Self protection from our shadows …. Spell Busting

Self protection from our shadows …. Spell Busting .. just came out maybe didn’t go as sharp as i could 

As we begin to follow our inner voice, the child before it was bashed and programmed out of any self defense, nor critical thinking, before all the juice was squeezed out of us, from birth trauma, through school bell trauma, to the whole hierarchical scam. We always had intuition, under the layers, humans at their highest level of maintaining spirit within a human vessel, Knew.

We knew how the universe worked, why we were here, how we got to have an experience of manifesting in a material illusion of being separated, from each other.. we knew it was a school to self observe, co create as one and maintain balance so we didn’t fall, ever lower into the trap of EGO. keeping that fine line of co creation and harmony. We didn’t even have to think otherwise, because during the true golden ages, we did live in paradise,

The animals didn’t hunt even, they were like us living the experience, we were all telepathic, we didn’t die or eat even. As the notches turn, we lose light connection and we experience every level of our organs being tuned in, at different frequencies. As the wheels turn, we shift and adapt, as the light dims, ego falls in love with it’s reflection, it begins to show its ugly shadow head.

Its all about intention, when you KNOW you have no desire to have what the other has, nor to feel inadequate or jealous or WANT of anything because we feel wholly safe in our selves and in our knowing, our faith and our acceptance, that all is perfect.

We are now at that cross over point where there is a split, when consciousness splits like a cell, those that remain going down the spiral, and those that go, hey ho, i can make the wheels turn, myself, I can now choose to stop following and just be, me.


AS this happens, the Witches appear, those that will attack if you become too strong, too sure, of your own path outside the imposed social boxes we are offered.

That’s when you learn your skills, as an intuitive, psychic, clairvoyant of supreme power, your antennae rise up. You get activated and the path begins, out of the labyrinth and back into you. You are able to tap in to others true intentions, what they are really thinking and feeling. This means that you dont JUDGE, ever, but those who still judge, will think you are judging, through the looking glass, when your true voice comes out true, from within,

Mirror mirror on the wall.

It means that you begin to see, it never stops, that is the art of the wheel, and being a weaver, we are spun or we self spin. As long as we are in a material realm the ring, the pulse, the beat gives us form, the luminary bodies have different tones and we are all a wild mixture of exceedingly different notes, we are SO different much more unique than the stereo types we have been force fed…

The Monkey experiment proved that humans fall for fear of lack, then a new realm is born … exchange, deals, give n take, rules and laws, white and black, commerce and selection. Every season of the circEL must be known,

The witches are out now, casting spells, you have only your intention and your inner light to protect you.

As you shed your outer skin, as a snake, you will become more and more deeply in tune to your voice within, it does not come from any source but you. You will meet many gatekeepers, it is snakes and ladders, out there, but be true to your path and never stop turning, let your self Bob along with focus drive and pure intent.

Follow, only your heart and your gut, the mind is the last message, that informs the material body, what to do? when you feel a bad vibe, check, if it is not your own reflection first, for the shadow work is constantly about who’s projecting what here? This constant game of mirrors is how we do it, what ever we live on the outside comes from within us, we are only living a reflection of us, where we are, on each stepping stone of the way.

One can not describe the process of becoming a spell buster, for every un pure thought, is a potential spell, the more free we become, the more contempt we face. we face the thorns of those limited people that can not see how the game is played. They will hit any monkey that reaches for the banana, because they got showered down so hard, they want to protect you?? That is when their unconscious shadow side becomes the spell.

Being able to observe this and to feel how dark, the intention may or may not be, is how we become masters, being always highly sensitive means to live in silence and to be merged in ones own world. You can observe it internalise it, digest it then expell it, or squash it by exposing it, for you to feel.

The best form of defense is attack, passivity is weak, sometimes removing yourself so the mirror reflects its own self back, but no spell can penetrate a truly alive soul. We gotta be like the Panther, always on alert, we are here to be in jungles, the web is within, the rest is exterior and fake, you will know what to do when you are attacked, follow your inner guide, your compass, always.


The power is like a spring coil, your spring must always be not too tight nor too weak, always ready to POUNCE or be still, but ever glowing in its light and compassion. Knowledge comes from empathy.

I have my own unique way of coping and keeping safe, but its always changing its always adapting to the situation and as i grow and blossom from within, synchronicity is a state of being, when you get the signs, and you gain the knowledge, when your tummy burns with desire to KNOW and to be the best of yourself when you know, then we become untouchable,

keep the humour of the ridiculous, The more we have genuine gratitude to be here, now, KNOWING the scale of the scenario as we unpeel it. The less likely we are to board the train to hell, nor be psychically or physically attacked …

The happier we are.

You have only to ask and you will know, this is all the power you need to be safe, for death does not exist, so what were we afraid of? WHAT? its a dream to be cherished. No one can touch us when we wise up and act in perfect balance of the polarities being played. WE are not here, we are dreaming all this up as we go along. 


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