Deprogramming Dorothy


“We are caged by our cultural programming. Culture is a mass hallucination, and when you step outside the mass hallucination you see it for what it’s worth.”


Ruthlessly hypnotised as Mowgli, by the magic wand of Walt, the Black magician of Disney, sprinkled us all with tinker bell dust, so we sleep deeply as we are led by the Pied Piper, by the flute of PedO, Petes Tsar, Pizza, Peter Pan, through the pupEl doors of eyes wide shut, over the rainbow into a Brave new World cAGE of no return. As our children are led into the artificial cave of Plato, because Peter didn’t want to grow up, he chose not to heal and kiss the sleeping beauty twin within awake, not to let her inner light guide him out of the cave, he fell for the tranny, he bit the apple of stEVE and never dared respect the womb of man as truth. He entered the CUM PUTE HER as Come Get Her, Nature… Life…. We have been programmed toGETher .. to drop, Faith Hope and Charity . Forever locked in the ONE Singularity of an Artificial virtual reality. The age of Ether. A Fake Ether, a purpel haze of cognitive dissonance. When we could take the reins and be the creaTORs of the scriptURe.



Thx Danielle Sudweeks as we were distracted …..
“We are still in the loony tunes loop, it has just turned into a rainbow color though. Like painting a jail cell with a realistic looking magic garden filled with unicorns and sparkly fairies. Deceiving most into thinking that they are free and have finally found Wonderland. Just like how in The Wizard of OZ, it crosses over from black & white to color. We have in fact entered OZ via the rainbow bridge. The land of ZiOn / ⚡️eye On.

We once had simple duality. Black & white. Then we moved to Red & Blue. But many awakened to this deception and learnt how to remain in the zero point. Unity with self. The rainbow of confusion is bringing the illusion of infinite choice and possibility, yet we are in fact being merged into one. One sexless species. This deception is not unity with self but with the matrix. Transhumanism.

All those pretty colors must mean freedom right? That is what we have been programmed to beLIEve since birth with the saturation of happy wacky themes presented to us in technicolor. But the lOOp or nOOse has in fact tightened around our necks. That is why the illusion of deeper perspective has been painted onto the wall. So the minds eye is tricked into a sense of more space when the exact opposite is the truth. Space and freedom is being removed. We are being deceived and distracted while they make the modifications to our minds architecture.

Most will only start figuring this out when they finally get up from the corner they have been crouching in in fear, and try and start moving towards the illusion. Instead of the three steps they could once take, they will find that they can only take two steps before smashing into the wall. And the wall itself will be a huge surprise, because they believed the illusion that has been painted on it. We are being tricked into thinking they we are finally free. But the truth is that the shackles are being tightened in an “Absolutely Fabulous” way.

Today the 6th of Febuary 2017, The Queen EL King Lizzy Tranny Bee.. hER/Ur concluded the PurpEl reign from 1952 till now, same day as the super bowl, she is the Monarch Butterfly MK Ultra Mind Control Reign

The world’s longest-reigning monarchs


Queen’s Sapphire Jubilee: Gun salutes mark 65 years on the throne

It is tradition for the Queen to spend the Accession Day – as the anniversary of the day she became monarch is officially known – in private at her Sandringham Estate, in Norfolk, and return to Buckingham Palace a few days later.

we go through the Temple of Ba El, The PurpEL Rain was successful, no one noticed, that the satanic Elite and all the court jesters and jokers are tansgenders nor that we have walked into the gloden cAge of the rising phoenix, The fake ritual death of Prince of PurpEl rain led us into the PurpEl haze, Davids Bow pointed us into the division and George merged us into the singularity with Faith, it was the Queen of oz’s last Christmas. we have been successfully traumatised and fragmented into Pizza parts, ready to walk like a brick into the new wall.


The Drag Ons … Trends don’t just appear from nowhere …. this is the result of the past 100 years of cinema Packaging FOOD water Air .. because every EVERY film star is a reverse plug in…the roles of men and women inversed .. it is so perverse .. it’s done on purpose, children have been genetically modified and subliminally programmed , and of course our food and packaging cooking utensils, pots and pans … Chemtrails etc etc etc we are pumped with hormonal changing chemicals, with Poison… LOOK UP Bisphenol A it is in Plastics, canned foods, baby bottles, everything it is to destroy the Male and female the Sexual human body is modified .. men and women sterilized, here we are 4 generations later, and men and women have been merged into one … you have to Kill the sacred male so the warrior women has no one to defend her … because sane women protect innocence … This is the ultimate satans paradise, the human race dumbed down so low, with no sacred men and women left so we all become a sexual toys to the crazies … the rise of deformed humans, mentally reduced hybrids and androgynous humans is here.. in 100 years we will be so mixed with animals that there won’t be any meat eaters because we will be the animals … and no one can see how its done…

The Breaking down of the male and female began with the Ritual of Diana’s death… her death touched people like all celebrity deaths.. many are FAKE deaths.. Diana David is the Twin Towers star of DAVID meaning to DIVIDE slice in Half.. Male and Female triangles of Magnetic Electric force overlayed… to bring us into the ONE merged race One Trade center of Transhumanism/Genderism…

19145736_10154395848966036_6605523014434974533_n (1)

Vancouver Gay Pride Flags

Its not fear porn, guys its reality, the wheels on the bus go round and round and most souls that pop in and out from now on at this level..will not be born into a world we knew, there will be NO gender in a few generations because we will be gone soon and children grow within the current spells.. the whole truth movement is a basic distraction to where we are heading because on a macro-cosmic level the wheels are soon in hell .. no big deal cause thats how it goes.. but our job is to recognise the extend of how we are pied pipered led as if its progress, as if its gonna end there all happy in the new earth?? as if there is anything we can do about it .. but save ourselves and help others on the way… when not yet fully conscious we can not see how deep the deceit is.. how we are programmed, and the programming only gets more warped, once this cycle is over earth will renew herself.. when we break out of the spell we can choose what we want to experience..where we breathe into matter next or maybe not.. many may want to live they will, if they don’t identify it and where its heading, just as winter comes and goes so does earth live a descent and an ascent.. we are nearly touching the flames gang…not in our lives but i wouldn’t want to be here to see that unless i have a particular mission.. , so i will be popping out of this frequency level.. but i will raise the alarm so those who can see how we are moulded into casts can escape the descent back to stone.. but there is no wrong or right there is just seeing it… because this is just a fleeting glimpse of the hell life will become once the LGBTP is in full swing.. we then get to lower and more beastly practices .. do you know about the force running the rainbow into OZ ZiOn working through the UN that will take over if martial law comes in called the NOAHIDE LAWS AND DECAPITATION? for those that don’t abide to LGBTP could find themselves like the North Koreans or our saudi friends …look it up.. it will all make more sense to why we have been so distracted with nonsense .. this video shows how its being implanted and pushed into kindergartens in europe .and of course hormone distruption through air foods vaccines and all plastic cooking utensils Bisphenol A being the most distruptive in almost all plastic

Marketing .. the producers, book editor, film crew, mother is his handler … Perverting innocence is about as low as it gets… the Parents are satanists paid and backed of course…. Mum looks rather like a pan man too… boy is not happy.. Purple and pink of course .. the merging of red male and blue female… bringing out into the open what has always been done… always…

I Propose that Diana was born an XY Male and preformed the ultimate court jester Role to bring down the Black Star, Moon Goddess.. Diana, a Transgendered Male, … is now pushing LGBT .. before P is added.. after a successful Aids Gay acceptation during her role as Diana, now living happilly married with two boys, to Elton John born on the 25th March 1947 .. and David Furnish born on the 25th October 1962 both 77 2+5=7…. On the Equinox opposite each other .. Diana born 1st July 1961 ..


our psyche had to be crushed through TRAUMA.. the twin towers coming down and the sacrifice of the Moon Goddess to the Black Moon of Lilith. To replace HER with David, reversing the true female energy.. crushing one final blow to nature, to her and to all that is organic… The Pisces two fish that face each other, in this David Diana Division symbolism.. is a way to end the age of Pisces of the TWO fish into the age of technology One water bearer of Aquarius.. it’s all Black magic that only ignorance keeps us under its spell.

17554402_444903055851879_2145067136260535902_n.jpgThese transgendered beings that rule over humanity. They are XY based men with non functioning female sexual organs. They are breed this way. They are in essence gender neutral. X Men or Z Men. We are not ruled by a patriarchal system. If that were the case men would not be indoctrinated to abuse women as they do. REAL men love women. We are ruled by a perverted Homo/Pedo system that hate women. Their end game is to obliterate women (wombmen) and replace us with laboratory wombs. Which they have been able to do for thousands of years. That is the real motivation for Transhumanism. These creatures have existed for a very long time and have ruled over us and harvested us for eons. They are birthed in an external egg if you will. Like reptiles. That is why they have no consciousness. External growth of a being receives no emotional nourishment from its mother. There is no connection of love to where it came from. That is why they have been called reptilians. They are not like us and it is ALL of them. “

Danielle Sudweeks


The Red Electric Erection of the Male and the Blue Magnetic Pull of the female has been inversed,  reversed, through the looking glass.

16473228_1793368590976464_6062853984929394693_n (1).jpg

as it always is at the end of an age, so we walk willingly into the next loop,


following the Lute of pan. Just an eternal duality, a black and white chess board that we play roles upon. Backwards and forwards, never stopping to find that place between each breath, we go off and on, to the orders of the power button, in and out, never happy with the purity of our experience and falling every time into the trap of SEX MagicK…


pan 1

PAN was also one of the favorite Satanic Gods of the Great BEAST 666, Aleister Crowley. Reportedly, Crowley raised the horned god in a secret all night Satanic ritual in Paris. It drove him insane and killed another.[33] Crowley also created a Satanic homosexual ritedevoted to Pan in which he was ceremonially sodomized by the god.[34]


The Greek God Pan is a ravenous, insatiable phallic god, whose worshipers would celebrate him with offerings and massive drunken orgies in caves and forests. He’s a god specifically of PRIMAL/CARNAL male sexuality. He loves sex, the joys of the body, and wine. He’s a bringer of panic (hence the name). He is a war god. He is also a musician and singer.[26] He was a rapist. For generations, Satan has been known as the Lord of CHAOS.[27] The Greek God Panbrings about CHAOS in the rules of orderly societies. Pan disintegrates established orders back into CHAOS. One of the primary ancient Demonic entities directly linked to the Devil’s Other Face (ASS, ANUSCult known for generations to enter the unconscious and conscious portals of the mind through dance and music is the Greek God Pan.

 ‘Pan‘ is the pagan god of sexual fertility, lust, homosexuality, rape and pedophilia. Many statues of Pan display him with an erection. Wiccans adore Pan more than all the other false gods that they worship.”[28]  “Medieval legends say that the DEVIL CREATED THE GOAT. Satan himself often appeared with goat’s horns, and sometimes changed his shape completely into a goat.” – (Encyclopedia Mythica).”[29]  In the woodcut, PAN leads a woman to SATAN and his BOOTY.  SATAN’S ANUS excrement in the cauldron appears to have importance in imposing and gaining some type of mind control over initiates and people.The GOAT was sacred to the Temple of Pan.[30] The Cult of Pan is linked to a temple site in city of Banyas (Panias) dated to about 200 BC located at the foot of Mt. Hermon in Northern Israel.[31] During the crusades, Knight Templars invaded, occupied and fortified Panias.[32]

Everything i write about is explained here ..our PSYCHE is being taken over be EROS as we enter the ONE fake 5th element .sol O mon. Lord of the ring … the FAKE AIR ETHER of PAN the baphomet androgynous one world trade center work force of merged depopulated incubated born artificially brave new cAGE world of humans thx Linda Marino …. “Eros was an androgeni, having qualities of a dual gender thus, having the potential for generating all phenomena. Eros and Psyche begins its roots at the level of the primal waters of the womb. The primal chaos of the human origin was neither dark or light, moist or dry, hot or cold, but all things together as an absolute. thus at the divine spark of the primal origin, this is where we find the divine exctasy and touch the life force of the true living sea.


The whole and the absolute, before the fragments of the psyche had lost memory of each other, as when one eighth of a circle does not see itself as a part of the circle and looks at the circle as an abstract part of himself, thus becomes lost of its essence. The whole or absolute then is where we find the union of Eros and the psyche, the love affair within the mental sphere, thus then gives birth to agape, the truest of loves of the whole of ones existance within a world that he finds himself as one. He sees himself as part of the whole circle and not abstacted from his essence.”

In a world of The Snow Queen and the Lion king Venus/Lucifer the light bearer or Saturn/Chronos the Reaper, Sol/Sun O/RA Mon/Moon. We are walking the yellow brick road of clockwork orange MK Ultra Mind control, straight into the Trueman show where we will not ever know what a true man is. For we are walking into the Jack of the Box’s closed box.


We are in the PurpEL age the time before the chaos, the time of SETH after the SETting of the clockwork orange sun mindcontrol has cast us in set .. Seth the Egyptian God that heralds the reset button before we are recycled in a new Aquarius Age Cage..


This is the time that the hobbits are brought into the game.. as in the time of Atlantis so we self depopulate and are mass wiped out… our belief programs are set on fire so the illusion crumbles and we perish in the rumbles of our own broken illusions, for the scale of the Psyops we live is uncomprehensible for those untouched clean souls… Cloning and transhumanism is here…

They LIVE and walk among us… so we too may play at being a sweet transvestite Rocky Horror picture show…

The Queen of England, herself a Trans man.. the KING BEE that destroys the natural cycles of nature.


The Twin flames of Male and Female,  are both within us all, Life depends on this natural balance. We all lived the trigger trauma of 9/11 closing us, into a time loop… the symbol of ying and yang,  as above so below, Demons and Gods are of one, simply mans overlay of winter and summer, night and day. so we never escape the programs.

what is the real agenda?

Nor ever be left to ignite our own alchemy of inner male and female, it is merged where we feel lack so we can be remote controlled.


All the Clowns Clones Puppets that run the Truman show have been bound to secrecy as they are forced to change sex.. why it bounds them into the secret and no one would believe them if they even tried to tell you.. ALL of THEM


Fame and power comes at a price… many of the famous people were raised another sex so they never had a choice.. then they made so much money and they are mind controlled so they can not speak up… some go crazy like Brittany or Amy or Marylyn Manroe.. some end their lives fed up with the cage, they are in and go help animals like Brigitte Bardot.. some like Daryl Hannah are butchered through surgery, not so much to remain young or beautiful but to keep the disguise up.


some like Sophia Loren Arielle Dombasle Amanda lear and Ursula Andress play the game all their lives willingly like Madonna, Scarlett, or Angie some touch us deeply like Audrey Hepburn Grace kelly Princess Diana, Dalida or Vanessa Paradis …


Top Models like Giselle or Kate Moss are the new breed of those that lead us all into the trap….. The Men are Women and the women are men…


breaking down our children’s dreams as they fall for it as we did.. creating mass gender confusion and twisted fantasies that we don’t even know where they grow from.. staying pure among the deceit is essential for everything is a lie…. let us laugh at them and change the tables.


Pam the MAN leads women out of the Jane Fonda Fitness.. now are bodies are rebuilt into

I am a very alone person… but every time i walk out i meet so many people… beautiful wonderful magic people… recently I have met many lonely single Mums … bringing up children alone… No wonder with all the Men running after trannys.. makes me so sad… Today a lovely woman who is a healer and what i call a new age trapped one, she tried to take me to meditate with her.. or to do her · OM · sessions.. we had a great chat… for over an hour, I warned her of the whole Yogi Yoga trend.. that she so passionately does… spending a lot of time in India etc .. she was open minded and we spoke of the importance of being aware of the traps and tricks.. i said.. you see.. people like you are the most tasty the most delicious.. because you recognise the LOVE but without facing the dark you too are harvested… OM is SOL OM ON it is how we are merged into the machine… all these lovely people Ommming you are being harvested… anyway she was lovely.. i don’t go against anyone ways of doing things.. i felt her goodness and i just gave a warning to be aware of WHAT she is connecting too…. when she is OMMming… as we walk through the gates we are further trapped and New Age like Religion is where the most TASTY GOOD souls get caught a NO return when having a baby is going through the PAIN … People who throw themselves in Yogi Gods… meditate for hours Yoga freaks etc… i have always been a hard core sports woman but i do my own thing, not for competition or for a guru, for ME… for my heart .. to keep my inner light strong.. not to give it away.. i fill my light up for me, alone then choose where i share it… the new age cAGE is primordially about getting people into a connection with the machine… so unless you balance the underworld with the over world you can not find a constant inner peace, because you are RAW and REAL and aware of the black magic that surrounds us..  

Every Chanel model, Every Bond Girl have been transgenders and the Bond men too, Keira Knightley and Joss Stone are men …… 

A Trannys World …..



Everything happening NOW is about leading us into a world of the singularity.. where male and female no longer exists everything is FAKE on the other side of the rainbow and adults are incestuous pedophiles… those watching the super Bowl naively participate in this ceremony of mass black Magic… to open the portal gateway of HELL on earth.. pedophiles Baphomets rule this planET …. Funny how it was held on the Queens Sapphire Jubilee


Welcome to the land of OZ LGBTP is here the end of family a Brave new cAGE One world order…….Europe is finished. Nothing can save it now.

Standing True and Pure

As a pebble spreads rings out in waves across the still lake, we can bust the Moon Saturn, The Sol O Mon artificial wave grid hold over us, as you integrate shocking truths you stand true… Like Samson holding the two temples of male and female intact. You must speak up and do your work now in your own way being pebbles that sends waves through for the collective consciousness. accepting the lies is not necessary, but you can’t reject truth you have to face it and embrace it, to break it’s hold over us, for collective denial keeps us all in this control grid.


NO you don’t want to see the The Wizard… You don’t want to beLIEve in lies.. you don’t need a new heart or brain or ceour age to be blinded in the new age transhuman cAGE

Just Google “Over the rainbow Mind control and look what you get in images…..

we don’t want to step into the com/cum/come Pute hEr we don’t want to downlowd our consciousness into the machine.. we don’t want to be mergered into a transexual Baphomet a PanLGBTP world.. we have to break the cycle.. GET OUT all of us they want us out TOgetHER we need to step off the hamster wheel NOW Google is over the rainbow .. there is NO return .. Super Bowl is a TRIGGER to set you off to walk into the cage.. don’t watch it unless you can see through the black magic…


See this video from Super Bowl for Google, see how it is a Wizard of Oz story, the windy road to over the rainbow, Then in second shot you see the rainbow, LGBTP Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Pedophile, world of Munchkins and Minions

An A sexual race of beehiving slave workers to ruthless Nazi Satan Worshipers, the cult of death desguised as the Gloden Age…


 that breed us in parent planning fertility units, where we are artificially cloned in pods and given reverse plug in sexs.


We are now walking under the rainbow …. you can still choose to unplug …..


Nature will never again be questioned, all organic life annulled, she will be gone. They want to take over the reins of our inner light.

It’s all about pushing for LGBT…. P for pedophilia Life over the rainbow in the land that Lizzy led us into for her PURPEL Pedophilia REIGN/RAIN for her 90th Birthday the death of the purpEL prince… Join those dots gang .. we are in OZ

oh dear everything i write about in plain sight.. LGBT… P over the rainbow total take over of our unique signatures and sexual identity .. as we walk into the land of inOZ .. ZiOn … the new age cAGE … of NO sex ..and NO age… the one world trade center work force…the twin flame is more self alchemy…or realisation …but mind controlled Minions in Aquarius

This Stunning Dance Performance Is Mesmerizing

Ahhhhhhhhh ….. OZ ….

To play in our world, using our inner data banks to simulate off. No we don’t want back in the hamster wheel, we can eLOVe out of the cage.


we just have to see it so we can choose out. It’s time to build our own dreams and no longer reply to any outside force. Death is an illusion, when our bodies no longer pump to the beat, we are still here. we are eternal, our beliefs create our experience, there is no beginning and end. There is no Omega, that is the A to B marketing strategy, to keep us bouncing back and forth.


WE have created this simulation because WE are the powerful creators, our belief programs hold the structure up.. We have been HACKED to self-imprison ourselves in Noddy land … You must face truth and integrate it otherwise we REPEAT Until we are deleted and RESET… we are Bi Polar OFF/ON Batteries, unless we know ourselves and how we have been programmed. We are energy food to the system that keeps us in this time loop, soul harvesting machine… we are being remote controlled to lead ourselves into the trap of never awakening EVER to be numb hypnotized willing insect food.. ..


by  December 2016

As time passes, the transgender campaign’s inability to fulfill its promise of happiness to gender-dysphoric individuals will become clear. Likewise, its costs will become undeniable. Men and women who received irreversible, life-changing “sex-reassignment” treatment at an age when they were intellectually and emotionally unequipped to give informed consent are likely to begin filing lawsuits over the damaging side effects they sustain, including lifelong infertility.

The transgender crusade may also provoke a counter-attack from feminists. For decades, feminism has held that girls tend to play with dolls and boys with trucks not because of in-born biological traits, but because of oppressive social norms. To cobble together a case for transgender rights, LGBT activists have been required to maintain the opposite: that a boy’s desire to play with dolls—or dance like Beyoncé—proves he is a “girl trapped in a boy’s body.” Feminists may increasingly object to this claim because it undermines their project. Are hard-charging professional women really “men” trapped in women’s bodies?

Over time, public policy making will become impossible if new interest groups attempt to piggyback on the transgender movement’s success, as seems likely. U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch now insists that schools accept a kindergarten boy’s self-understanding and treat him as if he is a girl. What happens when an individual suffering from body integrity identity disorder identifies as disabled and applies for federal disability benefits? What if a white male business owner identifies as black and seeks to participate in a federal contract set-aside reserved for minorities? What if a forty-year-old woman regards herself as a senior citizen and demands Social Security benefits? How can policy makers logically deny their claims? As we enter the world of fantasy—when reality ceases to matter—it is impossible to predict where our society will crash against nature, as it inevitably will. …….


We have the power, by changing our perspective to disintegrate the lie and the programs that run it … we can’t step out of it, it must dissolve, as we drop fear, of the unknown. only we can do this collectively, we can individually be in our own space zone of oneness, but we need enough souls to do it collectively for the future protection of this organic hologram… we have a right to experience it because WE MANIFESTED IT , now we must fix it, it is part of our breathing process of eternal expansion and contraction. then it got hacked by jealous beings that want to come and play too. but they don’t have the power to FEEL… so they need our DNA to have our 5 sense connection… our extra perceptive abilities are already taken over unless you go within to ignite them again, through us they can live…when our psyche is possessed.


They want to hack our data bases and original DNA print to totally overpower us and to steal our right to blossom and be … face it so we can deal with it and heal to be real

Reversed Plug In is the deceit overlay that keeps us plugged into the Lie..


the simplicity of male and female.. once inverted perverted .. is the essence of division … we go short circuit and we are disconnected from our inner purity and core essence, beheld in our own presence, frequency signature, to be whole in our male and female harmony … and connected to earths eternal pulsing beat, she can always wade of evil because she is the negative pull. The creaTOR force.

No, I don’t want to see this film… but thx Linda Beck Dorothy is a BOy it seems to me.. and I know the plot… Mind Control of the masses as we are led into Transgender humanism Over the rainbow in OZ 


Physical reality is often referred to as ‘In The Box’. When your polarities merge, your male and female aspects will move ‘Out of the Box’ igniting and creating union with your Twin Flame or Twin Aspect. As consciousness moves toward reunion, people miss their twin soul aspect and feel incomplete, often abandoned, lost, and depressed. They cannot find themselves. A piece of themselves is always missing. They search in third dimension but never completely find it. If they are lucky, they find someone who comes close to making them feel whole. They want someone to love, share with them and help them through this journey. While here, you can meet someone who acts as a catalyst, carrying the frequency of your Twin Flame, giving you the feeling of union, while making love.


The Video below shows what Walt Disney has led us blindly into

This is the music of my dear friend Polo, an amazing artist who joined Pan, and this video was made, telling us what will happen to us, once closed over the rainbow, in the Truman show, forever, zapped on and off, if we disobey, fast killed, if not we get the slow kill, and finish as insect food, as the locusts wipe out all life, on our abundant self manifesting holographic organic nucleus, tree of life.

Decode it now… go read the story of Oz, on your own … to be a true warrior womb of man.…

We have successfully been Peter pan pied pipered under the arch of Noah into the take over of our psyche for the age of Aquarius into the pits of hell …. the wizard of OZ in ZiOn ……


next and last step …… Thx Danielle Sudweeks… welcome to the land of OZ.. in ZiOn… . 7 laws… 7days of the week… 7 planetary bodies… 7chakras… complete take over of the human vessal…over the 7 colours of the rainbow… we are in LgbtP.. inverted hell… Ark of the covenant SolOmon complete takeover of the human psyche. And our inner temple ..

I reserve all rights of this article as written by

Victoria Cotton



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