerate or gullible we may be, only Ego keeps the gates closed.. only you and I have the keys


All Myths Religions Fables and Nursery Rhymes come from astrOtheology … we are in the wheel .ouroboros.. you only escape it, when you deprogram from the deceit and raise your inner ChristOs Oil, your nectar to enlightenment .. we are fed stories for children, to keep us trapped in the wheel …. Explanation below.. sometimes i forget many don’t know this…. they think we live on a santA SatAn Jesus Glow BaAl …..Gravity is simply Dielectric Magnetism hence Mary Magdalene ..we are stationary among spinning orbits that tune us in, accord our organs … until we can tune ourselves in and adjust our own organs of sound… matter ..

Magnetism & Inertia: Explaining the Field Geometry that defines the entire Universe


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