Alchemy Accordance

Dear readers of my Blog,

This is to introduce you to my new Astrology site ..

Alchemy Accordance

I not only decode life, but i read the music of souls,

I am ready to be of service in the best way I know how,

Helping you to find you, now I’ve happily found myself as I truly am.

Underneath the layers of programming we are all subject to, many of us grow up not being authentically ourselves, because we were so convinced that it was us, that was somehow, out of place, when nothing is further from the truth, we live in an artificial layover, principally fabricated by our ignorance and being born into a divine comedy, that every one takes for real.

When it is the very lie, itself, that blinds us from our inner realm, from knowing our shadows, integrating them and cherishing our true tune, once we’ve bared the cold hard truth, we are OK, safe within and perfectly equipt  with the right tools to be whole and complete.

Please have a read through my services, I am now working as a full time astrologer….

How I Can help You

Tuning in to you is a full time, inside job, after years of denying my hidden talent, I now whole heartedly accept my special gift and I am so happy to be part of your journey, through your own, inner labyrinth, to help you recognise your patterns and trigger points, to translate the story of your current incarnation. I am an intuitive natural astrologer, I have always felt the energies of within, as those we experience on the outer too. I had to live a rich life to do what I can do today, I am a young soul here, I have come just for this time, I had to see what all the fuss was about, from a human perspective, in my early years, to live it completely, now I am ready to show you how to find your keys, to fly above the show, as your own self observer.

if one has not left the circle we can’t help each other out of it. The 360-degree wheel is simply our instrument, twirling within the whirling guitar of our collective dream, the dance of the frequencies, from spirit to matter and back again, is happening simultaneously in the now. Threads of notes and strings are played, by our expanding or contracting awareness. The core is our heart earth centre, if we lose our inner beat, our pristine primordial song we lose connection to the whole and can’t remember why we are here.  If we look outside of ourselves we will never be aligned to our missions nor purposes here, nor to our authentic vibration. 

As children, we accept everything, because we are pure and innocent, we go along with what are peers do, that’s how we are led, generation by generation into a cold descent, disguised as the new Age. When in fact we are at the end of a cycle, there was an ascent and this is the descent. Children don’t judge because they are flowers growing and they cannot grow if stumped by trauma, so children go on automatic pilot, we bury pain and shock, deep inside, the ache gets harboured and becomes our unconscious realm of emotional reactions, protection from hurt, deep layers of survival armor, finding the keys to open our gates, to unconditional AMOUR comes from compassion, once through the thorns of our subconscious realms, then we gain a compass home to self and if worthy we are given the best seat of the show. When we join the dots to where we lost our innocence… and then we can move on to identifying the collective trauma and mind control. 

Some people are so buried in damage, they never heal, they identify with the psychopathic overlay that hides the simplicity of our natural tones, they can’t change, or auto tune into their authentic vibration, they have chosen to be remote controlled and led …rather than developing their own antennae and intuition, identifying the shadows and owning them, this releases the attachment we have to it, we can go from automatic pilot to being the captains of our own destiny and choices… we touch and help others when we learn how to regenerate. We were all abused, we have found each other , I have chosen to be of service in these times, as we all can be in our own unique creative ways .. I have come to guide you by helping you first tune into you, this is the first most fundamental step of alchemy, the way out of here and back to the spirit realms, really inner standing of how and why, you tuned yourself in for this experience, this time round. the angels are simply the angles of the compass, The Archons are simply the Arks. The compass is given to those that hold true compassion, we all have an inner compass to lead us home. my gift, is to read the music of your soul.

Alchemy Accordance


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