The 8th House, PlutO ScorpiO Orange,

The 8th House

orange tree 2

The 8th comes up in most of my astrology consultations. But usually I’ll enter through a side entrance, discovered in the course of conversation, without announcing I’m going in. I’ll step out just as gingerly. This is the house of secrets after all. It rules sex, other people’s money, taxes, debts, loss, and death. As a beginning astrologer, it’s easy to be intimidated by this house. Planets in a solar return 8th can make you quiver. Transits to the 8th might suggest years of calamity and doom. Over time, however, this knee-jerk fear gives way to deep respect. Survive an 8th house transit and you’ll be reborn. Valuable lessons will be learned. Eventually you’ll regard the 8th as a kind of spiritual master who only shatters you for your higher good. Your ego holds no dominion here. In this house greater forces run the show.

It’s difficult to talk about the 8th, but we all know 8th house territory. From childhood onward, we crawled through this archetypal jungle on our knees. There was that mysterious tension in the air whenever your Aunt came to visit. Or how, with a single word, your grandmother could turn your dad into a child. It was the odd feeling you got when your uncle invited you to sit on his lap. The 8th carries your psychological inheritance—the potent invisible currents that no one talked about. Here were the electric fences strung across the rooms when your parents argued about money or sex. Here too was the power of your mother’s purse, full of mysterious totems and the smell of money. Maybe you tried a few magic spells to make it come to you. But mostly you were under others’ spells here, shaped by rituals and defense mechanisms absorbed without your comprehension—your father’s deep self-loathing, your mother’s rage, handed from female to female down your family line. In later years, perhaps when a transit touched this house, such legacies might be painfully stripped away. Buried 8th house secrets might suddenly spring to light. This is the house that keeps the therapists in business.

Transformations here aren’t always bad. The 8th describes important sexual initiations. A financial inheritance or an insurance settlement could be indicated by the 8th. Also your first joint bank account, loan approval on your first house. If you practice divination, the 8th can help you answer questions like “Will I get Aunt Melanie’s millions?” But if you’re a counseling astrologer, you’ll likely be working with the part of this house that’s known by feelings more than words, the unspoken contracts, the irrational fears, the pull of the past, its compulsions and obsessions.

Like the 7th, this is a house of “others.” In the 8th we can be rocked by our relationships—into desire, anger, ecstasy, insecurity, or greed. If the 7th house describes relationships forged through equality, in the 8th house we suffer (or profit from) relationships based on inequality. When others enter the intimate waters of this house, they get some power over us. Whether it’s the bank, our parents, the IRS, our sexual partners, even a stranger who happens to push our buttons, and let’s not forget the scythe-master Death—through the 8th we become painfully aware of forces beyond our manipulation and control. In our struggles here, how should we proceed? Most journeys here require a guide. Along with unflinching, courageous “awareness,” “surrender” is the most useful 8th house word.

orange black 2

We are all in the Wheel,  a hexagon within a bee hive, until we can self generate our tones. we all have an 8th house cusp, even if we don’t have planets in this house of death and rebirth, we will have plutO somewhere on our chart, we all have to face destruction to find regeneration, new beginnings new foundations new perceptions and depths, the scales of our organs, are tuned in, accorded, by our ability to go deep, low, base and raw. That’s what truth is, that is all it is. When, at last, we are brave enough to face our lowest note. To not be drained of our light in the process, but to rekindle life with our newly found perspectives in tow. This is the path to enlightenment, many are driven to material security, Power games, control, magnetic witchcraft, all traits of the 8th house and PlutO, but if you don’t learn from real meeting with the prince of darkness himself, you can not gain authentic inner knowing, it is the true purple door,  of Seth the sun set from Orange to black, when you have disintegrated, your sexual and material desires, merged your female and male, through forgiveness and compassion for those that have betrayed us, stolen our innocence, that is when we activate the higher mind into the 9th house of higher learning, and we have the strength to face the inner visible realm, to the outer trans-personal luminary bodies, of the outer planets and last houses.

orange bats

So, I integrated my 8th house lessons, lowest tones, most of you reading this, will have done too, you will have fought through the thorns to kiss your inner twin alive, as i have. the journey deepens in groove, as we unfold, through personal intimate relationships, loss of trust, abuse of power and control, we are all burnt and stung. We do have to go slowly,  as we heal, it’s very painful to see the wounds, how they were first projected, attracted and received and then how, the replay button went on hold and we lived it again and again until we consciously say stop, enough. We fall helpless, broken, naked alone, drenched and stuck in a gap…. Mind the gap, they say, curiosity killed the cat, they say, Orange is the new black they say… just follow the light, they say…. well, go there then, follow the fake idols and ideals, then go all the way, to the end and come back for more, or stop the lineal, enclosed, process and start to dig, to find a way out, of the fake movie hall, find out more, go where you most fear, then re write the script.

orange black 9

We all have different ways of dealing with the underworld, some spend their whole lives avoiding death. Why even the thought of it sends most people into impotency. Religions and belief programs, step in and capture those of us facing crisis, death and loss, spiritual new age and self-obsessive narcissistic, traps, a place where many a soul falls into the new age cage mantra of being positive, holy and polite, being vegan, fasting or joining a cult or face group book,  never gave you alchemy, only facing the music in all its penetration and marvel can do that, the rest is secondary. It comes after the 8th house. But new agers prefer to not look below and surf on the seven chakra strings of rainbow unicorn clouds, UNITY is the one eyed corned beast, its dragon puff. …most have been fooled, and we are all walking into the last age.. before death.. When Orange becomes black. with a puff and a Pooof  we are led to believe that we are in Aquarius, when on the outer scale of the bigger wheel, the true picture is that of the 8th house, the 33 reversed upon its self,  is 8 the Orus Borus of self destruction rather than self illumination.

orange black 3

We are trapped in the need to survive, to be sexual to be self obsessed, the female orgasm, the bonding truth of feeling one in a physical realm, the closest we can get to transcendence, in a physical realm, through connection, with the other and self, has been abolished and made dirty, for Eve is evil, when eve is just the time of degeneration before rebirth. through this process. Once we attain this, we are free to discover the higher truths of reality, but no one gets there without going through the base tone of the underworld. No seed started in the light, it began in the depth of the dark, that is how our true growth is blossomed. We are the creators of life, unless we are hypnotised, involuntarily lead into a program, mercifully to self destruct, as we are. now. Under a mass remote controlled, sexual spell, to Hell.

Therapists, self-development and health gurus, truther leaders, step in to stop you going all the way to hell and back, films are made and constant wars and bullshit written into the world stage scenario, when its all a divine rotten comedy leading us to Winter. Even AA holds people back in 12 step disciple black magicK, from true healing. I think we need to go all the way.. so to rebuild and become alchemists. The whole lie is set up to put us in fear so we will do anything to not know, the dark horseman, the abyss, the cold truth of death and rebirth then renewal, at its most fundamental depth. Oh you will go to hell, ohh you will die if you have another drink, you will never ascend if you go against the trends imposed and social sways. If you dare search into the unknown to dive into the ocean and meet the sharks. To know and acknowledge the different veils of perceptions that have to be pierced, perceived and felt intimately, to be dissolved. Before clarity and peace of mind can be found, one has to jump into the deep conspiracies and hidden occult truths that manipulate us into a pathetic trance of blind faith and intellectual arrogance and hoity assurance that we don’t need to grow and know, in a happy glaze and blind hope of resistance to the wheels,  yes we lie, in ignorance and shame.

However, death comes to us many times, it knocks at our doors with fervent reminders and disturbing shadows, memories come back and we dive into the first safety zone, rather than bearing all, letting ourselves be pulled and pushed, like wild waves until we become tame, through pain, responsibility and maturity, we become the current ourselves. There are those that cheat, worse than that of myths and tales and so-called education, higher learning, religion and cults. There are those that sell their souls for material gain, power and a false ideal that through membership, and large payments, that they could have possibly, remarkably, unscathed, made it through to the other side, hiding behind a barrier reef of self-important, lies.

Only we can become masters of our inner fuel, fire, light, to raise the phoenix from the ember… 

orange in luto

Bobbi Jensen of all people you should know.. what Burning Man is? its all astrology seasons the festival is at the end of August on the autumn Orange equinox HARVEST time as our souls are harvested.. it is also a gateway into HELL as we enter new age mad max dystopian hellscape Aquarius Sodomy LGBTP Noahide law.. The Wicker Man is a giant effigy allegedly used by the Druids to perform human sacrifice as BAAL Moloch… all those who participate dance with this satanic ritual of keeping man as a way to live through our light… our fire is stolen and we are sacrificed in our ignorance of not knowing how to become alchemists because we are all kept in the dark  

wicker man

The Fire …. Yes they want to be like US .. they need to steel our light … the FIRE of Penetration is the Power they steal… they cant LOve so Sodomy is how they attain Pineal activation and mental Mind control …. of lil innocent Mowgli boys.. Just LOOK at the blatent JOKER ORANGE sex MagicK on US 

Hermes Thoth Seth Mercury Peter Pan Arthur and the round table, the little prince, David Bowie ….. Jesus …. they are all the orange haired jokers …….

The most supreme prepubescent Satanic Bloodline transgendered Peter PAN of all… Orange to Black Purpel rain reign Sun SETH Hermes Mercury PAN … 

orange thoth mercury hermes


The 8th is the house of death. It might seem paradoxical that in this house we can renew our life; yet there is a connection. According to the Buddhists, nothing gets our spiritual priorities straighter than death. “Keep Death to the left,” the shaman Don Juan advised Carlos Castanada. Acknowledging death can be a powerful means for moving us into present time. Almost universally, those who’ve suffered near-death experiences report that it blessed them with a keener sense of life.

Modern and traditional astrologers disagree on death’s importance to this house. Dane Rudhyar suggests this meaning is overrated.3 As spokesman for the traditional view, John Frawley argues otherwise: “In any astrology that purports to say anything of concrete and verifiable accuracy, the eighth is the house of death. This is not death in any poetic or metaphorical sense, as some modern authorities claim. This is death in the very real sense of someone no longer being alive.”4

That a person will die is one prediction we can make with full accuracy. The trick is nailing when. Recently I heard the story of a woman who visited an astrologer and was told her death was imminent. She was thrown into turmoil. When the time passed and she didn’t die, she was relieved, then mighty angry with the astrologer. Last week a dear friend confessed that on her recent trip to Nepal a palm reader had told her she would die in five years. Choking back tears, my friend asked if I saw the same thing. I checked her chart. I saw nothing remarkable and she was relieved. Still I wondered, if the time came and I was wrong, would she go hurtling through the afterworld mighty mad at me?

Frawley suggests that modern astrologers are squeamish about giving their clients anything but happy news. Traditional astrologers were more practical: it was pointless to predict a client’s Wednesday if by Tuesday he’d be dead. To locate the time of death, Frawley suggests looking carefully at the 8th house cusp and ruler, also the condition of the 8th in the solar and lunar returns. It’s true that most modern astrologers haven’t developed this technique. Rarely does “Timing Death” appear on conference schedules. When I ask my astrology buddies their means for timing death, their responses are as vague as mine. The mother of one of my astrologer friends had terminal cancer. We looked at possible times for her inevitable death. We suspected it would happen the year Pluto squared my friend’s Moon, but her mother ignored the transit and continued living.

Perhaps as the Buddhists say it is enough to know that we will die, even though the time is uncertain. In the meantime, when my clients show an 8th house emphasis by transit, progression or solar return, I’ve found it useful to suspect that “something” in their life will die. However poetic and metaphorical my view, it’s also practical; the majority of my clients survive these transits and gain new meaning from them. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether we moderns are dumbing down the tradition or expanding the symbols to speak to a contemporary culture’s needs.

Planets in the 8th of a solar return can signal a year of crisis or instability. There may be a significant lifestyle change, difficult adjustments to a divorce, a move, a new job. An emphasized 8th in the solar or by transit or progression can indicate a death or emotional crisis for someone close to us. Often our own ego gets a traumatic hit, suggesting it’s time to let go of some notion it holds about itself. Recently my friend, astrologer April Elliott Kent, posted an article on her website about Saturn transiting through her 8th house. “Saturn,” she wrote, “is stomping through my eighth house like Godzilla humbling Tokyo, holding up a mirror to my trembling second-house natal Saturn with its many insecurities.”5 The 8th house rules our partner’s money; April’s husband was currently without an income. Together they owed the IRS a chunk of change and although their stock portfolio wasn’t dead, it was on life support. They also became victims of credit card fraud. “Really,” April wrote, “eighth house transits don’t get a whole lot worse than this. It’s enough to make you want to… take a nap. And drink heavily.”

April emailed me the day after posting her article. “I just received the most mind-blowing email I’ve ever received from a reader, accusing me of writing only about ‘(my) life, (my) house, (my) husband’ and ‘suggesting’ that I return to a more ‘generic’ approach (when did I ever have that?!). You can imagine my reaction, and my response… I’m considering writing an addendum to the article with this extra illustration of the Saturn opposition at work. Second house Saturn: ‘You think you’re no good, unworthy, your ideas unacceptable?’ Eighth house transiting Saturn: ‘Well, you’re RIGHT!’”

Here’s where it’s helpful to know astrology: April could lay down and die or recognize something else needed to die. “And that’s exactly what’s coming out of this,” April emailed the next day. “It’s like a whole lifetime of people picking at my creative efforts with their ‘who do you think you are?’ attitude is bubbling up and I’m just standing there and saying, you know what? This is bullshit!” Not all 8th house deaths are bad. Because of her courageous awareness,  April’s insecurities tumbled under the Grim Reaper’s axe.

orange eagle

Orange is the house of Scorpio, the eagles of death, we are in Orange now, clockwork orange is when the least light is available and most fall like leaves to begin the rotting process, rather than face the truth that we are in the end times of the greater cycles, of nature. The elite know this, this is party time, for them, when we are furthest from our inner connection to light and no one wants to dig for the true teaching of Hermetism, ancient knowledge, that we are in the wheels of life, we go from spirit to matter and matter to spirit, but those that take the show too seriously will encompass the weights they bare and become stones, when the illusion is  that we are infact tones, notes and we can self accord our frequency out of the orange to black, by just seeing the decay, admitting that this is not progress but brainwashing. You need immense inner strength and courage to gain a compass/compassion home.

orange clock

I remember potently lying in my bed, I think as my divorce rolled into action, 17 years ago. I recall, facing death, physically and hypothetically too, I tried to imagine what it is like to be gone, but the idea was too absurd, it’s not possible for death to end my imagination, I thought,  nor my desire to carry on the experience. Out of the question. I was ready to face death so I was ready to wake up and truly, live. This IS what the Orange house is about, every time you are shown this colour, you are shown FEAR, for all the most violent films are clockwork Oranges, even the God Father mafia have always used Oranges,

orange god f

the sunset is Orange before red blood is drawn, it means DANGER, get ready, Royalty is Purpel the final colour of the sun set, Seth, before BLACK.

orange godfather

Orange to purpEL to Black ….

orange B

I have some incredible friends the most creative and artistic people ever … but when i see how the beasts tentacles use talent, to create videos with occult messages i have to decode them for YOU .. i don’t like to do this but this video says it all.. as much as i LOVe my friends i have to speak up … i’ve only looked quickly but i can say is …First we have a LOGO that shows the reign of Lucifer when the cap at the top of the pyramid is closed activation 777 where we are NOW … as we enter the age of Aquarius and transhumanism ..through the Emerald green doors of OZ in ZiOn … so we are shown robotic stepford wives, 60’s couples, still believing in the heterosexual couple… but now the clockwork Orange programming is finished..60 s till now.. you see the Egyptian dance in between the temple of SOL O MON on the staircase reference to who still runs the show.. ..

orange jack 3

orange jack 2

then you are shown the HEXAGON roof which is in reference to the BEE HIVE mentality take over we are merged from the twin male female into the ONE UNIty CORN.. singularity thats why a purpel drink is served to celebrate this merging of red and blue male and female ..and death of nature.. the bar man is the magician who poisons the people like the wizard of OZ with a purpel potion.. . then we see the woman in red / MALE energy in the orange mindcontrol bed of peaches her virginity is taken the true female killed clockwork orange..MKultra done to the whole of humanity is comfortably numbed as they follow the pied piper PAN to self destruction… ..

4 pairs of opened legs like the architects compass of free masonary, reference to the ages passed and the 5th to arrive.. 5g…. under the same hold.. takes us into the new world cage and we see the PAN MAN eating a cherry to BUST the last juice of organic LIFE toGETher .. then we see the magician the barman who has now put all humanity under the spell call for the WHORE of Babylon ISIS the statue of Liberty is this symbol of taking over the womb of man ..France gave this ISIS statue to America so this is a french play on the french masons.. then we see more Purpel and Orange as we end the time of SETH SET of the sun Saturn Satan the harvester of souls..

The Kiss of the Orange haired Pan .. Peter Pan .. PolO n Pan … Judas that steals our LIght our HEART our vital Orange sexual force to live ….Note Orange to Red to Purpel … Seth … and reset .. 

is the Fake imposter God celebrating a new harvest of souls … the peacock feather symbolises the phoenix rising, the one eye and sex orgies…and sex based primordial Pan the Man is exposed as the whore of Babylon transgender in the all seeing eye the vesica pisces is now officially taken over we are trapped in this virtual reality now… forbidden fruit eaten again for another turn on the wheel of the age of Aquarius and all the robots worship the communion of Man and BEAST 

orange black 7

PurpEL Rain Reigncc82107_pp_1.jpgDonald The Mercury Gemini Peter Pan Orange haired PurpEL Joker….

orange trump

Orange purpel 5g… black magick bull shit alert….. this is the crap trap… for new agers….

orange purpel

I was just asked this question and its such a good quesion i post it here …it was a comment on this  article …. “Excellent article. Today is the feast day of Mary Magdalene, she is often depicted with orange hair, thoughts on this Victoria Cotton?·……. Thank you very good point i almost added her.. Mary Magdelena, is in her essence just magnetic as jesus is electric …. blue and red female male… don’t forget venus has been overtaken toGETher.. her five petals she makes when transitioning the sky has been taken over by our elite and inversed into a five star pentagram to mind control humanity and to kill the female energy.. it takes 8 years again the no 8 and why we are stuck in an 8 orusborus, because SHE her dark energy is repressed from saving innocence ….

Fake Five star toGETher to kill the female base low tones sexual magnetic pull

The-Female-Reproductive-System-vs-Satanic-Rams-Head (1)


The true 8 year the 8th House journey of venus.. the five petals of creation and life air fire water earth Aether 

petals of venus

the female reproductive organs turned into the head of the goat SATAN … Venus is the fake light Lucifer wHore of babylon the Statue of liberty ISIS Ishtar Easter ….. Like peter pan is mercury hermes thoth and jesus … also Lucifer they are being merged now as the one world trade center of genderless baphomet humans … they both represent the 5 star venus pentagram and the fifth house of creative love in astrology…ORANGE hair symbolizes the JOKER.. the travelling fool that never gets it never WAKES UP .. but in its essence it was the more evolved red headed RH negative bloodlines that carried the holy grail truth before our planet was completely taken over by the darkside as is normal in these dark days of end of cycle life .. in this dream ….

her five petals she makes when transitioning the sky has been taken over by our elite and inversed into a five star pentagram to mind control humanity and to kill the female energy.. it takes 8 years again the no 8 and why we are stuck in an 8 orusborus, because SHE her dark energy is repressed from saving innocence ….The true 8 year path of the five petals of venus and the 13 points of her journey there are not 12 months disciples positions of the yearly moon cycle ….but 13 ..12 movements of our sun to make a petal ….

Orange haired Fools … The inversed Lie of mary magdelene and jesus Orange lower sex JOKERS… unless you see through the tricks 

marymagdelene and jesusRegarding the Kiss of death of Judas .. I know the Bible story but prefer the original story which is just the sun and the 12 houses .. on his journey… as we are now in Novemeber the ORANGE month ..


ScorpiO …as the wheels prepare to turn into the dark winter yes Aquarius counterclockwise is November, so the age of Aquarius is the age of the rotting and decaying of humanity like leaves will begin… this is why in the Paris Baterclan which is Orange too, the attack and many other attacks like Pulse club Florida Orange county and avenue ..are examples, they were in the ORANGE districts in the 11th arrondisment which is the month of Novemeber.. like 9 is Nove in Italian so 11 is also 9 …. November again… yes 9/11 is November/Nove/NINE 11 ….. New Age Golden Cage of Aquarius 11th House ……

Eagles of death .. Played the Kiss of death for the Shooting at the Orange Bataclan in the 11th district of the Orange area of Paris on the 13 November 2015.. clockwork Orange Mind Control …. 

orange eagle of death

the attacks in Paris happened on the 13th November too… Paris attack even had the group the eagles of death (Scorpio and eagle) is November ..and they were playing the song the kiss of death when the shooting happened.. this is how the elite talk to themselves, to officially open the rotting years before the winter period we enter now..

orange black horsemen

the time they enjoy so much as we rot and they have lots of tasty souls to catch …we have all been betrayed by Judas.. the most tasty souls are always those betrayed because it breaks peoples hearts the SHOCK when they find out we are all on trains to death … But it is a natural process … November to December Fall … that has been hidden from us. The Gold Pot is finding this out and activating your inner Gold….. Before its too late.


Judas is a personification of Scorpio. Pilate, whom Jesus sees next after being betrayed by Judas, is a personification of Sagittarius, the next sign in the zodiac following Scorpio. Scorpio, the scorpion, stings the sun condemning it to death, just as Judas kisses Jesus condemning him to death. 

orange judas 2
After the sun has it’s fateful encounter with Scorpio it moves on to Sagittarius, leaving Scorpio below the horizon, a figurative death for Scorpio. Similarly, after Jesus (the sun) is kissed by Judas (Scorpio), Jesus (the sun) moves to stand trial before Pilate (Sagittarius), and Judas (Scorpio) dies a tragic death.

orange judas

we have two thousand years in this age and 4 000 before we start a new cycle i don’t think humans will be part of the big freeze ice age to come, Narnia … it s a great time to be alive… i love autumn into winter.. just knowing is all we need.. if we were not ruled by craziees we could all cope.. but nothing is ever the same, the wheels turn and we change so we just have to be aware so we are not betrayed… we woke up because we were betrayed at least i did.. most people who are betrayed don’t bother to find out the bigger picture they hold resentment and anger all their lives, that alone kills them… the idea is to be bigger than that pain and to surf the ride .. as we are.. but we see what is happening we are being led into a fake age of light when we we’re in the dark … not being caught is working it out before you die otherwise we are recycled back here and it gets harder to see the darker it gets..

orange mercury
Souls come in and out for a brief moment in this dream… if that soul is not ready to know, it comes back until it gets it… if that soul never gets it it returns to stone … the longer we are recycled, the harder the spell is to break… a kiss is a good way to wake up.. but normally they are a kiss of death.. otherwise we do remain blind.. Pain and heartbreak is the best opportunity, we have to GET IT though be aware there are many stone people among us, they have no empathy, they are stones by choice they get their tones and notes through us …

orange peter

By increasing our subconscious fear, by orchestrating attacks all over the world through ritual black magicK, through ghastly films, literature, entertainment and art, our subconscious is kept in a low vibe, a perverted sexual, even pornographic lust, never allowing the full process of self-regeneration through interior bonding of male and female within, to become whole, this process, involves self observation, forgiveness and compassion before base primordial survival instincts kicked in. However the traumas we live are somehow so painful to many,  that most prefer fake security, self indulgence and financial gain above another, rather than ever facing up to the unjust darkness we are all caged in. Alchemy is the key out of this realm, cause those who don’t get it this time, leave their children in a pit ever closer to the flames and will be back to witness it, it is just a choice to see, and break the spell of EL or not?

When you accept death, you are a master and a alchemist and you no longer need to rely on your physical experience on earth. Sex loses its primal force and becomes a means of personal transformation and knowing thyself through respect of the other. Pure intention for the reasons of bonding with another is of utmost importance, when your every act has no more personal gain but a joint sacred sharing, sex can be used in its purest cleansing regenerative form, it is no longer a mystery or an obsession, but a gateway, to be a sexually open, fragile, flower, innocent as a child is the aim, but in this oversexualised world, no child can obtain this, not today. Not with the images thrown at them through every available outlet, not with vaccines being forced upon us, not with wifi, chemtrails or smart meters or cell phones and towers, our food air water and earth is poisoned, everything is, by these parasites that have infested our minds. We are being dumbed down into remote controlled sex slaves. Just as the Elite themselves are slaves, to the demons they worship through ritualistic satanic torture, sodomy, rape and human sacrifice.

Stealing our innocence.. our hearts our life force …. The Ginger OranGe Pan….

Mercury ORANGE Sexual Chakra Hermes and his rod Caduceus to genetically engineer remote controlled humans .. (we can self ignite are double dna helix unless we are still fast asleep) the UNICORN is the new Peter Pan Pied Piper leading the hobbits to self destruction … Brain ROWS are about mind control … your children need to be protected from balck magicK LGBTP merging of male and female …. Its about genetic engineering so we lose connection to source and we remain trapped as insect food for the cycles to come …. Caduceus is a winged staff with two snakes wrapped around it. It was an ancient astrological symbol of commerce and is associated with the Greek god Hermes, the messenger for the gods, conductor of the dead and protector of merchants and thieves. It was originally a herald’s staff, sometimes with wings, with two white ribbons attached. The ribbons eventually evolved into snakes in the figure-eight shape.

Unity Uni Corn .. One world sex slave trade center… Orange .. Forever .. Peter pan …

orange unicorn

The number eight is important to the practitioners of judicial astrology. In some cases, depictions of the Greek kerykeion can be radically different from that of the traditional caduceus. These representations will feature the two snakes atop the wand (rod),

crossed to create a circle with the heads of the snakes resembling “horns.” In this form, it looks remarkably similar to the symbol for the planet Mercury – while Mercury the god is the Roman name for Hermes, who carries the kerykeion, or caduceus.

In some cases, depictions of the Greek kerykeion can be radically different from that of the traditional caduceus (as in the picture at right). These representations will feature the two snakes atop the wand (rod), crossed to create a circle with the heads of the snakes resembling “horns.” In this form, it looks remarkably similar to the symbol for the planet Mercury – while Mercury the god is the Roman name for Hermes, who carries the kerykeion, or caduceus.

In the seventh century, the caduceus came to be associated with a precursor of medicine, based on the Hermetic astrological principles of using the planets and stars to heal the sick.

Looks like trouble for the coming 21st August Full solar lunar eclipse?? A Clock Work Orange affair ….. 

Holy bananas the solar eclipse coming up is all in 5th house LEO is this the ORANGE LION KING CLOCKWORK ORANGE TRIGGER….Obviously this can be fantastic for us individually.. but see how it can be used against us collectively.. the rage of this ROAR is gonna have lasting ripples this is the Lion King NARNIA Black Prince take over …Willy and Kate? Youth upheaval Martial law? Orange haired Peter Pan Mercury gemini rising LEO TRUMP is in for his biggest acting role yet.. and orange Putin Pan too… 

Simpson predictive Colck Work Orange 


Holly Wand Shit just saw this one too…Lunar Female Blue eclipse in Aquarius before Solar Male Red eclipse in opposite Leo what a JOKE on US … Note its PurpEL as that is red n blue merged take over of our psyche be ready and don’t let the black magick effect YOU .. Orange eclipse .. preparation age of Aquarius Transgender merging into UNITY Uni CORN of PAN .. 9/11 because 11 is 11th house of Aquarius Opposite 5th house Leo Orange … 11 is also November Nove is 9 ORANGE fall Clockwork merging into machine.. brain Row … activation 7 Microsoft … beatles ….

Basically this IS WHATS happening… The ARCH to above is the ARK of the convenant It is the spiritual bridge of above so below….. have you seen through the lie yet? it only gets harder, the longer you wait, the Imposters are keeping us distracted when this is whats happening NOW over August the 8th Month ….. Leo.. Royal.. Venus.. Fake Torch of Isis

Hence the BrainRow of OZ zzzz is the last letter the last age of the Alpha Beta … Language is made by the architect wizard THOTH… for division and mind control.. Spells. Spelling what is your beLIEf program? .. when truth comes from within you.. no where else…you make up your own TRUTH as you go along.. but don’t ever listen to the machine.. everything we are seeing in the world is NODDY LAND you are here to play a specific role of helping others unplug and find the best quality life in this age.. get out of cities and create a life… out of the box … 

This is my last important post of day it is important.. i am the coukoo bringing messages as many of us are NOW … we enter a critical time for humanity.. we are about to be bridged to the MACHINE.. the WWW web of the spider is about to try and trap us into thinking we are progressing as we are wrapped in the web numbed and SLOW KILLED through 5g technology ..The Hexagon BEE HIVE cage. Through the FAKE Noahide / laws taking over our seven chakras …this is 777 activation completely BrainRowed MERGED as Linda Beck explains…Stealing our HONEY our NECTAR our FIRE our LIFE FORCE from us sucking us dry as insect incest does… there are some photos and an important video about 5g.. the person uses quotes from David Bowie.. WHY? because the FAKE death of his role as the Mercury AIR communication ORANGE Hermes.. PAN God messenger of leading humanity into the trap of orange to BLACK ..

The eclipse of 21 august is in the 5th house of the Sun/SON Royal Narnia Leo in NY .. a good place to have a ritual … for 5g… transhumanising ourselves.. when we should be spiritually getting it and bridging our own awakening from spirit to matter and back to spirit.. for WINTER is here we are officially in the FAKE VENUS LIGHT of LUCYFER .. Lucy in the sky with diamonds… led by the Pied Piper JOKERS.. Trump is the JOKER from BatMan… as my friend Danielle Sudweeks says if the Queen of England dies after this eclipse.. the official announcement is “The BRIDGE is down” leading the LION KING GOLDEN AGE BS …Willy I Am PAN in, as the new Pharaoh of this Babylonian ruling of SATURN/SATAN who astrologically rules the age of Aquarius and Capricorn.. The bridge is down is the breaking of our connection to ourselves and to natural alchemy when left in natures true resonance, 5g will kill our connection to source and make us all ILL.. VERY… unless we are able to face the music and begin to untangle from the web of lies we are drowning in… on our own… we can then face the FACTS and NOT be afraid…

David Bowie died as did the Purpel prince and George… all about the transgendering and the Purpel RAIN of Queen B Lizzy Purpel is the time between Orange to BLACK the SETH of the sun… as we enter winter .. David Bowie DIED on a New Moon Black Moon … the eclipse coming is again a Black Moon but the reason we see the eclipse is because RAHU retrogrades Not because of the moon … if you have not delved into your subconscious realm you will be forced to face the music in the preceding months to the eclipse…. A brief account of what is given about Rahu and Ketu in the sacred literature of India is being outlined here. It is useful to know it because the sacred literature of India contains not merely the account of planets and myths associated with them, but also gives us valuable clues which sharpen our astrological perceptions. The best researches in astrology can be done if we took seriously the stories about these planets, unravelled the mysteries, looked deeper into the stories, found richer astrological content than what is apparent and applied the principles so gleaned to horoscopes before us.

rahu 2
Nectar or amrita was churned out of the ocean (the story of Samudra Manthan). Poison too had come out with the nectar. That lethal poison could have destroyed the entire life on the life on the earth. Lord Shiva quaffed it off. He stored it in his neck as a result of which it became blue which is why one of the names of Lord Shiva is Lord Neelakantha.
It was decided to distribute the nectar to Gods and strengthen them against their fight with rakshas (demons). Without anyone noticing it at once, Rahu, and Ketu who were demons, joined the gods and partook of that nectar. When Lord Vishnu came to know of it further serving of nectar was not given to Rahu and Ketu. But they had enough consumed enough nectar to become immortal like gods. The Sun and the Moon had noticed this deceitful act of Rahu and Ketu and complained to Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu pierced the abdomen of Rahu and chopped off the head of Ketu. But they did not die as they had become immortal.


The Sun and the Moon had reported against Rahu and Ketu to Lord Vishnu. But they had become immortal now. They prayed to the almighty to include them in the galaxy of planets. Their wish was granted. But they harboured ill will towards the sun and the Moon who had reported against them   .

They want clockwork Orange madness …

orange 21

Thx Danielle Sudweeks “Now why is it that they will say:
“London Bridge is Down”
to announce the death of the Queen? Why say it like that? Why not just say that the Queen has died….?

Because she/he has not died. The truth is that the bridge is indeed down. The moment they say this the spiritual bridge has been destroyed. CERN. They will be announcing that humanity is trapped. Trapped in the winter of Narnia with no escape. Only those who have escaped by seeing before the bridge “collapses” will be free of it spiritually. We don’t have much time. AWAKEN!!!
AUGUST– Named for the Roman Emperor Augustus in “8” BC. The month was formerly known as Sextilis (meaning six).
We have a lunar eclipse on the 7/8/17
and a solar eclipse on the 21/8/17
Both of these dates will be on a Monday
— Moon’s day
Middle English monday or mone(n)day
Old English mon(an)dæg “day of the moon”
Latin dies lunae “day of the moon”
Ancient Greek hemera selenes “day of the moon”
Money = Moon Eye
7 & 21 = 7 2×1 = 7 11
711 = 911 all supported by the double infinity sign of 8 (month of august) and year 17. 1 + 7 = 8. Double 88. We are moving from the simple visual trap of OO into the double visual trap 88. It will be near impossible for humanity to be able to ever see with the double vision glasses that are about to be placed onto us. The call that the “towers are down” on 911 will be echoed again with the call that “London Bridge is down” on 711.
“EVERY word in EVERY language has an etymological origin and significance. When false flags happen, they happen on specific days and dates that not only follow numerology, but the specific name of that particular day.
In the end, question EVERYTHING because most of what we were taught is either lies, propaganda or designed to keep us living in subservience, control, and conformity!”
Know what I think…?

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Tomorrows Land Barcelona 2017 

The opening ritual for the pre eclipse attack… barcelona ..


I was so worried about the young people going to this event.. I did warn a friend NOT To go.. but when we are young we do these events… not knowing what they represent.. Tomorrows world festivals is about the age of Aquarius, Friends Groups BEE HIVE Hexagone Bee Haviour … Tomorrows world is the land of OZ Narnia Lucifer Whore of Babylon… LGPTP Noahide Law RAINBOW .. UNICORN UNITY TOgetHER… One world trade center of sexlesss minions .. now the two corned beast has become one horned towering infernO… Fires represent the torch of the statue of liberty the FIRE of MAN … Our inner light .. which is being merged into the eye of the lense so the fake light can live through us… as we enter the coming eclipses of August and the first Lunar one coming up on the 7th these are rituals to the Moon Goddess Isis, A total of 22,143 people had to be evacuated from the festival, its all rituals don’t give your energy away ….

unicorn flame.jpg

Growing up, i had been overtly protected from myself, as people sensed I was a rolling Pluto stone.. I actually have an incredibly placed Pluto on my birth chart, so I have attracted Pluto into every aspect of my life, until I became a master of tuning myself into this deep base note.

orange persperone 3

for the lower you can accord your personal instrument vessel the more balance and treble you can attain, but this is a long learning curb, this is why laws and control and not sharing honest truth with humans makes us, make, rotten bad choices and we all learn the hard way.

orange persperone 9

My family knew I was a PlutO bomb, waiting to go off and get burnt, so, in my youthful, uneducated innocence, I was wrapped in cotton wool and placed in a golden cage. A place that had no time, rules or limits. Like the channel models are, the beta slaves, of monarch butterfly mind control, the cage was the cave of platO, like many I lived the vibrational experience of Persephone, taken into the underworld by Hades, normal, one has to find out and the stronger your magnetic base pull, the deeper we live that experience. To be bathed in the blood of my polar opposite so I may return whole, balanced between my polarities, redeemed, resurrected, and back with no more shell, to really live in the outer world. Sadly many think that tuning in so low is not positive? Unholy? Suspicious, mad or just bad for one, when nothing could be less true, go towards your biggest fears or they will come to eat you whole.

orange persperone 7

The situation I found myself in at 33 years of age, was a desperate one, one of complete trust and sacrifice that had led me straight into the wolves den. It was all so much, the betrayal, the kiss of Judas was overbearing. The unimaginable deception, self-responsibility, all too much of a shock. But I had been preparing like a ferocious wild animal that has only instinct and luck to survive on, I had no bad thoughts, just incredible senses and smell. I hadn’t been into the world yet in any way, no outside education, just school then marriage, and a very low self-esteem.

orange persperone 6

My childhood had been scary, so I was terrified of the outside world. In my married life I had only known, children and horse riding, no protective force, Mum had died and a big group of Hyenas that couldn’t wait to see the pain of my shock as my unprotected roots were ripped out and left for all to witness, my insides and guts too, exposed in full view.  The dilemma i faced seemed insurmountable, but with slow and careful steps, I got out alive and have been taking the path of inner growth ever since.

orange persperone 8

Being authentically you, is an inside job… the more you heal your inner child, the deeper your roots will delve and as the dark is faced and unveiled, where innocence was stolen, that strength gives the biggest boldest branches, it is the flesh that pulses life into our veins, an arrow, drawn straight from your hearts bow. From the crosses we all bare, being creative and uniquely YOU.. in your self expression, what ever form you use, but always ask yourself, is it your inner  truth or borrowed? .., as you find whats blocking your notes you unfold and find your inner compass home to you .. share your song, for all to hear.

sun 2

We are recycled until we have attained inner alchemy… those of us who have come back now.. to say Wakey Wakey have taken the humongous risk of forgetting too… you are allowed all the time you need to unplug and to no longer look up to the puppets that await these last ages of this grand cycle, to harvest as much pure innocence as poss …

but it ain’t gonna get any easier to see through the veil because 5g is about taking over our psyche… the LGBT.. P Rainbow Pride is about sexuality, base core perverted sexual desire and destroying gender so our children have no more identity, keeping the collective consciousness trapped in the ORANGE to Black frequency…

orange orus borus 4

this is why anal sex is promoted today… anal sex is how you remain trapped … it is for those humans that want primordial animal power… that’s why the 33 degree masons and jesus died at 33 because our spine/penis has 33 bones and we can be artificially enlightened by a kundalini rush through sodomy, ..

Just cant make this shit up.. seven dwarfs.. 7chords 7chakras 7days 7Rainbow colours Noahs Arch….Ark of our brains… micrOsoft 7.. of 7 Noahide Laws… LGBTP.. Winter.. grande opening. .

The eclipse on the 33rd degree


Thx Danielle Sudweeks DEVA – Defend Every Vulnerable Anima/l 
Here’s the real “Apple” from the garden of Eden/Need. The snake is the urethra that passes through the prostate/apple. The worm in the apple. Eve made Adam ejeculate triggering the activation of the prostate gland which lead to the awakening from innocence. The method used was through sodomy. The insertion of a “tree” branch into the anus.
The prostate is just a shriveled undeveloped uterus. It produces the fluid to bath and sustain the male addition to creating life, the sperm. Just as the uterus creates the amniotic fluid to encapsulate and protect a fetus. (That’s where christening, baptism and foot bathing etc have become part of their rituals). THEY are obsessed with the prostate as it’s the male part that “Creates”. But it does not create life as the uterus does, it creates mental control. It is one of the occults most secret weapons, forced trauma based mind control through sodomy. It’s at its most effective when inflicted on children as it activates the kundalini in their still pure bodies. The prostate and pineal glands are intrinsically linked. There is a direct correlation in awakening between the two. The ripping of the intestines also causes a release of toxic bacteria and fungi infected faeces into the blood stream which have devastating physical effects in the rest of the body and in particular the brain. Fungi are one of the most powerful weapons used in occult “magic”.
Also the reason the position to inflict sodomy is called prostrate and why religions have you in that position to worship. To offer yourself up anally. It’s all about sodomy and sex to control you. It’s why they are serving you generous helpings of Kardashian Butt, Twerking, sagging pants and homosexuality….
The bitten Apple Logo not only represents the sodomized prostate but also the ritually ingested prostate gland during their blood sacrifices. The reason little boys are mostly used.
Pro State = Pro not only defines a prostitute but also means to be in advantage of something. To be in a state to be sexually taken advantage of / The place to be taken advantage of sexually / An advantageous position. The root word is the Greek “prostates”, which literally means one who stands before, protector or guardian. This gland must be protected from THEM. The absence of a guardian for a child or uninitiated person is what allows all this to take place. We must learn what is being done to us all and protect each other.
Also there’s the “Adam’s Apple”. Prominent in men. Linked to the thyroid, yet another gland. That’s what fellatio deep throating is all about. As above so below..

Occult Symbolism – Sodomite Gateways – Orange: A Color Like Purple

 33 Vertebrae ……. 

8 Cervical ……

orange brain

Inner Golden nectar… Light….


33 is the no 8, the Ouroboros of enclosed, self degeneration, it is the reset button, for those who never made it through the gate. Real illumination is raising the christos nectar of milk and honey on our own, through no longer worshiping fake idols.. that roam as celebrities .. and Royalty….

because we will be gone when our children are left in the hands of the craziees…. they have less chance of waking up .. if you don’t step up to see through the lies, you choose to align yourself and to come back to this low level of mind control ….

orange black 5

the fake frequency fence of FEAR, Orange…  is remote controlled until we can auto pilot.. until we learn how to set our tones individually, first to our selves, then to that base note, then we start to really sail our vessels of sound .. we can break through the corral sound barrier reef, with self observation and collective observation too, so we sail out of turbulence created artificially, into the ocean. PlutO becomes our best friend, our inner power house, our saviour and our protector.

orange anche 3

Fake Gurus …

There are so many fake gurus, out there, catching floating souls,  pulling people into deep holes.. using fancy technological blah blah words… i see so many friends floating into the abyss of nonsense anything to avoid simple clear alchemy…. we are at the END of a cycle .. you can break out of it if you get it, but the cycle always ends in Winter… Narnia is on its way… so is Noahide Law… yes there are big events about to happen… they need to keep you in LaLa land denial… these fake preachers are acTORS to distract you.. Face Book is an FBI creation these people are imposters to keep you on the hamster wheel… do they have a normal name or a strange name? Do they have a clear back ground or a weird back ground? Did they appear out of no where? just feel gang… I can’t believe how many people need someone to talk bullshit for hours, so you feel important .. and free… its all sound frequency the rest is complicated bull shit … just cycles and the Over Lords are different tones… following preachers means you are STUCK , you are responsible for you and facing the truth.. not riddles 

joker new

its so obvious they are all Puppets to the black magicians …. Its all a show gang .. one big divine comedy.. leading us to HELL..Winter we are in FULL harvest time… we have ample opportunities to click awake.. once we GET IT we are truly free.. but also have a responsibility to spread the word.. however foolish we may seem, to the arrogant who need bull shit to lay their heads asleep on…

orange joker

AcTORs play ROLES on the world stage .. to lead us down the orange, purple spiral, brick road… but the zombie pull is getting greater by the day.. illusionists have created an artificial world … to soon be closed into an artificial box… we are all at different levels and frequencies … just be careful how seriously you take this whole show its a JOKE made by JOKERS, every orange haired court jester are pied pipers leading you to the flames. . ..its about MERCURY .. we all have mercury somewhere in our chart, Mercury is about Alchemy, healing, Pharmaceutical, imposed or personal transformation and regeneration? Gemini is the Pan Man .. it is a bi sexual messenger from the gods, he has no substance just AIR and transforms into the weight we give him, Hermes, he is LOGIC .. Mercury does not FEEL he thinks, as THOTH.

Mercury is the Lord of Gemini and VirgO .. it is the TRANSMAN mercury has no sex a bi sexual, a peter pan lost boy, Virgo represents the alchemist and Gemini the prepubescent child.  Mercury is also representative of the magician, the Doctor the spell maker, he holds the wand, the trickster holder of  temperature tempO the beat, the double helix dna strand that is under a spell as all humanity is, until we self heal. .. he is the TWINS the EL eLLe or L the twin towers, the male and female, the above and below, before they are merged into the One Ring Hole .. Labyrinth of pan.. Gemini is mr Tumnus from Narnia, the Little Prince, the Fox, David Bowie and all the red haired jokers that fool humanity daily…..

Caduceus is a winged staff with two snakes wrapped around it. It was an ancient astrological symbol of commerce and is associated with the Greek god Hermes, the messenger for the gods, conductor of the dead and protector of merchants and thieves. It was originally a herald’s staff, sometimes with wings, with two white ribbons attached. The ribbons eventually evolved into snakes in the figure-eight shape.

The number eight is important to the practitioners of judicial astrology. In some cases, depictions of the Greek kerykeion can be radically different from that of the traditional caduceus. These representations will feature the two snakes atop the wand (rod), crossed to create a circle with the heads of the snakes resembling “horns.” In this form, it looks remarkably similar to the symbol for the planet Mercury – while Mercury the god is the Roman name for Hermes, who carries the kerykeion, or caduceus.


In some cases, depictions of the Greek kerykeion can be radically different from that of the traditional caduceus (as in the picture at right). These representations will feature the two snakes atop the wand (rod), crossed to create a circle with the heads of the snakes resembling “horns.” In this form, it looks remarkably similar to the symbol for the planet Mercury – while Mercury the god is the Roman name for Hermes, who carries the kerykeion, or caduceus.

In the seventh century, the caduceus came to be associated with a precursor of medicine, based on the Hermetic astrological principles of using the planets and stars to heal the sick. 


This is what its all about .. as people still think we are funding money into OUter space Star Trek… or that world wide leaders could be anything more than outrageously over paid front men acTORS of a world stage.. that is designed to lead us into the rotting period of ORANGE where the beasts with no light can devour our inner light and the innocence of our children… The Orange haired Pie Rats … Of Pizza Petes Tsar. Petes Dragon …..

david bowie orange hair

because society is so dumbed down so deeply dependent and mind controlled … this is what they really want… sodomy ….sex and to turn us into animals so they can overtake our vessels in mass Roman Empiric Saturnalia Orgy end of days style .. thats all folks … the rest is a cover story to this hard cold bare truth..

orange the little prince

it is the fake enlightenment.. it is the meaning of man finding FIRE it is how innocence and our divine right is stolen, we have come to earth to find inner alchemy .

david bowie.jpeg

it is harder to find self, to search alchemy, once the fake enlightenment is activated in a boy. After such a shock such a dark meeting with plutO, the temptation to replay is immense. We are here to protect innocence and to warn humanity of this agenda.

orange arthur 2

MK Ultra Mind Control….

images (42)

protect yourselves at least find out what MK ultra mind control is.. cause ALL humanity is under it… i can not watch any tv or even listen to the radio anymore without extreme distress.. if my eyes accidentally have to watch any mainstream indoctrination the images are like black spiders that cling to your subconscious..even if i can decode and know exactly what they are doing..and WHY.. letting children anywhere near a tv today is criminal..

thx Graham Clifford Watkeys Monarch Symbolism gone crazy in Hunger Games.
This series of movies is blatant Predictive Programming…showing their version of the Utopian NWO where they live in luxury and wealth in a walled off City…and the poor live a dystopian existence in run down “districts” where each year two members from each of the 13 Districts have to give two “Tributes” in what is called The Reaping.
These candidates then have to fight to the death in The Hunger Games for the pleasure and entertainment of the vile scumbag controllers led by the physcopathic President Corylanus Snow.

orange monarch

Can you see now, we have been put under mind control to lead us into the ORANGE age of merging the four parts of our brain into one UNI CORN  

The Brain, The four compartments, the duality, merged into the 8 The Beatles …..

orange beatles 5

orange beatles 7

orange beatles

8th House Sex……

orange black 8

“The idea of sex as an eighth-house activity is quite horrific,” writes John Frawley.6 Sex in the traditional system is located in the 5th house. I’m inclined to agree. But I have noticed that for the month the Sun passes through the 8th each year, my clients report having the most amazing sex dreams. Or they discover an unusual jump in phermones making them more attractive to the opposite sex.

Fifth house sex is joyful and full of pleasure. In the traditional view this is Venus’ realm. This is a house of play and sex is a great way for adults to play with each other. But 8th house sex is different. It’s more complicated and mysterious. It’s the kind of sex Pluto had with Persephone (Pluto rules the 8th in modern astrology). When the 8th is activated, we might identify with one or the other. We could feel possessive and on the prowl like Pluto. Or be innocently picking flowers like Persephone, heading for a big surprise. As either character, we’ll land in a bed from the underworld.

Eighth house sex is the kind husbands hide from their wives. Or it’s the kind couples argue about, “I want sex this way… I need it so many times a week.” This power struggle extends beyond sex and into everything: “I hate your mother… I don’t like the way you spend money.” Eighth house sexual struggles are the ones that appear on Oprah and Dr. Phil. But in the myth, we never get a picture of what Pluto does with Persephone. When myths draw the curtain on certain scenes, it’s a clue that experiences here are wildly varied, and that each one of us must navigate this passage on our own.

Yet we can’t leave the 8th without hearing at least one sex tale. This one comes from Bronwyn Elko, another astrologer who contributed to my previous 8th house column (when Saturn was in Pisces). One of the things I especially enjoy is how it proves that even grim Saturn can have a sense of humor. I leave you with her words.

sex has nothing to do with love but everything about learning about self through the other, we are remote controlled by inner unresolved memories and thought patterns some call demons, archons or entities, when these are just the angles, the angels, at different degrees of karmic lessons, that we blindly follow, until we self observe our deepest intentions and motives. Then transcend any perverted, security, power issues, control hang ups, or animal lust. When we let go of needing the other because we are whole,  we have respect for others when we find self acceptance and self knowledge, to become free, an alchemist. When we find our other half, our inner twin flame, we are ready to share, connect, trust, with another in true commitment and love.

orange anche 2


thx Mascha Roedelof “(Young) Children still have their ‘inner gold’ in their Mt DNA intact: their lifeforce-energy (sexual energy) is pure and this is what those sick pedophiles are after: they are robbing the pure lifeforce-energy. Via the ‘inner gold’ we are connected with the Morfogentic Field: when we do not use our sexual energy wisely we lose this connection. But also due to sexual misuse, vaccinations (mercury)… and so on our ‘inner gold’ is stolen from us by which we lose (burn the) connection with the Field. And also we need this lifeforce-energy (sexual energy) in the inner alchemy: transforming lead (the beastly inner forces) into Gold (the ‘higher’ Awareness / Enlightenment: this is the true Enlightenment / Awakening, not the false one). Become like children again.
Getting rid of the chakra’s is a ‘new’ false concept: we need not get rid of anything. We need to ‘integrate’ by which the chakra’s become a ‘Pilar of Light’ (beware ‘light’ is a field modality and the ‘Pilar of Light’ is a pure golden torus field): this is part of the inner alchemy as well. When we have become whole (totally healed) again we are very tasty and sexy (again): we radiate and have become magnetic (again)… So yeah yummy for those who want to rob that juiciness. But when you are in your own sovereignty nobody can feed off of you.

mascha pic

Real women, not fake tranny feminists,  connect with their twin flame within, they don’t look for another half, they are whole sun women, they are the torch to show.. their soul partner how to connect… this is why women had to be perverted because all society is made by real women who can help any man feel real and big and worthy… Tantra Is the Science of Transforming Ordinary Lovers Into Soul Mates….

orange persperone 5


“In the East, we have developed a science: if you cannot find a soul mate, you can create one. And that science is Tantra. To find a soul mate means to find the person with whom all your seven centers meet naturally. That is impossible. Once in a while, a Krishna and a Radha, a Shiva and a Shakti. And when it happens it is tremendously beautiful. But it is like lightning – you cannot depend on it. If you want to read your Bible, you can’t depend on it that when the lightning is there you will read. The lightning is a natural phenomenon, but not dependable.

“If you wait for your natural soul mate to meet with you, it will be just like waiting for lightning with which to read your Bible. And you will not be able to read much either. For a moment it is there, and by the time you have opened the Bible it is gone.

“Hence, Tantra was created. Tantra is a scientific approach. Tantra is alchemy; it can transform your centers, it can transform the other’s centers, it can create a rhythm and harmony between you and your beloved. That is the beauty of Tantra. It is like bringing electricity into your house. Then you can turn it on and off whenever you want. And you can have a thousand and one uses of it; it can cool your room, it can heat your room. Then it is a miracle. These seven centers in you are nothing but centers of body electricity. So, when I am talking about lightning, don’t think of it only as a symbol – I mean it literally.

“In your body, there exists a subtle current of electricity, very subtle. But the subtler it is, the deeper it goes. It is not very visible. Scientists say that all the electricity that is in your body, if put together, can be used to light a five-candle bulb. It is not much. Quantitatively it is not much, quantitatively the atom is not much, but qualitatively… If it explodes, it has tremendous energy in it.

“These seven centers, these seven chakras Yoga and Tantra have talked about down the ages, are nothing but five knots in your body electric current. They can be changed; they can be rearranged. They can be given a new shape, form. Two lovers can be transformed so deeply that all their seven centers can start meeting.

“Tantra is the science of transforming ordinary lovers into soul mates. And that is the grandeur of Tantra. It can transform the whole earth; it can transform each couple into soul mates.” ❤

Mascha Roedelof Indeed Victoria Cotton people can be very confused because they feel physical attraction and sexually aroused and because of this make the ‘conclusion’ they have found their soulpartner… But it are the deep wounds in both that are resonating. I myself would not say that it are the demons, because it are the ‘demons’ within ourselves who needs healing and wholeness. That is why every relationship can be great for growth, but again when the wound are too deep and not seen (yet) the triggers you receive from each other are so huge and causing pain and distraction… not healing.

Victoria Cotton perfectly said ❤

Victoria Cotton yes this is why i dont now follow all these people taking off chakras or entities because it is for US to integrate and dissolve the thought patterns that create entities, demons,, only our thoughts can create our reality if you are turned on by lust you are not aware of your subconscious mind yet and the demons we carry when we are not self observers .. we can imagine with integrity and a deep intention to connect that is all the lust we need, desire to bring happiness to the other and the trust needed to be vulnerable.. to be seen completely in your essence through the eyes of respect and acknowledging the inner child that lives within us all.. being childlike is sexy that is why pedophiles exist because so few people let their pure inner child come through when playing and connecting in love ❤

Mascha Roedelof Young children still have their ‘inner gold’ in their Mt DNA intact: their lifeforce-energy (sexual energy) is pure and this is what those sick pedophiles are after: they are robbing the pure lifeforce-energy. Via the ‘inner gold’ we are connected with the Morfogentic Field: when we do not use our sexual energy wisely we lose this connection. But also due to sexual misuse, vaccinations (mercury)… and so on our ‘inner gold’ is stolen from us by which we lose (burn the) connection with the Field. And also we need this lifeforce-energy (sexual energy) in the inner alchemy.

Getting rid of the chakra’s is a new false concept: we need not get rid of anything. We need to ‘integrate’ by which the chakra’s become a pilar of light: this is part of the inner alchemy as well. When we have become whole again we are very tasty and sexy (again): we radiate and have become magnetic (again)… So yeah yummy for those who want to rob that juiciness.

Victoria Cotton alchemy is rekindling our nectar honey gold once our inner child has been healed by our self acknowledgment and forgivness and compassion for our hurt children, traumatised.. refinding your purity and innocence is the gold pot treasure of reaching enlightenment …

Mascha Roedelof The true enlightenment / awakening… not the false one 😉

Mascha Roedelof And exactly “no room for sex” but also no need for it… absolutely none… and I am not saying that ‘making love’ is not there anymore… because now you are truly ‘making love’ with the whole.

Orange is Danger

Everything being exposed today is on purpose.. they need people to find out the truth so its spread, to normalise it…gatekeepers like David icke and all the TRuthers are created to set people off and distract in every department.. THEY WANT the truth out…but they know only a few will get to the hard core facts behind the bullshit… its a delicate line between, exposing and spreading new rising trends… the darkside has ALWAYS existed … only today its coming through in waves.. and we are finding it out .. they want us to do the dirty work of spreading the news for many reasons, but the scary part is that those of us who discover in shock.. are exposing realities that many KNOW.. they were born into it, they have had to hide and lie and trick to get by .. but they always knew it, saw it or participated in the underworld.. what is important is to be able to fathom the quantity of people involved and to see that the Elite are simple joker puppets… The Windsors are really low class base satanic weirdos.. they are highly paid.. ACTORS that protect the Real Elite.. its a veil… they do public appearances the rest is SHOW … all of it North Korea Saudie Arabia Europe the Commonwealth all show for the PIE RATS .. the most evil ones that sold their souls to lead the puppet show and harvest innocence.. its a divine comedy … they want you to revolt they want to watch humans eat each other they want to watch people rot and die cause they dont have inner light and freedom and joy that is all … so dont get too upset register and unplug.. protect your children and never ever give your energy to the gatekeepers 


We are programmed to not have curiosity because it killed the cat.. you know you are in danger when someone screws up their noses and eyes and looks at you, with extreme doubt and worry… and says…. WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR INFORMATION FROM ? How do you know? as their eyes spell disbelief, mistrust and general contempt, for a bro n sis that has enough inner joy to want to know the truth….. people that look at you like this, or just avoid you like the plague … spell DANGER for an awake person… because humans that haven’t yet began the journey of being so alive, that you are in state of perpetual amazement, wonder and gratitude 24/24 hrs a day is outside their comprehension, we have been programmed to think harmful thoughts about people who self educate without being mad…Ohhhh you can see the mind ticking over….that person is in a sect! ohh that person is stuck in the web of internet lies! oh that person is wasting their time and energy wanting to be an illuminated human? ohh that person must be depressed or on drugs or a recovering trauma victim?…


Films are made about crazy on drugs people, that behave like those of us who have made the very painful journey to self realisation and self regeneration with almost hate and pity… have you noticed that terrorists are always described as alone people that are not part of the group? that’s about making you FEAR the brave amongst us.. you people that squint your eyes with distrust and doubt, and remain a whole life in your security bubble … will one day send people like us to be decapitated because thats what will happen to us under NoahHide law — yes we also have great courage because we KNOW the risk we take in trying to stop you from remaining in the loony tune loop, as Winter and decay approaches… for when you ignite your desire to know… you open your heart to gathering all the knowledge you desire…


because we can all attain truth when we are no longer tuned into the fake band waves of mind control, we return to our true source of light and all infO flows like metal to a magnet.. where there is a will, there is always a way… it’s a very exhilarating passionate process, when you open the valves of your heart vortex, you can tap into information and your compassion alone is your compass and guide through the labyrinth home to you.. because peeling away the layers of lies is a really BIG JOB … and lil by lil you will get there … but i am afraid.. today we have to be very BIG and find the thrills of real happiness and freedom .. the only fear one can have or real disappointment is from those souls that have chosen they love the lie more than truth… too busy in their own lil worlds.. friends … that are not ready to take the path, to seeing the BIGGER picture… are a danger to us … if only you knew 

Thank you so much for reading,






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